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We believe that this difference consider when choosing a product. Traditional marketing and distribution methods Clearly, this goes far beyond simple advertising are not well suited to the emerging customer and suggests providers will need to develop trend that use objective and independent social media strategies that prepare them to sources of research before purchasing.

The present themselves and their products in a challenge for insurers is to communicate their straightforward, easy-to-understand language propositions so that objective sources represent and terms, tailored to each consumer segment them fairly, allowing the consumer to make a and channel. Harness technology to learn about consumers Insurers will need to project their brand and tailor product offerings reputation and product messages consistently Fully utilizing the potential of social media and broadly, in a variety of media and to a presents additional opportunities.

Technology variety of sources, ranging from traditional advances may enable insurers to harvest intermediaries and product sponsors to their publicly available data about life events and life websites and ultimately to the new world of stage changes and to participate proactively social media. This would enable insurers to Prioritize social media strategies in target customers with the right products at the developing markets right times. Our research indicates that this largely remains the case, but some customers are becoming more self-directed.

Customers no preference. Americas rate of all ages prefer personal interaction when purchasing, suggesting that most customers still A small minority are confident to go it alone personal interaction lack confidence to buy without assistance. Perhaps more significantly for the longer term, as either fairly or the data shows that a small minority of customers, very important. People in this category have interaction across all age demographics, although become more familiar with insurance products and younger customers are slightly more willing to have a good understanding of their needs and how research and purchase on their own.

They are increasingly confident about taking greater control over the Complexity and lack of transparency impede buying process. Insurers concentrated in the or to have done much research before purchasing. Implications for insurers Stop relying solely on intermediaries in Latin America. Insurers that are more Insurers can no longer rely solely on effective at selling to employers will continue to intermediaries to sell their products for them. Gaining access to employee and personal interaction returns that can be expected.

By providing a level of advice and support offerings accordingly. Younger customers to the association, insurers can build a pipeline in particular will expect insurers to leverage of future up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. These trends mean that insurers need to Exploit cross-selling and up-selling develop a strategy for acquiring, storing and opportunities in the workplace using public and social data that will go well The workplace continues to be a trusted source beyond any CRM technology they already have of product endorsement by customers especially in place.

Our research shows that while cross-selling levels are low, customers are willing and, in fact, look to buy more products from the same provider.

Portuguese dictionary: Words & Meanings in English

Cross-selling is generally low Trust in the provider and convenience are the main Our research shows that levels of cross-selling factors driving repeat purchases. Although customers are willing to buy more, In Brazil and Mexico there are fewer competitors they expect insurers to make it easy for them. This factor, in opportunity for cross-selling at the time of conjunction with the ease of buying from a familiar original purchase and via the channel of their provider could explain the higher levels of cross- choosing.

Product descriptions need to be simple selling in these countries. In addition, customers Customers want to buy more products — increasingly expect to be given incentives for especially in the Americas repeat purchases. The trend was particularly marked in Latin work and are often counterproductive. Of those America. Implications for insurers Invest in technology to promote cross-selling, acquisition compared to lower product charges especially in fast-growth markets mean that profitability is increasingly driven It is clear from our research that customers by retaining customers longer and increasing across the Americas want to buy more products revenue per existing customer: in other words, from their existing providers.

This suggests by increasing customer lifetime value. Brand strength is In our opinion, the data shows that it is essential critical, particularly in markets where products for insurers to increase their cross-selling efforts are not commoditized and trust is a key driver of across the region. To do this, insurers need to product preference. Pricing is also significant, invest in a new generation of predictive models and companies must be prepared to tailor linked to relationship management servicing pricing and product attributes to particular tools that enable them to target existing customer segments.

We believe that with high levels of addressing those needs. In which insurers have limited contact with end addition, there are regional variations: in Mexico, customers. Insurance providers on average providers.

Números em texto integral

Rewarding loyalty would make a difference The research also shows that customers are However, the regional statistics obscure a increasingly used to having their loyalty rewarded significant difference. Sixty-four percent of in other industries, through either price discounts providers in Brazil do make an effort to retain or extra value.

