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Um ca. Haben Sie Sex in der Tasche? Ausgabe Grossraum Hamburg. PDF Online. Hanau im Dritten Reich. All pictures taken in Soho House. We made two long interviews together in and and met a few times. The legendary actor was an intelligent, sensitive and warm-hearted person.

He talked with the world famous musician about his new album "Electronica Vol. A wonderful and touching evening! Read now the exclusive interview with Jean Michel about his cooperation with whistleblower Edward Snowden. Clarke " A Space Odyssey" will follow. All photos by Alex B.

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He speaks about the 35th anniversary of the Golden Raspberry Awards and the worst films of all time! Listen to the radio or the stream and enjoy! It is really funny! Du solltest ihn zu deinem eigenem Interesse dringend aktualisieren. It is his zodiac sign, born February 6! After the press conference at The Ritz-Carlton we did an interview together and celebrated the German premier of his new masterpiece "The Hateful 8" at Zoo Palast Berlin. The former pop singer has also a cameo appearance in the remake of "Timm Thaler" directed by Andreas Dresen, starring Arved Friese as Timm, cinema release: December 22, Du hast Dich ja gut gehalten!

Fotos: Herr Heiko Lehmann am On the opening night Marc "Spirit" Hairapetian talked at Filmclub about his famous director friend Elia Kazan and the masterpiece "America, America" - the first Hollywood film about the Armenian Genocide.

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He gave also an radio interview to WDR 3 Scala. A man and his dog. Amin Farzanefar will do after the screening an interview with Spirit Hairapetian. Opening: "America, America" November 10, , Rome, September 15th, Marc "Spirit" Hairapetian met the world famous film composer again!

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An unforgettable day! Mille gracie, Maestro! September Eintracht" is also a big dog lover! Geburstag am 7. Berlin, Ein "Hosanna" auf Jesus Christ Superstar ! August und zum Abschluss nach Hamburg in die Staatsoper August Weitere Infos: www. Teil der Lebensgeschichte von Marc "Spirit" Hairapetian.

Poster 24Mb. September "Es ist unsere Geschichte! We celebrated the Team screening of the erotic thriller at cinema Filmkunst May 13th, , photos by Alex Adler Eventphotography for www. Dezember - 1. Januar - April Die Rede filmte Alex Adler. His all time favorite role was Hamlet and he will be Hamlet forever! Read his last interview. Thank you for all, Max! Peter O'Toole August 2, - December 14, You and Oskar Werner are the greatest actors of all time. We will always love and admire you.

For me it was not "just" a honorable cineaste's job, it was also the discovery of my father's home country, which, like me, he had never been visiting. Maybe you will ask: How is this possible? Armenia in his original size was so big, just like the Federal Republic of Germany is now. After the Turkish genocide on the Armenian people in - Armenians were going to the Diaspora to live in other countries all over the word. Later he lived in Teheran. In the swinging sixties he came to Germany as a student. He married my mother Mago.

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As one of the founders of the Armenian Society in Frankfurt am Main he was a close friend of the world famous composer Aram Chatschaturjan. Suffice to say that he taught me a lot about Armenian history and culture - and also to love cinema! It was always our dream to visit the independent Armenian Republic - which has been existing since - and now this dream has come true for me.

From the first moment I was entering Yerevan I felt to be "at home". Everybody was friendly and open - the legendary Armenian hospitality made everything easy for me. I can say honestly and not just with "half Armenian eyes" that this 10th anniversary had a high level standard - so that we can compare it with A class International Film Festivals like Cannes, Venice or Berlin, the city where I have lived since September Most of the invited directors, actors, producers, jury members and other guests were staying in the five star Royal Tulip Grand Hotel close to the Main Festival Cinema Moscow.

We all lived there like Kings. The quality of the film programme and competition was also superb. There was only one problem in the first days: Sometimes the screenings in the wonderful and stylish Cinema Moscow were a little dark - especially of film classic "Mephisto" But very quickly, the Festival could find a solution for it.

So it was easy for us to make a decision on the award winner. To talk about my personal impressions of this trip to Armenia and Golden Apricot - every day had new highlights for me: It was really like in a fairy tale to meet the most famous Armenian of all time, the singer, actor and honorary guest Charles Aznavour, for an exclusive interview in his own! Charles Aznavour Museum on a hill where you have an amazing view of the Armenian capital Yerevan! With his 89 years Charles is still clear in his mind and a very charming interview partner.

