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Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. First Edition. A former owners name M. Moses rubber stamped on the top ends top edge of the book when closed. Books is in very good condition. Some creases from wear. Seller Inventory DS DJ bottom edge has a 2" tear but is complete. Prabhupada, A. According to Srila ]iva Gosvami, the Buddha incarnation mentioned in this verse appeared in. But before learning these principles of nonviolence one has to learn two other principles, namely to be humble and to be prideless. At the ultimate stage one has to accept the Lord and become. The sum and substance of such conditions is godlessness.

Even the so-caJied saints and higher castes of the social orders, generally known as the dvija-janas or Lhe twice born, will become atheists. As such, all of them will practically forgel even the holy name of the Lord, and what to speak of His aclivilies. The higher castes of society, namely the intelligent class of men guiding the destinies. The significance. It is stated herein that the governmental power of the society in the Kali-yuga would be passed over to the uncultured, god. All of them are different representative manifestations of the energy of the supreme power, the.

In the stage when the creation is maintained,. At last, when the creation is preparing to wind up, there is first the principle of irreligion, then Lord Siva along with the atheists, full. But all of them are but different manifestations of the Supreme Lord. Therefore Brahma, Vipu and Mahadeva Siva are different incarna.

Ttharh yasmiit tri-siimya-sadaniid uru-kampayiinam. Ttham-the topmost planetary space; yasmiit -by which; tri-siimya-the neutral state of the three modes; sadaniit-up to that place; um-kampayiinam-moving very greatly. Even the scientist, who might have counted the particles of the atoms of the universe, cannot. Because it is He only who, in His form of Trivikrama, moved His leg effortlessly beyond the topmost planet, Satyaloka, up to the neutral state of the three modes of material nature.

And all were moved. But the material scientist is not able to have an estimation of the particles of atoms contained in the whole of the universe. But even if one is able to count such atomic particles or is able to roll up the sky, like one's bedding, even then one is unable to estimate the extent of the prowess and energy of the Supreme Lord.

He is known as Trivikrama because once, in His incarnation of Vamana, He expanded His leg beyond the highest planetary system of Satyaloka and reached the neutral state of the modes of nature called the covering of the material world. There are seven layers of material coverings over the material sky, and the Lord could penetrate even those coverings. And with His toe He made a hole through which the water of the Causal Ocean filters into the material sky, and the current is known as the sacred Ganges, which purifies the planets of the three worlds.

In other words, no one is equal to the transcendentally powerful ViI U. He is omnipotent, and no one is equal to or greater than Him. I II niintam vidiimy aham ami munayo'gra-jiis te miiyii-balasya puruasya kuto'varii ye giiyan gurtiin dasa-satiinana iidi-devaft seo'dhuniipi samavasyati niisya piiram na. Sa-sata-anana-orw who has ten. So what can others, who are born after us, know about Him?

Srimad-Bhagavatam Second Canto Volume 2 | Anger | Bhagavata Purana

Even the first incarnation of the Lord. PURPORT The omnipotent Personality of Godhead has primarily three potentiaJ manifestations, namely internal, external, and marginal potencies, with unlimited expansions of these three energies. As such, the potential ex pansions can never be caJculated by anyone because even the Personality of God Himself, as the incarnation of Sea, could not estimate the potencies, although He has been describing them continuaJly with His om thousand faces.

But those who are attached to this body, which is meant to be eaten up at the end by dogs and jackals, cannot do so. Those who are attached to the perishable body can hardly enter into the realm of the science of Godhead. The whole materialistic world, based on the conception of the material body as the self, is ignorant of the science of God. The materialist is always busy work ing for the welfare of the material body, not only of his own but also that of his children, kinsmen, communitymen, countrymen, etc.

They have many branches of philanthropic and altruistic activities from a political, national, and international angle of vision, but none of the field work can go. Unless, therefore, one is saved from the wrong conception of the body and the soul, there is no knowledge of Godhead, and unless there is knowledge of God, all advancement of male rial civilization, however dazzling, should be considered to be a failure. WllmOT;ttl: vediiham anga paramasya hi yoga-miiyiirh yuyarh bhavas ca bhagaviin atha daitya-varyaft patni manoft sa ca manus ca tad-iitmajiis ca priicinabarhir rbhur anga uta dhruvaS ca ikviikur aila-mucukunda-videha-giidhi raghv-ambana-sagarii gaya-niihuiidyii[!

Svayambhuva;ca-and;tat-atmaja ca-and his children like Priyavrata, Ut tanapada, Devahiiti, etc. And, similarly, the all-powerful Siva, the great king of the atheist family, namely Prahlada Maharaja, Svayam bhuva Manu, his wife Satariipa, his sons and daughters like Priyavrata, UWinapada, Akiiti, Devahiiti, Prasiiti, etc. PURPORT All the great devotees of the Lord, as mentioned above, who flourished in the past or present, and all devotees of the Lord who will come in the future, are aware of the different potencies of the Lord along with the potency of His name, quality, pastimes, entourage, personality, etc.