In Brazil, since most first policies are of customers believe the insurance industry lags originated through an employer relationship, behind other industries in delivery of loyalty of providers in Brazil Brazilian insurers have implemented processes reward programs. At the point where customers leave, they clearly state that if the provider had given them an Customers leave because insurers are not incentive to stay they would have considered responding to their needs doing so. For products with a year life, however, late to repair the relationship. Providers in Latin America must also the decision to their life cycle and particularly when they are at be aware that their pace of market development risk of lapse.

The survey provides evidence that may far exceed the historical precedent of the switch if their if carriers contact customers and are responsive mature markets. Finally, insurers can also influence persistency product. Our observations suggest Having an effective customer retention function that, some providers are segmenting is becoming essential for insurers.

Fidelidade conta — Os clientes devem sentir este valor tanto quanto as seguradoras. O nosso estudo explora os seguintes mitos: 1. Os clientes sabem o que eles querem dos fornecedores e dos produtos. Explore oportunidades de venda cruzada cross selling ou venda adicional up selling no local de trabalho. Entender as nuance ajuda as seguradoras entender o que eles podem fazer melhor ou diferente para atrair os consumidores, aprofundar e manter relacionamentos e abrir melhores valores de ciclo de vida do cliente.

Nossa pesquisa explora os seguintes mitos: 1. Para o envio de processo de sinistro. Coberturas Adicionais 3. Rateio Parcial 3. Perda e Pagamento de Aluguel 3. Lucros Cessantes 3. Responsabilidade Civil — Maquinaria 3. Se a quantia a que se refere o item 5. Se a quantia estabelecida no item 5. POLICY The basic toolDocument of the insurance contract by which the Insured transfers to the Insurer the liability about the risks previously agreed upon and that may occur.

The Policy contains the clauses and the General TermsConditions, and, where applicable , the Specific and Special Terms and Particular Conditions of the contracts and related annexexhibits. INDEMNITY Compensation from the Insurer to the Insured that upon the materialization of the risk execution occurrence of a foreseen event provided in the contract , the latter may havesuffer damages of economical nature, doing justicebeing entitled to the agreed value. The following items are considered as machinery are: machines, equipment or implements defined, as follows: a Mmachines: movable or self-propelled machinery, included as such, machines that can move by the means of an engine in which formthat forms an inseparable set,.

For example, plows, grids, scarifier tines, cultivators, fertilizer spreaders,terrace and leave plough, planters, seed drill machines, sprayers, crushers, subsoiler, round balers and agricultural carts; c equipment: stationary machinery, motorized or not, and not necessarily untowable. For example: engines, generators, central pivot, mechanical milking machine, misting devices, heating, cooling, cleaning machines and devices for agricultural and cattle breeding product selection machines and devices; d portable equipment: portable and semi-portable devices and equipment for industrial, commercial, accounting, data processing, medical or dental, radio-frequency transmission and reception use.

The due indemnity rate fromowned by the Insurer is the positive difference between the damage value and the compulsory participation considering the Maximum Limit of Indemnity Limit of each contracted coverage. The proposalapplication is the basis of an insurance contract, consisting of an integral part there ofthereof.

RATIO Clause of an insurance that binds the Insurer to pay, in case of a claim, for the payment of damage of the properties proportionally to their actual value of the assets. RISK Possibility of an expected accidental and unexpected event that causes materialproperty damage generatingresulting in loss or financial need. The characteristics that define risk are: uncertainty and randomness, possible, concrete, lawful and fortuitous.

These include either the insured propertiesassets that remained in perfect conditions or those partially damaged by the effects of the claim. CLAIM RecordOccurrence of thean event that generated the results in loss provided in this General TermsConditions, whose hazardous and economicaldamaging economic consequences are covered by the insurance. This insurance is contracted at First Relative Risk Related to the Basic Coverage and to the Additional Fire Coverage, except stipulated otherwise, considering as a basis, the Equipment Value statement featuredmade in the Insurance Proposal.

The other coverages will be contracted on a First Absolute Risk basis.

Virtude e Valor - Qual é a Diferença?

The form of contracting relative or absolute risk of the Loss of Profits Coverage will accompany the property damages ofcoverage from which this may occurresult. This insurance consists of the mandatory Basic Coverage,Compulsory Participation, and the optional Additional Coverage, of optional contractingCoverages. The damages or losses to the following propertiesassets will not be protectedcovered by any coverage of the insurance contract hereof : a video-cassette tapes that are described as data processing commodities goods or equipments; and any permanent equipment attached to vehicles, air-crafts and vessels; and ; and b any permanent equipment fixed to vehicles, air-crafts or vessels.

