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By Gwendolyn Seidman Ph. A new study finds similarities between the personalities of people's present and past romantic partners. It may be useful for women to recognize when they are attracted to men who are unlikely to remain in long-lasting partnerships. By Jeremy Nicholson M. Are you ready to commit? Is your partner? Find out how to tell and the ways it might impact your relationship.

By Berit Brogaard D. D on June 30, in The Superhuman Mind. Are you insecurely attached? Read on to find out whether it's time to change your attachment style. By Robert Taibbi L. Sex can easily wind up on the back-burner of a relationship, which can lead to a downward spiral of disconnection. Here are tips to bring it back. By Wendy L.

6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal | Mark Manson

Patrick, Ph. There are some people you love to be around. They make you feel positive and happy. Research reveals that attraction to others is not all about the way they look. By Diane Dreher Ph. What can we do about political polarization? Research shows how to overcome confirmation bias. By Marty Nemko Ph. Mentoring can be a potent tool for self-improvement and building friendships. Mary had been married for 27 years when she was diagnosed at age 52 with breast cancer.

We must show up for all of our emotional experiences, no matter how painful they are, or they are bound to continue to manifest in dysfunctional ways. Can garden-variety heartbreak become dangerous to both lover and beloved? A thrilling new novel builds its mystery on a delusional disorder called erotomania.

Do you have a secret you would like to get off your chest? If so, whom should you tell? You might even want to seek wise counsel from your local pastor. So I have been dating this guy for a year and a half almost. He is an amazing guy and I enjoy spending time with him.

He really seems to love me… however he is not a church boy and he admits it himself. He however makes effort to get to know God… He does not go often to church and it does not seem to bother him that much. His firends are really nice, but doesnt live a godly life in my opinion clubbing, getting drunk, smoking, etc. He often asks me if I think I would come club with him and his friends, and I always decline which makes me feel bad. I started having some kind of revelations these past few weeks though… He seemed fine with the fact that I want to keep myseld until marriage, but for the past few weeks he started to talk more about doing it before, since if we know we want each other for life, it shouldnt matter.

Same thing for the honeymoon! I want to be with someone who already knows Christ is number 1. I dont see myself being led by this man, and I cant stay hoping he will change like I did in the beginning. Hey Livy, sometimes we ask for advice on things we already know the answer too. Everything you mentioned is a sign that the two of you are unequally yoked. And about that scripture is very clear. Good luck! He is a loving kind man and we have been together for 8 years this year. Hi Samatha, first of all I want to tell you how amazing it is that you love him so much and are committed to remaining in the relationship despite the challenges.

Concerning your question, I think you have to understand that your partner is fighting a lot of self-doubt and fear of failure. The fact that he is the one that needs you when the nature of a man is to be needed is hard for him. So I can understand that he might wonder whether he is worth your love and care. All you can do is to reassure him that you love him and want to be with him.

Blessings, Justine. I prayed for a future husband then God showed him to me in my dreams,never minding the fact that I have never seen nor met this person. It was weird cause like this person is real and is standing right infront of me. Cut the story short, we dated 3 months later and after that, challenges started pouring and he became so distant I got so scared. I tried to help him as much as I can but in that process we were drifting apart because lack of communication became an issue.

Now all is needed is prayers for healing,repentance,restoration,redeeming and revelation. I have faith that what is destined will happen at the right time divine timing. I wish I had read this sooner, I felt as if I was always compromising and not being appreciated.

He had his good days, but bad days outweighed the good ones. It seemed as if anytime he got stressed out, he would break it off with me and then shortly after talking with him, he regrets it and we continue on. This time, I was completely blindsided. Everything had been fine to me leading up to him breaking up with me.

He treated me as if I was a stranger and not someone that has cared for him for years and that really broke me. You should never allow a man to treat you like you are disposable. Work on yourself now and heal from this relationship so that you can forgive him and move on. I said yes to my fiance on March last year. My dad insisted that we must put a pause to the relationship and pray till God speaks.

Finally there were confirmations that he was the one and I had to say a second yes,but I still feel troubled and I wish to be single again. What do I do. Secondly I am not prepared. I wish I knew certain things before saying yes. What do I do Justin? Have the two of you been going to marriage counseling? Are you part of a church where you can meet with a pastor to discuss your doubts and concerns. If yes, I suggest you do so. One way is to question yourself and ask why you agreed to marry him in the first place. If you feel like you said yes out of fear rather than out of faith then this might be an indication.

