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In conventional card catalogues we can skim through a number of entries quickly, discarding those which do not suit our purposes. Authors of scientific articles often read a paper that fails to cite their prior work when they feel that it should have done so. Librarians are urged to convince the 'reading experts' that curling up with a real book is the best reading machine invented to teach children to read.

This is why many people with 'normal' eyes will need reading glasses some time after the age of A study of seventh graders at a school in Texas revealed 3 categories of aliterates : dormant, uncommitted, and unmotivated. Next, the case should be reread with a view to identifying and listing the problems to be solved. However, if you take tasks 5, 6 and 7 you would be looking for somebody who is physically fit, who is numerate and literate and perhaps has a high boredom threshold.

Go into the average good home of the crust, in the quietude of 'after-tea' and you will see a youthful miss sitting over something by Charlotte M Yonge or Charles Kingsley.

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But clearly a book read and enjoyed is more likely to lead on to further reading than is a book unread or unfinished. The introduction to this code certainly repays reading , and contains sensible advice about how to make a filing order amenable to the public. Examples of use in the Spanish literature, quotes and news about leer. Leer es pensar con el cerebro ajeno en lugar de hacerlo con el propio. El leer sin pensar nos hace una mente desordenada. El pensar sin leer nos hace desequilibrados.

Tertullian : Early Printed Editions, Translations and Studies

Ya que la vida es corta y las horas de descanso pocas, no debemos malgastarlas en leer libros sin valor. El ver mucho y el leer mucho aviva los ingenios de los hombres. Del leer sale el saber. Practicar hace maestro; que no leer en el cuaderno. Bachiller, bala, chilla, y sabe leer. Comer fruta, hablar puta, leer carta, bien se puede hacer en la plaza. El maestro ciruela que no sabe leer y pone escuela.

Ariel Dorfman, Armand Mattelart, Montserrat Fons Esteve, Lori Reid, Paulo Freire, This book is a splendidly presented update on the 3, year old metaphysical art of physiognomy which can help us to be a better communicator, improve our relationship skills with others, as well as acquire and enhance our insights into the Rose Rosetree, With this useful manual, parents, teachers, professionals, and volunteers are given an armory of possibilities and ideas for inspiring children to read. Martha Sastrias, Tina Konstant es una experta reconocida internacionalmente en temas de potencial humano y capacidad de aprendizaje.

Leer antes de firmar un seguro, clave para evitar abusos. Hay similitudes entre percibir y leer acerca de Al fin una droga buena para la salud: leer alarga la vida. Entre los aspectos positivos, refuerza las conexiones Leer [online]. Spanish words that begin with l. Spanish words that begin with le. Spanish words that begin with lee. Loeillot in Berlin, um , 32 x 41 Besitzer: von der Schulenburg. Patrons des Cordonniers".

Synonyms and antonyms of leer in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms

Holzschnitt bei Pellerin, um , 54 x 36,5 cm. Verso: Ganzfigur von Papst Cornelius 31 x 20 cm , in aufwendiger floraler Umrahmung insgesamt 54 x 37 cm , unten Inschrift. Large sheet, 96 x 1m 44cm. Also known as "Luminous Jewel". A Japanese goddess, the beautiful daughter of the sea-king Ryujin.

She married Hoori and gave birth to a son after which she turned into a dragon. English: " , [dated] Ansei 7th, monkey zodiac year, end of Feb. She is the beautiful daughter of Ryujin, the "God of the Sea. She is followed by a flag and umbrella bearer. Also following is a man with a pair of deer antlers [good omen], a man with a small red offering table with peaches, the Wind God and his thunder-drum.

Another flag bearer, his helper, followed by two others, one holds a staff, the other an offering of golden egg. The items carries are symbolic good fortune and wealth in terms of deer antlers, peaches and the golden egg represent ancient Chinese [also used by the Japanese] of omens of good fortune and good luck. Per the Japanese brushed text on the verso, there is a number found, meaning this panel of several was part of a larger work, per the chronology found in Clark [see below].

This panel of several paintings was part of a restoration of Zojo-ji [temple] in Shiba. Although Kyosai had officially left the Kano school in , by participating in the restoration of Tokugawa's family temple in Shiba, he was showing loyalty to the Tokugawa family a good reason to volunteer his skills to the temple. It is also noteworthy that his mentor [Kano Toei] also participated in the restoration, and in all likelihood Kyosai joined his master in a sign of respect and loyalty to him. Based on this chronology, it is clear Kyosai was one of the painters who worked at Zojo-ji temple along with his mentor and master teacher, Kano Toei.

