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Westley Flagg isn't your usual lawbreaker. He's a poacher, a moonshiner, and a prepper, out of necessity. Despite trying to live on the straight and narrow, he knows the law can turn things on you in a heartbeat. When Wes has to come up with money for his Grandpa's surgery, he gets involved with an unsavory group. Living deep in poverty for most of his life, he's become resilient and flexible, but college education can only take him so far.

A solar storm sends the northern lights as far south as Texas, and cascading failures in the grid cripple the nation. Now, without communications, Flagg has to prove he has what it takes to still survive. Ripped from the headlines, the explosive Trackers saga is a realistic depiction of what an EMP attack and the aftermath might look like from one of the genre's leading voices, USA Today best-selling author and former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer, Nicholas Sansbury Smith. This box set includes the entire four-book Trackers series with over 30 hours of postapocalyptic survival fiction and action.

Ripley's a tomboy at heart who has never met a stranger. Her plans were to finish her veterinary studies and take her family to the country, where life wouldn't be such a struggle.

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She thought the worst she'd have to deal with at the University of Maryland were the unwelcome advances and attitudes of affluent students, and the occasional East Coast hurricane. She never expected the sun to fall down. As a prepper, Grayson Rowan was prepared for almost anything While he sat back and watched the US rattle swords with Korea, play chicken with Russia, and strong-arm China, he felt sure if the lights went out that he and his family would be ready and safe. What he wasn't prepared for was his family not being home if it ever happened. Graysie Rowan, a freshman at university, just wants to go home.

Five years after a pneumonic plague killed two-thirds of the world's population, army veteran Marcus Battle is isolated. He's alone with his guns, his food, and the graves of his wife and child. Unaware of the chaos that's befallen everything outside of his central Texas ranch land, Marcus lives a Spartan life. If anyone steps onto his property, he shoots first and never asks questions.

But when a woman in distress, chased by marauders, seeks asylum, Marcus has a decision to make. Sam Wade is on a trip to reconnect with his estranged daughter studying in Boston when the interconnected US infrastructure is crippled by an unknown attacker. As the Internet, communication networks, and power grid go down, the world is soon thrown into turmoil and danger.

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Faced with no other choice than to battle their way home through a country on the verge of collapse, Sam and his daughter will have to face more than a troubled past - the future is deadly. Cal's "honeymoon" didn't start off quite how he'd planned. For starters, he was heading somewhere he didn't actually want to go. And secondly, he was going alone and unmarried.

He had no idea that his first visit to New York City would also land him in the middle of a domestic terror attack, forcing him to flee Manhattan in a desperate bid to survive. This was no ordinary terror attack. The Movement, in a misguided attempt to seize political control of the USA, unwittingly invited the destruction of their homeland.

If society collapsed, could you survive? When Morgan Carter's car breaks down miles from his home, he figures his weekend plans are ruined. But things are about to get much, much worse: the country's power grid has collapsed.

There is no electricity, no running water, no Internet, and no way to know when normalcy will be restored - if it ever will be. Danny and Alisa's lives are turned upside-down when Danny begins having prophetic dreams about the judgment coming upon America. Through one of Danny's dreams, they learn about the imminent threat of an EMP attack which will wipe out America's electric grid, sending the country into a technological dark age.

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If they want to live through the most catastrophic period in American history, Danny and Alisa will have to race against time to get prepared, before the lights go out. Don't miss this epic thrill ride. Get your copy and start this heart-stopping EMP saga today!

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Three people from different walks of life each experience the end of America. Cassy is a year-old prepper and single mother, away on business. Ethan is a hacker and conspiracy nut living underground. Frank is a family man out camping with friends and family.

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When a devastating EMP attack in the middle of the night destroys America's infrastructure, they are propelled on an unforgettable journey across an ocean of chaos to reach safety Safety from an unknown invader and from once-fellow Americans now hungry and desperate. Dark New World is a prepper story of survival and the fight to retain humanity in the face of an apocalyptic event. Got this as just something in between - waiting for my pre-order to come in. Pleasantly surprised. Story is about several characters, main one is a mother trying to get to her mother's house to save her children after an EMP.

She winds up meeting several groups along the way and invites one group to join her which they do at a much later point. She is a semi prepper although not a trained soldier or what I would call a true survivalist at this point but she learns quickly.

EMP Retaliation (Dark New World, Book 6) - An EMP Survival Story

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