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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The mysterious Dark Master sends him on an unexpected journey that will take him through ruined cities and forgotten castles. On the way, he gathers new friends and new enemies, but will time run out before he can save his former companions? As a youngster, she competed in professional Appaloosa horse shows, winning numerous ribbons and trophies in varied events. Her favorite thing to do was ride a horse in a dead gallop to a nice, secluded spot where she could read in peace.

When she eventually ran out of books, this habit led her to writing. Adulthood brought experience working in various accounting positions, all the while writing novels, short stories, and screenplays. Cheryl lives in Washington state where she spends her free time cooking, crafting, and—of course—reading and writing.

Her status as Commander of the Universe, coupled with her prolific writing of Harry Potter fan fiction, has garnered her many groveling peons and several marriage proposals in the U.

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Shevyn remained still, chin held high, but Brydon could tell that she trembled. He cursed himself for bringing her here, despite her insistence. He turned, almost imperceptibly, to Brydon. A sharp wave of anger blasted at him, nearly knocking him to his knees. He kept his feet through sheer willpower, and tried to block the mental force with all his ability. Why is the Redolian here? The pressure left suddenly, as if it had never been, and Brydon swayed, pressing a hand against his throbbing temple.

A second gauntlet?

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He had never heard of such an item. Not even in legend. There was no reaction from her, so Brydon expected he had met with the same lack of success in reaching her mind. I wonder how you got them. Reed said nothing about you having strong defenses. Toryn turned, reaching for his sword, but he froze as suddenly as did Brydon in the midst of the same movement.

Brydon struggled, but his body refused to answer his will. The powerful voice came back like a meat cleaver in his head. Tal dragged Shevyn from their sight. Brydon found himself walking to a doorway at the right side of the room, in step with Toryn, and accompanied by a few Moraki. Brydon wondered vainly how he accomplished it; nothing Rakyn had taught him was even close to it.

He and Toryn continued down a flight of dank steps until they came to a dark dungeon. They proceeded calmly into a stone cell and halted, standing motionless until the door clanked shut and locked with a grating rasp. They were released as suddenly as they had been taken.

Even worse than being used like puppets was the thought of what they might be doing to Shevyn. He bellowed himself hoarse and pounded until he thought his sword would break. Only then did he collapse on the dirty straw, spent. Toryn watched him through worried green eyes. He had left them their weapons in mockery of their supposed strength. He tried to tamp down his emotion to spare him. The two of us had enough trouble with Reed, and he did not have half the power of the Dark Master. And what did he mean by a second gauntlet?

Brydon winced and blamed himself for that, also. I wonder where he is keeping Jace and Verana? Their wills were taken again sometime later and though Brydon fought with all his might, he still found himself meekly mounting the steps that returned him to the room with the throne. Brydon would have rushed to her, but his steps were controlled and he could only walk forward slowly.

The Challenge Accepted

Amazingly, the Dark Master did so, an action so unexpected that Brydon fell to his knees. He scrambled up and hurried to Shevyn. He knelt beside her and turned her face to look into her eyes. He saw weariness there and barely-masked fear. Her lower lip trembled slightly and she clung to him for an instant.

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He embraced her tightly and stiffened when she winced. Brydon shut his eyes at instantaneous rush of rage, and then he raised a cold glare to the Dark Master. The Dark Master would indeed kill her, and joy in it. And Brydon did not think the process would be quick and painless. The Dark Master next spoke as though he recited a fairy tale.

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