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The Society of Jesus reserves copyright on the document itself and its translations. The text below is the only documentary evidence of the existence of the Kingdom and the city of Paititi. Like probably everyone else reading the above text we were also searching for any clues giving us some new ideas as to whereabouts of Paititi. But the report contains one very important information striking our eyes and rising new questions: who were the white-skinned rulers and inhabitants of Paititi? But who else could they be? In order to get first-hand information we asked Mr.

Pedro Cieza de Leon for help—one of the most respected chroniclers of Peru of the 16th century. To find the truth and to prove that all our bullets are really functionable seems to be almost mission impossible. We can endlessly discuss about other possibilities and other outcomes. The reality is that we have not enough resources available to answer many sub-questions, for example: into which degree were Chachapoyas white, to fit the description of Jesuits Report or not?

This kind of questions will definitely lead us to no answer and more confusion. And in that moment, in which our imagination meets its borders, we cross it with the help of imagery from space. Jesuits Report Proving Existence of Paititi. Mario Polia. Digital copy of the document. Transcription and translation.

Essendo arriuato il P. Il detto P. When Father Andrea Lopez arrived in this city of Rome to our Father General [of the society of Jesus] as a procurator from those lands [i. The king is very powerful and keeps the court in the manner of the Great Turk [Turkish sultan] with great majesty; his Kingdom is very richly decorated with gold, silver and many pearls in the way that they use it for pots and pans as we use iron here.

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Not only the style of the technique, with its long and narrow, not very rounded hatchings, but also the style of the drawing, which imitates Venetian forms, and some peculiarities in the movements of men and horses, in the faces, in the draperies, with their charadteristic pointed corners, in the ' See Lippmann, " History of Italian Wood-Engraving in the Fifteenth Century," p.

A reprodudlion of the view in original size is to be had from the Reichsdruckerei at Berlin. At last, therefore, in the last period of Florentine xylo- graphy, in the early Renaissance, we meet with an engraver of known personality, and Uberti, though he was no great artist, must be credited with his share in the development of Florentine engraving. I trust that this attempt at a classification of the Florentine book-illustrations will not be useless as a help to their study and artistic comprehension.

I do not believe that such minute study of the origin of a work of art and of its relations to other works diminishes or interferes with the enjoyment of the beauty of the work itself. At any rate it is only by means of historical study that we can so familiarize ourselves with the pro- dud:ions of any period of art that, in place of a mass of enigmatical monuments, allowing of every kind of fantastic and arbitrary interpretation, a real process of development begins to unfold itself before our eyes, help- ing us in some measure to understand those charafteristic beauties, which in their full extent may be felt, but can never be explained in words.

Berlin: — Berlin, Kgl. Berlin K. Kupferstich Kabinet. Bologna: — Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria. Brera: — Milan, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. Cavalieri, Sgr. Giuseppe, Library of, Ferrara. Accademia dei Lincei. D'Adda, Marchese, Library of the, Milan. Darmstadt: — Darmstadt, Grossherzogl.

Dresden: — Dresden, Kgl. Offentliche Bibliothek. Ferrara: — Ferrara, Biblioteca dell' Universita. See Cavalieri, Sgr. Fisher, Mr. Richard C, Library of, in Midhurst. See Landau, Baron de, Maruc, Mgl. Genoa : — Genoa, Biblioteca Universitaria. Landau, M. See B. Lucca: — Lucca, Biblioteca Publica. See Mr. See Ambros. Modena : — Modena, Biblioteca Estense. Munich : — Munich, Kgl. Hof und Staats-Bibliothek. Murray, Mr. Fairfax, Library of, in London. Napoli: — Napoli, Biblioteca Nazionale e Universitaria. See Bodl. Palermo : — Palermo, Biblioteca Universitaria.

