Guide Lying with Demons: The Virgins Sexual Awakening (A paranormal monster erotica story)

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Today is Jill's wedding day.

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How is it that she's lying on her stomach with three animals taking turns mounting and breeding her in the dark right after school? Why are there people holding her down?

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Is she being forcefully raped by multiple beasts? Are they knotting deep inside her creamy pussy?! Find out the answers to these juicy questions and more! Sensory deprivation included. Published: April 28, Heather always knelt at the altar, but never like this. After showing up to church to pray for her unclean desires, Heather finds herself bound to the altar and fucked without remorse.

This story includes religious themes, rape, bestiality, whole-body shaking orgasms, and one innocent little girl. This book includes beast creampies, one young woman being mounted by multiple beasts against her will, raped over and over until her sore stretched pussy is fully engorged with beast semen, and one sexy-as-fuck ending! Will Izzy's pregnancy test turn up positive later that night? There's only one way to find out! Words: 2, Published: May 5, After being found by various animals, she is raped then left for dead.

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This dark erotica is NOT for the feint of heart. Published: May 6, When she cannot resist their overwhelming strength any longer, she will continually be raped over and over until each bunny is completely drained. Will Emily's pregnancy test come up positive? Published: May 7, Animals take turns mounting her.

Published: May 15, Large beasts flying around are horny. Jessie isn't aware. The beasts want to fuck. Let the fucking begin. Will these beasts rape Jessie over and over or will she still be a virgin for her husband someday? Girls are being taken by a loose tentacle beast bent on breeding. Heather is in her bed scared. Let the breeding begin. Heather is taken by a beast that will use her body over and over until she can barely take anymore, but then and only then, will she become the host he is looking for.

What will become of Heather in the dead of night? Will she be raped relentlessly? Published: April 9, Men are beasts at midnight. She's in her cell scared. In this cursed prison, all men are turned into beasts at the stroke of midnight. Due to a clerical error, Jessie is stuck in an all-male prison for one night. What shall become of Jessie at midnight? Will be raped over and over? Published: May 13, A single virgin girl ventures a little too close to a demon nest.

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Unfortunately for her, these demons can smell her sweet little pussy cuming from a mile away. Will she get away from the beasts, or will she succumb to a beastly demonic gang rape impregnation? With the entire female gender dead by a mysterious disease, they turn to earth for repopulation.

Innocent Little Katie finds herself aboard an alien ship along with hundreds of women facing an important decision. To mate or work. Somewhere in a pitch-black cave deep underground sits a schoolgirl, alone, and scared. Surrounded by beasts she is unable to see, Katelyn will have to fight through her darkest nightmares of brutal rape and creatures knotting inside her.

Will this innocent virgin be able to escape, or will she be consumed by fierce fucking? Published: May 16, Kelly is the first civilian to fly into Space on a personal craft. After docking with a space station filled to the brim with horny creatures that fuck and impregnate any warm cavity, Kelly will have to find a way to repair her ship, and leave without her tummy filled with an alien child.

Still sore from being raped by multiple officers, she must try to pull herself together for just a bit longer. Probed, forcefully fucked and tested upon, Katie will lay there unable to move as alien scientists attempt to learn more about human sexuality and Unfortunately with two officers holding her legs open, the alpha must try to hold her down with one hand. Can he succeed? What happens when the lights are turned out?

Published: May 14, Attempting to make love for the first time, a young girl and boy find themselves in quite the quandary just as two beasts break into their home and forcefully mount her. What happens when Kaylee is bound, spread and forced to fuck Demons? Will she be bred, or will she be continually raped. Published: May 30, Annie is investigating an ancient civilization in unknown territory when she is swarmed with thousands of tentacles.

Her body completely engulfed by tentacles exploring her body, she realizes she must make a deal with the planet in order to survive. Jamie is a shifter. She enjoys shifting into her friends and fucking their spouse. Published: June 1, Emily is forced to become sexual entertainment for the Tentacle Lord after accidentally sending herself to the dark ages. Jezebel is sent to hell and is given three questions by Cerberus, the three headed demon dog that guards the gates of hell.

