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The comments of another become attached to the words of a poem…. But when we had worked over a poem in solitude for a long time, our first reader was the other. Of course, the other part of their story is tragic: after Hall survived a bout of cancer they both thought would kill him, Kenyon was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia, from which she died a year and a half later, in There is powerful consolation in this love story, though.

This long romance left behind it poems that have eased and bettered the lives of many. In " Having it Out with Melancholy ," though she is writing about depression, Kenyon finds an apt metaphor for the ebbing and flowing of grief following love and loss:. They are among the most well-regarded poets of their generation, and were a beloved poet-couple, up until Wright's death in In , they met at the Poetry Center at San Francisco State, where Wright was working in the office while Gander was a graduate student.

In an interview for Poets. Both Wright and Gander relied on each other during the writing process. I think I serve the same function with her. And Gander was correct—Wright did depend on him: "We write to show each other our work. We write to shine for one another. Of course, there is the inevitable question of love poems, secret ones only the lovers see, and ones that make their way out into the world. One would think that, between two poets, tidal waves of love poems would pass back and forth.

In a way, they do. Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop are legendary figures in American avant-garde poetry. There they started a life together that has permanently altered the landscape of poetry in America. They live in Rhode Island—where Keith has long taught at Brown he was mired in the preparations for his spring classes, so Rosmarie speaks for the two of them below —and are friends of Wright and Gander.

Not surprisingly, for both couples, their writing practices are interwoven. Rosmarie said: "It is wonderful to have a first reader right in the house. We always show our work to each other and do the first critique. Rosmarie noted that she and Keith have learned a kind of necessary restraint: "We do talk about poems a lot, both our own and those of others.

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As for our own, we've learned not to wear each other out by many versions with minute changes. I now don't immediately show a first draft to Keith, but wait till I think it's right. Rosmarie beautifully summed up the best of what can happen when two poets fall in love: a life built around poetry, something they both love deeply, shared with someone they deeply love: "All my poems are really love poems to Keith.

Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems for Kids. Poems for Teens. Lesson Plans. Teach this Poem. Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. In the poem "Fulbright Scholars," Hughes describes the moment he learned the new Fulbright scholars had come to town: Where was it, in the Strand?

Love poems: ‘For one night only naked in your arms’ - 14 poets pick their favourites

A display Of news items, in photographs. For some reason I noticed it. Just arriving— Or arrived.

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  • Or some of them. Were you among them? I studied it, Not too minutely, wondering Which of them I might meet. I remember that thought. Not Your face. No doubt I scanned particularly The girls. Maybe I noticed you. Maybe I weighed you up, feeling unlikely. Noted your long hair, loose waves— Your Veronica Lake bang. Not what it hid. Here is her extraordinary description, written on February 26, , of the night before, when, at a Cambridge party, she and Hughes first met: Then the worst happened, that big, dark, hunky boy, the only one there huge enough for me, who had been hunching around over women, and whose name I had asked the minute I had come into the room, but no one told me, came over and was looking hard in my eyes and it was Ted Hughes.

    And when he kissed my neck I bit him long and hard on the cheek, and when we came out of the room, blood was running down his face. I remember Little from the rest of that evening. They never sound like Olson much less like Ginsberg , and at their best they recall Thomas Hardy : they are, in the end, mostly poems of old age. Reading his poems, we experience the gnash of arriving through feeling at thought and word. Creeley also wrote a considerable amount of prose and was editor of a number of volumes, including Best American Poetry Creeley taught for over 30 years at the State University of New York-Buffalo, helping to turn its English and Poetics program into one of the most famous havens for avant-garde writing in the world.

    In he was appointed distinguished professor of English at Brown University. Conversely, on the Black Mountain model, he was more interested in bending institutions to support poetry. That was one of his labors. He had been completing a residency for the Lannan Foundation in Marfa, Texas. I write to move in words, a human delight. I write when no other act is possible. Archival recordings of the poet Robert Creeley, with an introduction to his life and work. Founder and editor, Black Mountain Review, ; advisory editor, Sagetrieb, —; advisory editor, American Book Review, —; contributing editor, Formations, —; and advisory editor, New York Quarterly, —.

    Olin Library, Washington University, St. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Robert Creeley. Poems by Robert Creeley. Related Content. More About this Poet.

    I always felt I wasn't clever enough for poetry. But this was like making a new exciting friend

    Region: U. After Frost. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Air: "The Love of a Woman". The Answer. The Chance. The Circle. The Cracks. The Door II. The Door. The Dream. The End. The Eye. The First Time. The Flower. For Fear. For Love. For No Clear Reason. The Friends. The Gesture. A Gift of Great Value. Gnomic Verses. Going to Bed. Helsinki Window. The Herd. The Hill.

    I Keep to Myself Such Measures. I Know a Man. I'll Be Here. Inside My Head.

    It Hurts to LOVE Someone *MUST LISTEN*

    The Invitation. Jack's Blues. The Language. A Marriage. The Measure. The Mechanic. My Love. The Names. A Night Sky. Of Years. One Day.

    Love poems: ‘For one night only naked in your arms’ - 14 poets pick their favourites

    Out of Sight. The Pattern. The Pool. A Prayer. The Province. The Puritan Ethos. The Rain. A Reason. The Rescue. The Rhythm. The Rose. The Shame. Sing Song. So Big. Song "What I took in my hand The Statue. To Bobbie. A Token. The Tunnel. The Warning. The Whip. A Wicker Basket. The Window.

    ‘The Penguin Book of Romantic Poetry’, edited by Jonathan and Jessica Wordsworth: £16.99, Penguin

    The Woman. The World. Show More. Children Passing , by Richard Emil Braun. Experiment Theatre Anthology 1 Ed. The Fascinating Bore. A Foot Is to Kick With. Four Letters, The Hazards of Holiness , by Brother Antoninus. Imperatives , by Anthony Ostroff. A Local Pride , by Raymond Souster. Mexico City Blues , by Jack Kerouac. My Friend Tree , by Lorine Niedecker. Run with the Hunted , by Charles Bukowski. Swinburne: A Selection Ed. Swinburne: Poems Ed. To Build Castles in Spain.

    Traveling Through the Dark , by William Stafford. Uncle Dog , by Robert Sward. Ways of Looking. A Wedge of Words , by Frederic Will. Love Poems from Poetry Magazine. Read More. Love poems that offer a realistic take on relationships today. The Alternative Press. From Poetry Off the Shelf April Detroit was burning and poetry was on fire.

    From Poem Talk April By Paul Breslin. By Emily Warn. How the Alternative Press shaped the art of a city left for dead. From Audio Poem of the Day October Appeared in Poetry Magazine Et Al. Poem Sampler. Everything Left to Say. By Charles Bernstein. Five Robert Creeley poems that deserve a wider audience.

    From the Archive: Robert Creeley. By The Editors. Early works from the experimental, minimalist poet, first published in Poetry magazine. Prose from Poetry Magazine. By Donald Revell. The Hero and the Gunslinger. By Aram Saroyan. Did Robert Creeley and Ed Dorn lose their way in middle age? From Audio Poem of the Day March Ice Storm Freezes Creeley Conference. By Michael Kelleher. But dedicated academics dig themselves out and read their papers as the trees start to fall. One Class, 36, Students. By Elliott Holt. From Audio Poem of the Day February Robert Creeley: Essential American Poets.