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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Breton lai is a narrative poem, usually accompanied by music, that appeared in France about the middle of the 12th century, carried by travelling musicians and storytellers called jongleurs. What is important about them is that they contain a great deal of faery and supernatural lore deriving from Celtic myth, legend and folktale.

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This collection of twelve tales focuses on faery lore in the lai tradition. Nine are taken from anonymous medieval jongleur sources; the other three are from the more courtly tales collected by Marie de France in the late 12th century. Gareth Knight, a scholar of medieval French as well as an established author on esoteric faery lore, provides a vivid and lively translation of each lai along with a commentary which takes a perspective both historic and esoteric. Product Details.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A History of White Magic. The world of magic is one of high imagination. In this wide-ranging historical survey Gareth In this wide-ranging historical survey Gareth Knight shows how the higher imagination has been used as an aid to the evolution of consciousness, from the ancient Mystery Religions, through Alchemy, Renaissance View Product. Antiphonal Airs. Antiphonal Airs is a mixilating series of poems from poet-musician Joseph Noble.

Some are improvisational Some are improvisational riffs on specific composers, their lives and work, and some imitate the sonic movement and aleatoric rhythm of music itself.

Noble works between polyphony and Before the Dawn. The Arayana are an indigenous people descended from an ancient empire living contentedly in the The register of condemnation that this creates is not coincidental when placed in context with the actions that occur in this shifted form. This elicits an image of male comradery, thereby serving as the homosocial space that the writer has been withholding from creating at the start of the lai.

Given that homosexuality fundamentally opposes the heterosexual identity, it can be seen from a similar perspective as shape-shifting, more specifically, as a shift in identity. The writer splices these latent homoerotic images together with an overtly dismissed notion. This splicing works to transfer the criticism of the physical metamorphosis over to the homoerotic interaction through associativity. The author does not need to be concerned with the text endorsing physical metamorphism in medieval society because it is empirically impossible to physically transform in the real world.

However, if perceived to be endorsing homosexuality, the author would have been subject to scrutiny from the Church. However, through creating this register, the author is able to explore Celtic gender relations in a manner that will seem as objective documentation of the Breton minstrel, while not opposing medieval values since the negative connotation is fixed in the narrative. Despite aiming to remove parts of Celtic culture that do not sit well with the overarching values of the middle ages, the writer either fails in doing so because the reader questions otherwise, or the writer inevitably discusses it to conserve the plot.

This lai refutes the assumption that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation, which was the worldview that reigned over medieval society. The writer cannot entirely suppress taboos relating to sexual orientation and ideals of male and female behavior because of the multifaceted quality to the lai; different layers unfold to reveal different elements.

For instance, the queer space that is created under a register of condemnation and impracticality as to obtain approval from the medieval church simultaneously alludes to points in time when to some extent metamorphosis and homosexuality did in fact exist.

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Namely, this allusion is to the Celtic warriors that were their Germanic counterparts called Berserkers: men that adopted animal behavior as they engaged in homosexual penetration over animal skins. With this, the writer does not necessarily cast homosexuality to be impossible as presumed.

Ultimately, the medieval writer of the Lai of Melion is only able to engage in an unparalleled realm of rich literature and history through incorporating chains of subversive subtleties that introduce ambiguity and uncertainty in regards to the sexuality of the lead male character. Bettini, Jessica Lyne. Cartwright, Mark. Accessed 26 Sept Goldberg, P. Academic Search Premier.

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Accessed 23 Sept. White, Kenneth R. Accessed 18 Sept. Written by Gajanan Vellupilai for Prof. Works Cited Bettini, Jessica Lyne. Knight, Gareth.