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This is obviously a huge issue. The InfoSec team is constantly either the bearer of bad news or is seen as constantly hitting peers over the head in these organizations to remediate a never-ending volume of vulnerabilities.

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While Risk-based information security management makes sense and represents a major leap forward in thinking, until recently the theory has been well ahead of the technology needed to support it. Ok, so Kenna remediates, but is risk lower? Kenna has invested deeply in Customer Success. As the years have gone by I have adapted to my life in Camas, learning to enjoy the experience and love my new life.

Embracing the fact that I'm a junior in high school and soon to be 18 years old, I've come to find out that time truly does fly by. To be completely honest, restarting my blog was not my idea and hadn't even crossed my mind until last week when school began again.

My writing teacher, the amazing Mr. Anderson, told us that this year we are going to keep a blog, write poems, non fiction and fiction stories, and also a complete novel.

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As I sat there in my seat surrounded by my peers, who's names I had never bothered to learn in my two years of attending the same school and classes with, I thought, "hey, I already have a blog, why not just add to it? Most likely no one, except perhaps my teacher. I know that it is more likely I will stay invisible in this little world and you know what? I'm okay with that.

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I'm okay with not being the center of attention, with just blending in. I am not writing for you, not for my peers or even for my teacher, but for myself. It's funny because I'm typically such a private person, hating when people or more specifically my parents know details of my life, but as I lay here on my carpeted bedroom floor, I don't have a care in the world who reads this.

This is me, the real me, the raw me. Just Kenna.

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Welcome to my life, I hope you enjoy the ride. Friday, January 4, Friends! I made friends!! And they are pretty freaking awesome I must say. Monday, December 17, 8 Days Till Christmas!! So, it's eight days till Christmas, and guess who still needs to get most of her shopping done?

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My parents haven't really started shopping yet either I grew up in a whole family of procrastinators!! Remember those cupcakes I said I was gonna make? Because, as they say, at the end of the day the only person who is in control of how you think of yourself, is you. It is so easy to stick to the same old meal plan due to the fact that it is what most are comfortable with or it is what is "cheaper. Let's be honest, working out can be a hassle to mix into our already busy schedules. It's about feeling your best. I know, so cheesy and repetitive.

  • Against all odds Kenna Claire Moore, born weighing just 9.5oz, finally goes home.
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  • Le droit OHADA des sociétés coopératives (Droits africains et malgache) (French Edition).
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Get in touch with me today with any questions you might have, whether it be nutrition, fitness or just everyday life advice! A Unique Philosophy. Get in Touch. Know Your Goals.

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