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Bouche d I'emeri, same meaning. En boucher un coin, une surface, to astound, to make a successful retort to. Qa lui en a bouche un coin, he was flabbergasted, struck all of a heap, crushed, he was choked off. I can't get over that! Mettre un bouchon d quelqu'un, to make somebody shut up. Mets-y un bouchon!

C'est plus fort que de jotter au bouchon! Ramasser un bouchon, to come a cropper, to experience a failure. Imprisonment, boucle, sb. Si on me repince, c'est la boucle, if I get nabbed again, it's the clink, I am in for it. To imprison. Se faire boucler, to be put in clink, in the stone jug, to get run in. Se boucler la ceinture, se la boucler, to tighten one's belt for want of food. To shut. Boucler la lourde, to shut the door. Tourner, s'en alter, en eau de boudin, to come to nothing, to fizzle out.

Pipe, bouffe-Ia-balle, To eat, to feed.

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To hurt. Va le voir il ne te bouffera pas, go and see him, he won't eat you. Bouffer de la tete de cochon, to get hit with the head in the stomach. Bouffer de la case, to be in prison, to do time. Bouffer le blair, le nez, les foies, to quarrel, fight. Only used in the stock phrase, tu I'as dit, bouffi, just so, right you are, you talk like a book. Man, fellow pejorative. Avoir la bougeotte, not to be able to stay in the same place, to have the fidgets. II a une sale bougie, he has a villainous lace. Five francs coin. Big shell. So called on account of thick smoke emitted when bursting. Kohlenkester, schwarze Sau.

Fellow, chap. Un pauvre bougre, a poor devil. Un sale bougre, a bad egg.

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Un bon bougre, a good chap. II est epatant, ce bougre-ld, he is a caution, he takes the cake. Merely intensifying. Bougre d' idiot! Inter j. By Jove, this is quite another matter! Though bougre has the same derivation as "bugger,' the original acceptation has completely disappeared in French, and the word belongs not to foul but to very colloquial language. Bougrement beau, bon, mauvais, etc.

J'ai bougrement travaille, I've worked jolly hard. Fern, of bougre i. Music-hall, penny gafif, coffee-house of low order, coal-hole. Cobbler, 2. Affected person. Faire du bouif, to swank. Boire, prendre un bouillon, to experience a failure. Donner un bouillon de onze heures a quelqu'un, to murder some one by giving poison. Tomber dans le bouillon, to fall into the water, get a ducking. Tu paries d'une houillotte I talk of a mug! Remercier son boulanger, to kick the bucket. Head, nut, chump. Boule de son, miUtary loaf. Envoy er bouler quelqu'un, to send some one to the right-about, send some one sprawling.

Boule-Miche, proper name. Boulevard Saint-Michel, in the Latin quarter. Gross mistake.

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Faire une boulette, to make a blunder. To work, to toil. Ily a du boulot, there is plenty of work. Qa n'est pas ton boulot, that is not your business. Meal, food. Short, thick, or fat person, a podger. II a boulofte francs dans sajournSe, he blued, got through twenty pounds in one day. Comment fa va t-il? Qa boulotte, how are you getting on? Qa m'est tombe bourn sur la tete, it fell down, bang on to my head. Bourn, voild I said by a waiter to mean that he has heard customer's call. Book, bouquiner, vb. To read. II est toujours a bouquiner, I.

Lie, stuff, twaddle. Confer des bourdes, to talk nonsense. Faire une bourde, to make a blunder. La bonrgeoise, my wife, the missus. To toil esp. Lies, false statement, balder- dash, fake. Tout ga je n'en crois rien, c'est du bourrage de crdne. I don't believe that, it's all tosh, they're codding us. See bourrer. Bourrer le crdne d quelqu'un, to tell some- body lies, especially to hoax.

