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In my view, you also have a right to know where every penny of support is going, so you can see what it takes to get a good book 'out there'. I know. Pretty small. I would like to change that. I would like to double this amount, exclusively focused on driving pre-orders. The website is still under construction to some degree but it is live and generating good traffic stop by and visit!

However, taking the site to the next level would require a site designer to step in and make minor improvements to-date. I've done it all on my own to keep costs down.

Images are powerful. I have an amazing designer who specializes in fantasy fiction. Take Kirkus for example.

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Don't believe me? Click here. They are unbiased, of course. You are paying to have a third-party independently review your work. You may easily get a one-out-of-five stars back, and then you just don't use it and kiss the funds goodbye.

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If it bombs they won't make it public. However, if it bombs, the author might want to revisit their book! I believe that Mannethorn's Key has benefited from some strong internal industry reviews already, great beta readers and useful input from top editors. If the Wizard's Army shows up in force to drive this epic home, this author will submit the work for a full Kirkus review. Any literary work that achieves four stars or better from such a recognized reviewer is granted new powers of attraction, even better than yelling "Galantra Fatatla" and spinning around three times!

The greatest risk facing new authors is getting their work 'out there'. Last year, over 1,, books were published in the US alone, and a large percentage of them never sold more than a few copies. Tens of millions more were rejected, many because they were bad, but many more simply due to volume, or an agent not believing the book would sell millions. With self publishing, vanity books and poorly edited manuscripts make the book realm even cloudier.

However, ebooks and indie publishing is not only here to stay, it's flourishing. Some top-selling works started out as indie publications. Many of the bestsellers' lists today include at least one indie author on a regular basis ever heard of John Grisham, James Redfield, or Fifty Shades of Grey's Erika Leonard? However, a book should make it on its own merit. User Photos 3.

Raise Your Wands, Wizards & Help Launch a New Epic Fantasy! by Simon Lindley — Kickstarter

Educational Topics. The hilarious show about the world's only spy magician - James Wand! FIVE educational topics to choose from:. Now, you can bring his exciting magic show to YOUR school or library! Choose from the following:. Videos All Videos 1 Listing Videos 1. User reviews.

Overall rating. To write a review please register or log in. Just Magical!

History of Magic in North America

April 15, James was so funny and had the kids and teachers! If I could give more than 5 stars for audience control, I would. This was the second time he has performed at Olson and will definitely not be the last. We've enjoyed both the anti-bullying and reading shows. O olsonpta. In the latter case, a physical peculiarity demanded the excessive wand length.


However, abnormally short wands usually select those in whose character something is lacking, rather than because they are physically undersized many small witches and wizards are chosen by longer wands. Visit home page. Which wand will choose you?