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As avid art collectors, they recently funded the new permanent home for the Institute of Contemporary Art ICA in the burgeoning Miami Design District, where Irma is the co-chairwoman of the board. The couple, who has two daughters, lives in North Miami Beach. Everything we do, we do together. I am so fortunate to have her, and everything I have in my life is around her. We are really pleased with how the museum has been accepted in the community, and its outreach to the school systems. What they created was a hospital dedicated to true excellence.

We are privileged to be able to support them. None of us lives forever, but I am convinced my daughters and our grandchildren will continue down that same path of giving and philanthropy. Chaplin A local couple with strong connections to the community, together Wayne and Arlene Chaplin put their hometown first. The couple has three children and lives in Miami Beach. We are very community-minded and we care very much about our city, and that is why we have been involved with education, the medical center and the arts. The medical center is known for their high-quality care, especially in cardiology and cardiac surgery, which is the best in South Florida, as well as the stroke and chest pain center, which is incredibly important for the community.

When you are able to help support a medical center like Mount Sinai, then they can help others who cannot afford to get the care they need. I think all gifts are significant, whether it is financial or time spent, everyone can make a difference. During their 34 years of marriage, Cramer helped raise their six children, and the couple supported numerous organizations — ranging from dance companies and musicians, to higher education like Syracuse University, where Gerry attended and served on the board of trustees. Last year, my husband was treated there, and it further solidified our feelings for the medical center.

We experienced a caring group of doctors who treated us like family. If you have the ability to donate, you feel very fulfilled knowing that others can get better because of your donation. That is the legacy of my husband, and now, mine and our kids too. Gerry also believed in getting involved, instead of just writing checks. Also, being surrounded by family and friends is what makes life complete.

Born in Paris and raised in Toronto, she moved to Miami with her parents in As President of Laquer Corporate Group — which boasts a roster of high-rise investment and multi-use development projects in downtown, Brickell and the Biscayne corridor — Edie reimagined the future of Downtown Miami. My parents so thankfully blessed me with similar skills of persistence in a very challenging environment which enabled me to achieve my own successes. No one is refused, and the level of healthcare is of the highest quality for all. Mount Sinai is mission-driven as an academia teaching facility and research center, while helping those less privileged.

We share the same DNA in giving to those in need. Thoughtful design was also considered to ensure the patient a comforting and serene experience during times of special need. If I can help extend the lives of others, much like Mount Sinai did for my parents, the gratification in doing so is immeasurable. Originally from Reading, Penn. This is a whole new vista, and we want to be part of it and give back to the community in a meaningful way. By constructing these new facilities, they can attract the best talent, house the best technology, and offer the best services to anyone who needs it.

When we sold our last business, we were fortunate enough to do very well, and that afforded us the opportunity to significantly increase our attention and giving to philanthropic causes. Siadat With three children and six grandchildren, Barry Siadat and his wife, Afsaneh, believe family is everything. But their commitment to caring extends beyond immediate family, encompassing their home community of Miami Beach. From chemical engineer to entrepreneur, Barry is the co-founder of SK Capital Partners, a company with a large portfolio of chemical and pharmaceutical assets.

Public Records Request Log

Over the past eight years, he has served on the board of Mount Sinai Medical Center, and currently serves on the Executive Board of Trustees. Bringing life into the world makes you feel complete. If you are fortunate enough to have the means, you need to help others. There are many people in the community without healthcare coverage, and Mount Sinai has done a significant amount of charity work. It is a leader in many fields and strives to be a leading hospital by attracting top talent and physicians.

If Mount Sinai is to be at the forefront, they needed to invest in a modern facility, so it was an easy decision to invest in this worthy cause for our community. Originally from Russia, Eugene and his family moved to Florida when he was 5 years old. His parents began a commodities company that grew into a successful oil and gas company.

After selling the company, they created a family foundation to pass on their philanthropic values to the next generation. And pass on that legacy they did. Eugene and his wife, Brooke, have two daughters, Lyla and Luna. The culture of patient care starts the moment someone walks through the door. There is a tremendous amount of thought, love and hard work that goes into creating that. The new facilities take the medical center into the future. Mount Sinai has some of the best talent in the world, and now it has some of the best infrastructure in the world. Back in Russia, when my family had very little, my grandmother would buy candy to give to the neighborhood children.

My father is a violinist. When we came to the United States, he would perform for synagogues and churches, orphanages and hospices. Philanthropy is just a natural part of who I am. A graduate of the University of Miami and the University of Miami Law School, he became a pioneer of hospice care in when he created Eastern Sun, a first-of-itskind holistic facility for the elderly on Ocean Drive.

David and his son, Joshua Wallack, are partners in business and in their devoted philanthropic support for Mount Sinai Medical Center. We are virtual natives. There is no higher service that we can perform in this world than helping others. Mount Sinai takes everyone in, and I gravitated toward that belief and wanted to help with emergency services for all. Our gifts can help create good healthcare for others for years to come. Mount Sinai is located where we live, and it should be the best that we can possibly create.

