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The regal Warriors have to deal with the free agency of Kevin Durant , too, and that's a factor in what happens to Klay. And just as important, what if Golden State judges the year-old Thompson as being deserving of only a four-year Warriors bid? Desire isn't necessarily enough, though; Despite attempts in two different offseasons, the Mavs never did really get an audience with LeBron.

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  • Prediction: If Warriors offer Klay only 4 years, Mavs wanna bid;

Why might a Dallas chase of Klay be different? Some of the thinking:. And that four-year offer would open up a financial window, however slightly, for other bidders.

Volcom Pipe Pro Warriors Prepare for Battle

Dallas and anyone else, like the Clippers , can offer five-percent increases with their four-year bids. But that's worth a shot.

  • Prediction: If Warriors offer Klay only 4 years, Mavs wanna bid.
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However, after only the first couple of "confessions"—she once killed a spider, for instance—her mother loses patience and tells her to be quiet. Finally, when Kingston can no longer keep her list bottled in—her throat feels terrible, as if her vocal chords are about to burst from all of the words stuck in there—she lets go a torrent of verbal abuse upon her mother. She accuses her mother of lying when she talk-stories, of trying to make her "a wife and a slave," of trying to keep her from talking.

Her mother responds by angrily calling her a "Ho Chi Kuei" Ho Chi Ghost , a name Kingston cannot figure out, but believes could mean a "Good Foundation Ghost"—a person who has all the advantages of being born in America. At the end of the chapter, Kingston looks back on her childhood with a critical distance that can only come from maturity. She proudly combines one of her mother's talk-stories, about her grandmother, with her own: the story of the poetess Ts'ai Yen, who was captured by barbarians and brought back the popular Chinese hymn "A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe.

Kingston returns to a first-person narrative after the third-person voice of the third chapter, concentrating her attention on her own life for the first time in the book. We can look at the chapter as a chronicle—albeit an incomplete one—from Kingston's youth to adulthood: it begins with Kingston as a baby and ends with Kingston in her present-day role as writer and storyteller.

We see Kingston at some of the most pivotal moments and phases of her life: as a quiet, insecure, and alienated young girl; as a rebellious teenager who blames her mother for her problems; as a young adult, separated from her past and finally beginning to "see the world logically"; and finally as a more mature person, embracing her past and using it to find strength as a writer. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts.

Making their points. The five highest PPG seasons. Wilt Chamberlain. Michael Jordan. Last five NBA scoring champs.

How Draymond Green sacrificed to build Golden State Warriors' dynasty - NBA

James Harden. Russell Westbrook. Stephen Curry. Source: Basketball-Reference. There are arguments to be made on all sides. But no one can debate the dominance of BoopStats March 2, The story of how a college kid in Massachusetts preserved history forever. Originally published in the Inquirer on May 11, By Frank Fitzpatrick, Staff writer. An engineer at WCAU had recorded over the game tape, standard practice at the time.

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And then he forgot about the recording. Ed Barkowitz edbarkowitz ebarkowitz inquirer. Newsletters: Inquirer Sports Daily. Sign Up Inquirer Sports Daily.

Warriors' Steve Kerr speaks out on pipe bombs scare: 'It's a dangerous time'

Never Miss a Story. We Recommend. Sixers scheduled to play Saturday following earthquake. Rob Tornoe. EJ Smith. Keith Pompey. The Sixers drafted Joel Embiid five years ago. Mike Sielski.