I just started seei. If you just started seeing him, then you might have to pump the breaks, so that you do not get too invested too quickly. If he is showing you these signs early on, then it might mean that you are not. Hi there, I am seeking and would be greatly appreciative of some guidance. He rejects Gods live and has a lot of anger to work through, I was also not kind to him and it took my a while to find the light.

However I know the part of him that is still good has connected deeply to me. I truly believe that was God. Anyways, I did have to cut him off electronically again very recently because he was becoming unkind and using bad words with me. I asked God to remove the tie and allow me to move on.

Two nights later I had a dream he was saying he cares deeply about me and loves me. I am so confused as to what I am supposed to be doing. Surely I am supposed to be walking away from this man but does God want me to help him?? Please understand that you cannot change someone, only God can. If you want to trigger a change in this man you have to leave and allow him to build his own relationship with Christ and be transformed. I regret my wrongs with my past relationship, unfortunately for me my ex still think I should be is wife, I found out from my Facebook messages that he has always been expressing is feelings of love for me.

He just started a new business and most times this ladies support him with money but they are not respectfully to him at all. But one of the lady who is also a mother of five, said that she chose him as her husband, even though he is not interested in her but in me. I love him but I have hurt him so much, he ask me to always text him and call him. But I feel he his confuse because of his present situation; I pray for him but with this other ladies pressure on him, he his always complaining of how to pull out so he could be with me.

He is kind, has a good heart, healthy self esteem not arrogant and we really hit it off. Then the next time we hung out after meeting, it came up in conversation that he is an atheist. I was completely surprised. In fact I think it would be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions? And can you please pray for him and for us? Thank you! However, I strongly suggest you point him towards your trusted brothers in Christ or other communities to learn about Christianity. This is not because I think you are wrong, but because the situation can get messy really quickly.

I prayed to God to show me if he is the one or not, for days I live in the grey area. He is sweet and stuff and then cold to me. He is a Christian guy and we lift each other, we grow together. I love him so much and he said he loves me. But, your point number 5 is like God showing me how He works in my life. I asked Him, and this guy suddenly disappearing. What do you think? I have been struggling to find peace with the end of my last relationship, which was short but intense at the same time.

He is not a believer. After the first date I realized he had a destructive lifestyle. At first I prayed and decided to walk away however that was short-lived. In that vulnerability I became weak and decided to give him a second chance. I had begun to emotionally over invest to the point where I became anxious and insecure.

He was very sexual and always hinted at his sexual interest and needs with me. I did not engage in a sexual relationship with him during the 3 months we knew each orhdI think every one of the red flags were there that said he was not the one for me. I had the courage to tell him that he needed his space and I needed to let him go. It was the most difficult thing I ever did. I wept inside the house. I know my God loves Dave. God bless to everyone who loves in Lord Jesus.

Hey Sanjeshni, you did the right thing by letting him go. Hi, my boyfriend ask me for time and space. His excuse is because he have family conflict. We did not text one another like we used to. I thought that our relationship will end but everyday he will wish me Good Morning. Just that. Our conversation getting cold. One night, i was hoping that his Goodnight text will be the last chat between us. I pray to God that if he is not the one for, it will end just like this which means he will not text me again after this.

But if he is for me, he will text me early in the morning because he usually text me Good Morning after 8am liddat. Then the next day I woke up, he text good morning at 6 am. I even dreamed that I was with his mom went for shopping. I even pray so that this feeling toward him will fade away because me and him are impossible to be as one.

I did prayed to God, that I would not fall for any guy which is not for me bcs I dont eant to waste my time one them. Which is not supposed to happen. This was a great read. Only one thing here really applied to my current situation and its not compromising on dealbreakers. My boyfriend is great, very mature, respectful, understanding and has demonstrated his love for me and I love him too. Our relationship has been so easy. A future marriage with someone whose values are not the same will only hurt. Sometimes our absence from someone influences them more than our presence. This is a good article and hit me hard.