Long before serving on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees at Mount Sinai — which he has done for six years now — Paul was born in Paris, France, and moved to the United States to study engineering at Caltech. A serial entrepreneur in high technology, he co-founded DDN Storage — the world's largest privately held data storage company offering highperformance storage devices for the government, Fortune companies and cloud service providers.

The couple, who met on a blind date, have been married for 21 years and have two children, Nadine, 19, and David, We started giving 30 years ago, right out of college, and have been very diverse in our giving, from education to medical to arts and religion. They take care of everyone, even those with little or no means.

They treat all people as equals, and have for decades, going back to the s. If you go to the E. You need to be able to offer great quality of care, rooms that are pleasant for patients, and advanced equipment that attracts the top doctors. As for the community, they will benefit from better care. As Chairman and CEO of Boich Companies, Wayne has diversified and expanded the energy side of the business from solely a marketing company into a large-scale production business. The University of Miami graduate and his wife have taken a cue from their parents and built their lives around giving to others.

A big goal of ours is to instill the same values of giving to the community in meaningful ways to our children. We want to help make Miami the best city in the world. I think the quality of care is top-tier with some of the best doctors in every field to serve the people of Miami. He and his wife, Melinda, live in Coral Gables with their year-old twins.

Then during my senior year, I worked an internship in the banking industry and never went back. My mother worked at City National Bank as a teller, so I have come full circle. Successful relationships require commitment, trust and communication. Accident occurred on SE Powell Blvd.

Please email me all statements taken of any party involved in this collision, any police reports or traffic exchange reports and any photographs you have that were taken of the vehicles or accident scene. I would appreciate it if you would send me conplete copies of any and all medical records, bills, correspondence sent or received, reports, etc.

Also a copy at any statement from my client or any other witness. If such a statement from my client was not taped or transcribed, please forward a copy of the relevant memoranda or notes. Please provide me with copies of this information. This is in regards to an accident that you were a witness to on at approximately PM at the corner of 82nd and Burnside. The instance occurred as a result of a red light violation that occurred when the traffic lights went out. We are looking for a dog theif who may have used the train or used the crosswalks or the ped bridge.

I am requesting a fee waiver due to the fact I was the victim of a hit and run on SE Holgate near the intersection of SE 17th. I believe this is a public safety concern as the unidentified driver hit three cars, cause one of the victims to be transported to the hospital via EMS. A police report has been filed, case I would like the data to be aggregated into monthly boarding totals and monthly boarding totals per stop thus, for each stop, this would include a boarding and alighting figure for that month, a total of 25 months.

Agreements between TriMet and any telecommunications carrier, cable TV company or fiber or wireless infrastructure provider for leasing, license or use of TriMet owned or managed conduit by such carrier, cable TV company or fiber or wireless infrastructure provider. Muktar Jama. Any and all records and data, electronic or otherwise relating to complaints, concerns or comments about personal safety, Including but not limited to crimes, civil rights violations, threats of violence, or reports of suspicious activity on any MAX system, including trains, transit stations, stops, or platforms from June 1, to present.

We are specifically asking for all five hours. Florence Ben-Abraham, Nov. All Camera coverage on Bus for the timeline provided. Location: Holgate and 17th. Progressive insurance is attempting to confirm details of a loss that occurred near your Bus inside the timeline provided.

It can be emailed to me, if not too large. Please email to the address shown below. Thank you! I'm a daily rider and my bus this morning had to take a snow route. The driver didn't understand the route, and since I did, I stood at the front and directed her. At one point when we tried to make a left hand turn, the bus went straight and started to slide sideways down the hill. I ended up putting on a Trimet safety vest on, directed the operators movements, and redirected traffic.

I love trimet, and it was a thrill to help like I did, so I would like to request to watch the video of this event. I was super late for work, and had to walk a few miles after the ordeal, but even still, I completely understand that Trimet is doing all they can to provide safe and reliable service in such weather, so no worries. I was just happy to help. My bus was number 78 heading toward Beaverton.

Please provide video from platform and 72 NB and SB buses if available. Please provide to Portland Police as needed. I'm a reporter who's been assigned to write a story about this verdict and I was wondering if you would be able to share two things: 1 the verdict form and 2 any court document that lays out TriMet's side of the story, like the earbuds situation, or anything else I should know so I can be fair in my coverage. I want a copy of the results of an investigation involving an incident where I was left at a location for 5 hours waiting for a lift bus.

It was a Broadway cab. The reference is SIP : The accident was around April I was knocked out on the MAX. I'm working on a post for our website about the bill described here and I'd love to include a higher-resolution version of the TriMet map, dated to this month, that Willamette Week used. Is that possible? Tri-Met Claim: Requesting video footage of the accident from the tri-met bus to assist with Progressive Claims' claim number Video footage from Park-n-Ride 96th Main St. Please provide a copy of footage for the accident and the driver's narrative. Front facing video of a Trimet Lift vehicle that shows the license plate number of the Blue minivan.

