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Something like sense?

Something like unpredictability? It was meh. The whole experience was meh.

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Damned novel refused to end. But I suspect that I picked the wrong book to reacquaint myself with.

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Some random reading-in-general notes: [1] Echoes of The Believers by Zoe Heller, with all that unlikable-families shtick. I wanted to feel as overwhelmingly impressed and struck by it as I had been by We Need to Talk about Kevin. Which left me speechless. Perhaps her fiction is just too honest?

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This fascinates me; I wonder if someone out there swears by A Perfectly Good Family and thinks all the other were a letdown? There is no doubt, though, that Shriver is a wonderful writer. Her depth of her characters, the often intelligent and biting tone, the language. Hi, Sue. Then again, TPBW had me reading about snooker.

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I gotta say, I really appreciate your honesty in your reviews. I dig your style, yo. Aw, thanks, Kari. Shriver and I have a complicated relationship, as you can see from above. Hello Sasha! Thanks, Hugo. I love that book so much, it shook me while I was reading it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. All three want the house.

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Fiscal necessity dictates that two must buy a third out. Just as she was torn as a girl, the sister must choose between her decent younger brother and the renegade eldest—the black sheep who covets his legacy in order to destroy it. The adult siblings re-enact the deep enmities and loyalties of childhood, as each bids for a bigger slice of the pie. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases.

Categories: Contemporary Fiction. A Perfectly Good Family. Description Following the death of her worthy liberal parents, Corlis McCrea moves back into her family's grand Reconstruction mansion in North Carolina, willed to all three siblings. Her timid younger brother has never left home. When her bullying black-sheep older brother moves into "his" house as well, it's war. Each heir wants the house. Yet to buy the other out, two siblings must team against one.

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Just as in girlhood, Corlis is torn between allying with the decent but fearful youngest and the iconoclastic eldest, who covets his legacy to destroy it. A Perfectly Good Family is a stunning examination of inheritance, literal and psychological: what we take from our parents, what we discard, and what we are stuck with, like it or not. Other books in this series. Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

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