But I guess god has had different plans for me if he keeps taking him out my life. We got pregnant when I was 19 and we got married. We had a beautiful baby girl. Life was good we had good and bad times but we were young and had a baby. A year after she was born he decided he was not happy and left. I managed all our bills, the apartment, working full time and full time school. After 6 months he came back we started to talk again. He said how much he missed us and wanted to try harder, we got back together. We bought a house and had a baby boy Life was hard living check to check both working full time.

I work night shift to make more money and save us money for childcare. In he said again how he is not happy, come to find out he was having an affair. He left, and it was extremely hard for me. The divorce was ugly, and he let his new gf tell me a lot of stuff. He hardly saw our kids at all Bc he let her control that. They got pregnant before our divorce was even final.

I struggled for a long time but kids and I pulled through. I went to school again, bought a new house, work full time, and all my spare time went into the kids. I love the fact that I will always be there for you too. I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you. I love how complete I feel when I am with you. I love the way you sometimes make me laugh. I love the way you sometimes laugh. I love your thoughtfulness.

I love your tenderness. I love your ability to speak without saying a single word. I love the way you surprise me with the perfect emails that show you pay attention to me. I love your love for the things that interest me. I love the way you let me live my life freely without jealousy. I love how you demand respect but are not controlling.

I love how I would do anything in this world to make you happy. I love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy. I love the way your voice sounds over the phone. I love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I love the completeness and oneness I feel when I think of us making love. I love your sensuality. I love how our romance feels like the perfect romance movie. I love how you are my soul mate.

I love the way you handle troubled times. I love the way you respect me. I love the way you protect and defend me. I love when I imagine the softness of your lips against mine. I love when I imagine the softness of you lips against my body. I love when I imagine the feeling of your hair brushing against me when we make love. I love when I imagine us laying in bed at night talking about nothing. I love the surprises you leave for me.

I love your intelligence. I love your ingenuity. I love your love for life. I love your passion for your hobbies and interests. I love how every time I look at your picture, you take my breath away. I love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life. I love the fact you gave me the gift of life. I love the special moments that we shared that will remain my fondest memories of you and I.

I love you for you. Sweetheart, you mean life to me. Not in this life time honey… Our love is priceless. Life is too short for you to be disappointed any longer. We are getting together soon honey. What more can make us happier than this? You can not imagine how happy I am now and words can not even express it. I wish you a wonderful day ahead honey. The professionals will be starting work today and will finish in three days time. I love you more than life itself and nothing will change that.

Coming home to you soon, Your Husband. It is yet another long day with every one very busy. How is your day going? Darling, the sets of POP needed for roofing arrived today from China and every thing went well with the installation of the electric pipes going fast. Oh, thanks to God, we are getting things exactly as planed and will be done as planed. Since I got the money you sent, it has been much relief and great joy in the heart of every one. Once the electric pipes are completely installed and the POP are fixed , I am so happy that that would be the final stage and then I can stretch my bones once again.

Honestly, it has not been an easy task. How wonderful it would be when I am finally done with this especially to know that I am coming directly to my woman. Darling, I really do hope you are doing great job on your strength, you have to be very strong in order to withstand this hot man… lol.

That reminds me, I looked at your gift today again and smiled knowing how happy you would feel when you get it, something I will never tell you till I see you at the airport. It is something so special and you can imagine what could be most special to a love.

Darling, when I finally see you, I will say more than words can ever express. I love you more and more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours Forever. Glory be to god! I am at the construction site already. The professionals did a great job! I felt very happy when I got here this morning and saw they fulfilled their promise. Now, another three more days to go. My local labours only need to cover the pipes with the pop and that is the end. Oh my goodness!

Three more days, wish it can run very fast in only 24hrs. Last night, I did had a dream of us and it was so sweet.

I never wanted to wake up cos we were having a wonderful time; I see clearly that we were in the house running and dancing and singing together and suddenly, our bodies melt together and before long, we made sweet love. Darling, loneliness is not good and I really want you. I want you with me honey; I want you all the time; I want you every now and then; I want to sleep in bed and feel your body close to mine; I want to sing and watch you dance to my voice; I want to close my eyes and feel your breath; I want to fill those spaces in between your fingers; I want to travel to the sky and the moon and the planets and watch you fly with the real angels in wings; I want to walk beside you, not behind nor in front of you; darling, I want to sit down with you, put your leg on my laps and gently move my hand in and out of your leg to the extremes and watch you close your eyes and mourn.