For each question failed she shall receive an erotic curse for eternity. Includes themes of bestiality, paranormal dog sex, rape, forced sex, knotting, tying and rape. Published: June 11, Innocent Alexandria, a witch, is tricked into fucking a demon she summoned using ancient black magic. Words: 84, Published: July 10, Get ready for the hottest paranormal rape bundle ever! This collection has my first 20 paranormal rape stories where aliens, demons, monsters, pixies, and you name it get it on! Expect many gangbangs. Can you even call it a gangbang if it's some kind of strange creature?

Includes a bonus story absolutely free! Words: 28, Published: July 13, This bundle is packed full, just like the women in these stories. Published: July 14, Jessie enters an abandoned house on dare from her school friends. Upon entrance she is met with something touching her virgin pussy. Trying to escape, she is held against her will and forcefully raped by ghosts. Published: July 22, Innocent virgin Kate was bestowed powers of the witch.

Lost and Found - Grindhouse Exploitation Mockumentary

Being able to control objects, conjure men or even manipulate minds had its benefits when it came to getting off, but has Kate gone too far this time? What happens when she loses control and is forcefully raped? When her friend walks into her bedroom, will she be raped too? Themes include: Forced oral, forced anal, forced sex, forced creampie,. Published: August 4, Daddy's girl was abducted by aliens. Setting loose dogs upon her, they quickly find their alien dogs are able to breed with human girls. After the entire pack of dogs had finished inside her, Jess must find a way to escape the ship before even more animals enter the room.

Published: August 14, His tongue between my legs. Thick knotting cock deep up inside my pussy. I cannot take his vibrating shaft any longer. This… alien has taken not only my soul, but my breath, my life, and lust. Experiencing sex for the first time with an alien, she connects with him on an orgasmic level never once felt by a woman. Imagine your body floating on. Words: 7, Published: August 22, Are you ready for an erotic paranormal rape double feature?

Includes two stories packed to the brim with aliens and strange creatures. Published: August 25, When Kate explores a little bit too far into a local mausoleum, she finds herself taken by the monsters that lie deep within the darkness. Once sealed away, but now awoken by instinct, various strange creatures will enjoy taking turns breeding the helpless girl. Words: , Published: August 31, Pick up this complete collection now! This ultimate bundle includes my entire erotica collection to-date.

Published: September 2, This ultimate bundle includes my entire bestiality collection to-date! Horses, dogs, flying animals, underground animals, space animals, you name it - I bet you will find it here! In each story, a virgin girl is bred by an animal, with or without consent.

While you may know dogs and horses knot, you will soon find out many others tie inside just before they cum as well Published: September 5, Tera finds herself chased by a Unicorn bent on raping her and forcing her to breed with him.

Incubus (disambiguation)

Being both intelligent and able to converse through her mind, the Unicorn not only rapes Tera but also forces her to breed with the very abhorrent thing she gives birth to. Disgusted by the half-human creature that escapes her womb, Tera can only watch as he breeds her and forces her to give birth to anoth. Published: September 6, This collection has my first 30 paranormal rape stories where aliens, demons, monsters, pixies, werewolves, ghosts, and you name it get it on with unsuspecting girls! Can you even call it a gangbang if it is some kind of strange creature?

Published: September 7, Told by her father to go outside and check on the animals in the stable, innocent Sara finds something terribly wrong when one of the horses has swollen green testicles. Curious, she bends down to examine the strange sac. Tendrils wrapping around her, and holding her in place, the horse quickly mounts Sara and locks himself deep inside her fertile virgin womb.

Caution- Explicit rape, bestiality,. Something with long legs, massive hands and a bulbous head chases Vicky through the forest. Terrified, she runs for her life until there is nowhere else to run. After the strange creature forces her to take off her clothes and breed with him, she immediately starts to come to term with the alien growing inside her. Sort order. Wow, this continues to be every bit as deliciously dirty and arousing as the first one!

On to the next book View all 11 comments. Shelves: do-me-baby , no-sex , forced-seduction , demons-rock , halloween-monstersex-challenge , nook-lendables , monster-human-sex , favorites , smokin-hot-drippin-wet , the-dong-is-long. The Halloween Monster Sex Bonanza comes to and end with Captured Kain saw Selma cowering in a bar in the last episode, but chose to ignore her. Male demons were in a war against the female demons and he needed to be out hunting. He didn't have time to deal with a run away Breeder and her problems.

