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At the beginning of the stage, there is a wait for about 5 seconds. Not too too powerful, but it's just the beginning. Then, some Traitor Cats come! These look like regular cats, but they have black bandit masks covering their eyes, with only eyeholes, and blank white eyes. Again, not threatening, even though they are spammed. But this stage is just an introduction. This is the boss. Again, it's easy, but it's just an introduction.

Defeat them and hit the base, and you are greeted with the next line of Traitor Cats. Cow and Bird are spammed. Fish is sent in every 45 seconds, as well as 1 when the base is hit. Get past them to reveal the boss This dude has very high stamina and power, and can hit your Paris and Dragon Cats. Don't bother trying to knock him back; it just won't work. Get past him, and you can destroy the base. Overall, a little harder than the first one, but we are still warming up. Next stage will be brutal. Their powers complement each other; while Traitor Titan Cat is busting past your defences, Traitor Hacker is destroying everything on the field.

Did we mention you have no chance of doing that? Defeating Traitor Titan causes Traitor Hacker to squeal and run away. Your cats will take his desk chair as a trophy. After that, you can lightly poke the castle and it will crumble. To start off, tons of Skelety and Skreaper. Hungry for more? How about constant Berserkories and R. If that's not enough for you, it comes with 13 Dunkelacerators. They don't have abilities, though. Look out!

Horde of Dovahkiins! Let's not forget Kurosawah, and super fast spawning Berserkories, Skreapers, and Megatons. Their spawn rate increases after 5 minutes. The spawn rate stops after the 20 Dovahkiin. An extreme beast. He is not an enemy that you hurt. He's at the end of the stage. He does display an evil Sprite. Many types of attacks that can devastate your units. Very few will survive, and those who will will be harmed with deathly abilities, including getting stopped for 25x longer than Oda's freeze time! Like the last one, only enemies changed.

Berserkories only spawn at the start. After 10 minutes, the enemies stop spawning, and die. But they get replaced with Nightmare! The stage changes again. Very threatening. Low damage, but extreme attack rate with a high chance to Knockback units. It also requires a buttload of hits to kill. Most crit units won't even be able to touch him. Nightmare has 5 different attacks which do different things. At first, they go in order. After every attack is used, however, the order is randomized. After 2 minutes, the stage changes to the red stage.

Keep in mind that the white enemies will stay. The spawn rate will be the same, but replaced with red correspondents. After every 40 seconds, he switches the stage again. It goes in order this time until the Shockwave stage is finished. Then it changes to another stage. It has Grim Kory, Dovahkiin, and Dunkelacerator. Nightmare changes to his second form. This form can be damaged. Once you finally knock him back, he changes the stage.

The first time, the stages went in order. Now they go randomly every 30 seconds. After 10 minutes, he goes back to the big boss stage, where he becomes Form 2. Each time, the time between stage changes decreases by 7 seconds. The sixth and last time, he changes the spawns every other second! This phase is similar to the last phase. The first enemy on each lists spawns every 3 seconds. The second is spawned every 20 seconds.

The last is spawned in groups of 12 every minute. Nightmare has his own special stage to attack, where he uses a slot machine. After 5 attacks, he goes back to his second form. Repeat this three more times. He will transform into his fourth and final form. Much like a derpy dancer cat with no face. He can stop cats. He also goes boom when he dies.

It's like an extra attack to your cats.

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Very similar to the first form. Only he has triple attack power and faster attack rate. He is also weak against explosions. Nightmare takes you to a stage where an Assassin Bear spawns. When you kill it, 3 Dergons get summoned. He takes you to every Facing Your Demons stage randomly. He attacks faster, doing triple normal damage. These seconds, he is vulnerable. Once you get him down to 1 health, he gets to his lethal strike.

After that, he summons endless Assassin Bears. All you need to do is hit Nightmare one more time. As soon as he gets here, all the Bears die. Nightmare goes through a death scene, and you can win! I'm gonna create a thread where we post actual ideas for stages. These are just impossible enemies. The stage begins with Trump Supporters pouring out of the castle, at a rate approximately equivalent to the Crocos in Boxing Clever. Looks like a cartoon, angry Donald Trump on a podium being carried by 3 Those Guys. For his attack, he throws bits of money and hair at the Cats.