And how do they know? Certainly it is not by mental speculation, nor by any attempt by dint of limited instruments of knowledge. By the limited instruments of knowledge either senses or the material instruments like microscopes and telescopes one cannot even fully know the Lord's mate rial potencies, which are manifested before our eyes.

For example there are many millions and billions of planets far, far beyond the scientist's calculation. But these are only the manifestations of the Lord's material energy. What can the scientist hope to know of the spiritual potency of the Lord by such material efforts? Mental speculations, by adding some dozens of "if's" and "maybe's," cannot aid the advancement of knowledge -on the contrary, such mental speculation will only end in despair by dismissing the case abruptly and declaring the nonexistence of God.

The sane. In the Upaniads it is clearly said that the Supreme Personality of Godhead can never be known simply by working very hard and taxing the good brain, nor can He be known simply by mental specula tion and jugglery of words. The Lord is knowable only by one who is a surrendered souL Herein Brahmaji, the greatest of all material living beings, acknowledges this truth.

Therefore, the fruitless spoiling of energy by pursuing the path of experimental knowledge must be given up. One should gain knowledge by surrendering unto the Lord and by acknowledging the authority of the persons mentioned herein. The Lord is unlimited and, by the grace of the yogamiiyii, helps the surrendered soul to know Him proportionately with the advance of one's surrendering process.

In the Bhagavad-gitii Bg. The answer to such questions or inquiries is given herein very properly. The Personality of Godhead may not be present before one's eyes, but if one is sincere in wanting such guidance the Lord will send a bona fide person who can guide one properly back to home, back to Godhead. There is no need of material qualifications for making progress in the path of spiritual realiza tion. In the material world, when one accepts some particular type of service, he is required to possess some particular type of qualification also.

Without this one is unfit for such service. But in the devotional service of the Lord the only qualification required is surrender. Surrender ing oneself is in one's own hand. If one likes, he can surrender immediately without any delay, and that begins his spiritual life. The bona fide repre sentative of God is as good as God Himself. Or, in other words, the loving representative of the Lord is more kind and more easy to approach. A sin ful soul cannot approach the Lord directly, but such a sinful man can very easily approach a pure devotee of the Lord.

And if one agrees to put himself under the guidance of such a devotee of the Lord, he can also understand the science of God and can also become like the transcendental pure devotee of the Lord and thus get his liberation back to Godhead, back home for eternal happiness. So realization of the science of Godhead and relief from the unnecessary, useless struggle for existence are not at all difficult for the willing candidate. But they are very difficult for persons who are not surrendered souls but only simple, profitless speculators.

That is certainly the ultimate phase of the supreme enjoyer the Personality of Godhead. He is eternally void of all disturbances, with out any fear, complete consciousness as opposed to matter, uncontam inated, without any distinction, the principle primeval cause of all causel and effects, in whom there is no sacrifice for fruitive activities, and ir whom the illusory energy does not stand.

Therdore, meding the Personality of Godhead includes the realization of the impersonal Brahman as reali. The Personality of Godhead is the third step of Brahman reali zation. As explained in the First Canto, one must understand all three features of the Absolute-Brahman, Pararnatma, and Bhagavan. Pratibodha-miitram is just the opposite conception of material existence.

That is the primary conception of impersonal Brahman. The Supreme Lord is the Supreme Soul of everything, and therefore in the supreme conception affection is realized. The conception of affection is due to the relationship of soul to soul. A father is affectionate to his son because there is some relationship of nearness between the son and the father. But that sort of affection in the material world is full of inebriety. When the Personality of Godhead is met, the fullness of affection becomes manifested because of the reality of the affectionate relationship.

He is not the object of affection by material tinges of body and mind, but He is the full, naked uncontaminated object of affection for all living entities be cause He is the Supersoul or Paramatma within everyone's heart. In the liberated state of affairs, the full-fledged affection for the Lord is awakened. As such, there is an unlimited flow of happiness, everlasting, without any fear of being broken as we have experienced here in the material world.

The relationship with the Lord is never broken; thus there is no grief and no fear. Such happiness is inexplicable by words, and there can be no attempt to generate such happiness by fruitive activities by arrange ment and sacrifices. Jn the Upaniads the description is more or less negation of the material conception of things, but this is not denial of the transcend ntal senses of the Supreme Lord. Herein also the same is affirmed in the state ments about th material dem nts; tluy an all tramwcndcntal, free from all contamination of material identification. And also the liberated souls.

All the senses, both of the Lord and of the dcvolees,. The illusory material energy cannot work there, being ashamed before the Lord and His transcendental devotees. In the material world the sense activities are not without grief, but here it is clearly said thal the senses of the Lord and the devotees are without any grief. There is a distinct difference between the material and spiritual senses.

And it should be understood without denying the spiritual senses because of a material conception. The senses in the material world are surcharged with material ignorance. In every way the authorities have recommended purification of the scnseE from the material conception. In the material world the senses are manipu lated for individual and personal satisfaction, whereas in the spiritual world the senses are properly used for the purpose for which they were originally meant, namely the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. Such sensual activi ties arc natural, and therefore sense gratification there is uninterrupted and unbroken by material contamination because the senses are spiritually purified.

