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After he lost all he decided to start fresh in different place, and because I couldn't go with him at that time, he decided to break up , he consider that his situation will make me unhappy. We say good buy hugging and crying. He left and after one months he had already a women flat mate found out from friends , and I was so hurt I couldn't believe. I tried to keep busy working but didn't go so well, loosing weight in a very fast way.

In the same time was a guy that I knew from some time and I accepted his invitation out. I thought that if I have someone I forget the other one. It was very stupid what I did, the new man is a great guy but we are so different people and I try everything to be happy but didn't work. I had my life but still was thinking It was wrong time for me but after some time I met him passing his town in my Holliday and I could hear his heart when he saw me.

We had a night out and was like never were apart. But I had to go in my way so, I realise that our feelings are the same, chemistry is the same but our life is different. Now, I was looking on Internet thinking that is something wrong with me that I can't forget me I am sure he have feelings for me and he will never forget me but is possible to be better to move on. That way I am here writing, looking for answers. Some time I get text from him asking what I am doing.

I don't know how to move on completely, I never hate him and I understand his reasons to go away to recover, he did recovered financial. So , what can I do?! Thank you for reading, Elliana. I wrote from my tablet and the autocorrect toke place, also English is not my firs, hope you understand what I meant to say. Hi, I'm sorry for your situation. But have you ever thought of this way, that you're not the only one who met him again and has that feelings? I bet he might have some of relationships that lasts few months to a year or more, let's think it this way, you both broke up and he became single again and saw another girls who he dated before and wanted to get back to one of them just as he did to you After all, we broke up for a reason, please don't forget that.

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Every break up happens with a reason, so do not worry if it does not seems like that at the beggining it will show up eventually. Love your Myth 4: You need to stop being sad and get over it!!! So true :. Everything I hear after break up is it will be OK. But when, when? I know time heals all wounds. I know I have to stop being sad like you said in this article, but it is easier to say than work on it. I will try your advices.

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Finding My Peace in a Broken Family

You're preying on the pain of those that are willing to do anything to stop the pain. This whole comments threat is nothing but What in the HECK seriously! I have had my heart broken to the point i had my tree picked out to drive my motorcycle into. Nothing is a quick fix so dont be stupid and try to find one. NO magical thinking is going to do a damn thing for you and that is what these parasites are trying to convince you it does Only YOU can soothe your broken heart and that takes getting your self educated on what was really going on during that relationship.

See it for the good and bad it was. Learn free via the internet using articles that closestly fits what your relationsip was like. Look inside and see how to never allow it to happen again. Don't make someone your passion, find your own. I found hiking and it saved my life.

The diseases of our bodies are but reflections of the dis-ease of our souls! There are three flawed theories of why we get sick. They may not be taught, but they are often caught. Nor does this theory tell us why we had the weakened immune system that allowed germs to infect us in the first place. Stressing the body by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise can weaken the immune system, but are you aware that research has shown that just six minutes of a negative emotion can suppress the immune system for more than 21 hours?

Surely it is nothing we have done. It just came on us out of the blue! Yet everything on earth happens by cause and effect. But that cannot be! God punished Jesus fully and completely at the cross for our sins; it would be a breach of justice for God to punish us when the penalty has already been paid in full by Another. A further problem is that it seems to suggest that God reaches, in anger, into His bag of punishments and puts one on us without regard to the natural order.

The truth is that there is a natural connection between the way that we live and the diseases that come upon us. Consider these connections between disease and emotional stress: high blood pressure and heart disease correlate with anger and hostility; autoimmune disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and arthritis are associated with bitterness, resentments and self-hatred; gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS, panic attacks and heart palpitations are related to anxiety; tension and migraine headaches, along with back pain, TMJ and Fibromyalgia are all associated with repressed anger.

Now reflect that our science is just beginning to discover the linkages between specific negative emotions and specific physical disorders, but already these connections can be made. Imagine how fine-tuned this may one day become. Negative emotions damage the body.

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This is part of the General Adaptation Syndrome G. Modern life seems to be characterized by a mounting sea of stressful events and daily pressures coming at people from every conceivable direction. That is why Dr. Clearly, no one with an emotional life is immune to the danger!

From a medical point of view all other negative emotions are stressors to the body, and it is extremely evident how damaging they are to our physical health. However, from a Christian point of view they represent something that is also very damaging to our spiritual health—they are sins! No, not at all: It is wonderful news! It shows us there is a way out, both from disease and from the entrapment of negative emotions.

