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Lee was a father figure to Clem.

Will there be another series of Trust Me on BBC One?

Luke is more like an older brother to Clem. Luke is not replacing Lee! Luke is more of a brotherly figure to Clem. Lee was more of a father DraculaTepes14 wrote: I like Luke but when he said that he wanted leave Kenny behind, I was so pissed of. He didn't want to leave Kenny behind. He just thought that they would've maybe had to do that,since Kenny and Sarita weren't in a very good condition at that point.

I hope you're right about Luke. Nick is a determined character so he might die. Why can't there be an episode where no one dies?

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Although he was scared about clementines bite at first, he's then the only one who doesn't want to put her in the shed, pete thinks putting her in the shed was a good idea too. I hate it when characters underestimate clementine. She can protect herself. Then Luke actually treats her like an adult. So yeah, Luke May of fucked up but Kenny's fucked up too. Remember, he was the one who wanted to get a boat and go to the coastline in the first place, basically killing a lot of people.

I reckon he'll die in No Going Back with some stupid final decision to save Luke or Kenny, f you telltale. But if that's the case, then we do have the choice to save Luke. If d eterminant characters are guaranteed to die I atleast want them to die doing something important.

Say for example if Nick dies in Amid The Ruins because it's pretty much obvious, I want him to save Luke or something like that. I do like Luke but I still don't fully trust him, but how awesome would it be for Luke to get decapitated at a random moment. The shock in that would be amazing and if I'm not mistaken that would be a first for the game. Every character is important in my opinion. While Nick does mess things up he is way more reliable and brave than Ben. Luke is a great character, sure he fails at some points but that is only human. At the end of the day he is a caring individual who will fight for his group.

I hope telltale puts a fast one and let's Nick make it through the whole game. Having a determinant character survive would be awesome! I also hope Luke can make it as well, however this is a zombie apocalypse, anyone can die. Kenny and Clem are my favourite characters. I've been worried about Kenny since the end of episode 3. He almost died again and I'm relly scared and I dont want him to die! I know hes going to appear in episode 4 but I have the feeling he's going to die Please, spare Kenny. Negan, I'm sorry to inform you. I wonder if they would make it as if you didn't save Nick in episode 2, Luke would die in episode 4 or something similar to that.

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  6. Kenny has a short temper. He's borderline insane and makes decisions without properly thinking them through. I think he might be hiding a bite from the group so, they wont be worried. I have liked Kenny since Season 1 when you first ever meet him. He will take action when no one else will and Luke will not I love both characters but if I had to chose which one to survive with Kenny would be the one.

    Kenny adapted to the apocalypse faster than anyone making tough decisions but he can also make mistakes and quick judgement, where look on the other hand just goes missing every 5 minutes and abandons you out of nowhere but will always come back. Luke will die like the girly man he is! Hug Kenny. Hit Luke. Watch Kenny bash in Carver's face. Keep Alvin alive due to his great death scene in Episode 3 Go with Pete at the river due to the great scene at the truck. The second one. As much as I like Lee Kenny's was far more emotional.

    Luke just deserves a punch in the face. I don't know why people prefer so much a perfect, idealistic and unreal character like Luke when you have a flawed, realistic, hardcore survivalist and with astrong personality like Kenny I don't know why you people like so much of an perfect, girly, idealistic and unreal character like Luke when you have a completely realistic, flawed, hardcore survivalist, natural leader and with a strong personality like Kenny. When Kenny was "mean" to Luke?

    Told you what Carlos told Kenny "Regardless of intent, there are consequences to harsh actions". Longish reply below B. She's strong, but she can't protect herself without an adult. Carver, her arm, and various other things in S1. Now you could argue that she snuck into the cabin, do all their dirty work and various other things. But based on All that Remains, Clementine is not very good alone. Like she needs to have someone to talk to, to have someone there for her, to Even though she can handle herself, she can't survive alone.

    You see, Clementine is not a strong character, as Telltale said, Clementine thing is more environmental, she can't simply face a walker, she can run and expect the right moment to strike, which won't account for much if she's is facing like 3 or 4 walkers. I've been seeing comments around YouTube which contain information that wasn't revealed yet. The autors of the comments say they are Telltale's friends bla bla bla Of course I don't believe in them since they have no proof.

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    But has Telltale ever revealed any kind of "spoilers" to someone that was friends with the team? Btw, the comment said in episode 5 Luke would die and we would see Lee as a zombie What would piss me off would be if this entire season was just Lee's last dream before he dies and he wakes up to see the zombie security guard feasting on the remains of Clementine. To be honest, i think i would lose my faith towards the VG if Luke dies, and Kenny lives. Kenny would be the next Daryl Dixon, not that the two are comparable by story-wise, and developments-wise. I think both Luke AND Kenny should die if you want Clementine's character developement to grow darker and stronger; Should that happen, she'll become an heartless hardcore survivor much more worse than Michonne and Daryl in Season 3 of the game!

    I don't know what makes you say that it would have been "story-wise" to kill Kenny, since that in both of the situations that he "dies" he could have a big chance of escaping:. You can say that Kenny acts irrational and other things but he is a good observer, so, he probably found one under Ben's body and used it to escape, just like Lee did.