Driver of the minivan stole packages off my porch. Video footage of my truck being broke into on Sunday morning between the hours of to at the location of S. It was stopped there at approximately pm on December 9th, Based on current bus schedules, it was probably the 20 bus line, but I don't know if these schedules have changed since then. I'm interested in obtaining any footage from a bus that stopped there between pm and pm, if it's available. Does Trimet have any planning maps that frequent service every 15 minutes or so during rush hour and what areas of the city are within a quarter mile of those lines and a half mile of those lines?

If so could you send them my way, as soon as possible? I would like a copy of the Video footage, driver report and supervisor report along with any photos of the damages to the bus. Unknown bus driver's name or bus number, accident was between a vehicle and a pedestrian at approximately a. Portland Police Report A copy of all current and prospective TriMet contracts for private security services, including but not limited to any with Portland Patrol, Inc.

I am seeking PDF copies of the following reports, which are distinct from the Actuarial Valuations posted on your financial transparency page at [link provided]. I got in a accident on January 11th at ish AM on foster rd turning onto south Oregon City salem freeway before even going to the ramp this happened under the bridge and I noticed on my right a small little building or where I believe Trimet workers clock in I also saw that there is two cameras and the one on the far end of the building that's facing foster might've caught it on tape and if it did it was a semi white truck and a tan truck with a gray Infiniti my car plates fAV these cars were all involved at that time it happened fast was a bit dark outside but anything will help if I could get the video from the start where the turning began and taking off please and thank you.

Ive also linked some pictures that'll hopefully help out more with what area and building im talking about. Accident happened around p. We are requesting video from bus. Your driver was not involved but was a witness to an auto accident and stated he had footage of the accident. A man harassed me on the train tonight. It escalated to the point that I had to call and alert the operator because he wouldn't leave me alone. I would like to have a record of this to be able to pursue the issue if I have trouble with this man again [additional information provided].

If they are available digitally, that's fine. Otherwise, we are happy to come to TriMet's offices and review at your convenience. Trips taken on TriMet Lift for year of Total cost to me for the year. Could you please advise Tri-Met's most recent price paid for the below items? Specifically the last car on the train. Please email me a detailed description of my rides in , that shows the dates, times, and location of my ride.

Any data on how much money TriMet makes from employers buying passes under that program annually? We are seeking answers to the following: 1. Retention of current employees: Within the security industry it is common practice for incumbent personnel to remain with the current contact, assuming they pass our application and background screening. Will TriMet please provide the current bill rates for this program? What are the current wage rates for this program?

Does TriMet have access to how many security officers have been injured as a result of working on the KC Metro Transit account? Will the TriMet please provide a current officer schedule with the supervisors illustrated in it? A copy of the Trimet Headway Sheets for the service change dated March 3 The information includes fixed route bus, streetcar, Max and Wes services and is similar to information received for PRR I have been advised by Customer Services, Tanner, that I can request an email report of 'said' investigation.

Consider this email a request for all available information regarding LIFT investigation report The other vehicle involved was a Dodge Ram Pickup. The lawsuit involved a passenger that was on the bus at the time of the accident. Hi, I'd like to get electronic copies of any maps and service guides you may have of the pre-war interurban and streetcar system in Portland.

I'm writing a history of mass transit in the Pacific Northwest, and I'd appreciate your cooperation. I would like to know data regarding the percentage of women in construction for new transportation projects, either contracted out or through municipal employees. If possible, I would like this data over a period of time, perhaps multiple data points for the last 10 years. The thieves drove south past Main Street max stop in a Dodge Ram black , Chrysler minivan tan , black toyota sr5 or another vehicle.

They left around 5 am and headed back north last rhe mIn street max stop. Started on the max train and ended on platform at 82nd. Specific train number not known. Footage may show male passenger riding MAX alone. Then, when the train opens doors at NE 82nd Ave MAX station, two subjects board train, punch solo male in the face, and depart MAX before doors close and train leaves station. We are trying to obtain the surveillance video for incident number I was on this Trimet bus headed home Thursday from work at Biglots.

The time around pm? I am concerned about a black man apx.

An Unwavering Commitment

I first noticed him when I turned to the side to exit bus. This was not the chunky man all the way back who frequently made noises. Please send me all current contracts that service the region surrounding bus stop id The specific information requested from your record keeping system is: Purchase order number. Audio and video from the following date between the hours of and hours.

Requesting updated statistics on employee and operator assaults through December Video incident from , interior views car v. Finally, please provide me with copies of any and all documentation which you received regarding our client prior to our representation. This incident occurred on January 17, Assailant s may have been on board the train and followed your son when he got off at the Powell Blvd station as he headed toward the bus stop on Powell to catch a 9 bus.

