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When Rachel asked her if she could open a YouTube account for video-sharing, Shelby was skeptical at first. However, she agreed after Rachel promised not to reveal personal details such as her real name, where she lived and went to school, and also that her videos didn't have footage that would accidentally release this information.

After a while, Shelby noticed Rachel had lost her enthusiasm for making videos. She checked in on Rachel's YouTube account to find that strangers were leaving hateful and inappropriate comments on the videos. Shelby explained to Rachel that the bullies were wrong for posting the messages. She sat with Rachel to review her privacy settings and made sure that the settings allowed only her YouTube friends to view her videos.

After some research on the website, she found a new feature called "safe mode" that filtered offensive content, both from a user's session and permanently on an account. She set safe mode for Rachel's account, as well as on all the browsers on the home computer, in order to filter search content even if someone browsed YouTube without logging in. Shelby was thankful to be able to address the problem before it got out of hand, but she wished she had done more research beforehand.

Now she's careful to monitor Rachel's online activities and talks with her about socializing online. A teacher found her blog and read entries where Grace bragged about blogging during class. Most of Grace's friends had blogs, and it seemed like a great way to write down her thoughts and communicate with her friends.

As time went on, Grace became more and more comfortable sharing her life online. I wrote about my teachers, kids at school, what I did every day - you know, the usual. Unfortunately, Grace's blog had a wider audience than she thought, and one day Grace was called into the principal's office. It turns out that a teacher had found her blog and read entries where Grace bragged about blogging during class when her teacher thought she was working.

Grace's parents were told about it, and she got three day's detention. Now I make sure to set my blog so that only my friends can read it. When John turned eleven years old, his parents decided that he was old enough to use their computer to get on the Internet. John had a lot of fun surfing the web, playing games, and chatting with his friends. I felt like it was longer than it was because I was so involved. I have yet to find a writing by Kasey Millstead that I don't love. Thanks Kasey! Apr 18, Bella rated it it was amazing Shelves: , panty-dropping-hot , novella , taboo. Tressa and Father Rafael work together and have spectacular chemistry together.

He was forbidden. He was sexy and fucked like a man starved. Highly recommend!

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Can't wait for Sinful Things!!! I need to read the others in this anthology. Apr 05, Peta Benjamin rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic. I was gifted with a complimentary copy for an honest review. This was a quick read and lovers of Erotica will enjoy it. It was a well thought out storyline and written well. Mar 26, Eriska rated it it was amazing. Luv all the stories in this volume! Wondering will it continue on Vol 3?? Sep 30, Jewlsbookblog rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , reads , short-read.

I thought this sensual short story was well written with a great message! I wonder if Penny will write an epilogue for Mal and Phillip.. Apr 13, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: forbidden , dirty-talker , novella , smuttastic. Review of The Taste of Mr. Davenport by Jessica Ingro 4. When I mentioned the premise to some friends their initial reaction was "gross", but seriously folks, who doesn't like a forbidden romance.

This one Review of The Taste of Mr. This one was so so dirty but oh so good! I've been a fan of Jessica's since she released her first novel, Love Square. In my opinion she writes some of the best sex scenes in the Indie Romance community. They are not your standard, typical, repetitive sex scenes. They are incredibly erotic and each one is completely different, so you never know what to expect.

Once again, Jessica delivered big time in this novella. Carter Davenport had a child at 18 years old, so at 37 he is now the father to a college age daughter, Elise. He's not your typical dad though. He is tan, muscular and gorgeous. Elise brings home her college roommate, Claire, for the summer to hang out at her beach front home. Davenport hasn't seen Claire in some time, but when he catches her sunbathing by the pool in a bikini, he can't believe how she's developed from a shy, awkward girl into this beautiful, sexy young woman. They carry on a very secret and erotic sexual relationship throughout the summer, trying their best to hide it from Elise.

Meanwhile, Carter battles with his conscience, because he knows this is wrong but he can't stay away. Claire on the other hand is dreading the end of the summer when she has to leave him and go back to college. Things soon come to a head, and her friendship with Elise and forbidden relationship with Carter is sorely tested. The story was full of dirty talk, dirty thoughts and hot sex. I fell hard for the storyline and the characters, and reacted to the intensity and sexual chemistry between Carter and Claire.

As a bonus, Jessica is offering a secret epilogue, available exclusively to her newsletter subscribers. I've read it and you do NOT want to miss it. The sex is hotter, if that's even possible. At 75 pages, The Taste of Mr. Davenport is a quick read, and one that I will revisit often. An ARC was kindly provided by the Author for an honest review. Dancing with desire by Kasey Millstead This is my first read by Ms. The story focuses on a dancer, her sexy client and his wife. I was enjoying the story until the whole open marriage plot came into play then I lost interest.

I want Father Rafael but damn the ending sucks, it's part of a trilogy or something continuing mid I want to know more about that night Tressa alludes to at the beginning of Dancing with desire by Kasey Millstead This is my first read by Ms. I want to know more about that night Tressa alludes to at the beginning of the story. Proofreading by Karen Lawson.

LOL the name of my previous boss. What's not to love about a sexy nurse and her hot patient?! And the naughty bareback at the end. First person alternating POV. Not crazy about the name Harley since it reminds me of my friend's dog. First person alternating POV, internal monologue. Instalust, instalove. Ughh, not my cup of tea.

