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Nov 11, Angela Clayton rated it really liked it. A pretty enjoyable read, even if the ending is somewhat inevitable. The God as narrator actually worked for me since I too picture God as a regular guy who is as interested in how things work as the rest of us are.

I can't say the protagonist is truly likeable, but that's part of the appeal of this slightly weird novel. Jul 09, Tiffany rated it liked it Shelves: counseling , laughedoutloud-sarcastic. This is a hard one to rate. He's still a funny writer, but, let's face it, it's about an affair. I just don't do well wtih books about that in the least, especially when they try to justify it, etc.

Maybe it will get better at the end, but i liked the first a lot better. Millington is that oddly contemporary thing: the author who's pretty much at his best writing for websites and email newsletters. Nevertheless, this novel is a pretty well done take on chick lit from a douchey boyfriend's perspective. Jan 04, Tony rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-loanable , novels.

Millington's debut, Things My Girlfriend and I Argue About, is one of the funniest books I've ever read, so it was with some trepidation that I picked up his followup. I'm pleased to report that although it's not quite as genius as his debut, it is still exceedingly funny, and has a bit more depth to it. Tom is a slacker in his late 20s, living in Edinburgh with his long time girlfriend, and working as a freelance writer and sometime ghostwriter.

When he is given the opportunity to handle the au Millington's debut, Things My Girlfriend and I Argue About, is one of the funniest books I've ever read, so it was with some trepidation that I picked up his followup. When he is given the opportunity to handle the autobiography of a hugely famous soap opera star, his world is turned head over heels as he falls deeply into the cliche of the writer falling for the star.

We've all read book and seen films about a nobody and a superstar engaging in a furtive affair, what's amazing is that Millington manages to keep it fresh and lively.

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Tom is appropriately insufferable as he cheats on the woman he loves to indulge in fantastic, room-destroying sex with the appropriately charismatic and alluring star. All of which raises the uncomfortable question of how any person might react if a charming, interesting, and beautiful star made a pass at them? Of course Millington's got a trick up his sleeve, and that trick is a running commentary between chapters by God.

Yes, God with a capital G. And the news God has to deliver has to do with the chemistry of the title. These often-hilarious narrative monologues by God are where Millington explains how chemistry works in relation to love and sex. This is fascinating stuff, and the one weakness is that it's delivered in such a hilarious way that the serious implications can be overlooked.

Indeed, I'm going to go back and read just those sections in order to understand them better, because they clearly have major implications on how one views relationships, fidelity, love and passion.

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Almost lost amidst all the hilarity is a rather good satire of the publishing industry, as agents, publishers, and publicity heads are all skewered mercilessly as the ghostwritten celeb book is nursed to completion and launched. Some of the supporting cast are perhaps a little over the top the hypochondriac editor, the ice queen publicity superstar, the boozy agent , but it is a comic novel, so some licence must be given. Of course, not lost in all this, is the fact that Tom is trying to have his cake and eat it to. And there's little doubt that he will get his just desserts -- for his excellent girlfriend is no fool, and he's too much of an idiot to sustain any kind of elaborate deception.

The template for these types of comic stories are that after much trial and tribulation, a chagrined sinner will eventually win back the hand of his true love. I won't reveal what happens here, but I will say that it is exceedingly satisfying and strikes just the right note. A wonderful second novel that definitely demonstrates that Millington is no one-hit wonder. Having read another of this author's novels recently, a lot of comments were along the lines of 'not as good as his earlier work' so thought I'd give him another chance.

However reading this was like eating tasteless sweets, as it was crying out for some breaks between scenes played for laughs and an incessant inner monologue, and it was too much without the comedy being funny enough. It started off reasonably well, as the narrator Tom described his long term girlfriend in a fairly charming way a Having read another of this author's novels recently, a lot of comments were along the lines of 'not as good as his earlier work' so thought I'd give him another chance.