And such satisfaction of the senses is equally shared by the transcendental reciprocators. Since the activities are unlimited and con stantly increasing, there is no scope for material attempts or artificial arrangements. Such happiness of transcendental quality is called brahma. Such processes are given up, as the heavenly King, Indra, does not take the trouble to dig a well. Similarly, those who are poor in transcendental realiz. But they do not know that such control of the senses and achievement of spiritual per fection are simultaneously made possible as soon as one is.

It is for this reason that the great liberated souls also desire to be associated in hearing and chanting the activities of the Lord. The example of lndra is very appropriate in this connection. King lndra of heaven is the controlling deity or demigod for arranging clouds and supplying rains in the universe, and as such he does not have to take the trouble to dig a well for his personal water supply.

For him, digging a well for a water supply is simply ludicrous. Nor do such devotees have to meditate upon the imaginary or real identity of the Lord. Because they are factually engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord, the Lord's pure devotees have already achieved the results of mental speculation and meditation. The real perfection of life is therefore to be engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord. As such, He is the ultimate benefactor.

Every individual living entity is unborn, and therefore even after the annihilation of the material elementary body, the living entity exists, exactly like the air within the body.


S imilarly, in his spiritual life also adions an: rewarded by the Lord by the five kinds of liberation. Even Lhc impersonalist eannot achieve the desired merging into the existence of the Supnme without being favored by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is confirmed in th1 Bhagavad-gitii also Bg.

The living entities are. It is the duty of everyone, therefore, to worship de v outly only the Personality of Godhead to achieve his desired goal. The impersonalist,. The devotees, howtver, are naturally inclined to become associates of the Lord without being merged in the spiritual existence, as conceived by the impersonalisl. The devotees, therefore, following their constitutional instincts, achieve the desired goal of becoming servitors, friends, fathers, mothers or conjugal lovers of the Lord.

The devotional service of the Lord involves nine transcendental processes of hearing and chanting, etc.

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The devotees are, therefore, never advised to indulge in speculating upon the nature of the Supreme, or artificially meditating on the void. One should not, however, misunderstand that after the annihilation of this present body there is no body by which one can associate with the Lord face to face. The living entity is unborn. It is not that he is manifest. On the other hand, it is true that the material body develops only by the desire of the living entity.

The evolution of the material body is due to such desires of the living being. According to the desires of the living being, the material body develops. So from the spirit soul the material body comes into existence, generated from the living force. As the living being is eternal, so he exists just like the air within the body. Air is within and without the body.

Therefore when the external covering, the material body, is vanquished, the living spark, like the air within the body, continues to exist. And by the direction of the Lord, because He is the ultimate benefactor, the living entity is at once awarded the necessary spiritual body befitting his association with th1 Lord in the manner of siiriipya equal bodily feature , siilokya equal facility to live in the same planet with the Lord , siirti equal possession of opulence like the Lord , and siimipya 1qual association with Lhc Lord.

Thil' is 1:onfirrrud in the Bhagavad-gitii. Once achieving Lhe spiritual. Hari, the Lord; na- never; anyat- anything else; an yasmiit- being the cause of; sat-manifested or phenomenal;asat-noumenal; ca- and ; yat- whatever there may be. PURPORT As we have generally the experience of the temporary, material world and conditioned souls trying to lord it over the material worlds, so Brahmajl explained to Naradadeva that this temporary world is the work of the external potency of the Lord, and the conditioned souls struggling here for existence are the marginal potency of the Supreme Lord Person ality of Godhead, and but for Him, Hari, the Supreme Lord, there is no other cause for all these phenomenal activities.

He is the primeval cause of all causes. This does not mean, however, that the Lord Himself is distrib uted impersonally. He is aloof from all these interactions of the external and mrginal potencies. In the Bhagavad-gitii, it is confirmed. The potency and the potent are simultaneously one and different from one another. One should not deprecate the Supreme Lord for the creation of this miserable world,. The prisonhouse is a necessary institution of the establishment of the government for those who are disobedient to the laws of the government.

Similarly, this material world, full of miseries, is a temporary creation of the Lord for those who have forgotten Him and are trying to lord it over the false manifestation. He, however, is always anxious to get the fallen souls back home, back to Godhead, and for this He has given so many chances to the conditioned souls via the authoritative scriptures, His representatives, and personal incarnations also.

Since He has no direct attachment to this material world, He is not to be blamed for its creation. He, being absolute, is nondifferent from the science of God, Srimad-Bhiigavatam. So the transcendental knowledge of the Supreme Lord is not. Therefore man became blind, so to speak, to his ultimate goal. The ultimate goal of life is not to pass a life of irresponsibility like the animals and indulge in a polished way in the four animal principles,. Therefore it was necessary to describe the science of God from the very beginning, or from the very birth of the phenomenal world.