Will talk to you later today. Love you more and more. I have been thinking about you all day long. You are sure the keeper of my star, wiper of my tears, carer of my soul, joy of my life, taker of my breath, reader of my mind, melter of my heart, lover of my world, reason for my living, hearer of my worries, bringer of my smiles, angel of my spirit, cover of my body, filler of all spaces, sweetest of souls. It is truly no accident finding you, god had a hand in it, long before I knew you. I love you forever.

Thank you so much for being you. Your Golden man, Ben. Hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part. Even though we are apart, my love you will never part. Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness. Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines… it all comes naturally, just like loving you. Simply said… I love you… Being with you is like having every single one of my wishes come true. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!

I love you! There is no long distance about love; it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. Finally my dear LO, god will is done!!! The journey that seems so far has come to an end. Oh, you need to see how relieved I feel now. I just want to send this short message and then go to the hotel room to get some sleep right away. I mean I am so tired my love! Once I have the confirmation from him, I will forward it to you. I will call you when I wake up.

Your VE lol. Also, I forwarded you my flight confirmation. Good morning to you. I know if I put the way I feel after talking to you yesterday into writing, it will never be enough.

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So just give me a thousand pages and let me write this. I love the way you talk, I love the way you smile, I love the way you laugh, I love your beauty, I love that passion in you, I love that woman you are, I love you for you and I love that it is you I did find. After talking to you yesterday, I went to bed and tried to sleep but never, I spent another an hour or more in bed just thinking about this miracle happening to me.

You can imagine a lonely man for nine years suddenly in love again, you are truly heaven sent. Dear, if you are placed in the midst of a million women and I am to pick, I know I will figure you out without the least mistake. If the whole water, the oceans and the seas on earth, together with the ones in heaven are joined together and turned into ink; and the whole trees in the forest are turned into pen and I am told to write how much I adore you, I will use all the ink and pen and still have more to write.

If I am to count how much I treasure you with the stones on earth, I bet I will empty the earth and will have have more to count. Even when I die and I have the opportunity to make only one wish, I would still wish that we spend our eternal life together in heaven. Darling, I lost life when I lost Mary; I found you and you brought me back alive. I am living once again, thank you so much. Even though I have succeeded in other areas of life, if I have not found you, I would still be like an unfortunate man.

Love is all we need to stay alive for real. This morning, I am writing you from the top of my office table standing on my feet because I am supposed to be outside with the inspection team, but when I stood up to go, I could not, your thought in my mind logged on into my google account and here I am still writing. If only you could be with me always.

I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day is now, when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. I even miss you when I am sleeping! You are my now and ever, my only love, and I thank you for being so kind with my heart. The inspection team of Abu Dahbi are out there waiting for me and I am going to join them now. I will email you again after every thing, to celebrate this great success together. Love Always, Your Mr. Thank you my sweet—for being you. Amazing and wonderful and a heart so true! I get the butterflies every time its your number I dial.

Even when you are not able to answer the phone I still can hear your sweet voice Telling me its ok love! I think my heart skips a beat when I hear your voice. To love you forever—I have no choice. Thank you for showing me that TRUE love is real. What I feel for you I thought I would never feel. Thank you for listening to my worries and fears. Thank you for giving me this wonderful year. I know in my heart that you are one of a kind I am the luckiest man because its you I did find!

You can make me smile with a simple Hi My love,respect and admiration for you will never die! There is a million feelings I feel for you… all of them bright colors,none of them are blue! So Thank you for loving me and letting me love you. For being the woman of my dreams and helping me to see… That loving someone like you can truly set one free! I so much appreciate the will I so much cherish your generosity For you to understand That there are people in this world Who indeed need our help For every finger we point We get four to ourselves For every good we do We get multiple of folds in return Then what can be more rewarding than helping others When the road seems stalled You never gave up Contributions came in from two angels A friend and you despite the world population 23 I am so proud of you my love I know I will ever appreciate your kindness You are truly a light in the dark May the reward of God be with you Above all promises… Is my True love for you It is endless!

On my life I swear…. The Sun goes away at night The Moon goes away in the morning Darkness and Brightness alternates But my love for you is still in all weather, condition and situation To go nowhere until the end of time. Please enjoy your day. Love ya! Thank you for every thing and I promise to refund all your money soon.