Paris B. Pavia: — Pavia, Biblioteca Universitaria. Poldi: — Milan, Museo Poldi-Pezzoli. See Aless. Siena: — Siena, Biblioteca Publica. Stuttgart : — Stuttgart, Kgl. Venice : — Venice, Biblioteca Marciana. Wolfenbuttel : — Wolfenbuttel, Herzogl. Abbataccio, Rappresentazione dell'.

Border with dolphins x Ad instanza di Jacopo Chiti. LLI of the volume. Cut 74 X An angel holding back a youth who is falling in the water, a monk stands by. In the back- ground a monk sitting at a table with an angel. Early grave style. Abele e Caino, Rappresentazione di. O of the volume. Cain killing Abel zz Fior di virtu, A repeti- tionofii. A woman crying, with a boy, to whom a man on the 1. A hunter cutting up a stag style of Frezzi, Quadriregio. The Devil, with a paper, opposite to an angel who protedls a woman late rude cut. Abramo e Agar, Rappresentazione di.

Francesco di Giovanni Benvenuto. Printer's mark, a a dragon. P p of the volume. Nuouamente Ristampata. Angel late. As in a. Savonarola, Oratione Mentak, No. An old man in long coat speaking to a young king thin lined style. On the 1. The virgin going to the temple, on the 1. An angel before a door, on the 1. Giovanni Baleni. Copy of a. Abramo ed Isacco, Rappresentazione di. By Feo Belcari. Hain, ? Qui comlcia larepresetatioe di Ha braam, etc. Border x : above, monogram of Christ and two masks ; below, four putti with garlands, can- delabra on the sides, ii. Abraham pre- vented by the angel from killing Isaac.

Et Ysaac. Lochio si dice che la prima porta. Cut X Roman copy after Florentine original.? Hain, Vente La Valliere. B of the volume. II, i? Giovanni Baleni [B. Baleni Q. Late rude cut of the sacrifice of Abraham. AccoLTi, Bernardo. Comedia, Capitoli et Strambotti. Stapata in Firenze astanza di Alexandro di Francesco Rossegli. Adi yi Dagosto. Men playing at cards, ii. Accolti, Bernardo. Ternale in laude della V. Fece stampare maestro Zanobi dalla barba. Madonna with Child, in border 89 x Smooth and round style.

Descrizione di una Caccia. See Caccia. See Pietrobono. Aeneas Sylvius. See Piccolomini, Enea Silvio. See Esopo. Agata, Rappresentazione di [7 a. Border : above, two angels with the emblems of the Passion ; below, a monk reading to two others, ii. Martyrdom of S. Agate early grave style. Angel announcing. Pacini [Mgl. Pacini's mark, It. Angel, ii. The saint led before the judge by two soldiers early grave style , See cut Cecilia, Rappr. TT of the volume. J Cuts as in d. Copy of a ii. Rincontro a S. Agnese, Rappresentazione di. Angel in ii. Martyrdom 4 oi S. Agnes, s. Careless, smooth cut of the xvi.

Angel in border, zz: a ii. Tt of the vol. A saint burnt late, rude , v. A pilgrim kneeling at a tomb late, rude , vi. Copy of a iii. J Cut. Copy after S. Agata, Rappr. Jacopo Pocavanza. J Cuts. Angel late ii. Appolinari per Zanobi Bisticci. Agnolo, Ebreo, Rappresentazione di.

X of volume. Man giving alms to a beggar. Late rude style. Augustine sitting in his study, writing at his desk, to the left. Half figure of the saint to the right at his desk. Christ as judge. Piero Pacini. Cut 56 x The saint kneeling before the image of the Virgin. Inscription : a avgvs tinvs. Pacini's mark. Sermoni volgari. Initial F. The saint sitting to the right, at his desk, writing. Francesco di Dino da Firenze. Augustine standing, with book and crosier.

Sermone della morte. Border 99I x 80 with shield and two orna- ments of cornucopias and vases with fruits, ii. Agostino, S. Bernardino, S. Orationi e versi. Christ on the cross to the right small cut. Alberto, Historia di. The saint holding the model of a church zz S. A man lying in his bed, angels playing. E e e e of the volume. Alessandro Papa, Storia di. Et De Federico Barbarossa. The pope putting his feet on the neck of the emperor.

