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Word Count: 35, Published: June 10 Wealthy Trent Bridges, tired of the child whores of Bangkok, decides he wants his own girls he calls his daughters. Word Count: 37, Published: April 23 Autumn Mf 13, incest, ped, 1st, anal, noncon, blackmail, con, romantic. Mich McAlister meets a beautiful but troubled thirteen year old girl. Word Count: 10, Published: March 5 Twelve year old Holly goes to live with the Washington family unaware of the Alex Washington 's history with his daughter.

It’s Not Just Sex That He’s Longing For. It’s This.

Word Count: 24, Published: February 26 An ex Navy Seal, a lifelong pedophile, has his daughter and twelve year old granddaughter thrust into his life, putting temptation in his way. Word Count: Can a 62 year old widower resist the seduction of his neighbor's eleven year old daughter, and does he even want to? Word Count: 26, Published: January 3 A chance encounter between an older man and a young girl changes so many lives. Word Count: 15, Published: January 11 It was on a hot August morning when a thirteen year old lost her virginity to her father leaving him racked with guilt.

Word Count: 7, Published: December 14 An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard. What's a father to do?

Why Having an Affair Was the Best Mistake I Ever Made

Word Count: 16, Published: November 14 The Diary Mf12, 1st, ped, oral, anal, con, romantic A parcel arrives in the mail setting Brooke off on a journey into her past. Word Count: 10, Published: November 30 A twelve year old girl and her younger sister win over the heart of a pedophile. Word Count: 24, Published: November 13 One very lucky man was about to find out. Word Count: 19, Published: October 14 It's the year , and the landscape of what was the United States of America has changed dramatically.

The cities, and their surrounding suburbs and farms, are virtual fortresses protected by the government militia. But the countryside is a no-man's land with rebels and opportunistic thieves and murderers free to do as they wished. Eli Lowell roams the land, scavenging where and whenever he can. His nomadic life changes inexorably one day, when he hears the sound of falling water. Word Count: 23, Published: October 05 Lacie, the daughter of Trey's new neighbor, was indeed an incredible young girl. Word Count: 28, Published: September 24 Word Count: 31, Published: June 23 Word Count: 29, Published: May 23 A story of a twelve year old girl's journey to discover her sexuality.

Addison is sent to stay with her Uncle Henry while her parents visit her sick grandfather. She's not happy to be away from her friends during her school's summer break, but her education doesn't stop at the classroom door. Word Count: 22, Published: May 4 The Hurricane That Was Daisy Mf 14, 1st, oral, con, romantic Can Cooper survive his best friend's fourteen year old daughter Daisy, as well as the hurricane of the same name? Word Count: 10, Published: April 4 A rock hunter finds an unusual stone in a mountain stream, that gives him invisibility and other magical powers.

He uses them in ways that surprises even him. Word Count: 17, Published: April 3 Reminiscing Mf, 15, Fsolo, sexual conversations, heavy petting, no penetration, orgasm. A 72 year old man, befriends the 15 year old daughter of his new neighbor and shares his life experiences with her. She in turn shares herself with him. Word Count: 9, Published: March 28 What he didn't bargain for, was the surprise he got when he found her. Word Count: 11, Published: March 10 Morgan's Providence Mf16, solo, oral, con, adventure, romantic A wealthy man picks up a girl at the bus terminus and offers her a room for the night, not realizing where his act of kindness will take him.

Word Count: 19, Published: February 11 Her parents think differently, that she was abducted and ask a private detective to find her. What unfolds leads the detective into the dark world of sex slavery. Word Count: 11, Published: January 29 Busting out the fire extinguisher to put out the flames on your curtains is sure to ruin your night. Safety first, girls! DO put on some background tunes. It's extra special to create a romantic CD or playlist with soft, sexy tunes that you both love.

But if you don't have the time? Patty recommends you pick a Pandora station like Adele or Al Green. DON'T turn on the radio. As Patty points out, some songs may not be appropriate for your night of fun, and radio commercials can really kill the mood!

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DO experiment with flavors. For instance, Patty suggests you harness the aphrodisiac power of chocolate by drizzling your partner with body toppings like below, and have fun licking them off. DON'T experiment with actual chocolate. Beware of using real foods on your body. As Patty says, "You might love a sugar-packed treat, but so does yeast.

Here's what many men secretly crave but have a hard time asking for.

Melting the average candy bar for use in foreplay could lead to an unwanted, and un-sexy, infection. DO wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. In this way I wound up committing to the crisis itself. Maybe it sounds impossible, or just overdramatic, that I let six shattering weeks change my course. But I was determined. Absolutely—which is why we should never operate under fear of future regret. These years on my own have been the most transformative and exciting period of my life. I did not embark on singledom gracefully.

After all that training in serial monogamy, I hardly knew how to get through a Friday night on my own, never mind a whole weekend. That kick in the pants helped me become more deliberate in my choices. For a spell I enjoyed a no-strings scenario with a brilliant academic. The thrill of straight-up fantastic sex—no lies, no deceit—made every waking moment shine with possibility, even the lonely ones. Where previously my time alone had felt amorphous, now it was a purposeful solitude.

I threw myself into work, making friends, exploring the city.

When my eventual desire for something more seesawed me away from the academic, I listened to my changing self. One boyfriend left me for not giving him the intimacy he craved. When I sensed another dropping hints about a ring, I fled. It took a while for me to notice where the real action was taking place.

27 Books That Will Get You All Hot And Bothered

But at a beautiful ceremony held outdoors, by a lake, watching him walk toward the altar, his face bright with unguarded happiness, I felt something inside me unclench—my guilt. I arrived early and settled in at the bar. Fifteen minutes later I looked up from my book, and as always the moment our eyes met I felt the years evaporate—there I was again, age 28—and then, just as quickly, return.

I am no longer that confused young woman, thank God. We split a steak, drank red wine. Afterward, as I walked to the subway, a warm rush of gratitude washed over me. And also the best one.

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