Everyone is hankering after happiness in life, but in this age, blind. Godhead is the reservoir of all happiness because He is the ultimate source of everything:janmiidasya yata[t. Happiness in complete perfection without. And it is only by His association that we can get rid of the distressful material existence. Even those who are after the en oyment of this material. Narada is therefore requested or ordered by his spiritual master to present this science with determination and in.

Supreme Lord. If this is done regularly with devotion and respect, one is sure to get out of the illusory energy of the Lord.

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The fanatics or the fools may consider the. Lord's activities in relation with external energy useless for them, and they may falsely claim to be higher participants in the internal energy of the Lord, but factually the Lord's activities, either in relation with the external. On the other hand, those who are not completely free from the clutches of the external energy. They should not foolishly jump up to the activities of the internal energy, falsely attracted by the Lord's internal. But a pure dcvolee knows that there is no difference between the pastimes of the Lord, either in riisa-lilii or in creation, maintenance or destruction of the material world.

Rather, the description of such activities of the Lord as. Riisa-lilii, etc. A conditioned soul should not imitate the activities of liberated souls. Lord Sri Caitanya never indulged in hearing the riisa-lilii with ordinary men. In the Third Canto it will be more explicit.

A pure devotee of the Lord, therefore, must begin reading or. Tenth Canto. We have several times been requested by some so-called devotees to take up the Tenth Canto immediately, but we have refrained. That is the way of understanding Vedic knowledge. It comes down from the Lord by disciplic succession, and this transcen. There is no chance, however, to receive the Vedic knowledge from mentaJ speculators. Therefore, wherever Narada Muni goes, he represents himself as authorized by the Lord, and his appearance is as good as that of the Supreme Lord.

Similarly, the disciplic succession which strictly follows the transcendental instruction is the bona fide chain of disciplic succession, and the test for such bona fide spiritual masters is that there should be no difference between the instruction of the Lord originally imparted to His devotee and that which is imparted by the authority in the line of disciplic succession. How Narada Muni distributed the transcendental knowledge of the Lord will be explained in later cantos. Whenever, therefore, the Lord is described as agu!

He is transcendental to all malt:'rial conceptions, and thus He is described as agu[l-a. Narr ations concer ning the Lord, who possesses wonderful potencies, are certainly auspicious for living beings in all planets. Srimad-Bhagavatam so that I can place my mind upon the Supreme Soul, Lord Kra, and, being completely freed from material qualities, thus.

Maharaja Parikit is now a realized soul by this secret of. The fruitive materialist is not a realized soul; he wants to de rive som1: material benefit from his so-called hearing of Srimad-Bhiigavatam. He wanted to be free of such bondage also by the constant association of the Lord. The professional men are useless in this connection because they are neither self-realized nor interested in the liberation of the audience. They are simply interested. Maharaja Parikit had no more than seven days to live, but for others Maharaja Parikit personally.

During the rainy season, all waters of the rivers become. A true repre entative of the Lord like Narada, later. They became so powerful hecause they sincerely followed. But a perfectly cleansed person never quits the devotional service of the Lord. In discharging such devotional. Prahlada Maharaja suffered greatly, but still he never. Pure devotees like Narada or Nityananda Prabhu take up the order of the spiritual master as the sustenance of life.

They do not. They take the matter very seriously as the order comes from the higher authority, from the repre. Certainly there are many troubles for the traveler when he is in such unknown place. But all such troubles are at once mitigated as soon as the. A pure devotee of the Lord is exactly in a family tie with lhe Lord, and therefore he is undeterred in discharging his duty in full affectionate tie with the Lord.

Does he acquire the body accidentally or by some cause? Will you kindly explain this, for it is known to you. A person on the path of. From the Bhagavad-gitii, as. Lord and the living beings are one. The living being in the conditioned state of material existence is subjected to many transmigrations by. Only the conditioned souls awaiting liberation are subjected to. This inquiry is essential in order to be made immune to all kinds of offenses in the path of devotional service. Even if one is fixed in. In other words, the spiritual master.

Thus one who is not well versed in the authorized scriptu res and not able to answer all such relevant inquiries. It has been described in many places before this that Lhe Lord assumed a very gigantic body, like Kara! The body of the Garbhodaka8ay1 Vi! In the creation of lhe material world He undoubtedly assumes the gigantic body, and living en lities also gel bodies, big or small, according to the respective nece sity.

For example , an elepha nt gets a gigantic body according to its need , and so also an ant gets its body according to its needs. Similarly, if the. Pe rso nality of Godhead assumes a gig antic body to accomodate the uni verses or. So the answer depends on the specific significance of the body of the Lord, as distinguished from the body of lhc common living being.

Of course, by the grace of the Lord, Brahma was able to see the form of the Lord. He was directly born from the bodily expansion of the lotus flower of the Lord. Thus it is. This must also be clearly understood. One thing is, however, certain:. Whether the form seen by Brahma is of the same quality as that. It is understood also that the same purua lies in the heart of every living entity.

