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Yonkers City Hall, Yonkers, Edwin A. Lansing Quick, a partner in the firm, which became Edwin A. The two practiced together until , upon the elder Quick's death. Quick died on October 19, , at his home in Yonkers. Life and work Jardine c. He was educated in both York and Edinburgh then studied medicine at Edinburgh University. While ornithology was his main passion, he. The school was described as "one of the finest schools in Scotland" in the Cambridge University Press County Biography of ,[1] and was featured in the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association Magazine article series on Famous Scottish Schools It was replaced by the new Hamilton Grammar School, which took over its site and most of its pupils and staff.

History and building — No longer existing as an independent institution, Hamilton Academy had a history going back to when it was endowed by Lord John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton. The Fish family is a prominent American family, members of which became influential in politics, diplomacy and business. Senator from New York —, U. Secretary of State Wikimedia Commons has media related to James Edwin Campbell. He served as the 38th Governor of Ohio. Campbell was born in Middletown, Ohio, where he attended the public schools and then Miami University. He was a master's mate on the gunboats Elk and Naiad until his health gave out and he returned home emaciated.

They had four children. William Henry Weatherspoon 11 February — 17 July [1] was an American songwriter and record producer, best known for his work for Motown Records in the s. He co-wrote "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted", an international hit for Jimmy Ruffin, and many other hit songs. William Weatherspoon began singing in with a local vocal group, the Tornados, led by Charles Sutton, formerly of The Midnighters. The group split up in , and, after a spell in the US military, Weatherspoon began working as a songwriter and producer for the Correc-Tone label in Detroit.

Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet c.

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Johnson learned the Mohawk language and Iroquois customs, and was appointed the British agent to the Iroquois. Because of his success, he was appointed in as British Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the northern colonies. Throughout his career as a British official among the Iroquois, Johnson combined personal business with official diplomacy, acquiring tens of thousands of acres of Native land and becoming very wealthy.

Career Hamilton began his career as an auditor with an accountancy firm in Belfast[3] and was employed as a DUP Policy Officer in their Party Headquarters from until his election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in He was appointed minister of finance. Carl L. Hamilton February 23, - May 27, was an American businessman. He is most notable for his work as a senor executive of the Weyerhaeuser wood products company and a named partner of the Booz Allen Hamilton management and information technology consulting firm.

Charles H. Hamilton and Mathilda Heberling Lewis Hamilton. He went to India in as a civil engineer with the railways and stayed on until After retirement he moved out of India and settled in Ontario, Canada. He was an honorary member of the British Ornithological Union. Jerdon and Robert Christopher Tytler. His vast collection of bird specimens is at the British Museum and during his career in India, he corresponded actively with other ornithologists in the region, notably Allan Octavian Hume. He also corresponded with ornithologists in Britain, including Henry Eeles Dresser, and sent many specimens to Dresser to distribute and trade with other ornithologists on his behalf.

He retired in and moved to Ontario.

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In , Brooks moved his family from Milto. The Big Three or MBB refers to the name colloquially given to the world's three largest strategy consulting firms by revenue. They are also considered the most prestigious employers in the management consulting industry. The firm has grown significantly since then, establishing offices located in 60 countries as of He was given the nickname Baby Face due to his youthful appearance and small stature, although few dared call him that to his face. Criminal associates instead called him "Jimmy".

Nelson was responsible for killing more FBI agents than any other person. He was arrested on July 5, at age seven, after accidentally shooting a playmate in the jaw with a pistol that he had found. He served over a year in the state reformatory. It is one of several posts that are part of the region which is headquartered by the Military District of Washington.

The original fort was completed in , with major additions made in the s and s. However, all defenses except about half of the original fort have been demolished or buried. History On July 4, , a small American battery the Narrows Fort [2] on the site of today's Fort Hamilton the east side of the Narrows fired into one of the British men-of-war convoying troops to suppress the American Revolution. HMS Asia suffered damage and casualties, but opposition to the immense fleet could be little more than symbolic.

However, this very significant eve. Cordelia is a fictional character in William Shakespeare's tragic play, King Lear. She is the youngest of King Lear's three daughters, and his favourite. After her elderly father offers her the opportunity to profess her love to him in return for one third of the land in his kingdom, she refuses and is banished for the majority of the play. Origin Shakespeare had numerous resources to consult while writing King Lear.

Here she is depicted as Queen Cordelia. Her father Lear exiles her as a response to her honesty when he asks for professions of love from his three daughters to determine how to divide the lands of his kingdom between them. Cordelia's sisters, Goneril and Regan, give deceitfully-lavish speeches pro. The Spirit of '76 originally entitled Yankee Doodle , painted by Archibald Willard in the late nineteenth century, an iconic image relating to the patriotic sentiment surrounding the American Revolutionary War Patriots also known as Revolutionaries, Continentals, Rebels, or American Whigs were those colonists of the Thirteen Colonies who rejected British rule during the American Revolution and declared the United States of America as an independent nation in July Their decision was based on the political philosophy of republicanism as expressed by spokesmen such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine.