I was concussed in the accident and woke up in a hospital with no memory of what happened to me. I obtained audio from a pubic records request and one call was from a bus driver or maybe a dispatcher relaying the bus driver's information to The bus was number and there's an incident number: RP The driver mentioned bus video might have some footage of my accident. LIFT Punch card, cash, etc. I would like a copy of the video of my accident on line 57 bus the incident happened between the hour of amam. Police report A list of individual holdings i.

What's being requested is the grouping of the plans' holdings by Investment Manager and Asset Class. I have already looked at the relevant public documents through your website and did not find the information being requested. I have attached a basic example of what I am requesting for your reference. An electronic copy is preferred. Callan, R. Kuhns, etc.

If the record-keeping is done internally, please let me know. The plans' current discount rate and average age at retirement not average age of retirees. That happened today, January 15th between 7am and 5. Copies of the quarterly investment reports ending March 31, , June 30, , Sept. I would like to request surveillance footage from the Lloyd center max station platform, heading westbound.

If avaliable, the footage would be for January 15th, at approximetly am. We have been advised that there were two Tri-Met buses in the area when the accident occurred and that it is possible the cameras on one or both of the buses may have recorded this accident. We have spoken to the drivers of both buses, Awni Abara and Ynona last name unknown. We would like to find out if you have any video of this accident from your bus cameras and, if so, we request a copy of the video for our investigation of the claim.

I have filed a report with the Portland Police Department for a wallet that I believe was stolen from me on January 2nd, on one of your buses. My wallet possibly fell out of my bag or was pick-pocketed on that bus and the police department has suggested I try to get camera footage from that bus I was on. Any and all emails, sent, received or authored by Scott Erickson regarding: Ryan Campbell from November 16, to the present. Veterans Preference from November 16, to the present. It appears that Anthony Bertrand submitted a written report regarding an accident that occurred on September 23, I would like to get a copy of the report for our investigation.

Bus driven by employee [redacted], Denise Crabtree, line Pedestrian v. Pedestrian is Wes Hatton. We are requesting all proposal documents submitted by the Kiewit Infrastructure West, Co. My bike was stolen from the apartments at N Killingsworth next to the Max station at N. Interstate and Killingsworth. I'm wondering if there is any video footage on the train of the thief with my bike. This request is regarding a Workers Compensation Case.

WCB Case No. My VanMoof Electrified S picture enclosed was stolen from the bike rack at the very front of the train between Hollywood Transit Center and Main Street between He asked the request be expedited as time is of he essence. Survelillance Footage.

I am formally requesting under the Freedom of Information Act the following: I would like all emails and the associated cost of obtaining them pertaining to the discussion of proposed downtown MAX station closures, specifically King's Station and the Skidmore Fountain stop. The date range should be May 1, to November 1, The driver at fault is now denying his mistake.

I was wondering if I can get help with reviewing security camera footage at Sunset TC. Date is December 6th around 5. Any help will be appreciated. Specifically, my request is to review video recordings beginning 1 minute before the train begins to come to a complete emergency stop to five minutes after it comes to an emergency stop. I want the video from bus 71 - inside bus - that made an extremely sudden stop at either the Snider St or Pierce St stop - going towards Flavel St. The time frame is between - a. My debit card was stolen from me in a robbery then used at 7.

All camera coverage at stop ID: facing the East bound E Burnside lanes to observe an auto collision between two vehicles. The date and time was December 18th at The bus was not involved in any way. Bus video of a car hitting a pedestrian. I lost a blue iPod 7generation touch in June The person that found it sent me an email from my iPod stating they had found it after I got of the blue line max at Gresham City Hall on June 17 In the email they had mentioned making a report about it that day.

I am requesting a copy of that report, and any information on the person that submitted that request. I was hoping to get some ridership data in excel instead of in the PDF format that is available on the website. The reports I am interested in are: Spring and Fall Route and stop level passenger census. I will need the records from trimet. My car was parked in the farthest aisle from the entrance closest to 99 on one of the first spaces closest to the max rails.

I would like to view the records of your camera in hopes of seeing who might have stolen my car and how. I have made a police report. My car was a red Toyota Paseo. It had a license plate of EPA. Car impreza outback blue was parked there at 7 am and was gone when I returned at 5 pm on the same day. It was reportedly not towed. Please allow this e-mail request stand in its stead. I wish to obtain copies of or at least gain TriMet office access to the auditioning of the audio-visual records from the following: 1.

From Mon. From Thu. I found an abandoned black backpack onboard that contained a valuable laptop owned by Nike, and not, as initially feared, some homemade bomb. Please refer to your record of my conversation with Dan from TriMet's lost-and-found department, from about Copy of response letter to ATU in regard to the Powell employee shuttle.

