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Amelia was sweet but feisty and I like that aspect in a heroine. Jul 27, Susan Ritter rated it really liked it. I am happy to give this 4 Stars. I liked the creative eccentric twists. You kept me intrigued and made it hard to put down, I want more please. Feb 28, Sigita rated it really liked it. What can i say?! Yes,I was gone on a bender all things twilight go on -unfriend me,see if I care! I couldn't believe how many of very popular books originally were twilight fanfic! I read all three books in CoH series and I liked them!

If you don't care about twilight ,it is still good paranormal romance. Oct 02, Vagabonda Reads rated it really liked it. Reclusive philanthropist Grant Palmer is a puzzle that his new assistant, Amelia Chase is determined to solve. As their working relationship develops, so grows the intense, mysterious attraction between Grant and Amelia. And is this enigmatic, handsome man truly Reclusive philanthropist Grant Palmer is a puzzle that his new assistant, Amelia Chase is determined to solve.

One I could successfully pass — like other challenges over the course of my lifetime. Together we were electric. And as the story progresses, the UST levels start to chart dangerously between the vampire and his lady love. Book One does end with a minor cliffie, mitigated somewhat by an epilogue — conceivably it stands alone, but Creature of Habit is so compelling, reading Book Two is a must. Oct 25, Mandy rated it liked it.

I really don't know how this author got away with publishing this without infringing on Stephanie Meyer's copyrights. Only a few chapters in and I couldn't help but think that this was exactly like Twilight, with a few minor tweaks. Sure enough after a quick internet search I found this was a Twilight fan fiction that the author had published. For this reason I cannot give this book a rating higher than a three, because the majority of its concept was stolen from another author. That being said, I really don't know how this author got away with publishing this without infringing on Stephanie Meyer's copyrights.

That being said, if you liked Twilight, you'll like this. Dec 21, Helena Jane rated it really liked it. Great storyline. Needs editing Example: 'Drew leaned back on her palms, his legs crossed. Though not truly relevant to the story, it is a bit distracting. Dec 04, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: A strong-willed young woman, an OCD social awkward vampire, and unsolved crimes in which young women are being abducted makes this a great read! Apr 25, Maylin rated it liked it.

Very similar to the original fanfic but still very readable. For my taste there were to many similarities to the Cullen family to make it original fiction though. Sep 01, Fanny rated it did not like it. Another Twilight fic published.

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Will this ever end? Oct 09, M. Arzu rated it it was ok. I read the original fanfiction it was based on, which I absolutely loved, so I was very happy to get back into this world and see what the novel treatment had done with it. The best part was that I still love Amelia. Love her voice, her inner thoughts, her ways of dealing with Mr. But then again, Amelia was already her own character in the fanfic, so that was easy to transition to. The worst part was that Mr. Grant was left without backstory. It worked in fanfiction world because all the background was already there, we knew where he was coming from.

We knew him, period. But Grant's past was left in a black void, so he just doesn't make sense. He's not likeable, he's not more than one dimensional. We're supposed to cheer for him because So, can he read minds or can't he? Then Jasper and Alice are still Jasper and Alice, and I just couldn't continue any further to see what the rest of the family had been turned into. I wish we had spent a lot more time knowing Grant. Why he was so reclusive, why did he declare himself a savior.

He's just there. Halfway through we're not even given a reason why Amelia's scent was so appealing to him--unless we go back to fanfic land, but this is not the fanfic, this is a novel. Best of luck to the author, because I was truly bewitched once with this tale. But now it needs to really stand on its own.

Jul 25, Jen rated it liked it. This was my first read from Ms. Lawson, it grabbed my attention right away. It was well written and the characters were well developed amazingly. As I spent my day relaxing by the pool and reading this book and staying up way too late into the night to finish it in one day. I was very frustrated that it wasn't going to end in one book, I don't mind second books in a series but I feel when you invest so much time into a book you should be able to at least be able to wrap up the story line, we don This was my first read from Ms.

I was very frustrated that it wasn't going to end in one book, I don't mind second books in a series but I feel when you invest so much time into a book you should be able to at least be able to wrap up the story line, we don't even know anything about the fate of these characters by the end of this book. This makes me soo sad! So as much as I like this book im only going to give it a 3 heart review since I could be satisfied with the end results.

Jan 09, La'Tanya rated it did not like it. This story took to long to get nowhere. Reading this story was like watching paint dry. The main characters had absolutely no chemistry. The plot was okay. It didn't get any better for me. I will not continue reading this series. Mar 17, Lisa P rated it really liked it. Batman, Angel, and then there's Grant I was drawn in by the blurb for the book and was not disappointed. This book is the last in A Series of Unfortunate Events, and even if you braved the previous twelve volumes, you probably can't stand such unpleasantries as a fearsome storm, a suspicious beverage, a herd of wild sheep, an enormous bird cage, and a truly haunting secret about the Baudelaire parents.