They were opposed by the Loyalists who supported continued British rule. Patriots represented the spectrum of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Edwin Meese III born December 2, is an American attorney, law professor, author and member of the Republican Party who served in official capacities within the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Administration — , the Reagan Presidential Transition Team and the Reagan White House — , eventually rising to hold the position of the 75th Attorney General of the United States — He currently holds fellowships and chairmanships with several public policy councils and think-tanks, including the Constitution Project and the Heritage Foundation.

Early life and education Meese was born in Oakland, California, the eldest of four sons born. Aon Hewitt formerly known as Hewitt Associates is a provider of human capital and management consulting services headquartered in the United States in Lincolnshire, Illinois. From offices in countries, it provided consulting, outsourcing, and reinsurance brokerage services. Hewitt Associates was founded in and ceased to exist as an independent entity at the completion of its purchase by Aon in October Hewitt's operations were merged at that time with some elements of Aon's consulting arm to become a new subsidiary of the Aon Group called Aon Hewitt.

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In , the outsourcing department of Aon Hewitt was acquired by Blackstone and rebranded as Alight Solutions. Edwin B. He was a Republican member of the Pennsylvania Senate, representing the 26th District from to The district included most of Delaware County and parts of Chester County. Biography Erickson was born in Philadelphia on May 18, Frederick S. He was an early advocate of democracy and religious freedom, notable for his good relations and successful treaties with the Lenape Native Americans.

Under his direction, the city of Philadelphia was planned and developed. In , King Charles II handed over a large piece of his American land holdings to Penn to pay the debts the king owed to Penn's father. Freeland herself could have left the neighborhood back when the crime started, as her family urged her to, but she refused.

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She wanted to be a consistent welcoming and reminder that this is a neighborhood , and they deserved to have greenspaces and pretty things like any other neighborhood. She watched her grandmother make hot plates for her neighbors, pass out water and juice to strangers walking past in the summer, and even offering up her sofa to people who became homeless. The community garden and playground across from her house that was once an unkept gravelly lot strewn with shards of glass, blunt guts, and other drug-using instruments now holds garden beds, an outdoor seating area, park benches, a playground sliding board unit, and a makeshift stage.

Jones picked up trash and pulled up weeds on the lot until he passed away last year.

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Jones was joined by fellow church member Stephen Causby, who moved into the neighborhood in , and who developed a friendship with Freeland. In , they enlisted the nonprofit Park Pride Atlanta , which helped them conduct surveys throughout the neighborhood to develop a visioning plan. The plan is to expand the greenspace into a full-fledged park with new amenities such as bird habitats Freeland fed the birds around her house , basketball courts, soccer fields, park lights, fountains, and a fully equipped playground.

These are all just suggestions they collected from community residents as the plan is still in pre-design phase.

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  • But deep-pocket money sources have already started to kick in for the field of dreams. The top left quadrant of the mural captures the faces of Ms. Mattie, Ms. Alma, and Ms.

    Besides the Blank contribution, the city itself recently announced that it would invest in the greenspace to make it an official city park. These have been exciting changes in the community, yet some residents are suspicious of these endeavors, and with reason. It never happened. They also remember that an entire black neighborhood called Lightning was erased to make room for that Dome.

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    They might only even hear about these communities in the context of the poor, struggling areas that Blank is looking to save—a notion that rankles her family. The houses have been designed to coexist in harmony with the natural beauty of the terrain. Kurth, who has 10 people on her staff, has an associate, Lori McCleery, an interior designer, on the site, to help buyers with interior selections. The houses include amenities like raised Jacuzzis, marble detailed fireplaces, nine-foot ceilings, hardwood floors and almost anything else the buyer wants, Ms. Kurth said. In the design stage, that is crucial.

    Buyers may choose different elements of different models, and most want to add special features. One couple wanted two home offices, one for each of them, she said. Lisa and John Ardizzone moved into their Hardscrabble house two and a half years ago. Ardizzone, 28, a Wall Street commodities trader, said.

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    When we saw this area, we fell in love with the land. For the Ardizzones, who were living in a co-op in Scarsdale, building a house was a new experience. Ardinozze said. For instance, we opted for a wider kitchen with a breakfast nook. We also put on a bigger deck. And instead of the standard square openings between rooms, we decided on arches. What a difference they made!

    It's the custom details that make our house unique. There isn't another one like it. Ardizzone is also pleased with the construction of his house.