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For landscape photography a tripod is essential. If you want to capture the best possible photo, in the best possible light, you will have to use a tripod.

The alternative usually means having to raise your ISO, which in turn means excessive noise in your photos that can affect the overall image sharpness. But the other advantage of using a tripod is that it can give you more options for your photography. For example, you can use slower shutter speeds to capture movements of clouds or water or give you a more elevated or lower point of view.

Yes, they are a hassle to carry you may want to invest in a good camera bag that you can strap your tripod to , but they are simply essential for landscape shots. Often the other most widely used accessory for landscape photography is graduated filters. One of the big challenges of landscape photography, especially in low light conditions is the difference in the light areas the sky and your dark areas the foreground.

For example, as it gets nearer to sunset, the sun drops lower on the horizon. This might mean that mountains obstruct it. You then have a situation where your sky is really bright as obviously it is still being lit by the sun, but your foreground is dark because the light from the sun is obstructed by the mountains. So, if you expose for the sky light areas or highlights then your foreground will be too dark and if you expose for the dark areas shadows your sky will be blown out completely white with no detail.

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That means taking multiple shots at different exposure levels and then merging them into one photo in post-processing using layer blending or HDR techniques. Or, most landscape photographers prefer to capture photos as correctly as possible at the time of taking the photo. In this situation, the only way to do this is by using a graduated neutral density filter, which balances out the difference in the brightness between the top and bottom of the photo. As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about landscape photography is that you often have time to take a few different shots.

For example, set a really slow shutter speed of 30 seconds and if there is some wind you will see some amazing cloud movement streaks in the sky. Or if you are by the coast set a fast shutter speed to capture the waves crashing into the rocks. Play around with the settings until you have something that looks amazing and captures the scene perfectly. Usually, the final step in any good landscape photo is some post-processing. This always seems to be a contentious issue as some photographers prefer to keep post-processing to a minimum and some like to really boost the image.

Whatever your preference and way of working are, it comes down to personal opinion. But there are a few things that you should look at as a minimum. For example, making sure your images are straight, clear of dust spots, and correcting the white balance should be a must. You may also want to tweak the crop of the photo if it needs it. Beyond that, ensuring a good contrast and boosting the saturation will help your landscape image jump out. Generally speaking, every photo will benefit from some level of post-production.

How to Take Gorgeous Instagram Photos with Your Phone

Some will need more and some less. Landscape photography is an incredibly rewarding genre of photography. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest. There are certain subjects and themes that perform well on Instagram because they offer wide appeal and tons of visual interest. Take note, because posting engaging content boosts your visibility on Instagram.

Symmetrical composition often enhances a subject that might not be exciting otherwise. You can also break up your symmetry to add interest. In this photo, the bridge creates vertical symmetry while the trees and sunlight break it up.

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Take me where the light leads. A post shared by scottcbakken scottcbakken on Aug 30, at pm PDT. Our brains also love patterns. Cathy Carver, Smithsonian Institution. Look around yourself for inspiration. Architecture, design and nature are all sources of mesmerizing patterns. Minimalism and neutrals are trendy, but sometimes you just crave a pop of color.

Bright, rich colors make us happy and give us energy. And when it comes to Instagram photography, they make a big impact on a small screen.

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Instagram is a happy place, which means humor plays well here. Especially in contrast to the perfectly composed and edited photos that proliferate on the platform. Living my best life colorfactoryco. Capturing your subject in motion is tough, which is what makes it so impressive. A compelling action shot is exciting and arresting.

It turns even an ordinary subject into something lovely:. A post shared by stella blackmon stella. Sometimes a little blurred movement adds an artistic, dreamy touch:. We forgot one of us is also a photographer. A little Sunday afternoon on a Tuesday evening for you. When taking action photos, take multiple options to increase your odds of an amazing shot.

6 Tips for Perfect Composition in Portrait Photography

You can use burst mode by holding down your camera button to capture 10 photos per second. A sharp focus on an unexpected or interesting detail can be attention-grabbing, especially in a feed full of busy, dynamic photos. Pre-ceremony sash-tying???? Using Instagram editing tools like vignette dimming the edges of your photo or tile shift which creates a soft blur around your focal point can enhance detail photos.

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Take your photo from a close distance to preserve quality. Shooting from far away and cropping lowers the image resolution, leading to grainy, lackluster photos that damage your brand. Practice love until you remember that you are love. This is a simple technique, but it works: take advantage of an awesome background! People curate good photo walls for a reason. The more creative your background, the better.

As in this example, a gorgeous background can be the perfect complement to a product post. Arriving online this weekend. Beautiful bags and homewares by abaca.

2. The Golden Ratio

Yawning is contagious. Light is both a particle and a wave. It would be fair to say this is the cheapest trick in the book. But if you have an adorable pup at your disposable or, just putting this out into the universe, a miniature pony it would be a mistake not to use them. High five for Netflix because a home with dogs is constantly dirty anyway! Tryna vacuum but then the dogs ran in from the rain and got dirt all over again… but I did swallow up 3 flies!

Are you productive today? Did your mom ever tell you that your eyes were bigger than your stomach?

Breakfast of weekend champions — Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb butter.. Matcha by tenzotea monthofmatcha. The secret to an excellent food photo? Shoot from above, take advantage of photogenic surroundings, and use natural light. Research has found that people love looking at faces on Instagram hello once again to Chris Hemsworth. To take a stunning portrait, follow the principles above: use natural light, choose an appealing background, and explore shooting from different angles to capture a more interesting shot. Some phones even include a portrait mode, which will optimize lighting and focus.

Now that you know how to take amazing photos using your phone, learn how to edit them using our step-by-step guide.