It started off reasonably well, as the narrator Tom described his long term girlfriend in a fairly charming way and was then assigned a soap star's autobiography to ghost. Once he'd met the actress a couple of times, though, it lost it's charm and I didn't feel invested in any of the characters except the suffering girlfriend. Part of this was that most of the characters were caricatures rather than people, I'm assuming to ham up the comedy, but also because the narrator was so self-absorbed. In fairness to Millington, I think this was deliberate, especially when considering the end of the book, but as a first person narrator this got quite tiresome quite quickly.

Again, this might be deliberate, but none of the characters seem to have any personality. In common with his other book I've read, the attraction always seemed to be physical, or in the abstract as a partner rather than anything personal, and despite Tom's declarations of love the words felt quite hollow. But too often the other character's behaviour seemed to be a setup for a gag or witty observation, and in a fairly condescending tone rather than a jocular one, always laughing at, rather than with. Perhaps linked to this, the attraction didn't feel real either, and called for too much of a suspension of disbelief.

Perhaps I just don't have the same sense of humour, one that sees the same gag about going to the toilet to take a phone call, and other people would happily skip over the flawed cast just for the jokes, but I couldn't, although at least there was a sense of justice in the ending. Jan 17, Benjamin added it. Where did she get this kind of springy energy? Write the words, collect the check, buy a carpet. My being late for our first meeting was a factor in making sure I was there ahead of time, but not the main one. Rather than appear on my hands and knees, gasping for air, like, um, well, Marlon Brando trying to walk up Carlton Hill, later in his career, I suppose.

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It looks more like the stalagmite-strewn floor of a cave: random and pointy and crystalline. I am a writer, after all. She spooned the remainder of the trifle into a smaller bowl, each scoop coming up with the sound like a wellington boot being pulled out of the deep mud. I wonder who first decided to cut sandwiches diagonally. I bet that at the time, when they first displayed their triangular slices to the stunned world, they were thought of as subversive, shocking, and antiestablishment.

There were probably furious editorials in all the papers and, when the initial scandalous platters were carried in, men led their fainting wives from the room amid chaos and uproar. Just like trousers arriving in respectable society—as an outrageous fashion that referenced the legwear of the French Revolutionary peasants—to appalled howls, and now being the norm. I bet diagonally cu sandwiches have an outlaw past.

The wine sloshed in flamboyantly and s bit spilled over the edge of the glass. I watched it snake down the side, like a tear of blood. It was like being talked down from a ledge by Sylvia Plath. Aug 05, Theresa rated it really liked it. A ghostwriter lives a ghosted life as well when he has an affair with the woman about whom he is writing; he gets so caught up in his internal drama, he misses the boat.

Sep 02, Dorothy rated it liked it.

"Big Country": A Certain Chemistry

The main review of this book says Tom is "brooding". That's the last word I'd use to describe him. Self-centred, yes - but perhaps if he'd brooded a bit more, he wouldn't have got into such a mess. However, back to MY review. I loved this book immediately because of the writer's voice. He has a humorous way of describing things in ordinary life that strike a chord, like his description of a "shop of bollocks" a New Age store , how he reacts to people handing out leaflets on the street, and the a The main review of this book says Tom is "brooding".

He has a humorous way of describing things in ordinary life that strike a chord, like his description of a "shop of bollocks" a New Age store , how he reacts to people handing out leaflets on the street, and the angst he goes through when trying to buy a present. That's why I'm still reading it, even though Tom is cheating on his girlfriend. Normally I would've thrown the book in the bin the minute he sleeps with George she's a girl - but I'm enjoying watching his thought processes mainly panic as he struggles with his love for Sara vs his addiction to George. Whether that tolerance will last till the end of the book, remains to be seen.