    And well, if you talk about "story-wise", Luke would have been a long-goner too, you see, lets say that Kenny died and the story occurs an more "logical" way The cabin group would have never been able to escape from Carver and, even though Luke runs and catch up with them later, Carver would uncover what he was planning because the appearence of Kenny won't change much what happened in episode 3 and, considering a more "logical" Carver, he would kill Luke without thinking twice, because, as Bonnie sayed, Luke and Carver had different ideas, so, a "logical" Carver would kill him as a crowd-control way, seeing that if he kills the "leader" of the cabin group, they wouldn't have much option than stay and obey his rule.

    We've been through more than you can imagine. You hear me?! Lilly is still more or less unknown. And no the comic Lilly is not the same Lilly as the one in the game. But she soon finds herself risking the most important assignment of her career and, possibly, the greatest love of her life. Pretty good but i felt like it reminded me of FSOG which was wayyy better. But still thumbs up. This is the second series that I have read of Cassia Leo's and I was hooked! One of the things I do love about the series is that Cassia does include the point of views of both Luke and Brina.

    It's Luke's birthday and all he wants is to spend I love everything Cassia Leo!! It's Luke's birthday and all he wants is to spend time with Brina but she brings home a homeless man. Brandon served with her brother Ryan and she feels the need to help him but he helps her heal the loss of Ryan too. Luke and Brina grow their bond by agreeing to spend more time together and less time working. They struggle with the parenting of their children and how to correct undesired behaviors like most parents.

    It's Cassia Leo so it is a Goodread. I just loved the Luke and Brina story. I was so ecstatic to find out that there was more Luke!! I love him and couldn't wait to read more into the life of him and Brina. This was shorter than I expected but it was still great! I thought there might have been a little trouble in paradise for Luke and Brina. The love between the two characters can still be felt even as the story moved on three years since they got married.

    Luke #6 Trust In Me | Cassia Leo

    The little drama stirred up by her brother's friend was interesting. I was expecting it to be more dramatic than i I was so ecstatic to find out that there was more Luke!! I was expecting it to be more dramatic than it came out but I just kept reading to find out how this would affect Luke and Brina's relationship. I was glad that it had a happy ending!

    It was just a little too short-like a quick tease.

    It was a satisfying itch to get more of Luke! Last night, I saw this was free on kindle and what did I do since I've read the whole series of Luke? I freakingly started reading this! Anyway, I really was super inconsolable yesterday so I indulge myself buying books. I started reading this one after it got finished downloading and I really missed Luke and Brina and Lucas. That freaking cute little monster! I can't help but just be nostalgic about the series! It went straight to my heart.

    It's really overwhelming.

    Publisher Description

    Moving on To be honest, it r Last night, I saw this was free on kindle and what did I do since I've read the whole series of Luke? To be honest, it really was such a cliffie but Cassia Leo girl, you never fail to mesmerize me with your writing! I super adore you! Part of this story tells us h I love that Brina has transitioned to a wife of a billionaire and stopped trying to prove herself.

    Its Lukes birthday so they make arrangements to spend the evening together, unfortunately those plans are scuppered, she invites the young man over for dinner to the annoyance of Luke, he spends the night and they talk about Ryan, bringing up sad memories.

    Luke #6 Trust In Me

    Luke an still loving Brina and Lukes story, we catch up with them 4 years later, Brina has been working on a foundation, in memory of her brother Ryan, who died 5 years ago. Luke and Brina do celebrate Lukes birthday and have hot sex, Cassia these scenes are smoking!!!! They both really do love each other, and its lovely to see they are still living their HEA. Jan 27, Adriana rated it really liked it. Brina is healing from her loss by helping veterans at the Kingston Foundation. When she meets a homeless man who served with her brother, she invites him for dinner at her house.

    But it's Luke's birthday and too many emotions get served as the main dish. The sixth installment of the Luke series, focuses on Brina and her grieving process. As always, Luke can read her like a book and care for her when she needs him most, even if the day was his I'm glad I got the previous 5 stories as a complete set because this story was extremely short and sweet.

    Still love the fact that we get to read about Brina and Luke 3 years into their marriage and on Luke's birthday. We don't really get to learn anything new apart from the fact that Brina meets a guy who served with her brother Ryan. Now onto the final story May 09, D. Besides the Kingston foundation there was really no point to this book. It didn't paint a better picture of Luke and Brina's story.

    It just felt like a waste. The ending to the previous story was a much better ending spot.

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    I liked reading about the Kingston Foundation and definitely about Ryan, but I didn't get anything else from it. I'd feel better if it were part of Luke 5 as an epilogue. I love Luke what can I say! He is the most compassionate husband ever! He loves Brina so much that he will do anything to make her happy. And he is so freaking sexy!

    Great read just wish was longer. Wanting more stories!!! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Short Stories. New Adult.

    Is Luke going to die in Amid The Ruins?

    About Cassia Leo. Cassia Leo. She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills. She is also the author of the popular Luke and Chase series. Come chat with her on Facebook: www. Thanks for reading! Other books in the series. Luke 7 books. Books by Cassia Leo. Trivia About Trust in Me Luke No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.