The insurance coverage in regard to each equipment leased or cededassigned to third parties will be taken into effect only from the Insurer's consent date as to the risk acceptance, provided that the lease and assignment and leasing document has been issued. In no event, it will be up to tho the Insurer the liabilityshall be held liable for loss and damages to the equipments in different circumstances of those defined provided in this clause.

In the insurance contracts whose Insurance ProposalsApplications had been received without payment of premium, the commencementinception of the coverage term period must coincide with the Proposal acceptance date of the Application or with a different date, unlessprovided that it has been previously agreed betweenupon by the parties. The insurance contracts whose Insurance ProposalsApplications have been received with value in advance value for further partial or total full payment of the premium, will shall have the term commencing their inception period from the Proposal reception date of the Application by the Insurer.

In conformity to compliance with the current legislation in force, the Insured or Policy holder Policyholder must necessarily must , at the insurance contracting,provide to the Insurer the following referential information: at the time of contracting the insurance: 1. If In case of a legal entity: a the company or legalcorporate name; b main activity developedperformed; c identification number at the National Register of Legal Entities CNPJ ; and d full address square,suburb,street, neighborhood, zip code, city, federation unit ,phone number and area code.

The Insurer might request complementary documents within the deadline detailed in item 2, for the purpose of for risk analysis and risk acceptance or Proposal alterationamendment of the Application within the time-limit set forth in item 2 of this clause. In case of requesting complementary documents , for analysis and the risk analysis and acceptance or proposal alteration, amendment of the application, as described set forth in item 3 of this clause, the 15 fifteen 15 day -deadline-time-limit will be suspended, resuming in the date when the requested documentation is delivered.

The iInsurer may refuse the protocol issuingto issue a receipt for the ProposalApplication that does not meet all the previously set formal requirements for its reception prior to its analysis, handingreturning it in compliance withto fulfillment of the requirements. The Insured, regardless of any other provision in this insurance, is hereby obliged to: a notify the Insurer in writing the property eviction, turning out when vacating the state, being the Insured being uncovered for all the claims occurred while the eviacationg period lasts.

The non-compliance of the obligations specified in item 1 of this clause, will entitle the Insurer to diminishreduce its liability in the same proportion to the loss aggravation of the loss, considering the importance of the damages derived from this noncompliance and the Insurer's levelInsured degree of guiltyliability.

Besides In addition to the obligations of set forth in this clause, the Insured , in case of a claim , must abide by the instructions determined in each coveragethe condition of each coverage. In the contributory insurances , , the non -transfer of the premiums to the Insurer within the deadlines detailed in the contracts may cause the coverage suspension or cancellation , , at the discretion of the Insurer , and will subject the Policyholder to the legal sanctions.

The Insurer mustshall inform the Insured the Policyholder 'a payment situation of the Policyholder or Sub policyholder whenever requested. In the event of premium fractionating and determiningidentified the lack of payment of any of the following installments to the initial , , the coverage term period will be adjusted on the grounds of the premium effectively paid, observed, at least , the fraction specified in the Short Term Chart. If a claim occurs within the premium payment term whether in cash a single installment or any of its installments without it being actually made, the right to indemnity will not be damagedcompromised.

In the insurance contracts whose premium haves been paid in cash by means of funding obtained from financial institutions, the Insurer mightis shall not cancel the insurance , if the Insurer stop payingInsured does not pay the fuindancing. For acquittancepayment of installment corresponding to the fractioned premium fractionating in thethrough direct debt option, the acquittance will be bind to the confirmation of the installment acquittancepayment, being the case that, if there is no sufficient funds or if the debt by the bank does not occur by the bank, the installment will be considered as pending.

In the monthly insurance, the non -payment of the monthly premium in the indicated date in the respective billing document will imply the automatic insurance cancellation of the insurance, regardless of any judicial or extra-judicial notification. In the event ofthat the insurance be hiredis contracted for a period of over 12 superior to twelve 12 months, the annual premium will be adjusted according to definedas set forth in the Long Term TableChart.