He also rants and raves about the economy and his hair.

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Killing him completely refills your money. He cannot throw at the Cats directly next to him. When he dies, it shows the podium falling over. With nerfed stats, the Dovahkiin would be an epic boss fight. Has all the new OP boss enemies Except Nightmare in one level. They spawn one by one with incredibly buffed Doge and Trolly Blogger. The stage begins with the Crazed Tank spawning.

That's not a good sign. It also comes with Archer-Droids for support. This enemy is a robot Archer Cat, with a plasma crossbow arm. It attacks by shooting into the air, causing plasma to rain upon your Cats.

Despite being Metal, it does not have the [takes only 1 damage per attack] ability. This is a tank with an Archer Droid inside and a crossbow instead of a cannon. The arrow it shoots explodes. Defeat them, and Archer Cat gets involved. A Gust of Wind appears, too. However, after you get dunked on by him, and when he goes to destroy your base, every other Cat and enemy in the game appears!

Assassin Bears also come every 30 seconds. When you defeat him, the machine explodes. Once you destroy the base, you get your lovely prize:. Start the level.

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Spawns nothing but Bore, Mr. Mole, and Angelic Sleipnir. After a while, CapriHorn will spawn with Boxing Glove. Now all enemies except Boxing Glove are spammed. The Crazed Fish are meatshields, and everything else can kill you. All enemies spawn faster.

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After you kill Not Creepy, you win. A yellow and blue cyclone with angry eyes, and a crown. He guards the enemy base. Nothing gets past him. After about 5 seconds, Red and Black Cyclones are spawned in, at fearsome magnification. They also come with a new enemy: Baby Cyclone! Looks like Catornado, but instead of a cat, it has an eye.

It is spammed at a rate approximately equivalent to the Crocos in Fish Hell. It is weaker than a standard Cyclone, but much faster. In addition to the Baby Cyclones, King Cyclone provides support by shooting gusts of wind. This enemy is invisible, but a surprising pain in the ass to defeat. If it gets lucky a couple of times King Cyclone sends out 1 immediately, and a second seconds in. Because, you know, why not? Archer Cat appears, and stands up to The Great Storm Maybe a Ultimate Crazed Titan Cat? Crazed Awakend Bahamut Cat?

Stage Information

Actually After Typing these characters I should add them! Use Cat cannon because any other attack will heal him. Be sure to get something that stops black enemies Those cats will also heal him so just cat cannon is his weakness! Appears with Father and Son Minato as the 2 Bosses at once. It is both their stats combined Except the Clone stat white Zetzu has and dashes through the level your only hope is It only dies by Basic Cat! After that u get ur reward! Also, End of the Line stage was already done. It has the Archer Bot Mole as support, and everything having higher although still reasonable stats.

That being said, all meatshields can be one-shotted by Crazed M Titan's shockwave. As soon as the stage starts, there is a lull for about seconds, during which you cannot hurt the base. After the lull, Crazed Mohawk Cat appears, and the background changes to grasslands. Teacher Bear and Le'boin are also sent at a slow pace, and Crazed Cats are sent occasionally. A li'l scrapper with insane health, attack, and attack speed. Don't let his small stature throw you off. Once he's all shreked, you can hit the base. It takes one damage, the background changes to death mountains, and Crazed Eraser Cat is released!

Owlbrows and Gories also appear, as well as a single Berserkory, and 3 Crazed Tanks. One monster of a graphite destroyer. For his attack, he faceplants, causing a dark shockwave to travel through the ground. That range of is just to piss off you Li'l Nyandam sympathisers. Once he's dead, you can hit the base. It takes 1 damage, the background turns orange, and the Crazed Dark Cat appears!