If he returned her to her mate, she would have to endure a lifetime of rapes. He didn't want any part of that! Kain But as he is leaving the bar, he continues to smell Selma's delicious scent. But no The Halloween Monster Sex Bonanza comes to and end with Captured Kain saw Selma cowering in a bar in the last episode, but chose to ignore her. But now it's mixed with terror, her blood, and the scent of female demons.

His enemy. Female demons are the natural enemy of Breeders too. And Selma had been captured. Kain finally finds Selma in an abandoned warehouse, surrounded by female demons. The sight that met him when the door ripped off its hinges made his conscience flip into a black void of rage. I love an alpha on the rampage! And Kain knows how to come to the rescue.

It is my duty to take care of you as long as you remain in my territory And Kain shows that he knows how to take care of a woman. Lets just say that the scene that takes place in the backseat of his car might make you hump something. Alright, so I have a confession. I'm in love with Kain.

Yeah, he's a big badass brute. But he's kind, sweet and sexy as shit!! And he emits these pheromones that will make a woman wanna get naked. Unfortunately, Kain and Selma never got to "Seal the Deal". But I may have to wait a while because this book ends with another cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers. Which only means this books was just that good This book would have qualified for 5 monster sex stars, but there was no actual sex.

Just wicked hot foreplay. I may explode when these two come together because Nora Ash knows how to write some wicked smexxy sex!! The Halloween Monster Sex Gangbang has come to an end. Thanks to all of my Goodreads friends for reading, and liking these reviews. I know these books are not the norm, but they are a lot of fun and I truly appreciate all of your support throughout the Month of October! View all 27 comments. A good dirty, I think. It's all a matter of preference really.

I mean, he fucked her with a bedpost. Not everyone's gonna be down with that. I personally wouldn't be cool with that, but it was hot to read. As for the actual story, I liked it. I really love Kain. I didn't expect for a new hero to be introduced, but after just a couple paragraphs I was digging him.

He's surprisingly sweet and I love that he's ginormous. He actually gives a shit about Selma and in the demon world, that's a rarity. I binge read the entire series in one night, so it's safe to say that it kept my attention and didn't get boring. Great balls of fire! Captured Demon's Mark 4 is the fourth nstallment of an amazing new serial by Nora Ash. This just gets better and better! Oh my! I was totally and completely spellbound from beginning to end. The story is exciting, original, dark, powerful, addictive, compelling, thrilling, riveting, arousing and sexy.

The dialog is smart, well written and flows smoothly. The characters are imaginative, fascinating and intriguing. I absolutely love it. As a child, everyone thought Selma's strange behavior was just a result of a child's overactive imagination but as Selma grew older and the "hallucinations" continued, her parents worried that she may be mentally ill. She was bounced from one doctor and mental facility to another until she finally realized she must lie to everyone and pretend she didn't see the monsters that seemed to leer at her and follow her everywhere.

And for years, she managed to hide it well until she was viciously attacked by them. Now at almost 30 years old, she felt alone, desolate, defeated and very afraid and as a last resort, admitted herself for treatment at Ravenswood House. Little did she know that the monsters she saw were very real and that her new doctor, Martin Hershey was actually a monster himself and had so much more in store for his lovely new patient than just psychiatric therapy.

Now he wants her for himself! Will Selma ever be able to escape her "demons" or will one demon be her salvation? I couldn't turn the pages fast enough! So deliciously dark and delightfully wicked! I loved it! Mar 05, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Agony, betrayal, thrills.

Come on in everyone. This is a book that leaves you wanting more. Selma has gotten herself into my trouble. Can you believe that?

Cherished (Demon's Mark, #6) by Nora Ash

Well, yes it wouldn't be a great book if there weren't more thrills to be had. Selma has gone from a demon procurer to running away to getting caught by another demon. And the sex she's allowed to have is hot!! But, there is a wrinkle a big one. Please pick up a copy and find out what happened to Selma.