When occurring a claim , where the sum of the ascertained damage is higher than the Maximum Limit of Indemnity Limit of for the contracted coverage , the Insured mightmay not require excess of the Limit of Indemnity Limit of an equipment for compensation of the other. In the event of a claim, the indemnity value paid by the Insurer will be automatically deducted from the Maximum Limit of Indemnity Limit of the affected coverage. There will not be reinstatement of the Maximum Limit of Indemnity Limit for the Basic Coverage when the value of the damage ascertained by the Insurer is higher than the Maximum Value of Indemnity Value offor this coverage.

In such case, the indemnity value to be paid will be limited to the contracted Maximum Value of Indemnity Value , and the insurance will be canceled automatically, canceled. The Insured will participate in a part of the damages derived fromarising out of each claim in percentage or value, as specified in the Insurance SpecificParticular Conditions of the insurance.

In the event of total loss of the insured propertyasset, the mandatory participation willshall not be appliedapply. In addition to the documents mentioned in item 1 of this clause, the Insured must present, according to the affected coverage , the following documents: 2.

Upon justifiable and grounded doubt, the Insurer reserves the right to request any other documents that it considers necessary for the claim settlement. The Insured must facilitate the Insurer the performance of such procedures, by providing it with the proofs and the necessary clarifications requested. Alternatively, the Insurer may request a copy of the inquiry opening certificateEstablishment Certificate of the Investigation that by any chance haves been initiated. The actions and measures practiced by the Insured after the occurrence of the claim, will shall not matter in themselves in thebe construed as acknowledgment of the obligation to pay the indemnity claimed In the event of propertiesassets that cannot be physically identified after the occurrence of the claim, the Insured will be responsible to prove the preexistence of such propertiesassets through the presentation of the purchase invoice.

The market value will be the result of sale quotations to the public of propertyasset of equal brand, type , model, accessories and manufacturing date in the date of claim settlement. In the impossibility of adequately appraise the market value, the propertyasset might be indemnified by the current value, In the impossibility of appraising the market price, the property may be indemnified by the current value, that is, by the commercialbrand new value, deducted the depreciation for usage, age or time of use and conservation status.

The Insurer will indemnify the amount of the damages regularly ascertained, by deducting the mandatory participation , when appropriate, and respecting the Maximum Limit of Indemnity Limit for each coverage. Once established the due Indemnity, the Insurer will make the payment of the value that it is obliged to,within 30 thirty 30 days , from the corresponding documents were presented by the Insured.

In this case, the deadlinetime-limit above will be suspended, having its countdown restartedrestarting from the subsequent workingbusiness day to whosewhich the requirements have been completely met. By the means of Upon agreement between the parties , the hypothesies of payment in cash , replacement or repairing of the good asset will be admitted. In the impossibility of replacement of the thing ingood at the time of settlement, the due indemnity will be paid in cash.

In the Civil Liability Coverage, the indemnity will only be due when characterized the Insured's involuntary negligence fault by the means of final and appealingunappealable judicial decision or agreement expressly authorized by the Insurer. Any judicial or extra-judicialextrajudicial settlement with third parties will only be acknowledgedrecognized by the Insurer if havingit had its prior consent.

In a hypothesis of the Insured's refusal by the Insured in accepting the agreement suggested by the Insurer and accepted by the damagedaggrieved third party , the Insurer will not respondbe liable for any amounts superior to that by which the claim would behave been settled for such agreement. The Insured might repossess the objects recovered objects, paying for these, the value stipulated by the Insurer. By having In the event of divergence as to the indemnity value, a proposal mightit may be formedproposed the formation of a board composed by 2 two representatives, one appointed by the Insured and the other by the Insurer, in order to come into a decision in common, in a way thatand the expenses of each representatives expenses are supportedwill be borne separately by the corresponding parts.

This fact, for itself, does not imply inprevent the Insurer's Insurer to loss of the right in resolving occasional litigationto occasionally resolve the matter through judicial decision. AtIn the hypothesis ofevent that the 2 two 2 appointed representatives do not reach a common decision, they must appoint a new representative to break a tie. The expenses of this new representative will be equally supportedborne by both the Insured and the Insurer.

