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The hulu series, The Handmaid's Tale, is on the Mall filming right now! If you spot elisabethmossofficial, be sure to let us know. Other locals spotted the filming and snapped their own pictures — which were all equally striking and powerful. Says something about that we had to see this up close to figure out if it was a protest or filming for the Handmaid's Tale season 3.

Haunted MTL - Horror news, eh?

It's the latter slupkin shefalil pic. Some of the most commonly reported phenomena include doors slamming, footsteps, and voices or radios when someone is alone in the venue. Wood remembers one instance very vividly, when he was closing up and his ex-wife Lisa was waiting for him in the lobby. Why is she here?

The bathrooms seem to be the most common location for chilling events. Faith Alice Sleeper would work at the tables by the second-floor window and recalls hearing the bathroom doors slam when she was alone in the building.

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Star Cast as ‘Stargirl’s Doctor Mid-Nite

Two years ago, Torres was opening the bar early for H Street Fest with another bartender. His colleague went to the bathroom, after which Torres heard her scream and saw her run outside. In the backstage area, the shower was running, so he turned it off. When his co-worker returned, she told him the shower had turned on by itself. Shortly after the winter holidays, Elford began expanding Ghosts from a one-act to a full-length play. Elford labored tirelessly on revising the script, while sending his drafts to Charlotte and me for review.

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By March, we had a final draft of the script, which includes deeper character development, extended scenes, and a brand-new terrifying scene that will make your heart stop. Elford nearly doubled the number of pages in the script, which gave me a lot of rich, new material to work with as a director. We will be performing in the Blind Whino, which has a huge performing space configured into a thrust.

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  7. Working with a thrust yields the possibility of bringing the action to the audience, which intensifies my concept of providing an interactive experience for our audience. Perhaps what I am most excited for in this production is the fact that we get to include sound and lights. We have a stellar design team collaborating with us: Michelle DJ Missguided is working with us on sound design, while Nick Friedlander works with us on lights.

    Ghosts’ director on creating a haunting Fringe show.

    While two of our current cast members Marsha Rehns and Jerry Gideon performed in the original production of Ghosts , the rest of the cast is new to the play. Working with a mostly new cast has provided both a fresh and challenging experience.

    Simultaneously working with new actors approaching this script for the first time has been particularly fun to witness.