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Until today a devoted group of amateur astronomers runs an alternative catalogue, containing about datasets missing in the officially published lists. Most of these classified objects are still defined though and their true nature is known.

Unknown, unauthorised and disputed transactions

But for currently 52 objects no specifications are available. Various Quartzes confused about Rose's interest in the Earth. Gemstones of inactive Gems in the sand, who were defeated in the Rebellion. Pearl fighting against an off-screen Gem wielding a sword. Various unknown Gems and Aquamarines cheering for the Diamonds. A group of short pink Gems and a group of pale blue Gems. An unknown reddish-pink Gem shown in the film's teaser. A group of unknown Homeworld Gems applauding Hessonite. Two unknown Crystal Gems being attacked by the Light Prism. Snowflake Obsidian 20 messages.

Geodefarm wrote:Can we make a page for her? It's unnecessary When Steven returned to the zoo, and popped the bubbles, what do you think what the Rose Quartzes looked like? Categories :. This article is about Unknown Gems. You may be looking for Minor Gem Characters with identified Gem types but no recurring roles. She has pointy hair and a knee length dress. Her outfit and gem shape resemble Aquamarine's while her body type, especially her nose and slender stature, resembles that of a Pearl.

Her hair and gemstone placement are similar to that of Yellow Diamond.

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However, her dress, gem cut, and color in the picture are different. She also resembles an unknown Gem that appeared in " Cheeseburger Backpack ". Her hair and dress resemble one of the Jades.

Her body, hair, outfit, gemstone, and gemstone placement are extremely similar to that of Lapis Lazuli , presumably being of the same Gem type or the exact same gem as Lapis Lazuli. She has poofy hair in a bun, and she is wearing a dress. She is very similar to another unknown Gem that appeared in " Cheeseburger Backpack ".

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Her hair is similar to that of Dr. Maheswaran , and is also similar to an unknown Gem seen in " Cheeseburger Backpack ". Her hair is similar to that of Rainbow Quartz and she has a pointy nose; this unknown Gem is very similar to one seen in " Cheeseburger Backpack ". Her hair resembles an upside-down comma, similar to that of the defending Zircon. Her body, hair and gemstone shape are extremely similar to that of a quartz, more specifically Jasper. She is bald and very bulky, muscular, and large.

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She was poofed by Pearl. Her gemstone is rounded, and her shape and physique bear resemblance to Watermelon Tourmaline. Her hair is similar to that of Padparadscha and is the only Gem whose silhouette does not contain defined hips and hands. Her gemstone's shape and location are currently unknown.

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She has hair pointed to the left and a muscular build similar to that of a Quartz. Her hair, however, is very short, a characteristic not yet seen in any Quartzes except "Skinny" Jasper and Amethyst in Greg's flashback in " We Need to Talk ". She has hair in two buns. Her body shape is similar to that of Hessonite.

Her hair is pointed in two triangular buns and is wearing a floor length dress. This gem bears an extreme resemblance, in both body shape, gem shape and gem position, with a Jade seen at the Era 3 Ball in " Together Alone ". These green Gems are taller than usual, with long turtlenecks and long heads. They have no shoulder pads, and they have long wide sleeves.

Their skirts have an open overskirt that drapes over, forming a triangle. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: People of little importance. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Take note though; it is not at the moment a viable proposition; it is an equation with too many unknowns. From Cambridge English Corpus. As already discussed, neither are sound reasons for comparing unknowns to unknowns.

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We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. At odds with a climate of reduced unknowns and devolved responsibility is a desire in good clients to pursue creativity, novelty and delight. Since is a system of two independent equations with three unknowns, the selection and dominance coefficients cannot be simultaneously estimated.

Putting together results from such diverse species is speculative, involving too many unknowns, but the exercise is worthwhile. There are 10, unknowns in the corpus, mostly proper nouns. Special symbols for unknowns and numbers, as well as punctuation marks are left intact. Therefore, twelve closure equations for the twelve unknowns would be needed which complicates the resolution of the direct kinematic problem considerably. The algorithm is initialed with null values for all unknowns. Because at least four sets of independent motions are required to solve the unknowns, we do four calibrations at the beginning of the process.

A good choice may lead to an equation involving only one or two of the unknowns, which can improve the efficiency of the solution.