My client was involved in an automobile-to-bicycle accident at that intersection on November 8, at approximately a. My brown Honda Accord car was stolen sometime between the hours of and Washington Plate AFY All available, non-exempt records, including photos and video, for an accident involving Mary Batson. Has TriMet received a letter or correspondence from the MAC club regarding the station closure proposal?

If so, could I receive it? Block on Nov. And Hart rd. At pm Nov. White male attempted to verbally intervene and one of the black males hit and kicked white male. The three aggressors in the verbal dispute including the male physical aggressor quickly exited the train at the next stop. Remaining female attempted to assist white male. White male declined females assistance and exited the train at Gresham Central Transit Center.

A TriMet bus was not involved in the collision, but the accident occurred right behind the TriMet bus and both drivers statements conflict with one another. Our hope is that we may be able to obtain any video from the rear of the bus that may have captured the accident that occurred directly behind the bus at or around this time at this intersection.

On November 27, abiyt some stranger I do not punched me in the face. Bus Video footage from Nov. Any incident reports or summaries. All video surveillance for claim number from pm through pm. Farmer's Claim Bus number ! Plate number E We are requesting information for the Buses routine maintenance as follows: Every how long the Engine oil is changed? Mileage or Hours , What is the capacity of oil Gallons does each bus consumed? What is the annual average each bus driven miles or Hours?

Once the bus is scheduled for oil change service, what is the shutdown hours duration until the bus is back for service? All video from November 27, - p. On Nov. January through June would be a good start. I am requesting the location of all collisions between a MAX train and vehicle going back three years. Please include the date of the incident, the intersection where it occurred, and whether or not there were any injuries.

I would like to get a copy of the bus tape from my 58 line last February 2nd. This would have an acid number of Also I would like the tape of my leaders bus too. That would be on the end of my tape as I understand it Time of day would be about 4PM to or so. They said they have a letter of support from TriMet, and they are asking for the agency to help fund feasibility studies. Please forward to me all employment records concerning Mr.

Injured Person: Jessie Chaffin. The request was as follows: A list of all incidents where people were killed or injured by collisions with MAX trains in the system's history. I don't want the victim's name, just the date, time if available , whether it was a death or injury, and the location of the incident. If it is known that the incident occurred at a marked pedestrian crossing or was trespassing, please also provide this information if it's not a substantial difference in cost.

If the data can be provided in Excel format or other electronic means, that is preferable to a paper copy. Is my understanding right: There are currently three vehicle orders in consideration: a 26 trains 13 two-car train sets to replace the Type 1 trains b 8 trains 4 two-car train sets for additional service due to the Red Line extension c 32 trains 16 two-car train sets for additional service due to the new MAX line Southwest Corridor Plan So this is a total of 66 vehicles on order. If the upper case is correct: Is my understanding right that the trains of a would be called "Type 6" trains, the trains of b would be called "Type 7" trains and the trains of c would be called "Type 8" trains?

What is the plan for the Type 1 trains that are going to be replaced?


Is it already known what companies will be the manufacturer of the new a, b and c trains? November 20, , around between pm and pm video request. There was a car accident in the park lot at Main station North Side of the parking lot. Would you please send me a copy of the following contract? This didn't seem to be available in your searchable contracts database. Purchase of gas or diesel fuel for schools buses and other District vehicles on an as-needed basis. The valet had a green light and was hit from a third party, who supposedly ran a red light driving North of 6th street into Oak.

Specifically any views of which light was green, and which light was red during the time of the accident. Trimet claim My Insured driver Christopher Westfall left a parking spot into Trimet driver's lane of travel. We are requesting a copy of the bus' camera footage capturing the accident to help resolve the liability decision for this claim. Bus video. Route Security footage of gateway parking lot on Nov 14th Between 6am and pm.

All damage photos. We are looking for confirmation, regarding TriMet's part, of this article Passenger Chases TriMet Driver with Drill Gets Probation and we would like a copy of the video that has already been released. Requesting video of the accident Accident Video: 1. I would like to get video footage of myself and my child mother and child boarding bus line number 20 on Stark right near our home address.

The footage isn't related to anything that trimet has done because trimet has always did a good job serving us well with transportation. However I need it as an alibi for our whereabouts etc. The two adults bus passes numbers are and I was involved in a car accident that was not my fault and the other driver is not admitting liability. The vehicles involved were a Volkswagen Beetle convertible, cream and a black Mercedes benz. The cars collided in the two left lanes on 6th Avenue before the stoplights.

All records, including incident reports, associated with Jean W. The owner called tri-Met and was told that the bike would be returned to the lost and found at the end of the evening. We are trying to find out what happened to the bike because it never made it back to the tri-Met lost and found. I would like a copy of the video video for the bus. The young man put his bike on the front of the bus and boarded the 14 bus on SE 23rd and Hawthorne. June 15th between am - am. On the morning of Friday, June 15th , at about am I pulled up to the westbound turn lane at th and TV Highway.