I will also never forget the concert in the House Museum of Aram Chatschaturjan: I had tears of joy in my eyes when I listened to the melodies of the ballet music "Spartacus" or "Gayaneh" which were played by a piano, violin and cello trio. In the end the director and pianist Armine Grigoryan asked me to send a picture of Aram Khatchaturian and my father to hang it in the museum! It was one of the most touching moments in my life when the audience was applauding at the Award Ceremony in the Yerevan Opera House in memory of my father Ardavas. The lust for life is virulent in Armenia even if this country also has its problems with their politics, just like everywhere, and there is a discrepancy between rich and poor people - but these poor people give all they have to accommodate the guests and this is maybe the biggest gift you can make to a stranger, that he feels "at home" in Armenia!

Thanks a lot for the invitation, Golden Apricot! Yes kesi shat kesirem, Voske Tsiran! Yes kesi shat kesirem, Hayastan! I love you, Golden Apricot! I love you, Armenia! Hairapetian has often been a jury member for German film festivals and has worked for newspapers and magazines in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA.

He has conducted exclusive interviews with world-known personalities and is the co-writer of the "Oskar Werner - Das Filmbuch" biography Vienna Since , Hairapetian has been a board member of Kinomuseum Berlin Cinema Museum Berlin and his film screenings of 70mm and 35mm prints of film classics are well known in Germany.

Since , Hairapetian has worked as an actor for television and cinema. He is proud to have Armenian roots - and as William Saroyan says, his "heart is in the highlands" of Armenia! Berlin-Heimathafen, April Besser als der Deutsche Filmpreis! Einziger Wermutstropfen: Die am Geburtstag gefeiert Juli an E-Mail schicken. She was travelling from Paris to Berlin for giving an interview. Yasmine is presenting her first solo album "Ya Nass" "Hey People! Her credo is: "It is not my decision - it is my desire!

Anne was very happy about their short hair cut in style of Audrey Hepburn: "I like it even it is now so cold here in Germany! Berlin, 8. Ich habe ihm nur im Film gesehen - leider. Editor Marc Hairapetian talked to the audience about Oskar Werners' life and showed in 35mm screening science fiction classic "Fahrenheit " The matinee was a full success! Oskar Werner. Now he got the Venus Lifetime Achievement Award. Read soon exclusive interview with Ron Jeremy here at www. And now enjoy our picture gallery! Die am Juli im bayerischen Burghausen geborene Hannelore Elsner wandelte sich vom Nachwuchstalent mit dem unwiderstehlichen Sex-Appeal zu Deutschlands bester Charakterdarstellerin.

Ich wollte doch Nouvelle-Vague-Filme machen! Letztere war wie der Spirit mit der nicht verwandten Nach- Namensvetterin Antje Weisgerber eng befreundet. Im Lauf des Abends wurde noch das Tanzbein geschwungen. Und zwar so:. Berlin, 2. Am besten entspanne sie mit Filmen. Aber ich war noch ein Kind, als er starb. April im Berliner Schillertheater, am Und Dezember No Angels kommen und gehen: Queensberry bleiben.

Damit schloss sie die Mitarbeiter hinter den Kulissen, allen voran das Management mit ein. Ronja hingegen hat ihren ganz eigenen Charakter, was auch gut so ist. Das neue Album soll bald erscheinen. Dezember - 6. Tim und Struppi. September - 1. Oktober Sie war der Shooting Star der Baldiger Besuch in ihrer Wahlheimat Barcelona nicht ausgeschlossen! Erst musizieren, dann diskutieren: Armenische Musik im idyllischen Brandenburg wider des Vergessens. Armenier Vol. August bundesweit in die Kinos. Doch dann machten ihm die Nazis einen Strich durch die Rechnung.

Jokers Historica: Der Krankenbesuch, historische Kurzgeschichte; gelesen von Matthias Ubert

Berlin, 3. Juli Tim und Struppi haben Konkurrez bekommen! Mai Telefonieren oder cam-skypen ist gut, direkt treffen ist besser. Ausnahme: Robert, der eigentliche Held der Geschichte. Chongqing verbracht hat. Die bezaubernde Aktrice, die in ihrer Heimat schon als kommender Star gefeiert wird, hat ihre Modelllaufbahn ad acta gelegt und konzentriert sich nun ganz auf die Charakterdarstellung, wobei ihr die Emotion wichtiger ist als die - ohnenhin schon sehr gute - Technik.

O'Toole eng befreundet ist Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 6. April Seit seiner Begegnung mit Anthony Perkins am Ein weiteres Highlight im Rahmenprogramm der Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin! Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt Saigon , 5. Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany. Toledo, Castiglia-La Mancia, Spagna. Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany.

Western Cape, South Africa. Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Portland, Oregon, USA. Southern France. Tollendahl Castle. Outer Space. Renaissanceschloss Schallaburg, Lower Austria, Austria. Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Londen, Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk. Rohrbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Schlierschied, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Papal States, Italy. Near East. Antakya, Turkey. Morbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Constantinople, Byzantine Empire. Simmern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Gehlweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Schabbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. SS Bremen.

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