Sir Seals are spammed, and Shy Boy is sent out every seconds. The dark hero that is fated to destroy us all But probably, due to his massive stats. If you beat him, feel free to brag. Hell, even beating ONE is an accomplishment and a half! Those Guys are spammed, and so are Crazed Grosses.

A boisterous lower-bodybuilder that can do a massive shockwave. Outranging him just isn't happening. Instead, use tanky units like Archer-Bot or Dunkley. Bunny and Crazed Cow get spammed. Low HP and attack, but extreme attack speed. He blitzes in, and before you know it, BOOM! You dead. Once you kill him, of course, ONE damage. Crazed Flying Cat also appears, and Rain D. Bore appears every seconds.

Charges an enormous laser, then fires. He is outranged by Archer Bot by just 1 point, so be careful! Once you kill him, the base takes one damage. Crazed Island appears, and Crocos and Crazed Fish are spammed. Has incredible HP. What really holds him back is his crap damage and range. Still, this brings "damage sponge" to a whole 'nother level. Once you beat THAT, the base takes 1 damage. Otta-smack-u is sent in a pair every 60 seconds, and 9 Crazed Lizards come, in 3 groups of 3, at 90, , and seconds.

The game crashes. More to come We are not sure what this is but we sure do know it's metal, The Scientists tested every way too defeat a virus and it survived like a super metal hippoe! Your game crashed when you beat Crazed Jamiera. When you open it up, it shows an Anime cutscene of a bunch of Cats marching along. After about 30 seconds, the cutscene ends, and you get put to a screen to pick your cats.

This stage has no castle. Your castle is on wheels, and moves at a speed of 8. Every Cat you have will run to keep up with the castle if they fall behind, or stop to let it catch up, until an encounter. Your Castle can store 10 types of cats to produce. Set up your formation of Cats on a grid, and charge! If enemies get to your castle, they will start to attack it and do damage. Your other Cats will immediately turn around and try and remove the offender. Area attackers can fend off multiple enemies at once.

This guy can shoot down the little guys that appear, saving the power of your big guys for later. After every stage, you can choose to buy a new Shooter Cat, or upgrade an existing one. Each upgrade costs XP, times the level that you are upgrading to. Each new Shooter Cat costs XP. If they die, you're screwed. Enemies will target these over every other Cat and the base, making them good bait. Most of the enemies appear for your cats to steamroll and charge over. Teacher Bear and The Face cause the screen to stop scrolling.

They come with the minions for support. Crazed Cyclone appears at the end of the line Has low-ish health and attack for this thread, but he's only an introduction. Once you beat him, you settle for a bit. You can also watch your Cats' cute idle animations. Hacker Battlement: Shoots missiles at 3 random enemies on screen. These are 2x as strong as a level 50 player Hacker's.

They do pretty good splash damage. This is activated by tapping it, and 3 cost 90 Cat Food. Reinforcements: A bunch of Brave Cats are dropped from a plane, to distract the enemies. They do a little damage, and are a decent distraction. Activated by tapping, and 4 cost 50 Cat Food. Sabotage: Sends in a Flying Ninja Cat.

It will grab the strongest enemy on screen, doing small but consistent damage, and also lowering its attack power. Sniper Cat: Works pretty similarly to the original, but it moves with your castle. Attack power gets stronger the less health your base has. Costs 90 Cat Food for 3, lasts for 1 stage. Orbital Strike: Sends in a satellite beam wherever you tap.

It does a ridiculous amount of area damage. Costs Cat Food for 1. Looks like the normal Ice Cat, only looking evil, on a throne, and has a massive crown with fire in it. Mediocre health and damage compared to the other corruptions. It can stop your cats for a long time. Looks like the normal cat machine, only much more high-tech. It has a terminator skull an shoots missles and lasers. Looks like Greater Demon Cat, but is much larger, has a two-handed broadsword, and very long arms. The only corruption with single-target and the obly coruption without an ability.

