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The Battle of Milne Bay

Michael Veitch is well known as an author, actor, comedian and former ABC television and radio presenter. He lives in the Yarra Valley, outside Melbourne. Another Bloody Century: Future Warfare. Blindfold and Alone. Get Rommel: The secret British mission to kill Hitler's greatest general.

Battle of Milne Bay

Paths of Glory: The French Army, Douglas Haig: Jutland, Death in the Grey Wastes. The Battle of Normandy The Real Bravo Two Zero. Barbarossa: The Russian German Conflict. The Forgotten Soldier. Your cart Close.

Battle of Milne Bay 70th Anniversary Commemoration

Go Search. More books by Michael Veitch. Left loading Some reinforcements swelled their ranks for the final assault. But the waiting Allied troops, with mortar, artillery, machine guns and manpower overwhelmed the Japanese.

  • Battle of Milne Bay, 25 August-7 September .
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  • Battle of Milne Bay: PNG historians set out to record impact of WWII on local people.

Despite several surges the Japanese could not break through and on 31 August withdrew with the Australian forces in pursuit. Some retreating Japanese escaped to waiting Imperial Japanese Navy cruisers while many more attempted to cross the island to reach Japans base at Buna.

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  4. More than half were killed in the assault or as they attempted to reach Japanese lines. Australia lost men and America Remember Milne bay with this exclusive Limited Edition Medallion.

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