Hard, rude, hatched cut. Alessandro Ciciliano, Storia di. I Ouesto e compiuto per amor di uoy. A father chastising his daughter. Rude cut. Alessio, Rappresentazione di. Antonio Tubini et Andrea de Ghir- landi. The saint before the pope; the young S.

Italian Court Judgment on Augusta Westland

Alexius on the staircase. Printer's mark. M of the volume. A man landing from a ship in the diredtion of a youth standing on the 1. Pope with many other priests by a cavern, where a man is lying on thorns, viii. Pope enthroned, a priest and nuns before him. Scale di Badia. Alessio, Storia di.

Transcription and translation

Border x Tournament of putti on pigs. See Buondelmonti, Ippolito e Dianora Bardi. Pope blessing a saint, a youth under a staircase. Copy of Rappres. See Alessio. Almieri, Ginevra degli, Storia di. By Antonio or Agosto Velletti. Ginevra sitting in a grave near the dome o and campanile of Florence, ii. Other cut of the same subject, iii. From other books. Alle Scale di Badia. Late cuts or impressions. See Cassandra. See Ravenna, Rotta di. Amaestramento ovvero consiglio che fa un padre. Zanobi dalla barba. Parable of the beam and the mote in the eye. EpistolaapapaAlessandroVL [22 s.

Cut in Venetian style, of a monk writing. Angelus Anachoreta. Epistola ai Fiorentini. Kalendas Januarii m. Border and cut as in The hermit giving the letter to a mes- senger. Francesco di Giovanni Benvenuti. Printer's mark : a a. A man kneeling before an altar copy. Trattato : curam illius habe. Agostino, Soliloquii, 10 a , ii. Monk in a chapel, confessing a young man, two men on the r.

Trattato: Defecerunt. J pet. Pacini's three marks. Ser Antonio Tubini. Cut 75 X Antonine on the 1. Ruder cut, imitation of the early finer style. Printer's mark of Fr. A pet. Penitents confessing to priest in a chapel hard style. Frame of four ledges, with ornaments and a shield below. Contrasto del nostro Signore col De- monio. Per il. Antonio Archiepiscopo floren. Christ in limbus hard late cut , ii. Initial C 33 x 34 , with the bust of a youth. Antonio Archiepo florentino. Cut ill X Antonino, Storia di. By Giovanni Maria Tolosani.

C c c c of the volume , Triv. The saint giving the benedidlion copy , ii. The saint in a church speak- ing to a woman rude cut. Antonio Abbate, Rappresentazione di. Antony with the pig. The temptation of S. Antony See cut Border with putti on a stag and a roe, and two angels with a medallion with two busts.

Copy of Bradiamante, No. Antony with the pig early finer style. Border : window-frame with two dolphins, ii. A hermit receives two tablets from an angel hard, late style , iii. A woman outside a house speaking to two hermits id. A monk with three beggars id. Temptation of S. Antonio id. Jacopo Chiti. A monk speaking to a woman and a youth hard, late , vii.

Monk sitting, opposite to him a devil, two devils on horses in the air, in the background dead monk in bed id. Angel S. From a French Hora. Amen finis. Cut zz 2,0 b ii. Antonio da Padova, Historia di. Nuoua- mente Ristampata. Signed A see Introdudtion and cut 1 94 in the manner of the Venetian scratched cuts. Antonio di Guido. See Laude. Apollonia, Rappresentazione di.

Sea Apollonia in eielo finis. Apol- lonia. Margherita, Storia di No. A female saint conduced before the judge, viii. A female saint saved from her persecutors by the fall of the building. Franc, di Giovanni Benvenuto. Beheading of a female saint, a pilgrim kneeling on the r. T of the volume. Apollonia Uerginei Martire. Di nuouo Ristampata. Angel late , ii. Baptism of a king and a queen, on the 1. Martyrdom of a saint late, hard , viii.