This also requires proper explanation. TEXT ll. I have also heard that the different planetary systems are supposed to be in the gigantic body of the virata purua. But what is their actual position? Will you please explain that? Also, please explain the duration and measurement of life of the different living beings known as. PURPORT Past, present and future are different features of time to indicate the duration of life for the universe and all its paraphernalia, including the different living beings in different planets.

PURPORT The actions and reactions of all works in the material modes of nature, either in the minute form or in the gigantic form, are accumulated, and thus the result of such accumulated actions and reactions of karma, or work, become manifested in the same proportion. How such actions and reactions take place, what are the different procedures, and in what proportion they act are all the subject matter of Maharaja Parikit's inquiries from the great brahmarw, Sukadeva Gosvami.

Life in the higher planets, known as the abode of the denizens of heaven, is obtained not by the strength of spacecraft as is now being contemplated by the inexperienced scientists , but by works done in the mode of goodness. The reason is that the Ameri cans do not wish to share their prosperity with any foreigner who has not qualified himself as a citizen of America. Similarly, the same mentality is. Maharaja Parikit's inquiries are on the basis of proportionate actions. Even on this planet of our present residence, no one can achieve a good position within the social order without being qualified with proportionate good work.

Similarly, no one can enter into the higher regions of the planetary system without being qualified by good works in this life. Persons addicted to the habits of passion and ignorance have no chance of entering the higher planetary system simply by an electronic mechanism. According to the statement of the Bhag avad-gitii Bg. These various actions and reactions of work in the mode of goodness are generally known as pious work with devotional service, culture of knowledge with devotional service, mystic powers with devotional service and at last devotional service unmixed with any other varieties of goodness.

This unmixed devotional service is transcendental and is called the parii bhakti, which alone can promote a person to the transcendental kingdom of God. Such a transcendental kingdom is not a myth, but is as factual as the moon planet. It requires the transcendental qualities to understand the kingdom of God and God Himself. The inhabitants of the land are different from the inhabitant. No place is vacant by the laws of the Lord, but the creatures of one particular place are different from others. Such adjustment of the laws of nature is not blind. There is a great plan behind the arrange ment.

Srama-orders of life; uiniScayaft-specifically describe. Those who are of the opinion that the devotees of the Lord are satisfied with some sentiments only can find good lessons in the inquiries of Maharaja Parikit. The modern scientist is unable to know about the inner space of the universal horizon, and what to speak of the space which covers the universes.

Maharaja Parikit is not simply satisfied with material knowledge only. The glories of the Lord and the glories of His devo tees, combined together, comprise the co. Lord Krl. The very idea of the scientific divisions of four classes of human society. The parts and parcels of the body are nondifferent from the body, but by themselves they are only parts and parcels of the. Any person employed in. Also tell me about the different activities of the different incarnations of the Lord in different ages.

Maharaja Parikit inquires from the great learned sage Sukadeva Gosvami about the different activities of such incarna. Maharaja Parikit is not to be. The Lord descends by His internal. The specific activities of the Lord are mentioned, and one should know that the activities of the Lord and the Lord are identical due to being on the absolute plane.

Thus to hear the activities of the Lord means to associate with the Lord directly, and association of the Lord directly means purification from material con tamination. We have already discussed this point in the First Volume. Seas ca yiidrsafl. Even the animals may be included in devotional service to the Lord, and the best example. In the Skanda Puriir-a there is a narration that a hunter in the jungle became the most. Even if a particular type of religious principle does not recognize the supremacy of the Supreme Personality.

Such a leader of a religious sect is never the supreme leader because such a circumstantial leader comes to the. The Supreme Personality of Godhead does not, however, require to be under disciplinary action to become leader, as we see in the activities of Lord Kr! In the Bhagavad-gitii it is stated that a person can achieve. AB will be explained in this book by the greatest.

How does the perfect mystic become detached from the subtle astral body? What is the basic knowledge of the Vedic literatures, including the branches of history and the supplementary Puras? Lord Siva is the greatest yogi, and. The devotees of the Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, do not directly practice the process of mystic powers, but, by the grace of the Lord, His devotee can defeat even a great. Similarly, at the time of Draupadi's precarious position, when she was attacked by the Kurus who.

Gosvami about the ultimate destination of such great mystics or how they attain such extraordinary powers by their own efforts or by the grace of. He inguired also about the purports of the Vedic knowledge, and, as is stated in the. Bhagavad-gitii Bg. Tell me also of the advan tages and disadvantages of discharging devotional service unto the Lord.

What are the Vedic rituals and injunctions of the supplementary Vedic rites, and what are the procedures of religion, economic development and sense satisfaction? One who is firmly situated in devotional service of the Lord can very easily execute the function of conditional life.

Living the conditional life is just like plying a boat in the middle of the ocean. One is completely at the mercy of the ocean, and at every moment there is every chance of being drowned in the ocean by slight agitation. If the atmosphere is all right, the boat can ply very easily, undoubtedly, but if there is some storm, fog, wind, or cloud, there is every po sibility of being drowned in the ocean. No one can control the whims of the ocean, however one may be materially well equipped. One who has cro sed the oceans by ship may have sufficient experience of such dependence upon the mercy of the ocean.