If the negative emotions, causing us so much loss of peace and joy as well as health, are actually things in our personality that God has given us and wants us to have, then we are stuck with them—and the diseases they induce. That way of freedom will be the subject of all of the following lessons. For now let us consider the negative emotions in relationship to their polar opposite—the peace of Christ.

We always have a choice how we will respond to life: Will we give in to stress, take on the negative emotions so close at hand, or will we choose to find the path of peace that comes from trusting and obeying God? God created us to live in peace with His peace. How does one do that? In a word—trust. You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you,because he trusts in you. Isaiah Peace comes to us on the basis of our actual heart-trustin God, not the doctrinal rightness of our beliefs.

Our minds judge right and wrong, but it is with our hearts that we judge who to trust. Whenever we actually release our hearts to trust God, our minds naturally become rested or stayed upon Him, until something else disturbs our rest.

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In the New Covenant Jesus also promises us peace and His peace goes far beyond any of the outward things that disturb us. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John How does the world give us peace? With him messing around and playing games with my graduation and wedding, I have finally had enough! I am so much better than what he perceives of me, what he gossips to others about me. I am now believing he is doing me favor by blocking my phone number.

I am just now coming out of the dark and this article really helped. I am so thankful to have come across it. I can see the funny side but ther is definitely a more serious not so funny side. And the wind up monkey, I can relate. Hi Jess, I called myself a puppet on the strings, where my mother would pull the strings and I dance to her music and wishes… funny and sad, I also have been feeling like this. But I also know how much my life had changed for better. I think I am as same as you. I love my mother. Everytime I do it, she couldnt accept it even if im right. She also being manipulative towards me like asking me to be transparent towards her and tell her everything.

Sometimes, when she calls me, like as if she hates me. She yells at me during calling like in anger. I had a physically, verbally and emotionally abusive mother. However, she was just the opposite to my sister. Warm, loving and kind. Because my skin is darker. My sister and I have the same mother and father.

I am the eldest and they married before I was conceived. My father was the buffer between my mother and myself, but they divorced when I was By the time I was 15, her abuse was even worse so that I asked my father to live with him. He had not remarried, but had a girlfriend with children of her own, and believe it or not, she was so kind to me that I often wished she was my Mom. She said that so she would have an excuse for her abusive behavior and the reason I went to live with him at age For me, that was the last and final straw.

I cut off all contact and never spoke to her again. When I called, my mother was with her and asked, through my sister, to speak to me. My response was a flat no. Sometimes she stood up for me, sometimes not. I never spoke to my mother again after her last verbal abuse. I am now 62, have a good, happy and fulfilled life for which I am so grateful. Would I have my peaceful and happy life now had I remained in contact with my mother? I have no idea. But if the opportunity to find out presented itself, I would immediately reject it.

What I have now is too precious to take chances with. Set a guard upon my lips. Changing a toxic parent or friend is impossible, no point in even trying their conscience has been seared. I have 49 yrs of experience with multiple family members that are very toxic.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this article. My dad has been emotionally and physically abusing me all my life. Getting space and going to therapy helped me solidify that, that is not love but manipulation and control. I know that was a lot and there is so much more of this story that I am still trying to process.

Anyway, again thank you for this. Hi everyone. I discovered I was the daughter of abusive parents about 2 years ago now. I remember the exact moment it happened. I was reading something online and someone was saying something to someone about how their wife was behaving in such a manner. I was beyond devastated at what I discovered in articles when relating to parents who gas light their children. I have been at the hands of a gas lighting parent for all my years.

When I first discovered it, I think the only term I can express is grief. I went through a grieving process. I was brought up to think family is everything, and my family is quite small. I was sexually abused as a child and several years ago during a visit, I told my mother. It was X? I knew something was happening to you because you had the signs. She was a teacher, she knew what to look for in children. But I just thought it was your dad. Simply because she was always jealous of the time I spent with my dad. Until that day I never knew why. I also suffered a kidnapping attempt at I have been in all different therapies, I see all types of therapists from psychologists psychotherapists, psychiatrists.

My father was a physically abusive alcoholic. I witnessed him beating my mother quite severely once, apparently the only time it happened. But stumbling upon your beloved parents with one standing over the other a bloodied mess when you are a toddler leaves anyone scarred. My dad has repeatedly closed fisted punched me. My mother however.. Oh sure, she emotionally blackmailed..

