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How smooth was each exercise? Did you get a better pump or feel greater muscle engagement? Scale weight tells you very little on its own. How do your clothes fit? Has your bloodwork improved? Furthermore, since consistency is so important, I encourage using a point system to evaluate consistency every week.

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Each day you workout and follow your diet is worth two points. Hit one but not the other gets you one point. Blowing off both training and nutrition earns you the big goose egg for the day. Or you can be that guy who plans his yearly vacation around finding a hotel gym with dumbbells to pounds and a reverse hyper.

Weight Loss For Men Over 40: The Easy 5 Step Guide

Some people love to talk about the discipline involved in maintaining their long-term diet and exercise strategy. So then it occurred to me. And not just the working out — the cooking and shopping and avoiding drive thrus — I love it all. Even the all too frequent trips to the masseuse and the chiropractor for the necessary tune-ups. I love that too. Enter your best email below to get updates delivered straight to your inbox. But to suggest that Father Time is the only guy calling the shots is a load of horseshit. One size fits all, my arse. Any non-moronic one that encourages progression will do.

At the end of the week tally up your seven day total. While no exercise is an absolute no-fly zone for everybody, things like dips, behind the neck presses, and upright rows should be approached with caution by anyone over Make reps harder not heavier. A key tenet of training economy and training longevity is getting more out of less. Reduce and divide.

As you get older and recovery demands increase, you need to keep overall volume per session in check but still provide enough stimulation to get a training effect. When you're feeling a little parched—a sign that you might already be experiencing dehydration—ditch room temperature H2O and grab a glass of cold water. Drinking cold water has a slight thermogenic effect, allowing you to burn extra calories while you hydrate.

Eating fat won't make you fat, so don't make the mistake of dropping your fat levels too low when leaning out. Extremely low-fat diets are a huge mistake. Not only do fats provide your body with energy, they also help transport vitamins through your bloodstream and absorb them into your body.

Essential fatty acids —such as those found in whole grains, seeds, nuts, and some fish—have a hand in brain development and blood clotting. Balance your fat intake by eating saturated butter, coconut oil and unsaturated olive oil, nuts, flaxseed fats.

40 Laws Of Lean

Calories from unplanned snacking can add up quickly and can wreak havoc on your fat-loss goals. The message is pretty simple: If you didn't plan on it, don't eat it. Whether you're cutting or bulking , meal prep is an essential part to any fitness journey. Eat regularly, don't skip meals, and keep a food journal. A good food log helps monitor progress so you can make accurate adjustments to better meet your fitness goals. Writing things down will also help to keep you accountable and could lead you to snack less. Consuming adequate protein—roughly 30 percent of your daily calories—is so important that I had to include it twice!

Keeping that half-eaten bag of chips in the kitchen cupboard won't help you resist temptation. Why unnecessarily test your will power? Clear all the chips, sugary drinks, ice cream, and other processed goodies from your kitchen. If it's not there, you can't eat it. Getting accustomed to reading the nutritional facts is a good habit to get into. But don't stop at the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content— read the entire list of ingredients. You'll be amazed at how many foods are loaded with America's "favorite nutrient": high fructose corn syrup. Which is code for "more sugar. Branch chain amino acids BCAA are the building blocks of the body.

Put more simply, they make up 35 percent of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth to take place.

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They help to halt muscle breakdown and activate protein synthesis. Drinking BCAAs during an interval cardio session can help you burn more fat when your carbohydrates are low. BCAAs make up 35 percent of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth to take place. ZMA —a combination of zinc , magnesium aspirate , and a hint of vitamin B6 —can be taken at bedtime to help you relax and get a good night's sleep. Proper sleep is not only important for muscle building, but is also essential for optimizing fat-loss hormones such as human growth hormone and leptin.

Intense training can deplete your mineral stores. The zinc in ZMA will help keep zinc levels up, which is important for metabolic and immune functions, including supporting testosterone levels. Green tea is a fat-loss powerhouse. If you're not too sensitive to caffeine, gulping down mg before your workout—whether it's cardio or weights—can help liberate some of that stubborn stored body fat. The extra energy boost from caffeine will also help keep your lifts high and help combat any fatigue you might be feeling from your reduced-calorie diet. In addition to research pointing towards fish oil and omega-3 supplements as a means to help slow down the body's aging process, fish oil decreases your resting heart rate.

Why is this beneficial? A slower heart rate means you'll have to work harder i. Skipping out on low-rep training just because you're dieting is a terrible idea. The easiest way to hold on to lean mass while dieting is to remind your body that it needs all the muscle it has.

Ditch the Treadmill

To maintain maximum muscle while dieting, start your training sessions off with a big compound moment in the or rep range. Low-rep training stimulates all muscle fibers—from slow to fast twitch. Choose a heavy weight that's challenging. The benefits of compound movements are pretty simple: They allow you to lift heavier weights, recruit more muscles, and burn more calories. Lose the leg extensions, and squat instead! When you're trying to drop body fat, every extra calorie you burn takes you one step closer to your goal.

Increase your activity and burn more calories. Begin by taking some of these steps:. There comes a point where you cannot add more high-intensity exercise such as resistance training and interval training to your routine. Instead, add additional low-intensity cardio as needed. Progressively adding training and cardio volume as needed—and not right off the bat— gives your body the best chance for long-term weight-loss success.

Interval sprints done as part of high-intensity interval training are another great fat-loss strategy. Two or three minute sessions can be a great addition to your training program. Sprinting burns a great deal of calories in a short amount of time and improves metabolism.

Workouts for Fat Loss After 40 | Breaking Muscle

Keep your training goals in mind when you're lifting. While cutting down on your break time between sets might mean you can't lift as heavy with each rep, that's OK. You're not going after strength here. Instead, limiting your rest periods will keep your heart rate up and allow you to burn more calories. When your focus is fat loss, you shouldn't be pushing yourself to the absolute max.

Compromised recovery and training to failure don't mix. Make sure to keep one rep "in the hole. You're on a mission, and every mission has a set end point. When setting goals , determine what you want and write it down. Having something concrete will help keep you accountable. Whatever your goal may be, someone has done it before. Be a copycat!

Step 3: Eat These Fat-Burning Foods

Finding a solid mentor will save you a lot of time and frustration. They can help you with everything from training and nutrition to overall motivation. In order to achieve your goal physically, you need to have it mapped out mentally. Visualize yourself the day you reach your goal. What will you look like? What will it feel like? Hold that image in your mind and achieve it! Looking lean doesn't mean cutting out every single gram of sugar. For example, skipping your pre-workout or post-workout shakes just because they contain sugar is a bad idea. The carbohydrates, whey protein , and BCAAs found in a solid workout shake do much more good than harm.

They help you recover faster, train harder, and build muscle while dieting. While it's not directly related to fat loss, incorporating micronutrients into your diet is important for overall health. When your calories are low, you're at a much higher risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.