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December 25 is the date of Christmas for most people, although Orthodox churches in Russia and Ethiopia celebrate it on January 7.

What It Means to Look to Jesus

It is believed the date was chosen by the early Catholic to tie in with pagan midwinter festivals. The real date may have been spring or autumn if shepherds were in the hills with their flocks. He is said to have ridden on a donkey into Jerusalem, the major city of the region, on the Sunday before the Jewish festival of Passover. According to the Bible, Jesus and His disciples had their Last Supper on the Thursday evening, which counts as the Friday in the Jewish calendar a day runs from sunset to sunset.

In the morning he was sentenced to death by Pilate. Jesus died a few hours before the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath, according to the gospels.

The Necessity and Advantage of Looking Unto Jesus, Sermon 12

This means he died around 3pm on Friday. Passover begins on the night of the first full moon after the spring equinox, or sometimes the second in a "leap month". Isaac Newton used astronomical data to estimate the most likely date of Jesus' crucifixion was therefore Friday April 3, AD Remember, dark powers are always at work, trying to lead us into despair, away from our true destiny.

None of us is ever completely immune from such attacks. But if you worry too much about them, you only make things worse.

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Instead, ready yourself to be steadfast in night and darkness. Change the night into day by keeping your sights set on the Savior, who is the final victor — the first and the last.

Christian Reformed Church

With Jesus, daylight always returns. Consider him who endured much more than you ever will. And when you know of someone else who is especially under attack, assure them of your intercession. This is always a big help. As you pray, hope that the time will come when the great victor, the pioneer and perfecter of faith, will break through the night for all people.

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Then all the children of God will live in the light and be truly free. So be patient with joyful hope. The writings of Lutheran pastor Johann Christoph Blumhardt spring from his personal experiences of the active power of God in spiritual warfare, revival, and miraculous healing.

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  • Carpenters worked long hours without the aid of modern power tools meaning that Jesus probably had a muscular build with strong rough hands. Browse: Where was Jesus Born? The Old Testament prophesied in Isaiah 53 that Jesus would not have any external features or beauty that would attract or draw people to Him. Isaiah adds that Jesus would grow up like a plant out of dry ground with no form of kingly majesty.

    In short, Jesus looked like an average person with no distinguishing characteristics. Instead they followed Him because of His words, teachings and doctrine.

    Hebrews Looking unto Jesus in the Race of Life

    Isaiah says that Jesus carried our grief and sorrows and that He was whipped, wounded and bruised for our sins. Imagine what Jesus looked like after going through all of that torture. Imagine the look on His face when the nails were placed in His hands. Imagine the look on His face when the crown of thorns was placed on His head.

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    Imagine the look on His face when He forgave Peter. Imagine the love on Jesus' face when He sees you, over 2, years later, and forgives you for all you have done. The book of Revelation describes what Jesus looks like after ascending to heaven with a glorified body.

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