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Hope you all had fun? I am fine over, just been thinking too much about you and missing you so badly.

Honey, I love you with every part of my being. I want to marry your soul and I have. I dream of nobody else. If I could conjure up all the power in the world to translate my love to every form of living: physical and spiritual, I would. You are my everything, and I love you more than life itself. I love you truly!

I will be out of the door straight to the bank soon. I attached the copy of my check to this email and you already have my flight confirmation. Please remember this check is a secret I will never share with any one else so please keep it to yourself. Flight is scheduled to take off at ……PM today while we arrive tomorrow at …..

My luggage is packed and the truck man is set to take my equipments to the airport. I will also have enough money to pay the taxi man, the truck man and my deficit at the hotel. Dear, you bring to me a happiness no one else has before. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you.

You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend.

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I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My Wonderful angel there is nothing on this Earth that I could ever give you that would ever come close to how I feel about you. I want to be with 24 you for the rest of your life, and I know you feel the same. If only you knew how much I want to stay in your life. Gold LO, Good day to a beautiful world. I woke up today with you on my mind just like every other day and when I think of you, I feel alive.

You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. I love thinking of you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much, and I know I will be able to give back all that you have given me.

You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock. Your voice soothes me. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms.

I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me. I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be there for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity.

I love you, babe. I am going now to the Embassy and the Tax office, wish me well honey. I will get in touch with you when I get back. Please take good care of yourself for me and thank you for every thing. They always make me look down my heart and see you there. Today I sat and thought, with every breath I took, of only you. I remember when we first found each other like it was yesterday. Two people in two different worlds, 9 long years that I lost my family and was all alone, not knowing what life had in store for me. And then an opening of the door and there you stand, a woman with a heart the size of the heavens above.

One day lead to the next, and then days turned into weeks and and so did our love grow and keep growing, we made a family. To lay next to you in bed and bring an end to the misery of empty pillow. Days go by and nights get longer. It makes me stronger and stronger. One thing I want you to know is I love you and you will forever be in my heart. Good morning my love. I think the song below and the lyrics says my way of waking you up today, into a world of solid promises.

I am here in the office thinking of nothing but you my dearest. I am missing you more than I can explain. I place eyes on the clock and keep watching as it moves. There is nothing I want more, all I want is to be on the flight taking me to you. Play the song, read the lyrics and open your heart, you will find me holding your hands and looking straight into your bewitching eyes. I love you so! I asked you if you believed in soul mates and you said that you believed that God does make a special someone from every man.

Whether that man finds that someone he was created for or not, I know I was created for you. Here I am, heart and soul, confessing to the world how I feel about you. I would walk to the ends of the earth to meet you, and even though we are yet to meet, I already began the journey for love, for you, for us. I sure never expected to neither meet nor find someone as amazing as you. Without further making it harder on the two of us to be together, I need to tell you that I love you and I am here waiting and hoping a miracle happened for me to get on the plan.

I have my fingers crossed, waiting and waiting. Dreaming of you always … I want you yesterday, now and forever. Did you ever get some sleep last night? I hope so.

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LOL Was it good? Sorry I was not all there. LOL I have prayed last night and again this morning —I asked God and Archangel Michael to surround you- your work -your house and family with 65 million Angels to protect and guide you. Stop and take a moment to visualize this honey — — wall to wall Angels everywhere —just for YOU. You are so very awesome honey -do you know that? You are sweet -kind-generous -loving-adorable -brilliant-intelligent-funny — beautiful -sexy — sensual — and all the good stuff.

Aziz Ansari: Love, Online Dating, Modern Romance and the Internet

You my dear put a smile on my face everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you more today than yesterday! Your Angel Man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Dearest One, Just had time to check my emails now and I just want to quickly reply to your message. Thank you for taking the time to read my long emails and replying to them. You are the best thing happening to me in many years honey and I pray that soon, I will sit in front of you as you watch me cares you and tell you sweet words from my innermost heart.

This is the way I want to live for the rest of my life, to be happy with my hobby, with you. I also love that fact that both you and I will retire and do nothing but enjoy and celebrate each moment of our lives together. Have you thought of where in the world you want us to live? I want you alone to make that decision because honestly, wherever you will be happy is where I want to live for the rest of my life. Our love is unmistakeable, it is unbreakable, it is untouchable. It will live and grow each second of our lives and the world will write a story of us.