But one can ply over the ocean of material existence by the grace of the Lord very easily, without any fear of storm or fog. It all depends on the will of the Lord; no one can help if there is some unfortunate danger in the state of conditional life. The devotees of the Lord, however, cross the ocean of material exi tence without anxiety because a pure devotee is always protected by the Lord Bg.

The Lord gives special attention to His devotees in their activi ties within material, conditional life. Bhakti-rasiimrta-sindhu, the science of devotional service, one should not eat more than what he requires to maintain body and soul together. Such an endeavor is harmful to devotional service.

One should not talk nonsense. How can one become formless and at the same time have all intelligence and consciousness, direct and indirect? So there are many. The favorable conditions for discharging devotional service are that one.

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The Lord in His form of Sn Caitanya Mahaprabhu wanted the cult of devotional service to the Lord to be preached all over the world, in every nook and corner, and therefqre. If he is not superficially successful. Success or failure has no meaning for a pure devotee because he is a soldier in the field. Preaching the cult of devotional service is something.

There are different kinds of materialists, such as the fruitive workers, the mental speculators, the mystic. All of them are against the existence of Godhead. They would declare that they are themselves God, although in. Therefore a pure devotee may not associate with such gangs of atheists. A strong devotee of the Lord will not be misled by such atheistic propaganda of the nondevotees, but a neophyte devotee should be very cautious about them. A devotee should see to the right discharge of devo tional service under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master and should not stick only to the formalities.

Under the direction of the bona fide spiritual master one should see how much service is being executed, and not simply in the matter of rituals. A devotee should not hanker after anything, but he should be satisfied with things that may automatically. That should be the principle of a devotional life. And all these principles are easily learned under the gui. Maharaja Parikit inquired from Sukadeva correctly, and one should follow his example. As explained before, the Mahiibhiirata. To implant trees on the public roads, to construct public temples and places of worship of God, to establish places of charity where the poor destitutes can be provided with foodstuff, and similar activities, are called purta.

Similarly, the process of fulfilling the natural desires for sense gratifica tion was also inquired about by the King for the benefit of all concerned.

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  4. Also please explain how the unconditioned living entities exist. PURPORT The progressive devotee of the Lord must inquire from the bona fide spiritual master how living entities merged in the body of the Lord again come back at the time of creation. There are two kinds of living entities. There are the ever liberated unconditioned living beings as well as the ever conditioned living beings. Of the ever conditioned living beings, there are two divisions. They are the faithful and the infidels. Of the faithful there are again two divisions, namely the devotees and the mental speculators.

    The mental speculators desire to merge into the existence of the Lord, or to become one with the Lord, whereas the devotees of the Lord desire to keep separate identities and constantly engage in the service of the Lord. The devotees who are not fully purified, as well as the empiric philoso phers, become conditioned again during the next creation for further. J II yatha:tma-tantro bhagavan vikri! By His internal potency only He kills the demon Putanii, even though enjoying His pastimes in the lap of. He is the witness of everything that is happening, and yet He has nothing to do with anything.

    He is indepen. Maharaja Paiilq;it desired to know more perfectly, for a pure devotee ought to know well. PURPORT The spiritual master is always prepared to impart knowledge to the disciple and specifically when the disciple is very inquisitive. Inquisitive ness on the part of a disciple is greatly necessary for the progressive disciple.

    If one is not very inquisitive about self-realization, one need not approach a spiritual master simply to make a show of discipleship. Maharaja Parikit is inquisitive, not only for all that he has inquired, bt he is also anxious to know what he has not been able to inquire. Factually it is not possible for a man to inquire about everything from the spiritual master, but the bona fide spiritual master is able to enlighten the disciple in every way for the disciple's benefit.

    Others follow custom only, as followed by the previous philosophical speculators. Contemporary to Vyasadeva or even prior to him there were many other great sages, such as Gautama, Kal iida, J aimini, Kapila and Atavakra, and aJl of them have presented a philosophical path by themselves. Patafijali is also one of them, and all these six great! That is the secret of receiving transcendental knowledge. The six great sages mentioned above may Le great thinkers,.

    No one can be independent except Narayapa; therefore no one's knowledge can be. The disciplic succession from other sages is simply a waste of time, being devoid of Acyuta-kathii,. The mental speculator can present their theories very nicely by reason and arguments, but such reasons and. The snake is also twice-born, and its anger is compared with the cursing. Maharaja Parilqit was not at all afraid of death because of being fully encouraged by. One who is fully absorbed in Acyuta-kathii can never be afraid of anything in this world.

    Otherwise the real taste of the nectar cannot be relished. Sukadeva Gosvami was pleased with. But, being conscious of his. I-U, and thus he is known as the Vi! As devotees of the Lord, they are always protected by the. Srimad-Bhagavatam is the. Parikit without foolishly attempting to interpret, thereby committing a great offense at the feet of the Lord.