Statue of Diana on an altar, before which a woman is kneeling belonging to a lost edition of Boccaccio's Ninfale. Be- heading of a female saint, a warrior kneeling on the r. Apollonio de Tyro, Storia di. Stampato ad petitione di M. Cut 77 X A youth on the 1. Careless, smooth cut. A youth reading before a desk copy, rude. Zucchetta, A. Aquilano, Seraphino. Strambotti nuovi. Seraphino da Lagla. A man giving a roll to a woman, whilst a cupid in the air shoots his arrow scratched, smooth manner.

I Seraphino da Laquila. Cut no X Same subje6b as a. See also Tebaldeo de Ferrara.

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Araldi, Antonio. See Giudizio Universale, Rappresenta- zione del. Arias d' Avila, Pietro. Cut 42 X A horseman fighting two men in a ship. Ariosto, Lodovico. Orlando furioso. Eredi di Filippo Giunta. Maglione Sale, Arlotto. Motti e Facezie. Very fine cut of the early finer style. Cut 87 X A man on the I. Two marks of the printer. Ars moriendi. Midhurst, Mr. See Dibdin, Bibl. Decamerone, i. Cardinale di fermo. A petitioue di Ser Piero Pacini. Ritratto di Re Almonte in piedi. Three marks of Pacini.

See S. Babilonia, Rotta di. A giant breaking the walls of a town. Copy of a cut in Pulci's Morgante. Battista Pagolini. Apresso Zanobi Bisticci. Rinaldo appassionato. A knight, his sword in his right hand, galloping to the r. A woman and a youth standing, a king sitting on the r. Copies, vi. Copies from Pulci's Morgante. Barbara, Rappresentazione di. Francesco di Giov. J I": C! Border x i23 - below, Christ in sarco- phagus between two angels ; above sudarium between two cherubs, ii.

Barbara, with chalice and palm, standing over a knight who is lying on the ground smooth manner , iii. P of the volume. Del Prete Janni No. A female saint beaten with sticks later, rude , v. A student sitting to the 1. The mutilation of a saint's breasts copy.

Cervo Bianco

See also Dati, Giuliano. Barlaam e Josafat, Rappresentazione di. Baptism of two men by a monk. A youth kneeling receives a habit and rosary from a king. Fece stampare Francesco di Giovanni Benvenuto. Copies from a. J I": Rapresentatione di Barlaam et iosafat. Angel copy , ii. Copy of a vii. Basilio, Historia di. Cut 66 X The saint protedting a woman and her child against three devils copy. End 2'': il fine. O Gloriosa Virgine Maria driza lo mio core. Cut 98 X The saint protefting a youth against the devil ; burial of the saint.

Battuti, Compagnia dei. See Compagnia. Pacini's three marlcs. Cut 69 X A monk writing, to the 1. A goose drawn to the r. Cut as in a. A dragon led to the 1. Belcari, Feo. See Abramo ed Isacco, Rappr. Giovanni Battista, Rappr. Panunzio, Rappr. Belfiore, Caccia di. See Caccia di Belfiore. Belladini, Mariano. Romolo, Rappr.

Benci e Belcari. Benedetti, Gabriello dei. Via del paradise. Border of four ledges. A monk kneeling to the 1. Cut zr Kempis, Imitatio, , Miscomini. Benetus, Cyprianus, Aragonensis. A dog chasing a hare; below, knots of ribbon and twelve birds. Copy composed of the upper part of 72" i and the lower of ". Tradtato in defensione della do6lrina di Savonarola. Francesco Bonacorsi P. A monk speaking to another monk and five men. Adoration of the Crucifix, firenze — roma — yervsalem. Fisher Catalogue, p. Le bellezze e casati di Firenze. Ber- nardino I el qual p nostro amor ha raccontato.

Cut i04 - X - View of Florence. See cut i. Bernardino, Vita di. The saint carried to heaven by two angels early, grave style.