Right now I can almost forgive him for being stupid and succumbing to a moment's temptation - but if he keeps the affair going, he's certainly going to lose my sympathy. At various stages in the book, the author inserts a short chapter by God. Tom's story is supposed to illustrate a lesson He's trying to teach us, and we're repeatedly asked not to judge or draw conclusions from it. It doesn't work, the God character is rather silly, and his explanations do nothing except interrupt the flow of the narrative. I do like the author's style and if I see another book by him, I'll certainly read it.

But to try to make a cheating boyfriend likeable is a tall order. Dec 21, Jaclyn Day rated it really liked it. But as far as the content is concerned, it makes light of cringeworthy interpersonal situations, includes romance or the lack thereof and has a television star for a main character. Chick lit. The male character I mentioned is Tom Cartwright, an average guy with a normal, long-term relationship with a girl he chased for a while before finally winning her over.

Tom, despite making a series of epically bad decisions, still remains mostly likable—and funny. He's done it again, has Mr Millington. The second, often difficult book, may even be better than the first. Tom is a ghost writer, hiding behind other people rather than writing his own books, for which he has the talent but fears failure. He is living with sarah - works in a super market.

He takes on the job of writing the biography of Georgina Nye - top soap star - and the two fall for each other. Tom feels no remorse and does what any man would do. There are even chapter breaks where god explains He's done it again, has Mr Millington. There are even chapter breaks where god explains why he does what he does.

Mil Millington – A Certain Chemistry

These sections work very well and I don't know if the facts are true but there are a number of startlers, The attempted affair with a top star in secret provides the opportunity for some excellent set pieces much like the first book and some of the better ones include Tom getting into fights in pubs and inadvertantly sending a voicemail message to Sarah whilst they are humping in the toilets of a train.

The ensuing dash to try and recover the VM before sara hears it is incredibly funny. Eventually, Tom is caught out by a mixture of his own paranoia and being dobbed in by a jealous colleague at a party held in honour of the author. Tom then finds himself dumped by both girls and spends a fair time paying for his sins, in a section that is again uncomromising and showing Tom in a bad light as he sends increasingly abusive text messages. The book then moves on two years and you think that Sarah and Tom are set for reconcilliation - this would be too obvious and the author avoids this unnecessary happy ending.

Top, laugh out loud comedy, again dominated by excellent set pieces. This time the story is not as outrageous and it pulls no punches in answering the question posed on the front of the book. Jul 01, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: didnt-finish. Oh, I so wanted to like this. I laughed.

It was funny. Most of this book takes place inside Mil--er, Tom's--brain, with him neurotically thinking ev Oh, I so wanted to like this. Most of this book takes place inside Mil--er, Tom's--brain, with him neurotically thinking everything over, instead of doing anything. And that's really the joke: Ha ha, Mil--er, Tom--is neurotic. Ha ha. I can only take a few pages of that before my eyes start glazing over, so I couldn't finish this.

Also, what was with God narrating? It's still funny. Oct 07, Melanie rated it liked it. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart.


Sold by thrift. Be the first to write a review About this product. New other : lowest price. About this product Product Information Brooding, self-loathing Tom Cartwright is a modestly successful ghostwriter whose ability to spell correctlyandmeet his deadlines has landed him the job of writing the autobiography of the wildly popular soap-opera star Georgina Nye. His imbibing, chain-smoking agent is swooning, and his offbeat, sweetly supportive live-in girlfriend of five years, Sara, is ecstaticnew carpets!

Yet even as he feverishly pens read: mostly makes up Georgina's "straight-from-the-heart" life story he's thinking maybe a thoughtful, feminist angle , he is lusting for Georgina herself. Soon Tompoor, misguided, painfully careening Tomthinks he can have it all: a woman at home who loves him,anda hot, panting affair with a television diva. With a little planning, can itreallybe so hard? In this clever, rollicking tale of sexual misadventures and the modern man, Mil Millington hilariously explores the sometimes foolish choices mere mortals can make when that certain chemistry forces us to think not with our heads or our hearts but with.