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Schembechler raised such a stink that the league voted to allow more than one team to play in a bowl game, the first step down the road to the 35 bowls we have today. Army had been slowed by food poisoning that felled 42 players at the Thanksgiving meal two days before the game. Navy historians don't care for that fact at all.

Washington, Carolina tied 2-2 heading to game 5

Dye's decision to kick the field goal led enraged Syracuse fans to send thousands of old neckties to the Auburn athletic department. The university auctioned the ties to Auburn fans, who were only too willing to defend their team's honor. The Cardinal had lost to Tulane and Army and would finish USC led at the half and checked out mentally. Stanford came back with three touchdowns. With to play, current Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, a Trojans defensive back and the holder, bobbled the snap on a game-winning field goal.

Why I love tie games.

Officials ruled that Sooners defensive back Keith Stanberry had not intercepted a tipped pass in the Oklahoma end zone. TV replays disagreed.

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Texas' Jeff Ward kicked a yard field goal on the next play. He played for the tie and got the opportunity to win when the teams agreed to a rematch in the Sugar Bowl. The Seminoles won that one Harvard 29, Yale 29, These archrivals came into the game with records. The Bulldogs dominated the game for nearly 59 minutes, only to allow two touchdowns and two two-point conversions in the waning seconds. The legendary headline in the Harvard Crimson, "Harvard Beats Yale, ," guaranteed the game would be remembered.

NFL Tiebreaking Procedures

As the documentary that used that headline for a title proved, the men who played the game replay it in their minds to this day. Notre Dame had those waning seconds because a few Irish players feigned injury to stop the clock. Just kick him along with you! These folks want to have your attention.

Tie - definition of tie by The Free Dictionary

Game on? Pleased to meet you! This little man is praised for always looking happy. His snoring is so addictive! Precisely when this green creature saw way too much, the clock stroked midnight. Though, her face says it literally all. We tied the new room in with the existing decor.

Proud Partners In Hockey

To include as part of a promotional tie-in: tied the movie in with their car brand. Nautical To secure or be secured to a shore or pier; dock. To impede the progress of; block: The accident tied up traffic. To keep occupied; engage: She was tied up in a meeting all morning.

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  • NFL Games Can End in a Tie During the Regular Season.
  • The phone was tied up for an hour. To place funds so as to make inaccessible for other uses: tied up her cash in long-term investments. To get married. Music, other music a. US name: necktie. Civil Engineering a structural member carrying tension, such as a tie beam or tie rod.

    General Sporting Terms sport Brit a match or game in an eliminating competition: a cup tie. Railways the US and Canadian name for sleeper 3. Music, other music a slur connecting two notes of the same pitch indicating that the sound is to be prolonged for their joint time value.

    Surveying surveying one of two measurements running from two points on a survey line to a point of detail to fix its position. Old Norse taug rope. Switch to new thesaurus. Ties and cravats ascot, bertha, black tie, boa, bow tie, carcanet archaic , comforter chiefly Brit. To make fast or firmly fixed, as by means of a cord or rope: bind , fasten , knot , secure , tie up. To restrict the activity or free movement of: chain , fetter , hamper , hamstring , handcuff , hobble , leash , manacle , shackle , trammel.

    To do or make something equal to: equal , match , meet. To make fast or firmly fixed, as by means of a cord or rope: bind , fasten , knot , secure , tie.