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Forecast of air quality. Traffic Traffic. Continous traffic map. Rodalies Rodalies.

What Is Life Really Like In Catalonia, Spain?

State of Rodalies service Normalitat al servei. Local rail in:. Get around Catalonia on public transport. What to do if I lost or they stole my wallet. Featured topics Featured topics Summer website. Tropospheric ozone warnings.

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Summer website. Emergencies and safety. More topics. The last time he stood for office, in , he lost out to conservative Mariano Rajoy, then His clean-cut conservative opponent this time is year-old Casado, while Rivera - leader of centre-right Ciudadanos and equally chiselled in features and in his choice of suits - is one year older. Even far-right Vox's Abascal, 43, is university-educated, keeps his beard neatly trimmed and often wears a tie. Only the pony-tailed Pablo Iglesias, whose far-left Podemos party rode a wave of anti-austerity fury into parliament in , dresses more casually but, as a television regular, he keeps his appearance smart.

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On Monday evening he did not wear a suit. While younger, city-dwelling, professionals may see familiar characters in the shiny line-up, people in less technologically advanced, under-populated parts of the country may struggle. Residents of the depopulating regions marched through Madrid last month in what they called a "peaceful revolt", underlining the concerns of a demographic that feels it has been forgotten. Despite the visible generational shift, few Spanish women have made it to the political front line.

The shower and toilet block which was clean and convenient. The surrounding countryside and the great places to visit. Even the lovely restaurant with locally brewed beer on tap and the very tasty food where we ate under the leafy pergola. Beaches 35 minutes away, mountains, river swimming, lovely towns and villages. But I think what sets this place apart is the ambiance and atmosphere that has been created by Sally and Marc and their family and friends.

Whether asking advise on general camping stuff, a trip out, serving in the campsite restaurant or bumping into them as they cleaned the shower block late at night, they were all genuinely helpful, friendly, courteous and good humored.

«urbane» en anglais américain

The campers seemed to pick up on this vibe too and were relaxed and convivial. On a practical note, the campsite is lively and vibrant enough without being too noisy. Fresh bread and croissants can be ordered each evening for the next morning. I got some advice from one of the guys Neil on a couple of great bike rides.

I'm looking forward to returning one day. Thank you to all at Can Coromines, we had a lovely stay. Sep 12, by richard. Still quite an undiscovered area of Spain there is so much to see.

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The hosts of the campsite made us very welcome and everything was relaxing and easy. Jan 9, by Caroline. We stayed here for 9 days having planned max a week in the second half of August this year. It is family run and we naturally made friends with the owners and staff - all with decent English, intelligent, helpful and chatty. We spent a series of glorious hot days in the pool with our three kids 7, 4, 1 , wandered around some of the nearby mountain towns, swam in the lake at Banyoles and clambered and splashed through several of the area's boulder-strewn rivers.

Think the criticisms of the pool safety for small kids are nonsense - our lot's favourite pool by far of the summer but as ever you just have to stay right beside a one year old. It does clearly get crowded when full but that seems to be only the absolute peak summer weeks - we were there from August 20 and the balance was great. Could there be some more communal events guys or would that spoil the immensely laid back, urbane and to my mind authentically Catalonian atmosphere?

Mucha Masia Hostel Rural-Urbà

It's only half an hour to L'escala's fabulous beaches, just over an hour to barca, ditch the industrial scale stuff on the coast and come here. Sep 13, by Szkot. Stayed three nights. Small, quiet, relaxed, perfect for accessing both Girona and Figueres. Kids can run around unsupervised mine are six and nine. Pool is lovely. It has local craft beer. The best chicken nuggets mine have ever tasted.

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Everyone is lovely. Watch for that turning off the N! You'd never know it was there. Sep 1, by Nick Armstrong. The site is busy in high season and some of the pitches are quite small while others are huge. We were lucky enough to end up on one of the larger pitches, so I would recommend to book early and try and grab one of these.

There is a certain amount of strain on the toilets and showers which were always clean and well maintained but busy most of the time. This was never really an issue for us but some families we met, especially those with very small children, saw this as a negative. In short a really nice campsite, run by charming people in a beautiful part of Spain.

Highly recommended. Feb 8, by Andy. Sep 25, by Carolyn Dawson. Sep 19, by jodie. Sep 9, by jens.

Aug 2, by vicshard. Nov 28, by Andy and Rachel Sharman. Sep 1, by Mrs M Goddard. Aug 26, by Hubbers. Aug 15, by Mark R. Jul 3, by Pat Y. Oct 3, by marlene lunn. Aug 22, by Esther. Available: 1 Pitch 1 Cabin 1 Safari tent.