It has been my solemn occupation to complete the history of the Baudelaire orphans, and at last, I am finished. The Baudelaires are forced to listen to Count Olaf brag about how he has triumphed, how successful he is, and how rich he will be with his hands almost on the Baudelaire fortune. Olaf orders the Baudelaires to sail to the nearest luxury car dealership, which they know is ridiculous because they are stranded in the middle of the ocean. After a storm, the Baudelaires are welcomed on an island by a girl named Friday Caliban , while Count Olaf is shunned. The island facilitator, Ishmael , introduces the Baudelaires to the Islanders and their customs.

Although Ishmael He prefers Ish always tells the islanders "I won't force you," it soon becomes apparent that his decisions go largely unquestioned and his suggestions are obeyed like orders. Ishmael is chair-ridden and claims his feet are injured. After the Baudelaires introduce themselves, Friday suggests a toast to the Baudelaires which her mother, Miranda Caliban , agrees to. Ishmael says, "Let's drink a toast to the Baudelaire orphans!

They toast with the coconut cordial which everybody carries, but which the Baudelaires dislike. Ishmael repeatedly keeps offering the cordial to the Baudelaires, despite that they repeatedly decline because they think it tastes strange. Kit Snicket on a "Vaporetto of Favorite Detritus" a raft made of one's favorite things. After another storm, more objects wash up including a giant pile of books tied together in the shape of a cube, an unconscious and pregnant Kit Snicket , and the Incredibly Deadly Viper from Uncle Monty 's collection.

The island people arrive and Count Olaf tries to fool them with a bad Kit Snicket disguise with the diving helmet containing the Medusoid Mycelium tucked under his dress as his supposed baby. Strangely, the islanders immediately see through Olaf's flimsy disguise and cage him. The Islanders then debate whether the Baudelaires should be expelled from the colony when Count Olaf yells out from the cage that they are carrying banned items in their pockets.

Ishmael decides that the children, Kit, and Olaf should all be abandoned unless they agree to abide by the colony's rules. After everyone leaves, Olaf tries to tempt the children to let him out of the cage by promising to explain the many mysteries and secrets which they have been surrounded by since The Bad Beginning , but they ignore him. That night, two of the islanders Finn and Erewhon sneak out to feed the children and ask them a favor. A group of discontented colonists are planning a mutiny against Ishmael in the morning because they are annoyed by his all of his rules.

They ask the Baudelaires to go over to the arboretum where all the contraband items are collected and find or make some weapons to use in the rebellion. Further, the mutineers refuse to help Kit unless the Baudelaires help them. The children agree and set off for the arboretum. The Baudelaires discover a well-appointed living area before they are discovered by Ishmael.

They learn that their parents were once the island's leaders and were responsible for many improvements meant to make island-life easier and more pleasant, but they were eventually overthrown by Ishmael, who believed that a strictly-enforced simple life combined with the opiate of the coconut cordial was the best way to avoid conflict. The Baudelaires find an enormous history of the island, a commonplace book entitled A Series of Unfortunate Events , written by the many different people who had served as island leaders, including their parents and Ishmael.

Ishmael also makes references to many other people, including a girl with only one eyebrow and ear the mother of Isaac Anwhistle and Gregor Anwhistle. The Baudelaires and Ishmael go back to the other side of the island, where the mutiny is already underway. Count Olaf returns, still in disguise.

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After a brief exchange, Ishmael harpoons Olaf in the stomach, which shatters the helmet containing the Medusoid Mycelium, infecting the island's entire population at once. Featured Recommendations. They have an instant connection that leads to steaming hot nights in the cold winter of Gray Ridge. Nathan Lancaster is a dragon shifter billionaire who falls hard for Lillian Goss. Secrets, stalkers, and danger lurk behind every corner. A sexy silver alien hero named Enki has completed his most recent mission.

Now, his only mission is to battle the demons within- until he hears a distress signal from the Sector 9. What he never expects is the love story that unfolds. Addie finds herself entangled with these men and all the dangers that threaten everyone in her life. When Caroline is trapped on an alien caveman planet, she feels hopeless, knowing these aliens are only interested in impregnating human women. Lera is just trying to survive her life as an orphan taken in by a cruel master. The forest is the boundary between the human world and the immortal world, and one day that boundary is crossed when four fae warriors appear for Lera.