Moves very fast and deals hugh damage. Looks like Baby Cat, only with an evil grin and a bomb. Instead of a Mythical Titan Cat attacking, Nightmare comes out. Similar to Machine, but with better range, mivement, and attacj rate. He can also somehow slow your units. Looks like the normal Nurse Cat. However, she has black hair, eagle talons, her syringe is longer and sharper, and the hearts on her skirts are bloody skulls.

Her attack animation is the needle poking into a pentagram. Looks like Yukimura. His claws have blood on them, and he has the crazed eyes. Has a devil goatee and horns. Third-lowest health and damage of the corruptions. Shortest range, and a ton of knockbacks.

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What could go wrong? Actually, he moves faster than assassin bear, he attacks rapid, and he cant be stopped, slowed, or knocked back. Looks like Keiji, but his face is a skull. He has a bulletproof vest on, a Daedric Battleaxe from Skyrim, and his flower is Flowey from Undertale. Fairly weak stat-wise for a corruption. However, he stops your cats for a very long time. Oh, btw, his freeze time is more than his attack rate. So if a cat is frozen by him, they'll be frozen for a while. Has high health, enormous damage, fast attack rate, and very long range. However, he only attacks anti-black and anti-alien units.

Machine has been upgraded! It has drones that fly around, and even has its own power plant. Thundia herself has slightly less clothing. Windy's machine now has three vaccuum suckers. There is a wind orb connected to it. Windy's pamties shrunk more. Has much larger claws than Dioramos. Has got inky black wings that are on fire. Has horns and evil eyes. The exact definition of a tank. Enormous health, but fairly low on the damage. He even lowers cat attack. Very fast in both movement speed and attack. Weak on the physical side, but still strong as he can stop your cats.

Moon is now full black with volcanoes and more craters, with a red glow and more cracks. Kaguyas now have capes and pentagrams. Lower health than many corrupt Souls. However, he outranges Hacker, and has good damage. Slow attack rate, but he is still powerful. Rider cat now has a whip. Longer neck with mantis arms. All black with red eyes. Shoots blue flames. Highest health of all the corruptions. He attacks constantly, dealing mediocre damage. But he's a big tank. Kachi-kachis on the fire truck now wear bowler hats for some reason.

The fire truck itself is quite literally a fire truck. It is burning and shoots blue flames. Long range with quick attack rate. After each attack, it puts down flames throught its range that deal 1,,,,, damage per second. Arms are much longer, and are part metal. They end in vicious claws. Character as all black and has devil horns and walrus tusks. Highest damage of corruptions. Is single-targeted, but he can only hit cats from or more range away. He also has splash damage, so for example, if he attacked a cat from range away, his attack would destroy everything from Legs have grown longer, and arms are now T-rex style.

Also this guy cam't trim his toenails. He has very long ones. All black and has dragon teeth and horns. Very long range, and slows all cats within his range. Fairly slow attack rate and too moderate damage, but is still scary. Now has three heads and neck, center being largest. Each head has goat horns and human teeth. Much scarier. Has a rhinoceros horn and shark teeth. Spikes are now more frequent amd bloody. Spine is a metal rod. Low health, and negligible damage. But as you weaken him, he gets stronger, having up to 12,,,,,,,,,,,, damage!

Now has a flamethrower that shoots blue. Hair is now a cloak. Now has a tiger face. Nightmare controls the robot. He uses the girl as a slave running the robot. Robot has got a troll face painted on it. Blasts sharks that fire missles. Also all black and red. Man, this once civilized assassin got rabies! Now has a machine gun and has a foaming evil mouth. With claws! The monster's chain is no longer pulled.

I have some EVIL ideas for SoL chapter 28

He now has strings attached to him pulled by Nightmare. All black amd looks like a crazy Babil. Now has a gas mask on. Swords now bleed at the tip. Attajc animation forms a lentagram with Nightmare's face laughing. Zeus now has a black beard with spiders.

The throne now shoots balls of darkness, and the throne is black. Long-range attacker. Try your hand mushing a team of sled dogs. Hook a big one ice fishing or play shinny—an informal game of hockey—by torchlight as night settles in. Wash all that down with local craft beers like Highlander Brew Company or Stack Brewing, and a few not-so-local fine wines. Ride the Polar Bear Express to the Northern Lights September and October are prime time for catching the drama of both fall colors and the aurora borealis—the northern lights—the colorful intersection of gaseous particles in our atmosphere and charged particles released from the sun.