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Ad instant ia di Giouanni Vuolfio Inglese. Dddd of the volume. Francesco, Fioretti, , No. Bernardino, Confessione di. Cut zz Bernardino, Vita di 54 a. See also S. Bernardino e S. Gregorio, Orationi e versi. The foremost of four monks gives a book to a nun kneeling before him hard style. A monk preaching before a large con- gregation, on the r.

Floren- tine? Fece stapare ser Zanobi dalla barba. Cut 77 X Sd. Bernard writing to the 1. Bernardo, Pietro, da Firenze. A man reading to eight persons kneeUng below the crucifix. The nativity of Christ. Berti, Giuntino d' Antonio. Storia di S. Cuts i. Bettini, Antonio. Libro del monte di dio. A youth about to climb a ladder leading to Christ in glory, ii.

Christ in glory, iii. Hell in seven circles. Copies after the copper-engravings of the edition of See Dati, Giuliano. Langelo dice. I ristoretenui : habiate patienza. Cut yi X Biagio looking in astonishment at a devil climbing a tree smooth, round style. Jd Instantia di M. Maestro Francesco di Giovanni Benvenuto. Cut 68 X Hard, hasty cut. J Reversed copy of cut of a. La storia dela Biancha e la Bruna. See Varnhagen p. A dog chasing a hare. Copy of Buondelmonti, Storia di. Philippo di Giunta. Pubhsher's mark. See It. II corbaccio. Florio e Biancefiore. A woman letting down a man in a basket, on the 1.

Alle Seale di Badia. Cui X Same subjecfl as in a late, smooth. Similar cut. Allato a S. Same subject rude, smooth. J Cut X Reversed copy of a. Ninfale Fiesolano. Diana with five nymphs. Scenes of the poem. See Introduction, cuts and , BoDDi, Girolamo, Aretino. Capitolo della Fede Cato- lica. Christ on the cross, with the Virgin and S. John, in border of Sienese style. Aurea legenda maior beati Fran- cisci. Mai April Stigmatization of St. See cut 4. Mcditazioni sopra la passione. Very fine cuts, fine thin-lined style. See cuts no, Earlier impressions than those in Efistole et Evangeli, Christ on Cross, ii.

Christ entering into Jerusalem, vii. Christ bearing his cross, viii. Christ before Pilate. Later impressions than in a.

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  8. Bradiamonte, Sorella di Rinaldo. Finito ilcantare di Bradiamonte. Varnhagen, p. Border x : below, four putti playing with a stag and a roe, above two angels with medallions, with two busts. Bradiamonte on horseback, sword in hand, before her a knight falling down wounded with his horse. A knight un- horsing his antagonist. Copy of cut of Pulci's Mor- gante. Antonio Miscomini. Border x : below, two putti on pigs fighting, four others behind them ; above, a dog chasing a hare early grave style , ii. Dianora embraces Ippolito, who is led to execution very fine cut of early grave style.

    Cuts as in a. Copy of fl 2. Zanobi Bisticci. Copy of a 1. Buovo d'Antona, Morte di. Two copies or late impressions of cuts of Pulci's Morgante. Three copies of earlier engravings. Catalogue Libri? Caccia, descrizione di una. Diana appearing to a youth sleep- ing under a tree. A youth sitting under laurels, while Amor is shooting his arrow against a goddess in clouds. Good, smooth cuts. Caccia di Belfiore. Three men on horseback and three on foot hunting a roe. Very fine cut of the early grave style. Calandri, Filippo. Master and scholar see cut Drawing of different hands. Different borders and ledges ; border x 80 with two prophets and busts in the corners ; another X 81 with triton and nymph and angels; and X 80 with candelabra with sirens.

    Large number of little cuts 37 X All in the early grave style. Camaldulensis Ordinis, Reformatio.

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    Phil, de Giunta, impensis uero totius Camaldulensis ordinis. The pope, Leo X. Smooth, thick cut. Campriano, Historia di.