In the event of the Insurer refuses a claim, it must notifyinform the reasons for thisdoing so to the Insured in writing, within 30 thirty 30 days from the delivery of the requested documentation. The total damage related to any claim covered claim for the civil liability coverage, whose indemnity is subject to the provisions of this contract will be constituted by the addition of the following installments: a expenses proven to be made: a evidenced expenses incurred by the insured during or after the occurrence of damages to third parties, with the aim to reduce hi.

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This white grape achieves an orange wine after you leave it in contact with the skins for an extended period of time - giving a darker, orange colour and a more exuberant and floral nose with some structure to the palate. It is a great style of wine to try with food and is definitely one of the most exciting gastronomy styles to emerge from Argentina recently. Taste the trend: Passionate Wine, Torrontes Brutal. Matias Michelini is the modern pioneer of orange wines in Mendoza and he has a trio of delicious orange wines from different aromatic varieties.

The Torrontes Brutal is the original and still one of the most interesting, with days on the skins it is a fruit bomb on the nose but bone dry in the palate. Taste the trend: Concreto, Zuccardi. A top quality wine which has been fermented and aged in concrete, you can taste the fresh character of Altamira with its trademark notes of violet as well as plenty of crunchy black fruit. As educators have long told us, students learn best when they put their heads together. So we built Brainly to offer a kind of lunch-table for the digital age, where students around the world can gather together to tackle problems in a socially engaging and highly collaborative space.

The tricky part, however, is that our lunch-table now has some 80 million students sitting at it. The good news is that every time a student has a question someone else is bound to have the answer. Fortunately, we have a few high-powered tools to help us solve this problem, not least of which is the formidable Professor Chirag Shah of Rutgers University. For Professor Shah, that process starts with understanding exactly what students need, and when. As it turns out, 80 million students can produce a lot of questions and a lot of answers, and machines are much better than humans at sorting it all out.

If we know how difficult a question is, then we can be much more accurate when we recommend questions for students to answer. This is where machines can really lend a hand. Simply put, deep learning is a way of capturing information about the various contexts surrounding a particular prediction.

Then we connect them with other, more established Brainly users who can mentor them, and then we gradually move them forward. The whole point of Brainly is to use data and technology to focus the attention on a very precise and specific problem. So Amazon, for instance, wants you to look at more and more stuff and to do things in quantity.

But Brainly wants to do the opposite. We want to use machine learning to create a fully personalized learning path, to identify precisely where a student is stuck or confused or unclear, then hone in on that one specific problem and find a solution. When we imagine education we imagine interpersonal exchanges. We think of students interacting with their teachers and fellow students in classrooms and libraries, and not of machines crunching numbers, because we recognize that learning is a powerfully human phenomenon.

All of the content is being produced by real people according to their very human interests and needs. All of the conversations are happening between real human beings. But behind the scenes machines are helping to make the right connections possible.

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Customized Logistics. Always working with great professionalism and ethics, it seeks to serve the customers in the best way possible. Commercially speaking, it is flexible in contract negotiations and it has a high service quality level, because the operational team is always able to meet our requirements in time. Besides the facilities, its main asset was the market trust and its competence in the management of third-party inventories through rigid controls. In the public warehouse model, defined by the Decree-Law No.

Its operation in the main logistics centers of the country is supported by continuous actions of team professional training, development of efficient processes and adoption of advanced technological solutions. Its facilities in Rio de Janeiro add an administrative structure and site located next to the main access road of the city Exit No.

Mission and Values Mission To invest in the quality of services provided in the logistics field, within the technical and legal requirements, always ahead of its time, as a reference for the current market. Vision To be a reference in integrated logistics and to be present in strategic places in the country, ensuring responsibility and trust to customers in order to provide a great-quality service and to improve every day.

Pursuance of its presence in the main logistics centers of the country, being a reference in integrated logistics: enabling the teams, developing efficient processes and adopting technological solutions. The Quality Assurance Sector is responsible for: Ensuring specific Quality criteria to provide our services. Monitoring the update of legal regulations regarding the performed activities.