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To deceive by filling up or cramming with false stories, empty talk. Les journaux nous bourrent le crdne, the papers are kidding us. One says also bourrer le mou. One who bourre le crdne. Monter le bourrichon d quelqu'un, to rouse, to work upon, somebody. On lui a monte le bourrichon contre moi, they have excited him against me. II se monte facilement le bourrichon, he easily works himself up into a state, he kids himself easily.

Kif-kif bourricot, quite the same, six of one and half a dozen of the other, much of a muchness. Horse, nag. Old or bad horse, jade. Faire tourner quelqu'un en bourrique, to drive somebody mad, off his nut. Pig-headed person. Bousculer lepot de fleurs, to exaggerate, to come it strong.

Bungled work. To spoil, do badly.

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Bousiller un travail, to bungle, mess up a job. To kill. II s' est fait bousiller, he's been done in. Al o fig. Noise, row. Faire du bousin, to be riotous. From old cant bowsing, bowsing ken, low tavern. Perdre la boussole, to lose one's head. II a perdu la boussole, he is crazy, daft, off his chump. To eat, feed esp. House, institution, establishment esp. Quelle boutique! What a beastly hole! J'enverrai sauter toufe la boutique. I'll chuck up the whole concern. Et toute la boutique, and all the paraphernalia.

II a eu la croix de guerre, la Legion d' Honneur et toute la boutique, he's got the croix de guerre, the Legion of Honour, and all the rest of it. Mettre les bouts de bois, to decamp, to cut and run, hop it. Very comical, side-splitting, killing, screaming. To laugh heartily, to split one's sides with laughter. Ma vieille branche, old bean. Crazy, barmy, daft. A stretcher- bearer. J'e'iais dans les brancos, I was a stretcher- bearer. Avoir les bras retournes, to be lazy.

Des bras cassis, loafers, weary- Willies. Manier les brSmes, to play cards. Maquiller les brSmes, to be a sharper. To feed. To do odd jobs. To eat, feed. Faire la bringue, to lead a fast life, to be out for a spree. Une grande bringue, a tall, gawky girl. To sway to and fro, to dangle. Faire une brioche, to make a blunder. Manger, bouffer des briques, to have nothing to eat. Foil de brique, nickname of a red-haired person, ginger. Pas une brogue, not a mite. Thrashing, dressing down. To beat, give a dressing down to.

To have to do without. Txi peux te brosser, don't you wish you may get it. Una tSte brulee, a devil-may-care fellow. Short pipe. At different games. To be very near finding it hidden thing, etc. Stupid fellow. Quelle buche I what a fathead! Ramasser une buche, to fall down, come a mucker. To work hard, to swot. II buche son latin, he is swotting at his Latin.

Ce que ga m'a fait bucher! Je buche mon examen, I am grinding for my exam. To strike, beat. Je le biXcherai, I'll baste him. Studious or hard- working person. C'est un bucheur, il sera regu, he is a sap, he'll pass his exam. Rien A se mettre dans le buffet, nothing to put into one's gullet. Head, nut, mug. To work. Rough unmannerly person, bear. A ttiger la cabane, see attiger. Corporal or lance-jack. Head, noddle, pate.

Quelle caboche dure il a, how obstinate he is. To dent, batter. Un chapeau cabossd, a battered hat. Little public -house or restaurant. Excrement, i. Faire caca, to do one's jobs. C'est caca child's expression , it's dirty, danger- ous you must not touch it. Candidate received with number one at the ficole Normale Superieure.

Wine-bottle emptied of its contents. Blues, hump. J'ai le cafard, I've got the hump, I am down in the dumps. One who peaches. C'est un cafard, he is a sneak. To peach, to be a sneak. Head, mug. Small room or hut, placvj where one stores up things. Avoir a la caille, to dislike. Je les ai a la caille, they get on my nerves, they get my back up. Head, skull. Usher at the ficole Normale Superieure.