The worst is that she knows she is doing it too. It has taken me literally 14 years to finally begin to mature, be aware from my parents and only now. Only now am I finally putting up strong boundries and severing the connection to them. I am so proud of myself. I have limited connection to my mother to only a single and sole email address I check very infrequently. Otherwise she will hound me. My doctor told me stress was causing them after I was in hospital for over a week having them every day non-stop for 6 days, every 20 minutes.

My seizures are purely non-epileptic and just caused because my body and brain can no longer tolerate the stress my parents put me under. I actually thought my mental health issues stemmed from everything but my mother, until i was in therapy and found out the way BOTH my parents treated me has caused more damage to me than anything else that has happened to me.

How to Recover From a Breakup the Healthy Way

On the outside, she was nice and an ok Parent.. But behind closed doors, she was worse than the devil. But it is worth finding out just so you can get the help needed to be able to move on. I am glad i found out the things i did so that enabled me to ask my doctor and therapists the right questions and tell them the right things they needed to know. For a long time i felt like i was alone in being someone the victim of abusive parents. The stories and feeling attached to this are so similar.

It seems that they both grew up in abusive homes, but no one was encouraged to speak out, so instead they acted out and turned to substances. My mom and dad divorced when I was 9 leaving me and my brother to be raised by my father who had trouble coping with single parenthood and had problems with anger control and would get violent or really irrational while under the influence. I know they love me, but I feel like they wanted me to represent them as good parents more than they wanted to actively participate in parenting. Leaving that relationship was scary because I knew I would have to ask my parents for help.

Knowing my mom had three other children younger than me. One a few years younger than my child. I find that my parents taught me to blame others as they blamed each other for my emotional or financial problems. I had no choice but to figure out how to overcome this. Not just for myself, but for my teenage child.

Boundaries, emotional honesty and loving people for who they are, without allowing them to diminish your value has taken me a decade to realize. My parents get bummed out when I share anything personal that could make them look bad. My siblings have learned how to manipulate them and get what they want by appealing to my parents. But I think the worst part is that I still love them.

But maybe I just love the idea of a warm and loving family. But I felt like I spent most of my childhood parenting them. We recently moved into our own place and finally got to see what life is like without all of the other family members in the mix. Thank you for sharing. I have felt so held back in life by my primary abusers, my mom and my cousin. Has anyone on here healed from this type of thing? What perspectives, meditations, therapies, books helped? Hi Robin, I have felt similar.


I was treated badly and there was so much control form my mother and brothers and their beliefs were put on me. I have denied myself so much over the years. It was always what my mum thinks about me what would she approve. Since cutting the ties with her and brothers, I went on holidays 3 times in a year. I cleared my house of all clutter. I started to knowing myself better and I started allowing the joy entering my life. Good luck Robin on your journey. I should kick myself in the rear. I am done with the madness and I wish her well! You need to break away and heal yourself, save yourself, save your children.

How can you treat your children self-love and self-respect when you allow them watching you being abused. Stand up for yourself. You are worth it. Leaving an abuser behind its an act of self love, self respect. You deserve to be loved and respected. Since I walked away from my narcissistic mother so much have changed in my life- for better of course. I have realised, I loved too much.

I was naive that she will see my worth and will change. Does not matter what kind of abuse is this, mental, emotional or physical, they have no rights to do this to you. Wishing you all strong will and self-respect.

Finding My Peace in a Broken Family - Dealing with Challenge

Stay strong. Wise words Monika. For those beginning this journey, you can progress. It will get easier to put up those boundaries. You are not alone. We are right here. My parents divorced forty years ago and my my father sadly passed away a few months ago. My fathers entire estate went to my mother after she lied to him about me so that he would change his will in favour of her.

I had previously been estranged from my mother for 9 years but foolishly allowed her back into my life thinking she had changed. I was living overseas and agreed to let her visit, the trip was a disaster and she returned to the UK and filled my fathers head with a load of lies, telling him i was out of control on alcohol and drugs.

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My Thai partner and i recently had our first child, my mother told my father it was all lies and that the scans i sent him were all downloaded from the internet. I could write a book about the terrible things this manipulative, dishonest woman has inflicted to me over the years. I will never allow her back into my life again, the best way to deal with these monsters is cut them loose…. There was once a group of people that were imprisoned since they were born. In that prison there was no light at all.

They had never seen light before. Outside the prison they did not know a world existed. They were in shackles since they were born so they thought the shackles were jewlery and often compared who has the best jewlery shackles. One day, one person from the group dared to take off the shackles. She was a rebel.