    The dangerous ways of interpreta. He also prepared himself to reply to all that King Parikit inquired from him. Maharaja Parikit was the best in the dynasty of the Pal 9us, and thus he was able to ask the right questions from the right person. Sukadeva Gosviimi, experienced teacher that he was, answered all the questions in a syslemalic way as they were received from the chain of disciplic succession. And he answered all of them without exception. The question of Maharaja Parikit is perfectly answered as to how a living entity began his material life, although he is apart from the material body and mind.

    The spirit soul is distinct from the material conception of his life, but he is absorbed in such a material conception because of being influenced by the external energy of the Lord, called iitma-miiyii. This is already explained in the First Canto in comwction with Vyasadcva's The external energy is controlled by the Lord, and the living entities are controlled by the external energy-by the will of the Lord; Therefore, although the living entity is purely conscious in his pure state, he is subordinate to the will of the Lord in being influenced by the external energy of the Lord.

    Bhagavad-gitii also the same thing is confirmed Bg. Now the next question will automatically be made as to why the Lord influences the living entity to such consciousness and forgetfulness. The answer is that the Lord clearly wishes that every living entity be in his pure consciousness as the part and parcel of the Lord and thus be engaged in the loving service of the Lord as he is constitutionally made; but because the living entity is partially independent also, he may not be willing to serve the Lord, but may try to become as independent as the Lord is.

    The whole nondevotee class of living entities are all desirous of becoming equally as powerful. The living entities are illusioned by the will of the Lord because they wanted to become like Him. As a person thinks of becoming a king without possessing the necessary qualification, similarly when the living entity desires to become the Lord Himself, he is put in a condition of dreaming that he is a king. Therefore the first sinful will of the living entity is to become the Lord, and the consequent will of the Lord is that the living entity forgets his factual life and thus dreams of the land of utopia where he may become one like the Lord.

    The child cries to have the moon from the mother, and the mother gives the child a mirror to satisfy the crying and disturbing child with the shadow of the moon. Similarly, the crying child of the Lord is given over to the shadow of the material world to lord it over as karmi and to give this up in frustration to become one with the Lord. Both these stages are dreaming illusions only. There is no necessity of tracing out the history when the living entity desired this.

    But the fact is that as soon as he desired such, he was put under the control of iitma. Therefore the living entity in his material condition is dreaming falsely that this is "mine" and this is "I. This continues life after life, as long as the living entity is not purely conscious of his identity as the subordinate part and parcel of the Lord.

    In hi pure consciousness, however, there is no such misconceived dream, and in that pure conscious state the living entity does not forget that he i never the Lord, but that he is eternally the servitor of the Lord in transcendental love. The external material energy is represented by her three modes, namely goodness, passion and ignorance. So even in the material nature there is a chance of an indepen dent choice by the living entity, and according to his choice the material energy offers. Altogether there are 8,, varieties of bodies in different planets of the universe, and the living entity is traveling by so many transmigrations according to different modes of enjoying spirit within himself.

    Even in one particular body the living entity changes from childhood to boyhood,. In the lower state the conception of "mine" is very prominent, and in the higher state the misconception of "T" is prominent. In the animal state of life the misconception of "mine" is perceivable even in the category of cats and dogs, and they fight with one another with the same misconception of "mine. And in the higher stage of speculative knowledge, the same misconception of "mine" is trans formed into "I am," or "It is all I am," or "I," etc.

    There are many classes of men comprehending the same misconception of "I" and "mine" in dif ferent color. But the real significance of such "I" can only be realized when one is situated in the consciousness of "I am the eternal servitor of the Lord. The misconception of "I am the Lord," or "I am the Supreme," is more dangerous than the misconception of "mine.

    Undoubtedly there is oneness of the living entity with the Lord in many respects, but ultimately the living entity is subordinate to. The Lord therefore asks the conditioned souls to surrender unto. The foolish "I" would reply that he would do so in the future. In his conditional life the living entity is servant of the illusory miiyii, and in his liberated state he is the pure unqualified servant of the Lord. As long as one is a servant of mental concoctions, one cannot be completely free from the disease of "I" and "mine.

    The relative truths are apt to be engrossed with illusory energy. The best purpose is, however,. The Bhagavad-gitii confirms this as follows:. In conditioned life the living entity is subjected to the. But the proeess is not perfect. Both Bhagavad-gitii and the Srimad-Bhiigavatam confirm it. Srila Vyasadeva has specifically contributed to the illusioned living entities the science of God and the process of. The wrong conception of the jiviitmii is to identify the material body with the pure soul, and the wrong conception of Paramiitmii is to think Him.

    In the darkness no one can see the sun, nor himself,. Except for bhakti-yoga, any method for realization of iitrrta-tattva, or the science of iitmii, will prove deceptive in the long run. His transcendental form is one hundred percent spiritual, and one can see Him only by. Brahmaji did not perform such severe types of penance just to see a form of material production. Therefore the question by Maharaja Parikit about the form of the Lord is answered. The form of the Lord is sac-cid. But the material form of the living being is neither eternal, nor full of knowledge, nor blissful.

