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He had no grave ceremony or even a tombstone. When Mozart passed away, his wife Constanze was so upset that she crawled into bed with her dead husband so she could catch his illness and also die. While Mozart was working for Emperor Joseph the 2nd in , a then young Ludwig van Beethoven spent several weeks in Vienna, hoping to study under Mozart. No one is sure if they ever met…. Mozart fell very ill while in Prague for the premier of his opera La clemenza di Tito September 6, He died in his home on December 5, Even while ill, he was busy with the task of finishing his Requiem.

It is locked away at the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart was born a Catholic and remained a member his entire life. Some of his greatest works are religious. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Your post has been supported and upvoted from the Classical Music community on Steemit as it appears to be of interest to our community. You can find details about us below.

Mozart was a SAVAGE. : Damnthatsinteresting

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He inspired me so often. Thank you for these interesting words. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Interesting Facts About Mozart.

The lost genius of Mozart's sister

Mozart was a tenor and he was also left handed. Another report from Thomas Attwood, a student of Mozart, said that his teacher added pedals to his own fortepiano out of his fascination of the polyphonic structures of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Some say that out of all his instruments, Mozart preferred the viola. His viola was crafted in Northern Italy, and it is now owned by the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg.

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Interestingly, Mozart only composed for the viola in ensemble. However, the literature he produced includes violin and viola duets, string trios and quintets, and trios for piano, clarinet, and viola.

In many of his works, Mozart gives special attention to the viola part. Often, he gives the viola independent melodies and also pushes the musical and range capabilities of the instrument. Another interesting work is the Kegelstatt Trio , featuring colorful interplay between a viola, clarinet, and a piano.

What Instruments Did Mozart Play?

The clavichord, on the other hand, had dynamic capabilities, but could never really be used in a large performance as it was still a quiet instrument. One can find some of his pieces written for Klavier that are usually played today on the piano. While one might think that Mozart immediately switched instruments following the development of the pianoforte, he is documented to continue playing all three keyboard instruments throughout his life.

The harpsichord was still a popular instrument for operatic collaboration, and the clavichord, with dynamic differences that were not extreme, was ideal for practicing in the home. Mozart played on three major violins in his lifetime: his childhood violin, his Costa violin, and his concert violin. All three instruments are kept by the Mozarteum Foundation. He performed mainly on the piano while living in Vienna during the final decade of his life.

Mozart composed a wide body of literature for the violin, from chamber music to pieces for the larger ensemble. Other important works include the five concertos he composed in at age 19 and the 36 sonatas for violin and piano. With the development of the fortepiano, keyboard artists had a greater range of dynamic expression available to them. While Mozart continued to play on the harpsichord and the clavichord, his keyboard music is most commonly heard today on the modern piano.

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The fortepiano which he used is normally attributed to the builder Anton Walter. Mozart was especially attracted to the piano and played on it during the final years of his life. During the years and , he composed several piano concertos and performed them for the public.

16 Interesting Mozart Facts

One piece, the third movement of Piano Sonata No. The Piano Sonata No. Finally, Mozart also wrote for four-hands literature for the piano. Because of his early training travels, Mozart became quite competent in the various musical styles of different countries and could imitate them while performing.

13 Facts About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

His knowledge of these styles and various instruments allowed him to push the contemporary musical ideas in opera, orchestral music, chamber music, and solo works. Mozart and the Viola Author s : J. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program — it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee — by means of advertising and linking to Amazon.

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