Killarney, Timmins, North Bay, and many other Northern Ontario locales with little or no light pollution provide optimal conditions from the winter months until April. Still, to radically boost odds of a big show, take the Polar Bear Express from Cochrane to Moosonee into the arctic watershed toward James Bay, a key 17th-century fur-trade post and British settlement gateway. The Lodge at Pine Cove on the French River has welcomed guests of all ages since —many drawn to snagging one of the 40 thriving fish species in the river region by day and luxuriating in wilderness comforts on land by night.

Each Canada Day, up to 18 paddlers kids included can retrace a historic voyageur route in a foot replica fur-trade canoe to an Ojibwe powwow with dancing, drumming, and native costumes at the Dokis First Nations reserve. Treasure Hunt the Riches of Sudbury and Surrounds Hit the road on a geocache treasure hunt with the kids to learn about the people, places, and precious metals that shaped many Northern Ontario towns. Next, seek out the secrets of old silver mines toward Haileybury and New Liskeard and end up in the big nickel town of Sudbury. Manitoulin blends thriving First Nations culture dating back to prehistory with early European settler roots, 21st-century small-town Ontario life, and pristine wild places.

Learn to ride bareback and swim with your horse. Chow down around the campfire. Commune with your inner journey on a medicine walk. Finally, put your head down in a luxe teepee with a raised wooden floor and a view above of the night stars. Deep in this Temagami backcountry, let your trip outfitters show you why Grey Owl convinced kings, queens, and prime ministers to preserve such northern wilderness early in the 20th century.

Only after his death was it discovered that Grey Owl was not a First Nations aboriginal. Paddle and learn tracking and bush craft as Grey Owl did. It is technically a prequel to Con City and it is a stand-alone tale that requires no knowledge of the original story. Feel free to start with this one if you prefer to read about the events in chronological order. Chaos and corpses fill the streets of Con City and its surroundings as our "hero" tries his best to have his broken cigarette lighter repaired, while his nemesis tries to conquer the world with a computer virus that quite literally kills people.

It is a stand-alone story that anyone can read with no knowledge of the previous books, but those who have read the first two novels will appreciate their conclusion a little bit better. Shadow Of Con City finds a desperate army General invading a town of ten thousand people in the company of hundreds of Black Ops soldiers, an unethical scientist, and a trigger happy buffoon who thinks he is the best mercenary in the world. They try their hand at blackmailing the President of the Republic of North America with some weapons of mass destruction, but they fail to plan for the locals.

In particular two waitresses, a cook, and the local psychopath. It builds on the bang that ended Shadow Of Con City and takes the series in a new direction, while remaining true to the genuine flavor of Con City. When the White Coats vanish and he is forced to leave his home, he begins to hope that he might just find the honey. If only the scores of annoying people in black coats and their peashooters didn't try to slow him down.

A standalone, diverse introduction to the world of Con City, for those who prefer the tale of every tourist's worst nightmare in handheld format rather than a web page. Includes bonus content in the form of the most controversial news articles you'll ever find. Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City follows a group of tourists who come to Con City for vacation to sample the excitement of the most dangerous plot of land in the known universe.

They find much more than they bargained for as they fall from one perilous situation into the next, while an inept tour guide and an obsessively objective journalist witness their suffering adventures.

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Preludes to a Nightmare is a collection of three short stories. A hunter of wolves finds more than he bargains for when he encounters an enemy from a distant, dark world. An ambitious wizard navigates the treacherous waters of the Mage Guild of Ashkel as his friends try to get his help in starting a violent revolution. A vengeance-driven warrior is on the trail of an elusive killer, determined to find and eviscerate the man at any cost.

All this in preparation for the epic tale that is Rider of the Black Horse. Best of all? It's absolutely FREE!