It was not uncommon at this time for schools to volunteer teachers and students to do temple restoration, and art work, painting, replacing or enhancing paintings and large murals. This item's date matches the restoration dates for the Zojo-ji temple, which began in and continued into This panel was unused, in the restoration, it may have been a precursor to the final painting which was actually used in the restoration project.

It matches the scenes found in Zojo-ji temple restoration. The work is the exact style of others painted by Kyosai and his genre. The caricatures of the people in this painting reflect Kyosai's style exactly, the theme of his eccentric humor, expressing his love for creativity and the joy of painting.

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It is entirely within Kyosai's bizarre character to undertake and devote himself to such a project as illustrating the famous myth of OTOHIME in more than deluxe, extra large-size format paintings. Litografia di F.

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Coloritura d'epoca, su stampa a colori, x Buon esemplare, piccolo strappo al margine superiore destro che non lede la stampa, qualche piccola macchia. Blackwood first edition. With half titles. Title pages include 'The Right of Translation is reserved'.

VG : in very good condition. Rebound with marbled eps. A few leaves lightly spotted. First Edition of "The first monograph on experimental teratology" Warkany, Congenital Malformations, p. In this monograph Panum said that Wolff was the first to represent abnormal development. Panum ponted out, for one thing, that malformations may be produced experimentally in a chicken foetus on exposure of the egg to certain conditions of temperature, showing the foetal malformations are not necessarily depended upon hereditary factors.

The studies of Panum on monsters were highly admired by his contemporaries. See Meisen, Danish Scientist, pp. Com ]. Garle Browne Leicester and M. Newman Manchester 18th June - Large print engraved by Charles G Lewis after Barker, with etching, engraving and stipple engraving x 86 cm ; some closed tears in the lower margin, not affecting the plate.

An impressive and scarce large-format engraving of the winners of the Crimean War shown on horseback, set in a military camp with Sebastopol and its bay in the background. Published by John Garle Browne, the owner of the original oil painting, which was sold at auction in London in Very Good. Hand-colored lithograph, measuring 19" x 24". This large-margin copy of a view of Indian Pass in the Rocky Mountains has exceptionally vibrant coloring; bright yellow, green, white, brown, blue and purple are used to depict a body of water surrounded by steep peaks, a wide variety of vegetation including various cacti species, coniferous and deciduous trees, and three men on horses near the body of water.

Lithograph has light foxing on margins, light soiling near edges, top and fore edges each have one 1" tear, not affecting content, moderate toning and soiling on verso. An all-encompassing example of Rocky Mountain West scenery produced by one the most prolific lithographers in the United States.

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Green silk brocade cloth covers, very clean, solid copy, 8. As was the custom at the time, these albums were seldom signed or signed with a pseudonym to hide the true artist's name. This stunning and skillfully painted album is most likely the anonymous work of a famous Ukiyo-e artist, executed in polychrome with the utmost detail. A man with a large hard-on holds his penis projecting from his Kimono, as he listens to a couple on the other side of the Shoji screen making love. The opposite page shows a sexually excited woman flushed and pink-faced, while she also listens to the adjacent couple making love.

She prepares to wipe her freely flowing love-fluids, she holds a packet of Chirishi [toilet paper] at the ready. Her Kimono is parted, revealing her red under wear with her legs parted. A man inserts his fingers inside the his lover's vulva, she closes her eyes in ecstasy, pink-faced and flushed. A couple making love, the woman rides on top of the man, her rear end exposed, showing his penis entering her vagina.

No Me Conoce REMIX - LETRA Bad Bunny Ft. J. Balvin, Jhay Cortez

She is flushed and red-faced in excitement. A couple making love. The woman is on her knees offering her rear to him, as he enters her vagina, we can see his testecals and a fierce look on his face. His Kimono is pulled open, her Kimono is pulled over her back, revealing her bright red under Kimono. Before a grand screen of landscape and a plum tree in blossom, a couple make love. She clutches a packet of Chirishi [toilet paper] in her right hand.

She is on her back, spread wide and open, he penetrates her fully-exposed vagina revealing his penis half-way inside her. He clutches her around the back of her neck with both arms, holding her Kimono firmly. He is flushed and pink-faced in ecstasy. A man makes love and enjoys two women. His penis penetrates the closest woman and sucks her nipple, while inserting his fingers into the vagina of the second.

Both women have exposed vagina's. All three display very bright red-pink-flushed faces in fits of sexual passion. A naked woman is on her back, spread-eagle, right leg held up by his left arm. She is top-mounted by her passionate male lover. He is on his knees penetrating her anus. The woman flails her arms, squinting in pain, the man has a firm look on his pink-flushed face. Her Kimono is spread below, her wooden pillow is pushed off to the side.

