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The film employed "anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic stereotypes and was inciteful," according to several organizations. Just how difficult it can still be to address the subject matter of World War II is evident in the response to a three-part German TV series from , "Generation War. It was criticized in Poland for anti-Semitism and was said to have represented the Polish resistance. Margarethe von Trotta's film about Hannah Arendt was well received in The director sketched a balanced portrait of the philosopher and publicist who, in the s, grappled with a figure who was largely responsible for the Nazi genocide: Adolf Eichmann.

Arendt coined the phrase "the banality of evil" to explain anti-Semitism clothed in seemingly harmless bureaucracy. Because the protagonist of the current Hollywood super hero hit "Wonder Woman" is played by Israeli Gal Gadot, the film was not shown in a number of Arab countries. Gadot herself had served in the Israeli army and defended her experience. Not showing "Wonder Woman" is anti-Semitic, according to the public sentiment in Israel.


Matt Damon stars in two of the 21 films competing at the world's oldest film festival, and Ai Weiwei is running against George Clooney and Alexander Payne. Here are more highlights from the glamorous event's program. Ebooks and Manuals

The story of a neo-Nazi attack on immigrants could snag Germany its first foreign-language Oscar in over a decade. Over 40 Nazi propaganda films have been listed as restricted in Germany and can only legally be screened under special conditions. Film expert Anne Siegmayer explains why that's still a good idea. Anti-Semitic tendencies in film weren't restricted to the Nazi era.

′Hunger Games′-like German film draws from Nazi-era novel | Film | DW |

Film historian Frank Stern explains how pre-war and postwar films portrayed Jews - and why Germany's approach lags behind the US and France. Even before the Nazis' rise in , anti-Semitism was present in film.

Der Jesus Film - German/Deutsch - Ganzer Film - Campus für Christus - 120 Minuten - 1979

After , many directors struggled to deal with the Holocaust, but some continued to make movies with anti-Semitic tendencies. Premieres, stars and films from all over the world — the Munich Film Festival offers highlights galore. Here's a peek at the program, big-name films and discoveries on the fringe, famous actors and directors. Imagine a world where no one knows the Beatles' music — except for a street musician.

That notion inspired director Danny Boyle to create a movie featuring both a newcomer and a British superstar. The spectator has never been closer: "Apollo 11," a documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, offers an overwhelming experience. Todd Miller's film is based on an unconventional cinematic concept. He spoke to DW about the pressure to succeed. Is liberal democracy at its end? How should we deal with the rise of populism fueled by fake news on the internet?

Yale historian and world-renowned author Timothy Snyder discusses these burning issues with DW. When the Berlin Wall fell, the run-down center of the East German capital became a party hot spot. Photographer Martin Eberle honed in on the club culture of the s. He joins Berghain DJ Fiedel and remembers dancing away the days and nights.

The Argentinian cartoonist, whose trademark humorous sketches featured people and animals with large bulbous noses, has died at the age of 86, his agent confirmed on Monday. Teachers and parents might not have noticed, but students don't only use YouTube for fun. According to a new study, about half of them watch videos to learn things as well. How does this affect the educational program? Der Text appelliere somit an eine bestimmte Leserschaft und fordere diese dazu auf, die stigmatisierende Vokabel selbst in den Text hineinzutragen.

Die Stereotype werden dabei zwar nicht um ihrer selbst willen aggressiv ausgebreitet, allerdings auch nicht in Frage gestellt.

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Die zur Schau gestellte Pracht und der auffallende Schmuck zeugen vom Hang zum Geld, der bisweilen sogar ohne Umschweife genannt wird. Im weiteren Verlauf wird sein Strebertum als das eines getauften Juden geschildert, der des Aufstiegs wegen seine Herkunft verschleiern will. Nachdem Max Nordaus Werk Entartung im Erscheinungsjahr des Tristan neu aufgelegt worden war, sei es auch als ein solches Zeichen verstanden worden.

Im Verlauf des Romans kommt es zu etlichen oft peinlichen Begegnungen mit den Buddenbrooks. Top hinge is partially loose from cover. Binding is separated from cover. A few pages inside have tears. Yellowing and distressing to pages commensurate with age. Overall, with careful use, still readable and enjoyable. This book in particular is not available anywhere on the internet. Only here! This piece is in very good 's vintage condition with no observable chips, breaks, or repairs.

It has some wear on it, as It is an original book from Measurements 8. We welcome questions and encourage you to ask before reaching a buying decision. Fixed rate shipping applies to US buyers only.

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  • No illustrations, one fold-out map. Good condition, a little cover wear, blemishes of age, no writing or markings. This listing is for the beautiful hardcover cloth over board with pastedown litho illustration cover shown. Top board detached, rubbing and wear, soiling and foxing throughout, a few tears, else in good condition. Personalized to Joseph Werner. Beautiful little book pages. By Dr. Johann Jacob Rambach. New edition. Cleveland, OH. Leatherbound hardback book in Good condition. Leiden Christi. Leather cover with working metal clasps measures approx 7x5" with pages.

    Illustrated by A. Vintage book store sticker on inside cover. In excellent condition for its age.

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    Strong binding. Gold gilded edges. Some browning of pages. Please see pics. Very old book that looks like 9. I wish I spoke or read better german as this copy looks and feels very neat and old. This book is written in German. It is a religious book. Publisher: Druderei der reformirten kirche chambersburg pa.

    NOTE: If table of contents or list of illustrations are below, then they have been scanned and converted to text. In general. The status of the book in relation to his age is excellent. The last pages are slightly torn and detached from the cover. There is one dried flower between the pages of the book. Schlechtendal:Flora von Deutschland. Published: Illustrated with colored engravings.