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What he knows is how to sell you an insurance policy. Then he decided to take over a dessert stall about 8 years ago with no idea what running a hawker stall would entail. Sometimes it is a blessing not knowing how to make a proper Cendol because that frees you to be innovative. And so it is that through trial and error, Calvin came up with something that is not quite what you would expect Cendol to be, but would make you change the way you might like to enjoy Cendol in the future.

So what makes this Cendol so unusual?

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Here you scoop up the coconut milk infused ice with the sticky, treacley Gula Melaka on the surface, put it in your mouth and experience the contrast of textures between the finely shaved coconut infused ice and toffee like Gula Melaka! Calvin tells me that he stumbled upon the Gula Melaka sensation through experimentation. Basically what gives it texture is the addition of cane sugar which caramelizes during the cooking process.

The rest of the Cendol was, well, pretty pedestrian.

ABC's of Desserts

I told Calvin that if he would make his own Cendol the green stuff or at least source for a better version of it, that he would really hit Cendol jackpot. Aside from that, the fresh coconut milk, finely shaved ice and gula melaka actually good enough to award a 4. Well, in short, it is a take on the Hong Kong style Mango Ice Dessert but with a scoop of Durian Puree on top and finished with some condensed milk.

I hear you ask. Unlike most other Gangsters, this is one that you would actually be quite happy to meet. Tastewise, well, it tastes very much like Mango, Durian, evaporated and condensed milk. If you love Durian, you would love this.

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However, I do feel that perhaps the dessert is a bit on the heavy side. However, the combination is definitely still worth a try! Related Searches.

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Do you ever wish that making a delicious dessert didn't have to take so long? Well, you're in luck because these icebox desserts are incredibly simple to prepare! Simply combine the ingredients and let it chill in your refrigerator or View Product. Your quick, clean and convenient air fryer is equally great for making delicious versions of your favorite pastries, In Beach House Baking: An Endless Summer of Delicious Desserts, pastry chef Lei Shishak shares her most popular recipes for morning treats, cupcakes, crisps, cookies, pies, ice cream sandwiches, frozen pops, and beverages from her celebrated Sugar Blossom Bake Shop A beginners guide to making caramel sauces, candies, and desserts.


A variety of recipes for A variety of recipes for adding flavors with basic ingredients. Simple steps for a decadent delight.

The ABC’s of Desserts

Various methods are described and evaluated so that you use the safest, most consistent Christmas Desserts: Sweets of the Season. Sweeten up your holidays with Christmas Desserts! With this delicious collection of 20 seasonal recipes, With this delicious collection of 20 seasonal recipes, you'll enjoy treats like Gingerbread Cheesecake Squares, Chewy Popcorn Balls, Eggnog Cookies, and more!

Not only does this affordable, full-color pamphlet make the perfect gift About the BookThis book is for people who love to make desserts, want a healthier Learn more about coconut flour in the Introduction section.

Dainty Desserts. Dainty Desserts by Ida Bailey Allen, premier international food authority of her day, was first