A fully naked and well-tattooed man sits on the Tatami mat, while holding a naked woman's left leg up enough to easily enters her exposed vagina from the rear. Love fluids freely flow from her vagina. She faces away from her lover while supporting herself by holding his right leg and left hand on the Tatami. He is pink-faced in ecstasy. A man catches a prostitute on the street. He pushes her against a building, while pulling up the back side of her Kimono.

Spreading his Kimono open, he enters her vagina from the rear. They are both exposed from the hips downward, revealing their genitals. The are both quite red-faced in moment of sexual passion and ecstasy. An afternoon scene, the man wears a cloth over his head, hiding himself from the public. He secretly entered his lover's room. Kingsland London. Wrappers very slightly worn, generally in near fine condition. Tiberias, Sea of Galilee.

France c. Photograph size: View of the Sea of Galilee, most likely from the south-western shore, with the outskirts of old Tiberias seen in the foreground and the Sea of Galilee Kineret in the background. Woldikes Forlagsboghandel, Illustrated with 8 lithographed plates, frontispiece from steel engraving, illustrations from drawings including coloured blue flag on title page , folding facsimile of a document and 4 maps including 3 folding maps. Original half red calf with black cloth boards and gilt lettering and decoration on spine.

Some light foxing throughout moreso to last few leaves , but plates unusually clean. Narrative of the British Franklin search expedition sponsored by Lady Franklin, in the 'Fox' under McClintock, sent out to determine how Franklin and his men had died, written by the interpreter J. Dufour, Mulat et Boulanger, , Petites usures et frottements. Bon exemplaire. The eager and passionate lovers embrace, he is on his knees, she willingly sits back spreading her vagina while he penetrates her, ejaculating quickly with excitement. Love fluids flow from her vagina. Their Kimonos are pulled up to their hips, revealing their genitals.

She is clutches him tightly holding his Kimono fast. Her face is brightly flushed pink. A white cockatoo observes from his cage. A night scene, the man has secretly entered his lover's room, he uses his Kimono to block out the lantern light. Holding a lighted candle in his left hand, he sheds light to reveal the sight of the couple's love-making. She is on her back, knees spread wide revealing her naked vagina, he sits on his knee, fully penetrating her vagina, which flows love-fluids.

He holds her firmly with right hand. She is locked in a passionate grip behind her neck, eyes closed lost in ecstasy. His face and neck are pink-flushed with sexual passion. Her Kimono is thrown open, her bright-red under Kimono above her pubic area. The last scene is a classic of Japanese erotica. A man visits his beloved and favorite prostitute.

She has pulled open her Kimono revealing her breasts and vagina. She sits back, resting both feet on her lover's chest, offering her vagina to him. He sits back resting against the door jam near naked as his Kimono is pulled off his shoulders. His penis penetrates her vagina as he suddenly notices a person just outside the doorway. Just beyond the open sliding doors is an unashamed young prostitute, who is voyeuring the couple making love, which greatly excites her.

Pulling her Kimono up over her back and on all fours, reveals her naked rear end and vagina. She reaches under and between her legs with her right hand, masturbating her vagina with her fingers. Her whole body is a sexually excited pink-flush. This adorable and charming miniature album is a very solid, with excellent color and fine detail, executed by a first class artist.

Much attention has been paid to the facial details, sensual facial expressions, the elaborately designed Kimono, rooms, their design and art work, and every facet of common life during the midth century Japanese culture. The book reflects the average person, and their dwellings, costume, coiffeur and erotic social customs. This was an effort to demonstrate to foreign missionaries and foreign traders [i. Dutch merchants in the Nagasaki] that the Japan and the Japanese were a high-cultured people, not a "base people or culture" by prohibiting erotic books and paintings from their culture.

Being illegal, these books mostly circulated privately or "underground," being passed around discreetly. Artists either avoided signing their erotic woodblock-printed books and prints, or signed them with some ironic anti-political or anti-Shogunate name. Nevertheless the public could easily identify the painting style and know the artist's name.

Many artists were jailed for either erotic art production or anti-Shogunate political satirical books and prints. Regardless, substantially large number of anti-Shogun and erotic works were popularly circulated in society continually down to the modern period. Erotica in Japan is an ancient art form, continuing for millenum.

This kind of miniature book was easily concealed in the Kimono sleeve and joyfully carried around and jshared among friends, loaned or sold in the street. LANE, Richard.