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It was a fine stroke of strategy--the day was dusty and no man could tell where the white folks left off and the niggers began. The "damned naygurs"--this is another descriptive title which has been conferred upon them by a class of our fellow-citizens who persist, in the most short-sighted manner, in being on bad terms with them in the face of the fact that they have got to sing with them in heaven or scorch with them in hell some day in the most familiar and sociable way, and on a footing of most perfect equality.


The idea of making negroes citizens of the United States was startling and disagreeable to me, but I have become reconciled to it; and being reconciled to it, and the ice being broken and the principle established, I am ready now for all comers. The idea of seeing a Chinaman a citizen of the United States would have been almost appalling to me a few years ago, but I suppose I can live through it now. The people that's always the most anxious for to hang a nigger that hain't done just right, is always the very ones that ain't the most anxious to pay for him when they've got their satisfaction out of him.

Sam Clemens and John T. Clemens has said a bright thing. They are only guarded by ONE Deity. GOD, himself.

White Mischief

So aint no possible way you kan steal them Heavenly Treasures. In fack, he sleeps A LOT. I got a Nigga on da inside. He be sleep on the Job. He dont be Watching Peeple like that on Earth fo real. And Peep this.

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His sleep schedule is real simple: whenever you see the Moon that means he Sleep. And when you see the Sun that mean he Awake. Thats all. Not Me.

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  • Nigger Heaven!
  • I been working on this latest plan for over years now. My peeples told me he kan be Bribed with a good bottle of Wine.

    Nigger Heaven by Carl Van Vechten

    Yall got sum shit on Mary too? Most of this shit happens at nite. Like I said: God be Sleep. And I actually prefer Hell over Heaven.

    Raekwon - Heaven & Hell

    It was easy. Why is it so Easy?

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    He dont even be looking, mayne. You see anybody we know? She said to tell you, you still aint shit. Butt you know what? Why you changing your Mind? And to tell you da Truth, I been wanting to do the shit myself for the longest. Except, I just never had enuff information. So Whats the Best Day to do this? Thats rite! I never thought about that shit. Its got secret routes n shit.

    How u be finding out all this shit?! The Devil married?! And got a Legion of Babies. He stay Bizzy. The Devil always Bizzy. And she tired of that shit.