I was third in line, and came to a stop as it was a red light. The car in front of me, a small black hatchback, started rolling back slowly when I noticed his break lights went off. Knowing he must drive a manual I waited hoping he would catch himself as the road is slanted and one will roll when not actively depressing the break. I make this same trip to work, and have for almost the last three years.

He did catch himself and I saw the brake lights come on, but after his tire rear right tire dipped into one of the potholes that line the right side of that turn lane. When the light turned green the first car in line went, the second car started moving and I followed. When the car in front of me crossed the train tracks, he slammed on his brakes.

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The light still green I stopped short, now sitting on train tracks. I honked once and he started giving me the finger. I held the horn, now getting scared about sitting on train tracks, he starts screaming in his mirror and making erratic gestures with his arms. I decided at that moment that it was extremely dangerous to be pinned on the train tracks and that I need to get off of them. I went to the right, over the tracks, and as I got alongside him, he then put his foot hard on the gas and attempted to run me off the road into a curb.

I narrowly avoided that and at this point wanted simply to be away from this person whom is willing to use his vehicle as a weapon. He followed me, driving alongside me, holding his phone in one hand, while taking photos and screaming. At no point did he roll his window down to attempt to make a case for having been hit, or make a motion to talk, and I never felt contact or noticed anything different about the car until after lunch.

I noticed some white scuff marks on my bumper. As he drove a black vehicle I thought nothing of it. The officer informed me there was contact.


Again, neither car is white. I have not seen his claim of damage. If contact happened it was because I was held at a green light, forced to sit on train tracks while the man in front of me raged and attempted to use his car as a weapon. I had no idea there was a collision, I was just trying to get away from the person I felt was putting my life in jeopardy. I have no idea what started this or why I was held at a green light, forced to sit on train tracks, with no other way out. There is now a legal issue and I believe that the footage from this bus will corroborate my story and prove this person was in the wrong at every turn.

Video surveillance from the front car of MAX Blue line train yesterday, November 4, from pm to pm. I am requesting to review video surveillance in hopes to pin down a lost and potentially stolen wallet. I'm requesting footage for an accident that took place on October 29, on Vancouver Ave. Please provide footage that indicate if the Trimet bus had a yield sign and blinker on before and during the collision. I assume an equivalent value could be calculated for the electric trains from their power generation requirements. This data will be used to estimate CO2 emissions reduction potential for modeshift to electric bicycles.

I am requesting records pertaining to the arrival time of any Trimet bus at Stop I. The request relates to a police report number AB 53 and GO 53 I need all taped security footage of the 73 bus line on June 26th from 8 am until 10 pm. Video related to pedestrian v. I would like to request electronic copies of the following records: The number of credits generated by TriMet through Oregon's Clean Fuels Program. TriMet is registered with the program as a credit generator. I lost my dog and hired a search and rescue team, they tracked her to the Park Ave stop at which point the trail was lost.

I'm hoping to be able to pull the surveillance tapes from p.

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Sunday October 28 thru Monday October 29th around p. I'm looking for footage of lombard and interstate max station heading northbound facing fred meyer, I was involved in a car accident and that accident would've been recorded on that camera. I was a passenger on the train and suffered injuries. I would like video from the front MAX train car.

I was seated in the back of the train car, rear-facing section, on the left hand side of the train, second row from the back. I am wearing a blue jacket, and have a backpack and a food container with me. I want the video of the minute leading up to the collision pm , and until pm when passengers left the train. Summary Plan Description for the defined benefit plan and for the defined contribution plan. Location NE nd Ave. Portland OR. Incident involved a motor bike and multiple pedestrians.

If external cameras exist for any buses on route near the incident at that time, please provide those as well, if any. Where do I pay for this I need to obtain the video as soon as possible! Traffic camera footage at the Barnes Road and Sunset Transit center intersection on Tuesday, October 16, around 7pm Good afternoon. There was no one available from your agency to report the incident. The window of my car was broken my work and personal items were stolen Unknown time of incident but I found the car in those conditions around pm I was park on second floor facing the health department clinic space Car description is a 4 door black Dodge Caliber Police record number is My insurance is requesting to evaluate damages.

Hayden Meadows Dr. The driver says someone shot from a silver car and followed him onto Victory Blvd. Was the bus carrying passengers at the time? He says the second window from the front door was hit and that no one was hurt. Work No. Provided with report number per TriMet Customer Service.

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  8. Video shows pedestrian vehicle accident. Ocurred at NE killingsworth and Cleveland. I was traveling east and the bus was traveling west. They have denied my claim even though the mirror breakage was clearly all on my side of the road indicating the bus was over the line. I have doc recs and lawyer. If at least a part of beta-lactam overdose can be attributed to acute renal failure, initiating renal replacement therapy should be considered in order to reduce the elimination half-life and hasten the elimination of dialysable beta-lactam antibiotics. Good practice rules imply that all suspected cases of beta-lactam toxicity should be declared to the pharmacovigilance center.

