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Wil Elrick hails from Guntersville, Alabama where at an early age he developed a love for both trivia and history. He has spent the last 20 odd years, fine tuning the art of communication while working in law enforcement, writing, television media, historical research, and public speaking. He one day hopes that Bigfoot is proven real. Wil's new book Alabama Scoundrels is available from History Press.

Great post, Wil! The Thomas Bibb story is even creepier than that, because after his death while in New Orleans, his body was preserved in a barrel of whiskey for transport back to Limestone County.


And it was a complete hoax. We knocked on all sides of the mausoleum with our ears against the side and heard nothing inside, only silence. Facebook Instagram Twitter. Comments Great post, Wil!

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A great way to combine Alabama history with a dose of creepy, the Huntsville Ghost Walks can be just the ticket for kids who like to be just a little bit scared. Event Details Scare Factor: 3 Ghosts.

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There will be a huge Battle for Hogwarts Nerf game, followed by live DJ, refreshments, and a cosplay contest. Event Details Scare Factor: Ghosts. For the jump-scare factor alone, this gets an extra ghost. But brave upper-elementary and middle schoolers can manage this mild Haunted House hosted by the Venture Scouts Troop They have 14 years of scaring the pants off kids in Madison! Event Details Scare Factor: 4 Ghosts.


Younger kids could get pretty freaked out over the homemade zombie gore… but older kids should have few issues with these friendly zombies. Guests will get to meet real Huntsville ghosts, and venture into their stomping grounds. Apparently they off everything from a 1-Ghost scare to a Ghost scare! Apparitions seen floating through the hotel are thought to be those of people who checked in but never checked out. Legends surrounding this church are astounding in number and scope. People have claimed to hear wails of banshees and see ghostly hell hounds and apparitions of Confederate soldiers.

Because of the legends, the site was often vandalized. In , the church burned in a fire presumed to be caused by arson. The cemetery remains. The Victoria Inn was built ca. Visitors to the inn and restaurant have reported hearing disembodied footsteps and eerie noises throughout the home. Some say the noises come from the ghosts of the original owners. The newly renovated inn is now called Hotel Finial.

HAUNTED: Top 10 spooky places in AL

Local residents have reported seeing a strange mist rise up in the area in front of the statue of boxing great Joe Louis, who was born in Chambers County. Although the mist is not thought to be connected to the statue, it does form the shape of a figure as it rises, before disappearing. Rock Run is a residential community in Cherokee County where a small pocket of residents live in well-kept homes. But in the s, it was a town that grew around the Rock Run Mine and Furnace. The furnace was destroyed by the Union army during the Civil War but was rebuilt around The ca. Click here to read more.

This isolated, one-lane bridge in rural Chilton County is said the be haunted by a malevolent spirit that chases people who cross it. People claim if they get out of their cars, they hear and feel a presence beside them. Others say they have experienced their cars rocking while on the bridge. The cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Norman Staples, captain of a sternwheel steamer who killed himself with a shotgun in at the age of He was buried in Bladon Springs Cemetery alongside the graves of his three children who died before the age of six, including Bertha Jaquetta, Mabel Clare, and James Alfred.

He is reportedly always looking toward the Tombigbee River, where his beloved steamboat exploded.

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In a little-known cemetery deep in the woods of Clarke County are tombstones created by a man who was ahead of his time. Isaac Nettles Sr. Nebo Baptist Church. The rare folk-art stones, declared historic sites by the National Park Service, have unfortunately been all but destroyed by vandals. One surviving example is the stone on the grave of Korea Nettles, which has three faces said to be those of her children. Although there are no detailed legends about this site, many believe it is haunted.

Others have reported hearing disembodied screams and footsteps. Legend says those who face the front of the house will feel a tap on their shoulders and see a dark figure running across the roof. Gold was discovered in Arbacoochee in the s, causing the town to grow rapidly. Within 15 years, the town had 5, residents. When the Gold Rush began in California, residents headed west. Mining continued in Arbacoochee until the s, but the town never recovered and became a ghost town by The area is said to be haunted by the spirits of those who died in the mines.

The Rawls Hotel was built in by Capt.


Japeth Rawls. This account of the hauntings comes from RawlsBandB. Hayden Pursley spent three years restoring the historic hotel and had several stories he often told — to include seeing a girl around the age of 12 running down the halls. Rawls, who repeatedly took down window treatments he tried to install.

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Belle Mont, built between and , was a plantation that used slave labor. It is said to be haunted by slaves who died on the grounds and also by former owners. The home was built for Dr. Alexander Mitchell, who sold it to Isaac Winston in Today, it is house museum that can be toured by appointment.

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Peacock said it's the "site of numerous unusual accidents over the years, including several that have resulted in fatalities and catastrophic fires. One truck driver said that he struck the bridge after a ghostly horse-drawn carriage crossed the interstate in front of him. Others have reported seeing large, panther-like cats cross the highway in this area. The spirit of an inmate who committed suicide in the building is reported to walk its halls.

The historic, two-story jail was built in ca. It is no longer in use and the abandoned building is reportedly haunted. It is named for a woman who lived in the area in the late s or early s and was thought to be a witch. According to legend, she was driving her baby in a horse-drawn carriage one night. As they crossed the bridge, the horses were spooked and the carriage was tipped into the water below. The baby reportedly drowned and was buried not far from the bridge. Mary survived. When she finally reached her home and reported the accident to her husband, the man began drinking to soothe his grief.

Before long he was drunk and, in his anger, he dragged his wife to the bridge and hanged her from the railing before jumping to his death. He playfully flushed toilets and used ice machines. When his spirit would pass people in the halls, they would feel cold. Legends often say that he was hanged on trumped-up charges for deserting the Confederate army, although details vary. When he was hanged, his executioners dug a hole beneath his dangling feet to accommodate his height. For the next years, people claimed the hole would always return no matter how many times it was filled. The site is beneath the Alabama Highway bridge over the Choctawhatchee River.

A marker was erected nearby detailing the legend. Cahawba, or Cahaba, was the state capital from but was eventually abandoned because of flooding from the Alabama and Cahaba rivers. The site has two city cemeteries as well as a slave cemetery. It was also once the site of Castle Morgan, used to house prisoners of war during the Civil War. Christopher Claudius Pegues built a stately home on the property between Pine and Chestnut streets.

Months after Pegues was killed in battle in , strolling lovers claimed to see an orb in the garden behind the home. Some claim to see the orb today. This home was allegedly the site of the murders of an entire family that haunts the site. People claim to hear knocking on the floors and walls. However, the family cemetery remains. The Chamber of Commerce building, above right, was constructed in as a bank. Employees claim they've heard disembodied footsteps and voices.

On the third floor, people report doors opening and closing and furniture moving of its own accord. According to the Chamber of Commerce website , a scarecrow apparition moves from room to room on this floor. Other entities haunt the main staircase and the basement. Fort Crawford was built on a bluff in According to legend, the grounds are haunted by the ghost of a Confederate soldier.

The woods off Hinds Road are said the be haunted by a witch who sold her soul to the devil.