    That is the distinction between the form of the Lord and that of. The conditioned soul, however, can regain his form of eternal knowledge and bliss simply by seeing the Lord by means of. The summary is that due to ignorance the conditioned soul is encaged in the temporary varieties of material forms.

    But the Supreme Lord has no. One can understand this difference by the. Srimad-Bhiigavatam in four original verses. Thus Srimad-Bhiigavatam is not a creation of the mental speculators. The sound of Srimad-Bhiigavatam is. Brahmaji was bewildered in the matter of creation, and he could not even trace out the source of his own existence.

    But all this knowledge was. That is the version of all Vedas. Even the first spiritual master of the universe was enlightened by the grace of the Lord, so who. To seck know lf:! Jgt: on the strength of one's personal attempt is a sheer waste of time. One of the syllables was taken from the sixteenth and the other from the twenty-first of the sparsa alphabets, and both joined to become the wealth of the renounced order of life. From ka to ma the letters are known as the sparsa-varr-as, and the sixteenth of the group is called ta, whereas the twenty-first letter is called pa.

    So when they are joined together, the word tapa, or penance, is constructed. The animal does not know anything except sense gratification in the jurisdiction of eat, drink, be. But the human being is made to undergo tapasya for going bak to Godhead, back to home. To take the path of tapa is the second birth of the desiring disciple. In the Brahma-samhitii Lord Brahma has sung in every verse govindam iidi-purusam tam aham bhajiimi. It is stated in the Brahma-samhitii that Lord Brahma was initiated into the eighteen-letter Krl a mantra, which is.

    One who is thus initiated in the disciplic succession is able to achieve the. Chanting of this holy mantra is the only shelter of the desireless pure devotee of the Lord. Simply by such tapasya,. But when he was unable to find anyone besides himself, he thought it wise to sit down on his lotus seat firmly and give his attention to the execution of penance, as he was instructed. After being initiated by the Supreme Lord to execute tapasya, he was fixed in his determination to do it and although he could not find anyone besides himself, he could rightly understand that the sound was transmitted by the Lord Himself.

    Brahma was the only living being at that time because there was no other creation, and none could be found there except himself. In the beginning of the First Canto, First Chapter, first verse of the Srimad Bhiigavatam, it is already mentioned that Brahma was initiated by the Lord from within. The Lord is within every living entity as the Supersoul, and He initiated Brahma because Brahma was willing to receive the initiation. The Lord can similarly initiate everyone who is inclined to have it.

    Bhagavatam is coming down by disciplic succession, and in order to recf'ive the real message of Srimad-Bhiigavatam one should approach the current link, or spiritual master in the chain of disciplic succession. After being initiated by the proper spiritual master in that chain of succession, one should engage himself in the discharge of tapasya in the execution of. One should not, however, think himself on the level of Brahmii to be initiated directly by the Lord from inside because in the.

    But one can have the same facility through. Therefore the bona fide spiritual master who happens to meet the sincere devotee should be accepted as the most confidential and. He heard this transcendental vibration from the sky, and he accepted it as divine. Thus he controlled his mind and senses, and the penances which he executed were a great lesson for the living entities. Thus he is known as the greatest of all ascetics. And still he accepted the instruction as beneficial for him, and threfore he engaged himself in meditation for one thousand celestial years.

    One celestial year is equal to 6. His acceptance of the sound was due to his pure vision of the absolute nature of the Lord. And due to hi. There is no difference between the Lord and sound vibration coming from Him, even though He is not personally present. The best way of understanding i to accept such divine instruction, and Brahma, the prime spiritual master of everyone, is the living example of this process of receiving transcendental knowledge.

    The potency of transcende. Therefore or the. One has to receive the transcendental sound from the right source and accept it as a reality and prosecute the direction without any hesitation. The secret of success is to receive the sound from the right source of a bona fide spiritual master. Mundane manufactured sound has no potency, and as such, seemingly transcendental sound received from an unauthorized person also has no potency.

    One should be qualified enough to discern such transcendental potency, and either by discriminating or by fortunate chance if one is able to receive the transcendental sound from the bona fide spiritual master, his path of liberation is guaranteed. The disciple, however, must be ready to execute the order of the bona fide spiritual master as Lord Brahma executed the instruction of his spiritual master, the Lord Himself. Following the order of the bona fide spiritual master is the only duty of the disciple, and this completely faithful execution of the order of the bona fide spiritual master is the secret of success.

    Therefore controlling the senses means to c:nl! The Lord's order. Such e x e c u tion of penance in full faith and sincerity mack Brahmajl so powerful that he became the.

    Srimad Bhagavatam

    And oc:eause he was able to attain such power, he is cal led the best amongst all Lhc: tapusvis. Otherwise there was no chance of VaikU lha or svalokam, the Lord's personal abodes, becoming visible to. But such realiation of Lhe transcendental abodes of the Lord is possible only. Then: is undoubtedly trouble in executing penance, but the trouble. There is no profit in biting husks without grains.