List of sexual fantasies, bareback. Okay so I thought it was going to be yum but then the daughter became a skank. Davenport by Jessica Ingro This is my first read by Ms. And you have to subscribe to the author's newsletter for the epilogue if she picks Carter or Brian.

I know he's 18 but damn he's still in HS and it's still creepy. It had funny moments that made me giggle. And the delivery guy?! Gross LOL.

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I loved this! It had angst, sexy times and romance. Jan 02, Lynne rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-it , arc-read. Thank God this book came to me at the right time that it did. Sexy, a bit taboo, fun, quick read. Would I have expected anything less or different from Ms. I think NOT! Davenport" by Jessica Ingro introduces you to Claire. She is a college student about to start her final semester. But before that, she is hanging at her friend, Elise's, home for the summer.

Off from college for the time being See, Mr. Davenport is this fine ass specimen of a man that just makes her girly bits all tingly and warm inside. Tall, muscles, great shape, late 30s. Who wouldn't want him? The only thing Carter Davenport happens to be the father of her best friend Elise. So, you would think that means he is off limits, right? Not in Claire's eyes. She wants her man and she will go above and beyond to get him.

Now, do you think Mr. Davenport is oblivious to Claire's advances? Not in the least! He sees Claire. He has seen how much she has changed from the mousy, timid girl to this sexy, confident woman before him. Lord have mercy pray for them and us cause this gets all kinds of sexy-crazy and I just love it!

Like I said in the beginning, this book was just near perfect for me. You don't have any flawed alpha hero or broken-down female. What you get are two horny ass people who know, in the world's eyes, what they are doing is just so wrong on so many levels, but being the fact they are ADULTS. They just don't give a damn! That's what I loved about this two.

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I did feel however that she fell in love too quickly with Carter, but given the fact that 1 it's a novella and 2 that's what females do, when we 'do the do' with a guy we are head over heels with. Tis life. I just felt bad because I knew shit was going to hit the fan and believe me it did. That being said I loved the craziness that I find only Jessica Ingro can deliver with ease.

The Epilogue and just the whole damn book kept me wanting more, more, more. Carter and Claire were great together. I would love to see what their future entailed and if they stuck it out together. Maybe another novella Ms. Great fun! Out of a 5 I'm giving this 4. Great addition to the Forbidden Fruit Anthology Vol. I was given a gifted copy of A Taste of Mr. Davenport from the author in exchange for a honest review. First, the worst: Dancing with Desire was a story without much of a point. Burning Desire was more classic erotica but again had a go-nowhere heroine.

I found it hard to suspend my disbelief on this one. Her Secret Service was just plain icky in places and the hero was very unbelievable to me. Now for the bests: Sins of the Flesh dealt with a Catholic priest and a young college drop-out. Very hot, very taboo, and open-ended. I will be looking for the rest of this story for sure. Davenport started out kind of shaky but was surprisingly touching by the end.

Very realistic fallout of this kind of taboo romance. Wicked, Wicked, Wicked Witch was also wonderful. The history between hero and heroine made for a ton of tension and left you rooting for them both by the end. Apr 12, Sylvia Nguyen rated it it was amazing. For her Secret Service Author Liv Morris delivers a Sizzling Story she goes right to the point of the story, and is a short read that will leave you wanting to email the writer, asking for more of this two characters, author Liv Morris, has the writing style that I like!

As much as He Dislikes the idea of His new Mission, He finds him self enjoying it to the fullest, at first sight. Being in charge of the Security of his Target. Classy but with the right amount of edgy hot dreamy encounter. I Def recommend this book, you will not be disappointed. So I couldn't wait for this anthology to come out. I've been looking forward to it since I finished the first. It took me around two to three days to finish, I really couldn't put it down! Dancing with Desire by Kasey Millstead completely caught me off guard. I was ready to hate Ethan, it seemed like he was cheating scum.

But you find out later not everything is what it seems and I'm glad I kept reading. The ending was HOT.

Sins of the Flesh by Adriane Leigh was amazing. Forbidden and hot, a pries So I couldn't wait for this anthology to come out. Forbidden and hot, a priest has a change of heart. Total cliffhanger.

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I really wish it was longer! Duty of Care by Lisa Edwards was awesome. I loved that it was about a nurse. It was pretty believable. In the nursing profession there are always patients that you click with and some you don't. I loved that Michael was a jerk to the other nurses but when Toni maneuvered her way into his heart. I was heartbroken towards the end when he's discharged, but it quickly turned around. Davenport by Jessica Ingro was very hot.

A college girl lusting after her roommate's father. One of the ultimate forbidden fruits. I would definitely recommend this anthology to anyone and I can't wait to see if there's a third here's hoping! Apr 10, Donna rated it it was amazing. I was intrigued by the cover, yeah I know what you're thinking a cover.

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After reading it, I went out and bought everything she published. Cammie is a spoiled rich girl daughter of a senator with a presidential campaign under way. When Jude and Cammie's world collide an atom bomb explodes. These two set my Nook on fire. Her Secret Service left me wanting so much more. Once again Liv, does an outstanding job of delivering a a steamy hot story. Jan 02, Charlene Williams reiser rated it it was amazing.

I received a complimentary copy of Tempted by Roxy Queen for a honest review. Where: Stumptown Park S. Come at 5 p. Live music by Too There are no fireworks in Davidson, but come stroll along South Street to the town green for a concert. The parade will include a color guard, a fire engine and lots of patriotic residents.

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