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This delightfully well-written vampire romance tantalizes readers with not only the sparking hot chemistry between protagonists Alexander Cole and Evelyn Bromwell but also the classic tale of a choice between two worlds. This book brings well-developed characters that really shine in a complex and intriguing story. She meets the notorious four horsemen of the apocalypse and her attraction to them is irresistible.

This reverse harem urban fantasy romance is loaded with explicit sex and plenty of action as Ruby and the four horsemen face danger like never before. With her only hope for protection being tied up in a connection to the vampire whose harem she now inhabits, Sofia will have to use all of her wits and charms to stay alive.

Wicked Bite

Money is tight, so when her ceiling collapses it only adds more stress to her life. Buck is a bear shifter who finds that his heart roars for Haley and her two daughters. Can Haley learn to love again and have a happily ever after with Buck? In this slow burn reverse harem, Callie finally is free from her abusive father and moves to Oregon to start fresh, hoping to leave her trauma behind. They have paranormal powers and help Callie find that she just might, too.

Praised for its complex portrayal of romance, intense character development, and meaningful exploration of how Arianna adapts to her new world, this book is a thrilling read. Vesa Watson has been captured by wolf shifters during the hunt, a tradition for the pack that has her and the other women trapped. She refuses to back down or show weakness, desperate to be free from these shifters who want to force her into an arranged marriage.

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Then, she catches the eye of Haddix BloodMoon, who is drawn to her strength and dominance. Vesa never planned to fall for her captor, but Haddix rocks her world, and not just in the bedroom. This is a classic tale of a dark bad boy with a secret to hide and the irresistable woman he knows he should leave alone. The setting is a college campus, and it follows college senior Sera who is having trouble with her boyfriend, leaving her feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Shapeshifter Bree is being forced to train with the Dark Fae so that they can use her as a weapon. What she really wants is to take down the Dark Fae. Bree wants to resist their game of cat-and-mouse and show them she can stand her own ground. This sexy tale is full of action and steam that will make you wish you were part of this world. Ally Rose is a wolf shifter who wants nothing to do with any others of her kind.

When Kade Blackwood finds himself in a small Georgia town, he smells her- his mate. Will Ally learn to trust Kade and find a happily ever after with the sexy, dominant alpha? Sarah Marcel has been feeling restless and confused until she meets a man she thinks is the answer to her problems. But when Julian disappears, her attempts to get him back unravel some deep mysteries. She realizes that her family held some dark secrets, and now her responsibilities to the past are catching up with her.

Creatures of the Night

Reagan is a supernatural bounty hunter who knows better than to fraternize with the enemy. Elora Laiken is slipping through dimensions until she lands among a society of ancient vampire hunters. Sergeant Linny Cantor had no plans to participate in the military base talent show. Sure, he has a way with words and a hard body she imagines pressing into her. But, someone wants Linny dead and Rokk is the only one who can protect her.

Will Rokk be able to save his mate? A beautiful witch and a vampire cowboy? Together, Ronan and Kira must fight for their lives and take down the evil warlock Orjyll. Cara Paulsen is a smart and sexy scientist who would do anything to protect her daughter. Enter the dangerously hot Talen, a year-old vampire, who attempts to kidnap them both.

Cara may not be able to resist his touch, despite the danger that comes along with it. Dante Gabriel is finally free. After escaping a life in captivity, he has a thirst can only be quenched by human blood.

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Dante is infatuated with Erin, addicted to her scent and her touch. Elisa Sullivan and Connor Keene come from entirely different worlds, forbidden from being with each other. Elisa is the only vampire child ever born, but with that comes a dark secret. Her heart belongs to the prince of his pack, Connor Keene.

The two find each themselves infatuated with each other despite how many rules it breaks. When old feuds rise from the surface, these star-crossed lovers must make choices that will change everything. Sola is running from her dangerous past, looking to turn over a new leaf.

When his life is on the line, Sola must risk it all for the man she loves.

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Will Sola be able to protect not just her loved ones, but her own heart? Paranormal foresight is both a gift and a curse for Syssi, a mortal seeress. In her dreams, she sees a mysterious stranger both alluring yet dangerous. When she is hired at a neuroscience lab, her life changes forever. Then, Syssi meets Kian, and she recognizes him as the stranger from her dreams. He lets her live if she agrees to train at the Institute of the Shadow Fae.

The heat turns all the way up between Arianna and Ruadan, but Arianna will have to make choices that could change it all. When Emma moves to the small town of Astoria, Oregon, she is told not to fraternize with the elites, especially her bad-boy neighbor, Lexen Darken. Emeline McAra has a tender heart but her tough side is growing with her anger. Being together could mean a war and total devastation, but they need each other in more ways they ever could have predicted.