Performing Internal and external audits. Controlling the monitoring of temperature and relative air humidity in air-conditioned areas. Managing the programs of instrument calibration, thermal qualification of areas and storage environments; Managing the pest and vector control; Classifying the items to be stored as well as establishing the guidelines for conservation. Issuing periodic reports on the inventory of inputs and special medicines in accordance with the Ministerial Directive No. Issuing reports of controlled inputs, making it available to responsible agencies, such as the Federal Police and Army Command.

A company that seeks results can no longer ignore the paths that lead to the sustainability. In one of them, it promotes internal actions focused on the human development, quality of life and well-being of its co-workers. In the other, it invests in sponsoring and supporting of social projects nearby its branches that assist, in particular, children and adolescents. Our sustainable actions and social projects are part of our trajectory and commitment to the future!

From the combination of the best technology, knowledge of the segment and intelligence in the elaboration of projects, a complete service is made possible. It is an extension for its efficient inventory management processes. This results in a fully customized and technology-anchored storage service offer. In this way, its customers work with high productivity, without needing to invest in technological updating of specialized systems and with variable personnel costs, according to the market demand for their products.

The company has its own data center, which offers essential services such as: - Uninterrupted supply of electric energy guaranteed by power generators and UPS; - Control of the environment temperature and humidity; - Uninterrupted supply of connectivity to the internet; - Co-workers always trained with the best market practices. We rely on state-of-the-art technology through suppliers that meet all the certifications required for a data center structure. Thus, we guarantee the commitment to provide our customers with customized and reliable technological solutions.

The technology is applied to all processes, allowing it high levels of reliability and efficient controls in key areas. We think and enable logistics with technology, always. Transportation Management - TMS It assists the planning, monitoring, control, and execution of transport activities: Electronic documents; Freight Audit; Indicators of delivery efficiency; Dispatch and issuance of documents; Document delivery and collection; Traceability of fleet and products; Planning of routes and modalities; Support for negotiations; Operational Control Panel via web.

Warehouse Management - WMS It assists in the inventory management, from receipt to delivery of products, with barcodes, radio frequency data collectors and electronic information exchange EDI , thus ensuring the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the processes. Labor Management - LMS The Labor Management System LMS allows it to monitor the productivity of each operator, in each activity and stage of the processes involving: receipt, storage, picking, packing, dispatch and shipping of orders.

In this way, we obtain standard productivity indexes by performed activity according to the complexity degree of each operation. From these standards, we determine the production goals per hour worked to be achieved by the operator, activities, and by the processes. This ensures the optimum use of all the resources related to the operations. Performance Indicators Our operations management model is based on the achievement of the goals monitored through performance indicators established for each operation. These indicators are part of the Service Level Agreement - SLA established with the customer in the service agreement.

These indicators can be tracked in our web application Dashboard. It represents the effectiveness in meeting deadlines on time and the efficiency of all the processes of service in full , which means that the order was also delivered as the customer expected: in the requested place, complete, without errors and within all specifications.

To correctly measure the transportation cost, it is recommended to: Segregate the analysis by product or customer groups in order to have a more accurate view of the importance of transportation in commercial activities. Also include all logistics costs or to calculate them in parallel to identify the main fronts of efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

OCT - It is the total amount of time elapsed from the order receipt to the delivery to the customer. This is the amount of time that is perceived by the customer and on which their expectations are set after a store informs the expected delivery time. To correctly measure the OCT, it is recommended to: Consider less than 24 hours for nearby locations or up to km in distance.

How to calculate it: Delivery date minus the order date. OFR - This is the internal amount of time for processing an order, that is, the average amount of time to fulfill the order, from picking, packing to dispatch to the chosen shipping carrier or delivery method. As the process steps are under more control of the retailer, it tends to be the quest for greater efficiency and optimization of resources. To correctly measure the OFR, it is recommended to: Have a daily, weekly or monthly measurement frequency, per customer, product line or total.

How to calculate it: Just divide the physical inventory by the number that appears in the inventory control system. Specialization in the pharmaceutical segment requires knowledge and traceable controls in the execution of quality assurance procedures. Contact our customer service and learn more about our success stories in this segment. Request our cases here. Cosmetics A segment where Brazil takes the second place worldwide requires a logistics operator ready to act very closely, with permanent innovation and technology. Bringing this range of products to the consumer is a task that requires the support of an efficient logistics operator, which assists the industry not only in the supply but also in the expansion of sales channels.

