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Chris Norman - There And Back (2013)

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There and back again Achievement in Dead Island Definitive Edition

Live Data. Log In. If I remember correctly While the phrase "There and back again" is pretty straight forward an does not have another subliminal meaning [at least not to the person hobbit who created the phrase]. This is the true meaning to the phrase "There and back again", one who went on an adventure from home only to return home to speak and share their learned wisdom an give birth to knowledge storytelling. I know this wasn't the answer you were most likely hoping for. It wasn't an idiom-related answer but you did ask for the meaning.

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There was aloooot more things I could've added but I think this waaaay more than enough. I hope this was helpful. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

Translations of “there and back”

I am not too sure if my interpretation is correct, so I hope I can get some confirmation here. It means essentially what you say, only the expression is used in a variety of figurative senses. When you say "is it alright to use it as if it were an idiom? It might be that you're just using it as a figure of speech or actually just a literal description rather than as an idiom.

It can mean believing in the validity an argument then realizing it's bogus, going on an emotional "journey", and several other things. Whether "the devil is in the details" is an idiom has nothing to do with whether it's used as part of a larger sentence. Let's just simplify things here and say that "There and back again" is not an idiom.

End of story.

It's referring to the path of a journey, eg "So, where did your adventure take you Bilbo? EDIT: to expand on the whole idiom thing.

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Here's a little flowchart, asking about any phrase. YES: it's simply a description. NO: is it obvious what it means, without prior exposure to the phrase? YES: it's a figure of speech NO: it's an idiom. Max Williams Max Williams Dan Bron This is unreadable. You have posted a wall of text. Nobody can read that.

Add blank lines between paragraphs. He means paragraph breaks. Paragraph breaks are empty lines between paragraphs.

There and Back Again

Adding these blank lines [as I have done for you, this time] upgrades your post from illegible to legible and godawful. Now that we've got some structure to your post here, can you distill it down to the fundamental answer you want to convey? And, by the way, the other answer, the upvoted and accepted one does, in fact, point out this is a reference to The Hobbit. In big bold letters. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.