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State "Alles das Beste zum Geburtstag! Einen means "one" or "a. Ihr is a polite way of saying "your. Tag means "day. The term und means "and," and Freude means "joy" or "happiness. This phrase means "Shame we cannot be there to celebrate with you. The term dem means "the. Also ask "Wie alt bist du? Offer "Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag. Sample German Birthday Songs. Then Johanna's friend Tony met up with us at the apartment. She lives about 20 minutes outside of Frankfurt and interns at the English Theatre in Frankfurt. And her English is so perfect! Johanna and Tony gave me a brief overview of the city as we made our way to the top of Main Tower.

Some call the city "Mainhattan," as a play on Manhattan featuring the name of the river that runs through Frankfurt, the Main. Frankfurt is technically called Frankfurt am Main, not to be confused with the smaller German town of Frankfurt.

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Even though I was running on little sleep, I felt that I was winning the battle against jet lag, except for the fact that I was uncharacteristically not hungry. About six hours after I had had breakfast of the plane, hunger finally hit me, and Johanna and I met up with Christiane and Daniela at Vapiano, a popular and delicious Italian cafeteria chain. I ordered the pesto pasta and was very satisfied. After our meal, Daniela led the way to an indoor market.

I had told her about how revolutionary European markets were to me in that their produce actually smelled like real food, unlike produce in American supermarkets. Along the way, I practiced my limited German like a little kid, pointing to objects that I knew the German word for.

BAUSA - Was du Liebe nennst (Official Music Video) [prod. von Bausa, Jugglerz & The Cratez]

That means strawberry, and it's currently my favorite word. Just try it; it's so much fun! Germany is the first country I've been to where I don't know the language proficiently. Before my trip I studied up of a few German words and phrases using an app called Duolingo I highly recommend it , but other than those words and phrases I know nothing.

And the grammar is so confusing! I get giddy every time I hear a single word in a conversation that I understand and then I guess what the conversation is about. When I ask Johanna afterwards what she was talking about, I surprisingly often get it right. Pick one, go right ahead and use it on your sweetheart and look like the most amazing German lover there ever could be!

Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens. You are the love of my life. Ich vermisse Dich so sehr. I miss you so much. Ich liebe Dich.

Evangelische Lutherischen Gesangbuch

I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Ohne Dich kann ich nicht leben. I can't live without you.

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I am head over heels in love with you. Ich liebe Dich mit ganzem Herzen. I love you with all my heart. Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. It was love at first sight. You make me so happy. I love you more and more every day. Do not worry if you are not an expert in the language yet. Sometimes, more than perfection, it is the effort that shines through.

Making that effort of learning a new language just to tell your lover how much they mean to you is enough to light up their world.

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