But another service complements it and is increasingly strategic for the industry. We are talking about logistics for health products, which needs to be well planned to allow a smart management capable of leaving the specialized team available for care giving, treatment, and various procedures. With well-managed health logistics, it is possible to increase the effectiveness and reduce waste in the supply chain. Learn about our services of Reverse Logistics and Emergency Delivery of great importance for logistics operations on the segment. Retail and Franchising Retail has infinite challenges with various operations to meet increasingly demanding customers and players with high competitiveness among themselves.

Practices involving personalized campaigns and specific handlings require a customized logistics project. Ensure the best level of logistics service to your franchisees and grow in sales with customized logistics operations. Food The food industry requires extremely reliable logistics handling with efficient storage and distribution management. E-commerce The e-commerce segment has grown with great speed, and the logistics operation is strategic to meet the demand of retailers and end consumers.

At all times, as a business cycle, new product catalogs or lists are published, demanding agile and efficient actions for the storage and distribution of the thousands of items for the most diverse places. Within the segment, the reverse logistics service is also essential as a complement to the sales process, allowing the handling of product returns or exchanges.

Miscellaneous The dynamics of logistics handlings is necessary and is available for the most diverse segments and types of products. In order to properly meet the demands, we have developed the concept of customized logistics and apply it to each project, ensuring the best result and the best solution for specific customer goals. Access your exclusive area here. That is a concept developed over more than 60 years that allows meeting the more specific requirements of each segment, prioritizing the integration of solutions and the continuous improvement of processes.

The goal is to explain the concept and how the customer can benefit from this specialized and complete service.

To integrate our database and participate in our selection processes, send your CV to curriculos 2aliancas. Follow the link to install it. To play, you have to update your Adobe Flash Player or enable it browser settings. In the opened window, scroll to the "Flash" section and choose "Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash recommended Refresh the page and continue playing Click on the button with three dots in the right-upper corner In the opened menu choose "Settings".

At the bottom of the window choose "Settings" and click on the "Show additional settings" link In "Personal data" section click on the "Content settings" button. Select the "Settings" menu item. Scroll down to the "Advanced Settings" section and click the "View advanced" settings button.

Refresh the web-page or open a new layout. Click on the "Menu" button and choose "Add-ons". In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the "Plugins" panel. Look for Shockwave Flash on your list. Set it to "Ask to Activate. The icon looks like a gear. In the pop-up menu that appears, click "Manage Add-ons".

In the dialog box that appears, select Toolbars and Extensions. In the lower-right corner of the Manage Add-ons dialog box, click Enable. Close the dialogue window.

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Relaunch browser. Click on the "Yandex Browser Settings" in the upper right corner. The icon looks like 3 lines In the opened menu press "Settings" In the opened window press "Show advanced settings" In the "Privacy" section click on the "Content settings" Scroll down to "Flash section" Choose "Detect and run important Flash content recommended Relaunch browser In the Safari browser in the left-upper corner and in the drop-menu press "Preferences" In the opened menu press "Security" Inside this layout find "Allow plug-ins" and press "Plug-in settings" In the opened menu find totalbattle.

Na guia Gerenciador de Complementos, selecione o painel "Plugins". Procure o Flash Shockwave na lista. Defina-o como "Pedir para ativar". Na janela do menu que aparece, clique em "Gerenciar Complementos". Reinicie o navegador. Based on the studies developed by Machado , Hollnagel and Woods , Henriqson et al , Bent , and others, discuss the complexity of technological artifacts available in the automated systems of modern Aircraft and the challenges of pilot training in the face of the new demands of the technological world of high complexity where psychomotor skills are no longer sufficient for the performance of the profession.

In this sense, the text proposes a training that privileges the development of new competences that require pilot cognitive control skills in a new human-machine interface. Key words: automation - human-machine interaction - cognitive control - skills training 1. Desenho de interface piloto-sistema das aeronaves; 6.

Treinamento e procedimentos; 8. Figura 1 - Importantes fatores que afetam a complexidade nos modernos sistemas Fonte: Adaptado de Hollnagel e Woods Para a ICAO , os pilotos possuem ferramentas novas e tecnologicamente complexas para lidarem em seu dia a dia.

