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Most participants describe these nine days as the most important days of their life. Byron Katie offers her experience in The Work at programs ranging in length from two hours to twenty-eight days. It acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being.

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Using her simple process called The Work, I have managed to liberate myself from thoughts and beliefs that had brought me years of suffering, and that I had honestly feared would never leave me. Undoing one belief at a time, its ultimate impact can dislodge the very center-pole of ego, leading to the realization of who or what we truly are. That is, The Work can bring us home to our true nature, which is universal love, profound wisdom, and freedom from all suffering.

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Her laser-like tough love burns away all illusions. Freedom is as simple as that.

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I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment.

That joy is in everyone, always. And I invite you to not to believe me. I invite you to test it for yourself. English Downloads. For Kids For Teens. A Simple Yet Powerful Practice As we do The Work, not only do we remain alert to our stressful thoughts—the ones that cause all the anger, sadness, and frustration in your world—but we question them, and through that questioning the thoughts lose their power over us.

How to do The Work The Practice. More Detailed Guidance. Notice Who or what upsets, angers, or saddens you? Recall a specific situation. Painful emotions are the temple bells that wake you up to tell you, "It's time to do The Work. Write Capture your stressful thoughts on a Worksheet using short, simple sentences. Once the mind is stopped on paper, thoughts remain stable and inquiry can easily be applied.

Question Isolate and question one thought—allow authentic answers to arise. Turn It Around Find opposites of the thought. Are they as true as or truer than the original thought? Witness The Work Video Library. Visit the Video Library. He Lied to Me Introduction to Inquiry. Being Gay is Unnatural Relationships. HathiTrust Digital Library. Search full-text index.

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