You see that kind of love that makes you feel like you are just somewhere under beautiful trees, dancing to the beautiful melody of the leaves. And if the world write a story of our love, we will be known until the end of time. I hope you can see inside my heart now, you and you alone lives in there. I love you …… and I want you to say that word to me next time we talk on phone. Please do not over work yourself, leave some things for us to do together when I return. Long kisses and hugs! Hello the great heart robber lol , I want you to know that everything you do for me reassures me that I am appreciated.

I want you to know that you mean so much to me. From the first day we found each other, we were determined to get to know one another. From that very moment, I knew it was you and we quickly grew on getting to know each other.

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I want you to know that every moment since that first day holds a special place in my heart. You tell me how precious I am. You tell me how you love every shape of my body. You just make me feel extra special; make me feel a sense of warmth inside. I want you to know that I love you for a reason which can never be known because my love for you is unconditional! I love you for being so caring and genuine. I love you for the happiness and joy you bring to my life.

I love you for you! We needed good communication and we have done excellently on that. I want you to know that I want the best for you as well. I want you to succeed and I want all your dreams and fantasies to come true. I know that in me you see a matured man full of kindness, understanding, and compassion. An adult with an open-heart.

A man who puts a smile on your face everyday. But ultimately, I want to be the man who is your everything. You have brought so much joy to my life and you give me so much to look forward to when I wake up every morning. You make me feel like entering into these words and just come out from your computer when you log on into your email to check this message. I really need to exercise myself enough to receive all the hugs awaiting me. I wonder what to call you my love, I think you are the number one criminal in the world. How wonderful you are my heart robber! Please take good care of yourself and have a splendid day.

And I love you! You have done for me, what no other person can do. You have loved me the way no one can ever do. You have brought to me, a kind of happiness no one can ever bring. You have walked with me in the darkest night no one else could dare. You have crossed with me, the most dangerous bridge.

You have shown me, a commitment no one else could ever show. You have proved beyond doubt the reason for me to wanting to wake up every day. You have said to me, the best words ever. I feel like someone in paradise as the King of Kings and you the Queen of Queens. To love you through eternity, is no doubt. Good morning greatest of lovers. You are the absolute best thing to ever happen in my life. And, you are the most sensitive, caring, tender, considerate, loving woman I have ever met. You are simply amazing.

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I know you believe that good things come to those who wait, but my wonder is … why does it take so long for those good things to arrive, and why does the wait have to come with all these obstacles of hard and testing times? All I have right now are my dreams of you, so I will close now to dream of us, and wait for that precious tomorrow when I can wake up to my dream come true — YOU!!

Stay strong, and I will always love you, and I will wait as long as it takes. It is you and me, Jo-Ann, forever. Thank you for loving me; I have never truly lived until the day I received your love. I love you always. No matter how much things screwed up, you were determined to keep our love alive. You are the reason I live, breathe, love and laugh.

You mean everything to me. It means so much to me. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you … and that love will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. Thank you for writing me. I just got back from Johannesburg Hall of Johannesburg for the meeting. After a long day of discussion with the professionals who are to instal the electrical pipes at the deck of the building, they have given me a condition that has set my brain resonating for hours.

This is the most critical part and the very last difficult stage of my project and I need only professionals to get this fixed. Like I told you before, it would take them three days, non stop, to get it all done. Once they are done, the last stage is the fixing of the POP to cover the pipes and that would be done by the local labor I already have. It would take another three long days, non stop, to fix the POP so I have a total of only six days to complete this project. How I wish that could be the next six days.

Yes, they are very good at what they do but life is not just about only money. One has to be considerate at times and have human sympathy. I told them I would sign whatever paper they may want and gave them my word. We had this conversation for over four hours and when we were all too tired, we had shifted the meeting to tomorrow. Since I left them, I have been thinking so hard and asking different questions.

What if they change their minds and say they need the whole money? What would I do? I have invested so much, I mean I have put all I have in this project and this token amount should not delay my success at this point of my life. It should not draw me back because I just want to complete this and retire and enjoy for the rest of my life. You may not know, I will be spending my life and eternity with you. All that I have and will ever have is also yours because I believe we are one.