Entretanto, a carga de trabalho mental foi ampliada nas diversas fases de um voo. Para Staton et al. Para Alessandrini , p. Machado , p. Habilidade para se relacionar adequadamente com outras pessoas; 2. Habilidade para cooperar; e 3.

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Habilidade para manejar e resolver conflitos. Habilidade para agir dentro de um marco geral; e 2. Habilidade para planejar e executar planos e projetos pessoais. Usar a tecnologia. O que se pode dizer de um ambiente com elevado uso de tecnologia? Para Machado , p. O piloto, mais que um condutor de aeronave, passa a ser um gerenciador e supervisor de modernos e complexos sistemas BHANA, Esses e outros questionamentos tornam-se desafios para esse e outros trabalhos.

Acesso em: 23 abr. Based on the studies developed by Machado , Hollnagel and Woods , Henriqson et al , Bent , Fontes and others, the paper discusses the complexity of technological tools currently being used in automated systems of modern Aircraft and the pilot training challenges confronted with new demands of the highly complex technological world, where psychomotor skills alone are no longer enough for the safe performance of the profession.

The following paper proposes an innovative training that emphasizes the development of new competencies requiring pilot cognitive control skills in a new human-machine interface. The paper presents two new competencies to be integrated into the main competency framework proposed by ICAO: single-pilot resource management and commitment to learning.

Keywords: automation - human-machine interaction - cognitive control — competency-based training 1. The idea of an information society has its origins in the scientific and technological advances of the post-industrial revolution. In this regard, it is important to highlight that the concept of knowledge is not reduced to information itself, which is its raw material. It is necessary to elaborate, assess, analyze and relate the information so it can be transformed into knowledge. Currently, the possibility to access information is infinitely greater than it was in the past due to the new information production sources, such as the internet, interactive cellphones, applications that reproduce real-time data, dynamic production in the network, flexibility, flow, etc.

However, they only produce information, not knowledge. Knowledge is acquired when many information mutually interconnect themselves, creating a network of meanings that interiorize themselves. Currently, one of the disturbances provoked by the media is the fact that modern human beings believe they have access to the meaning of events, simply because they have received information on it PELLICER, , p.

Currently, given the advanced technologies present on the latest-generation aircraft, whose data and information production is shown to be more complex when compared to the past, it is necessary to rethink the preparation, the professional activities and the knowledge the pilot has regarding these complex technologies in this new worldwide scenario. Greater risks are reduced by applying automated security and warning systems. However, these may increase the complexity of technological systems and lead to even greater risks, thus creating a vicious cycle that spins around the search for safer ways to fly and more direct means to have systems with safer operations.

It is necessary to emphasize the authors indicate the fact that the increase in the use of complex technological systems may keep or even contribute to a reduction in the number of accidents. On the other hand, future accidents that occur may have even more severe consequences, because operators of modern equipment need to better understand the new complexity of the systems. Second consequence — an increase in the dependency on the proper performance of the technological systems.

The increase in the interdependency between the various flight control systems creates the need for issues related to the man-technology interaction to be also extended to subjects linked to the design of the technological systems on the several environments, to the deployment of systems on the activities, and to the management and maintenance of these systems.

Third consequence — finally, the significant increase in the amount of generated data. The number of systems has increased and, with that, the amount of data that may be obtained has also increased. Thanks to these and other improvements, the measurement systems and the transmission capacity have improved too. Computers have contributed to managing increases in data generation as well as greater flexibility in the storage, transformation, transmission, and presentation of these data. These notes express new demands for the models and methods that describe the man-machine interaction, as well as a new paradigm for the science that supports this process.

The digital paradigm has modified in significant ways the human relationship with the various machines they interact with. Thus, from the digital paradigm perspective, the ability to make decisions and the experience are intrinsically related to the operationalization of new competencies. Competencies can only be put into practice based on knowledge, flying skills, and attitudes acquired by the pilot. The categories identify some important concerns to be analyzed: 1. Situational awareness; 2.

Complacency with automation; 3. Intimidation by automation; 4. Conservation of the pilot-in-command authority; 5. Pilot selection; 7. Training and procedures; 8. Other issues. These study categories cover the concerns of those responsible for the system involved in the activity aspect modification.