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What is heard is already not just sound, but always the memory of sound, and the sign of something else. Bonnet puts it, listening is always a fetishism: what reaches our ears solicits an active involvement, in which we try to make sense of what we hear, and mould it to our expectations and desires. Removed from the laboratory and deployed in a performance space, these techniques produce fascinating, unsettling, and sometimes disorienting effects.


A faun, upon waking, remembers pursuing two beautiful nymphs, and longs to fix their image in his mind: These Nymphs, I would perpetuate them. Yet he is tormented by the possibility that they were merely the product of his own desire, kindled by the midday sun: Did I love a dream? The reader of this poem has a great deal to contend with: ambiguous associations, the attenuation of syntax and grammar, and the continual crystallization and subsequent disintegration of concepts and images.

This ambivalence is relayed by the chimerical figure of the faun as a divided speaker negotiating between higher cogitations and lower impulses, between song and the discursive word, between reasoned meditation and the immediacy of the sensual. Complaint: 1st movement of The Shepherd's Purse a song cycle for soprano, oboe and harp intro listen ; pdf Corpse Washing They had grown used to him.

Cretan Artemis Wind of the foothills: wasn't her brow like some luminous object?

Den Himmel noch einmal sehn: Gedichte (German Edition)

D Death Experience We know nothing of this going away, that shares nothing with us. Departure : a plumtree perhaps out of which a cuckoo, hastily, flew away.

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See, how small there, see: the last hamlet of words, and higher, [Exposed on the mountains of the heart]: 1st movement of the Winter Songs a song cycle for mezzo-soprano and solo violin intro listen ; pdf I [I am too alone in the world,] [I believe in everything not yet said] [I live my life in growing rings Lament intro a composition for double choir of 2 x 12 female voices listen ; pdf Loneliness Loneliness is like a rain.

M [My life is not this vertical hour] O [O beautiful sheen of the shy mirror image!

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Out of an April Then it is quiet. Even the rain goes more softly over the stones' peacefully darkening shine. P Palm Palm of the hand.

Sole, that no longer walks but on feeling. Piano Practice The drone of summer. Spanish Dancer As a wooden match held in the hand, white