    Care protocol suggested by the experts expert opinion , strong agreement. The authors also many thank all the experts of the review panels for their help in improving the final version of the guidelines. These guidelines have not been funded by any external sources. All the authors were experts for the guidelines redaction, i. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. The remaining authors declare that they have no competing interest. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

    Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Download PDF. Critical Care December , Cite as. Open Access. First Online: 29 March Methods A consensus committee of 18 experts from the two societies had the mission of producing these guidelines.

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    Results After two rounds of rating and one amendment, a strong agreement was reached by the SFPT-SFAR guideline panel for 21 optional recommendations and a recapitulative algorithm for care covering four areas: i pharmacokinetic variability, ii PK-PD relationship, iii administration modalities, and iv therapeutic drug monitoring TDM. Background The use of antibiotics in the critical care setting is very common. Consequently, the judgement criteria used in our literature review were rated as follows: Main criteria: mortality importance 9 and achievement of the PK-PD objective importance 5 ; Secondary criteria: clinical cure importance 8 , microbiological cure importance 6 , mechanical ventilation free days importance 6 , length of ICU stay importance 7 , and incidence of adverse side effects importance 7.

    First area. Pharmacokinetic variability of beta-lactam antibiotics Which elements of PK variability of beta-lactam antibiotics should be taken into account to decrease morbidity and mortality in ICU patients? As a consequence, drug pharmacokinetics frequently change during the treatment period for a given patient, as already reported for aminoglycosides [ 30 , 31 ] and beta-lactams [ 13 ]. Indeed, estimated creatinine clearance formulas sMDRD, CKD-EPI, Cockroft and Gault were developed for stable patients with chronic renal insufficiency and must not be used in critically ill patients in whom normal creatininemia despite altered GFR is frequent [ 47 , 48 , 49 ].

    However, this reference MIC value, selected in the absence of actual MIC, can be modulated taking into account local ecology. The main risk factor associated with neurological toxicity of beta-lactam antibiotics is renal failure, which may cause rapid and significant accumulation of beta-lactams. Table 1 Convulsing activity of beta-lactams compared to penicillin G, from [ 67 , 69 , 70 ].

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    Which beta-lactam administration modalities should be used to decrease morbidity and mortality of ICU patients? Another argument for initiating treatment with high beta-lactam doses is that sepsis may be associated with modifications of beta-lactam PK at the tissue level [ 81 ]. Moreover, the existence of efflux transporters that act as a barrier between the target organ and the blood, and possible tissue degradation of antibiotics has also been reported to contribute to decrease antibiotic concentration in some tissues [ 82 ].

    All these results demonstrate, at least, an improvement in the clinical cure rate with continuous administration of beta-lactam antibiotics in the most critically ill patients. The prospective randomised, open-label study led by Fan et al. Finally, the post-hoc analysis performed by Abdul-Aziz et al. Focusing more specifically on P.

    Indeed, in Fan et al. Finally, the same trend was noted in the study performed by Lodise et al. Open image in new window. Which modalities of therapeutic drug monitoring of the treatment with beta-lactam antibiotics should be used to decrease morbidity and mortality of ICU patients?

    Few studies have assessed the impact of beta-lactam therapeutic drug monitoring TDM in ICU patients, and none of these studies reported an impact on clinical outcome [ , , ]. All these findings make it very difficult to propose general recommendations for beta-lactam dosing in patients undergoing RRT, even for each technique separately. Thus, personalized TDM appears necessary. Any significant modification of circulatory, renal, or hepatic functions; inflammatory conditions; and therapeutic interventions such as fluid expansion, albumin or catecholamine administration, and kidney replacement therapy may change beta-lactam antibiotics PK and should lead to repeat TDM.

    CSF sampling specifically dedicated to beta-lactam TDM may be considered in patients with external ventricular drain. In addition, in the event that a control lumbar puncture is indicated due to poor clinical evolution, unusual involved bacteria such as Staphylococcus or Pseudomonas , or involved bacteria with high MIC, a part of the CSF sample should be dedicated to perform beta-lactam TDM. In the future, the potential use of cerebral microdialysis could be a novel method for monitoring regional brain concentrations of beta-lactam antibiotics [ ].

    TDM results should be available as soon as possible, allowing rapid adjustment of the beta-lactam dosage in case of under- or over-exposure.

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    Indeed, recent analytical methods allow a rapid determination of beta-lactam concentrations and would help to reach the objectives of an early TDM actually belonging to daily care [ ]. Further, the potential use of a closed loop system in the near future may offer a new way for real-time antibiotic concentration monitoring [ ]. Table 2 Target trough total Cmin or free f Cmin plasma concentration following intermittent administration and target total Css or free f Css steady-state plasma concentration following continuous administration for the main beta-lactam antibiotics.