Grosse caisse, military prison. Je n'ai rien au fond de la caisse, I have not eaten anything. Head, only used in the expression sefaire sauter le caisson, to blow out one's brains. Rich, substantial, well off. Ce sont des gens cales, they are people of substance. Dug-out rare. Lamp, candle. Insult, abuse [lit. Envoyer des calembours, to slang, to- call names. Se caler les joues, se les caler, to eat heartily. II est en train de se les caler, he is doing himself well. To show the white feather, not to be game, to funk. To go, to make off.

Je suis presse, je calete pron. Caletez, et en vitesse! Forage cap. Ribouler des calots, to roll one's eyes. Church-goer contemptuous. A bas la calotte! Box on the ear. Je vais te donner une calotte, I am going to slap your face. Faire camarade, to give oneself up, to surrender. Les camaros, the pals, chums. Royal cambouis, train des equipages. Army Service Corps, soldier belonging to this corps. House usually pejorative. C'est une cambuse, it is a beastly hole. Le mot de Cambronne, the word supposed to have been said by General Cam- o bronne at Waterloo when summoned to surrender, i.

Peasant, clodhopper. Worthless stufif, rubbish. C'est de la camelote, it's regular trash. Any stuff good or bad. Fais voir ta canielote! One may even hear c'est de la bonne camelote. Candle, lamp, light, glim. Affront, rap over the knuckles. Ficher, fiche, foutre, foute la camp, to de- camp, to make off, to hop it, make tracks. Emmener quelqu'un a la campagne, not to care at all for somebody, for what he may say. Le patron, je I'emmine d la campagne! Holiday, relaxation. Donner campos aux eleves, to give the pupils a holiday. J'ai campos aujourd'hui, to-day I am free, it's my day off.

From the old school expression primarius dabit hodie ad campos, the headmaster will give a holiday to-day, to play about the fields. N'en croyez rien, c'est un canard, don't you believe that, it's only a rumour, a hoax. Je ne lis pas ce canard-Id, I don't read that rag.

à : to, toward, towards

Horse, jade. Lump of sugar dipped in brandy or coffee. Trempe comme un canard, as wet as a drowned cat. To pelt with missiles, to pepper, canasson, sb. Idle story, tittle-tattle. One who lacks pluck, coward. Le train A ete mis en capilotade, the train was smashed to atoms. J'ai le dos en capilotade, my back is sore all over, black and blue. Le capiston, the old man. Coward, funky. To show the white feather, to have cold feet.

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Fairs capout, to kill. Medical practitioner or student, medico. Carabin de la comdte. Violent, intense of its kind. Un toupet carabind, no end of a cheek. To decamp, to make tracks. Tough meat. Old horse. Nasty, ill-tempered man or woman. C'est une came, he is a rotter. Tirer une carotte d quelqu'un, to coax money out of somebody, and generally to humbug. To do, to humbug. To get by fraud. Carotter une permission, to wangle a leave. One who carotte, impostor, humbug, shirker, also malingerer.

As de carreau, see as de carreau. To put oneself somewhere. To lead a fast life. Bouffer de la case, to be a prisoner, to do time. Avoir, prendre son casque, to be, to get drunk. To pay. Je le ferai casquer, I'll make him fork out. Denotes a milder form of intoxication. Disturbance, trouble, loss, etc. II y aura de la sasse si le patron apprend cela, there will be a row if the boss hears of that.

Spirits esp. Casser la croute, to have a snack. To tell off. Qu'est-ce qu'il va te casser quand tu renireras! Casser sa pipe, to die, kick the bucket, peg out. Casser des cailloux, to be in a penal colony. Casser du Sucre sur la tete de quelqu'un, to criticize, run down some one, to speak maliciously of somebody. Informer, sneak, police spy. To inform against. To run, to make off. II nous cavale sur le ciboulot a variant of il nous court sur le ciboulot , he is boring us. To get off, to make tracks. Avoir la cerise, to have bad luck. Indecent dance. Faire du chahut, to be noisy, to make, kick up a row.

