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It is a really important movie, and very crucially also succeeds as an entertaining romantic comedy and, uh Right, they team up with Josie and the Pussycats. A resounding question echoes through the minds of people around the world. What IS "monstertainment"? How does one define this portmanteau which blends the monstrous and the entertaining?

The fifth episode of "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo" is here to answer it once and for all. And Evan and Luke are here to interpret that answer!

Sure, listening may be a little like watching a German dub of "Borat" with French subtitles an experience one of the two co-hosts definitely had , but if that's not a guarantee that it will at least be memorable, nothing else could possibly be. This week, however, the Scooby Dudes are making up for all of that. What this show lacks in costumed criminals these co-hosts make up for in humour and, particularly prominent in this episode, physical acting.

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  • South of the Border (Down Mexico Way).

That's right, in Episode 57 the two ratchet up the number of facial expressions by a very wide margin. It's so much more entertainment than you signed up for! Special thanks to Overpriced Subscription Service for sponsoring today's stream. There's no reason not to join! Except for the fact that the money you could and might already be paying for monthly physical goods might instead be put towards a particular Patreon Winners or losers, it's important to remember that the main goal is to have fun!

They sure did, and hopefully so do their listeners. Swiftly followed up, of course, with "Take me out literally anywhere, please.

I have been single for a decade. I don't want to die alone. Seriously, the two have absolutely nothing in common. Their Venn diagram is just two circles a healthy distance from each other. When Luke and Evan were in college a fairly common topic of conversation was how many children typically in the six-year-old range one might be able to defeat in a no-holds-barred all-out brawl. Tusks, claws, and superhuman agility not withstanding, this week the gang basically have the perfect setup to definitively answer resolve the question. Their opting not to participate in this thought experiment is far from the only disappointment this week.

For one, both co-hosts thought this episode would be edited and uploaded much earlier, but alas, at the time of this writing both remain tragically awake. Another is a shortcoming of Luke's that may keep him from every becoming a successful foley artist. There are so very many reasons to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

by Steve Niles

The cuisine, to be sure, is top among them. Jack needs it to curb his hunger for sweet, succulent flesh. Jack and his homunculus sidekick Oswald find themselves on the run from angry leprechauns. Lucifer help them! The stories are a mix of "Hellboy," "Ash vs. All told, the book will be about pages and if we hit the stretch goal will contain illustrations. For a detective, well, not too much. He's addicted to fairy dust which lessens his cravings for flesh , Devil Boy brand formaldehyde which keeps him from rotting too much and Lucky Dragon cigarettes for his nerves.

He spent five years underwater after a sailing mishap on the Broken Sea. Oswald is a shape-shifting homunculus who always tries to please Jack but never does. Oswald is the real brains of the organization maybe because he occasionally sleeps in Jack's skull but don't let Jack hear that. Zombies have great hearing, by the way. This is where the power of Kickstarter comes in. The more money I raise, the better the book will be and the more stuff backers get. If you ordered the print of the cover, you will also get the map. Martin , and Weird Tales Magazine.

So why did I choose to do a Kickstarter? One, Kickstarter gives me full control over the project, something I wouldn't have if I went with a publisher. I think I've done a good job so far — look at that cover and that map! Besides, it's a lot more fun this way, isn't it? Kickstarter also allows me to make the book more awesome, like add illustrations, hire a kick-ass editor, and maybe — if we get there — create an audiobook.

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It's in your hands now! While there will always be challenges to finishing a book, I will guarantee I'll do my best to make it awesome and get it to you on time. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. For the price of a donut you get a thank-you in the book and on my website. Faraday as he attempts to unravel a potentially supernatural mystery one that could have deep ties to his own history.

Episode 37: "Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium / The Hand of Horror"

The first book in The Borden Dispatches picks up the story of Lizzie Borden who, although still suspected of the murder of her parents, has moved into the seaside mansion of Maplecroft. But, a malevolent evil emanating from the depths of the ocean begins to plague the nearby community. Night Film is the sort of novel that lingers long after the final page. The novel centers around a journalist named Scott McGrath who becomes obsessed with the bizarre death of troubled young girl, the daughter of an infamous and reclusive horror filmmaker. McGrath is pulled into a twisting and surreal mystery that is much darker and deadlier than he could have imagined.

Bestselling Series

With his debut novel, Daryl Gregory puts a new spin on the possession subgenre by imagining an alternate timeline where random possessions have routinely occurred since the s. A cadre of demons possess an individual, wreak havoc, then jump to a new host. Del Pierce was possessed as a boy and believed he was exorcised.

Years later, he realizes the demon remains and desperately wants control. A fine example of taking a long-standing horror trope and creating something wholly new. Powerful characterizations alongside fantastic prose. After four teenagers suddenly lose their lives to heart failure, Asakawa a determined journalist and uncle to one of the teenagers doggedly tracks and investigates the circumstances that led to their incomprehensible and untimely deaths. His search leads him to a place of unimaginable horror as he stumbles upon a mysterious videotape that threatens anyone that dares to view it with death… unless an unspecified act is completed.

Consider it a must-read of the horror genre. Built on a simple premise an unnamed father leading his son across a desolate America toward a potential safe haven the unrelenting horror of The Road slowly seeps into the reader as father and son stumble from one terrifying situation to the next.

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It is an examination of parental love and dedication, but also the darkness and brutality of man. A group of friends on spring break in Cancun venture out for a day trip into the jungle, but when they stray too far into the forest, they find themselves trapped by something unimaginable. Ready for something slow-burning and deliciously atmospheric? This tale follows Elsie, a young, pregnant widow whose husband died tragically soon after they were married.

But beyond a locked door in the house, she finds a painted figure who looks remarkably like her… and its eyes seem to follow her. This story builds the tension slowly, but the climax is well worth the wait. More than a dozen YA authors came together for this collection, which includes stories about defending a high school from zombies and a particularly disturbing riff on Alice in Wonderland.

The writers share their inspiration for each story, providing a glimpse at their creative process and ideas for what to read and watch next. Arguably one of the most important novels in horror. King writes an epic horror tale of world devastation after a plague has wiped out The novel comes to life though through its multiple point of view characters, each one dealing with this horrific new world and the evil that still pervades it.

The Best Horror Books of All Time

When hard times lead the town to save their meat, they learn that there was a very good reason for keeping that ritual alive. The gruesome tale combines Southern legend and history for a monster story with a particularly amazing ending. Hillary Thomas thought that killing tortured serial killer Bruno Frye would free her from his deadly obsessions. But this ancestral dwelling possesses an energy of its own and emerges as a key player along with Miranda, her twin brother Eliot, her mother Lily and her father Luc.

When Lily dies suddenly, Miranda starts to suffer from bizarre physical, emotional and mental disorders. Is it all in her head or are there more sinister factors at play? Immerse yourself, if you dare, in this beautiful, eerie tale of hauntings, family legacies, and race. Now a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe, this classic ghost story thriller follows Arthur Kipps, a thriving London solicitor, who is sent to a small town to attend the funeral and settle the affairs of a client.

Nothing could have prepared Arthur for the horrors hidden within the house walls, and as long-buried secrets unfold, he realizes he may never be able to escape. Presented as a series of interviews with survivors of the zombie apocalypse, World War Z takes a B-movie staple and turns it into a globe-spanning epic that is just about impossible to put down.

But the longer she stays trapped within those walls, the more desperate she becomes to get out, and the deeper into madness she descends. Spitz is part of a sweeper unit in lower Manhattan tasked with exterminating the straggler dead, and the narrative is interspersed with his memories of the events of the apocalypse, by turns absurd and horrifying.