    To limit the toxicity of beta-lactam antibiotics, the maximum target beta-lactam concentrations have been determined from previously published relationships between concentrations and toxicity, and toxicity thresholds for trough or steady-state concentrations. Such data are available for cefepime [ 72 , 73 ], ceftriaxone [ ], and piperacillin [ 75 ]. For the other molecules, for which such data are not available, a trough free plasma concentration equal to eight times the MIC was proposed as the upper value of the target.

    Indeed, higher beta-lactam concentrations did not improve efficacy [ 63 ] and increased the risk of neurologic toxicity [ 76 ] Cf. Below are the common arguments with R4. Funding These guidelines have not been funded by any external sources. Ethics approval and consent to participate Not applicable. Consent for publication Not applicable.

    Flow-charts of study seletion provides a flow chart of the selection of the relevant studies among all the studies identified by the literature search for each of the four areas of the guidelines. Supplementary method file provides the keywords used for the bibliographic search for each of the four areas of the guidelines. ZIP kb. Crit Care Med. Antibiotic use and good practice in French hospitals: the SPA2 prevalence study. Med Mal Infect. Clinical importance of delays in the initiation of appropriate antibiotic treatment for ventilator-associated pneumonia.

    Empirical antimicrobial therapy of septic shock patients: adequacy and impact on the outcome. Duration of hypotension before initiation of effective antimicrobial therapy is the critical determinant of survival in human septic shock. Does beta-lactam pharmacokinetic variability in critically ill patients justify therapeutic drug monitoring? A Systematic Review. Ann Intensive Care. Pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics issues relevant for the clinical use of beta-lactam antibiotics in critically ill patients.

    Crit Care. GRADE guidelines: 2. Framing the question and deciding on important outcomes. J Clin Epidemiol. The effect of pathophysiology on pharmacokinetics in the critically ill patient--concepts appraised by the example of antimicrobial agents. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. Individualised antibiotic dosing for patients who are critically ill: challenges and potential solutions. Lancet Infect Dis. Clin Infect Dis. Piperacillin concentration in relation to therapeutic range in critically ill patients--a prospective observational study. Dose modulation: a new concept of antibiotic therapy in the critically ill patient?

    J Crit Care. Antibiotic dose optimization in critically ill patients. Med Int. Google Scholar. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic rationale for cefepime dosing regimens in intensive care units. J Antimicrob Chemother. Cefepime in intensive care unit patients: validation of a population pharmacokinetic approach and influence of covariables.

    Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. Cefepime versus cefpirome: the importance of creatinine clearance. Anesth Analg. Plasma, urine and skin pharmacokinetics of cefepime in burns patients. Population pharmacokinetics of high-dose, prolonged-infusion cefepime in adult critically ill patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia.

    Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Prospective monitoring of cefepime in intensive care unit adult patients. Clin Biochem. Adequacy of high-dose cefepime regimen in febrile neutropenic patients with hematological malignancies. Population pharmacokinetics of meropenem in critically ill patients undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy. Clin Pharmacokinet. Dosing of antibacterial agents in obese adults: does one size fit all? Expert Rev Anti-Infect Ther.

    Effect of obesity on the pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials in critically ill patients: a structured review. Int J Antimicrob Agents. Obesity-related physiological changes and their pharmacokinetic consequences. J Pharm Investig. CrossRef Google Scholar. The pharmacokinetics of prophylactic antibiotics in trauma. J Trauma. Fluctuation of the volume of distribution of amikacin and its effect on once-daily dosage and clearance in a seriously ill patient. Intensive Care Med.

    Acute kidney injury in the perioperative period and in intensive care units excluding renal replacement therapies. Anaesth Crit Care Pain Med. Augmented renal clearance: implications for antibacterial dosing in the critically ill. Augmented renal clearance in septic and traumatized patients with normal plasma creatinine concentrations: identifying at-risk patients. Augmented renal clearance in critically ill patients: etiology, definition and implications for beta-lactam dose optimization. Curr Opin Pharmacol. Population pharmacokinetics and dosing simulations of cefuroxime in critically ill patients: non-standard dosing approaches are required to achieve therapeutic exposures.

    The effects of hypoalbuminaemia on optimizing antibacterial dosing in critically ill patients. The clinical relevance of plasma protein binding changes. Association between hypoalbuminemia and mortality among subjects treated with ertapenem versus other carbapenems: prospective cohort study. Clin Microbiol Infect.

    Protein binding characteristics and pharmacokinetics of ceftriaxone in intensive care unit patients. Br J Clin Pharmacol. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of meropenem in critically ill patients. J Clin Pharmacol. Assessment of renal function in recently admitted critically ill patients with normal serum creatinine. Nephrol Dial Transplant. Performance of the Cockcroft-Gault and modification of diet in renal disease equations in estimating GFR in ill hospitalized patients.

    Am J Kidney Dis. How robust are our methods of detecting impaired glomerular filtration rate in the intensive care unit? Med J Armed Forces India. Unbound fraction of ertapenem in intensive care unit patients.