Ragging, horse-play. Allons, pas de chahut! To indulge in horse-play with, to ballyrag. Hen a fait un chambard, he made a fine to-do about it. La revolution russe a ete un chambardement general, the Russian revolution has been a general earthquake. To upset, overthrow. On a tout chambarde chez moi, everything has been upset in my house.

Si vous ne venez pas Qa chambarde tous mes plans, if you don't come it upsets all my plans, it upsets my apple-cart. To be shaky of gait, to be dotty on one's pins. Qa m'a chamboule, it gave me quite a turn. Vague term of often playful abuse. Un vieux chameau, an old, ugly, peevish woman or man , an old rotter.

Ah, les chameaux. Us en ont une veine! Coffee mixed with brandy. Devoir une chandelle d quclqu'un, to have a debt of gratitude to somebody. Je vous dois une rude, fiere, chandelle! I am awfully obliged to you 1 2. Faire des economies de bouts de chandelle, to be penny wise.

Tenir la chandelle, to be a mere spectator kept off the game. To shout, bawl, protest. Qu'est- ce qu'il va chanter si vous Stes en retard! To suit. Je le ferai si ga me chante, I'll do it if I choose, if it suits me. Introduction to an article. Pinching, scrounging. To rob, pinch, scrounge. To perform a surgical operation esp. On I' a charcute troisfois, he's been operated upon three times.

Tin-kettle music, row. Tlema,gne, proper name. Faire Charlemagne at cards , to leave the game when winning without giving the others a chance of getting their money back. Charles, proper name. Tu paries, Charles! To humbug, fool, pull the leg of. Ne me charrie pas, don't you cod me. Sans charrier, without joking, honest injun! II charrie, he is codding us. Soldier belonging to the chasseurs d'Afrique, light cavalry for African service. Offrir un vevre de chdteau-la-pompe, to offer a glass of water. Allusion to vintage wines being often known under such names as ChS.

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Qa ne luifait ni chaud nifroid, he does not care a bit. On m'a chauffe mon tabac, they've bagged my tobacco. Qa va chauffer! Chaussette d clous, shoe. Chaussette russe : porter des chaussettes russes, not to wear any socks at all. Rather expensive. Malade comme un cheval, as sick as a dog. Un remede de cheval, a kill-or-cure remedy. Travailler comme un cheval, to work like a nigger. Cheveu, sb. Se faire des cheveux, to fret oneself, 2. Avoir mal aux cheveux, to feel out of sorts after a spree.

Tire par les cheveux, iar-ietcYied. Comme des cheveux sur la soupe, out of place, unseasonably. Un exemple rapide, celui de l'argent. The big man sighed. Joseph Toilett. Comme le dit Manchette :. D 'abord sous un pseudonyme anglo-saxon, ensuite sous son nom. Peter Cheyney. Tel est le contexte culturel dans lequel je voudrais resituer ces romans. We do not want to interfere with their language, why should they seek to interfere with ours? That their huge hybrid population of which only a small minority are even racially Anglo-Saxons should use English as their chief medium of is our misfortune, not our fault.

The words and accent were perfectly disgusting, and there can be no doubt that such films are an evil influence on our language. It is said that 30,, people visit the cinema every week. What is the use of millions on education if our young people listen to falsified English spoken. But I am not worryin ' too much about any of these things because I am wonderin ' about that sweet momma Carlette.

This baby has got everything you ever heard about an' then a couple of trucksfull. So far as I am concerned she is the answer to the travellin ' salesman 's prayer. I could tell you things about that dame 's geography which would make you wonder why you are so stuck on the dame you are gettin ' around with at the moment.

She is not so tall but she is certainly not short. She has got curves that you never saw in a geometry book. She has got deep an ' mysterious blue eyes an ' when she looks at you you can feel snakes playin ' baseball in your spine. I'm tellin ' you mugs with my hands on my heart that when they served out allure that baby collected for the whole family, an' I will go so far as to say that if she had been let loose in the Garden of Eden, Adam would have closed down for the afternoon, turned out the serpent, and started pickin' apples like he was in the jam business.

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