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The electronic music scene is, for the most part, driven by singles, remixes, and one-offs.

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EDM is one of the few genres that truly belongs to millennials, and The Chainsmokers are making sure to keep one foot in that world while the other is steadfastly in the top 40 pop realm. This short album-focused tactic could benefit them, as it gives them the potential option of releasing a new one every few months, or perhaps once a year if they like.

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All of the songs featured on Collage have either grown on the public this year, or they're brand new. Everything from the sounds to the featured guests practically screams , and if they had waited until sometime in to release a full album, that might not have been the case anymore.

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Electronic music changes and moves faster than any other genre, and it's clear that while they could have held off and dropped a full-length soon enough, they wanted a collection featuring their current smashes to come out as soon as possible. All of those millions upon millions of clicks on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and even YouTube are adding up, and The Chainsmokers are making cash left and right. On top of that, demand to see the duo live is extremely high, and their appearance and performance fees have absolutely earned them a healthy sum already this year.

With revenue pouring in from less traditional sources, the pairing doesn't need to preoccupy themselves with something like album sales at the moment, though making Collage available at a low price is still a solid plan in terms of trying to move copies. The group has been releasing music together for years, but they have yet to drop a proper full-length album, and with the way things are going, they may never choose to.

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To this day, it's still only available to buy or stream as a standalone single —something old-school music business-types surely gawks at. Uys favors the romantic lyricism of Fitzgerald's fiction.

He loves language and it comes in torrents. If there are moments when the reader wishes for the austerity of a Hemingway instead of the floweriness of Fitzgerald, Uys's accomplishment is impressive. It is a story well told.

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I knew it was a tale of love-struck woe in New York, but the title was whimsical and sad all at the same time, and I wondered if the book would be able to match that tone all the way through. It did.

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I found that my image of the characters had to change quite substantially as the story progressed and the details of their lives were fleshed out a bit. But all that aside, it was exactly what I had expected… a fine, sometimes light and sometimes sad tale of love in the big apple. It's that special kind of love that centers heavily on alcohol and the bird in the hand. It's that practical sort of love that we all wish we didn't have, but at least on some level can directly relate to.

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It's Kimberly and Crane, two very damaged souls holding hands in a landslide. The story focuses mostly on Crane, the terminal slacker who seems casually amused watching his life leave him for sunnier climes. It's honestly a little hard to relate to him for most of us. He's like a calm Sid Vicious burning out on center stage. But there is a warmth and depth to him, and from time to time you cannot help but feel for him.