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The focus is on implementing zero-trust architecture with existing security technologies to maximize their value and impact for an organization's security posture. During this section encryption and authentication will be used to create a hardened network, whether external or internal.

Also, advanced defensive techniques will be implemented to stop modern attack tools in their tracks while leaving services fully functional for authorized assets. The course culminates in a team-based Design-and-Secure-the-Flag competition.

Powered by NetWars, day six provides a full day of hands-on work applying the principles taught throughout the week. Your team will progress through multiple levels and missions designed to ensure mastery of the modern cyber defense techniques promoted throughout this course. Teams will assess, design, and secure a variety of computer systems and devices, leveraging all seven layers of the OSI model. A properly configured system is required for each student participating in this course. Before coming to class, carefully read and follow these instructions exactly.

You can use any bit version of Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux as your core operating system that also can install and run VMware virtualization products. It is critical that your CPU and operating system support bit so that our bit guest virtual machine will run on your laptop. If you do not own a licensed copy of VMware Workstation or Fusion, you can download a free day trial copy from VMware.

A Journey I Can't Escape (WAF Journey Book 1)

VMware will send you a time-limited serial number if you register for the trial on its website. The SEC course focuses on implementing multiple solutions for a layered defense. To achieve this, students will implement security solutions in hands-on labs in order to reinforce skills and better understand the why, how, and when to use such solutions.

The wide range of labs includes:. The SEC Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to learning and applying hands-on techniques, but also provides a "challenge yourself" approach for those who want to stretch their skills and see how far they can get without following the guide. This allows students of varying backgrounds to pick the level of difficulty they want but always have a frustration-free fallback path.

To make learning go from great to awesome, days one through five include a NetWars experience customized to SEC This game engine provides a challenging but entertaining way to reinforce skills and learn concepts. It also provides a fun excuse to give students more hands-on experience, a key component often missing in other training.

While the above list briefly outlines the knowledge and skills you will learn, it barely scratches the surface of what this course has to offer. Hands-on labs throughout the course will reinforce key concepts and principles, as well as teach you how to use key scripting tools. When your SEC training journey is complete, and your skills are enhanced and honed, it will be time to go back to work and deliver on the SANS promise that you'll be able to apply what you learned in this course the day you return to the office.

Likewise, we've continually seen that organizations that suffer massive breaches and business disruption often focused their emphasis prior to the breach on perimeter protection and prevention mechanisms but lacked defensible security architecture. In six days filled with case studies, winning techniques, instructor-led demos, and plenty of hands-on labs including a NetWars-based Defend-the-Flag challenge , students will learn how to design, build, and harden networks, infrastructure, and applications that can truly be called 'defensible.

You'll find that this makes the content appropriate and relevant for the reality of a wide variety of organizations and roles. Make sure you h [ I thoroughly recommend it. Toggle navigation. Event starts in 30 Days. Free Course Demo. Greg Scheidel Mon Aug 5th, AM - PM Overview This first section of the course describes hardening systems and networks, beginning with the overall network architecture and layers.

Exercises Egress Analysis: The focus is on understanding how attackers exfiltrate data and how to prevent and detect exfiltration. Cisco Passwords: Default settings can lead to a major compromise.

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This lab focuses on the impact of not changing default settings on network infrastructure. Identifying Layer 2 Attacks: Network security has increased, yet layer 2 attacks still are possible in a modern organization. The focus of this lab is on identifying layer 2 attacks. Flow Analysis: This lab is about understanding the various forms of flow data and how to properly use them to identify unauthorized or anomalous activity.

Greg Scheidel Tue Aug 6th, AM - PM Overview This section develops the discussion on hardening infrastructure and moves on to concepts such as routing devices, firewalls, and application proxies. Exercises Auditing Router Security: The focus of this lab is on identifying and mitigating security issues in routers. This lab allows students to interact with IPv4 and IPv6 to be more familiar with some of the differences. Proxy Power: Proxies have immense capabilities in dealing with malware and command and control channels.

Chronology - Volume XIII

This lab walks students through what would happen to malware phoning home based on the different ways a proxy can be configured. Bonus Lab: The end of the day features a router lab in which students combine multiple components of book 1 and book 2 in a live-fire configuration and tuning of routers.

Transparent Forward vs. Exercises Network Security Monitoring: Intrusion detection alerts and network metadata provide a holistic approach to knowing thyself and identifying unauthorized activity. This lab focuses on detecting malware operating over the network with NSM.

Encryption Considerations; Network encryption protects data from being observed both by attackers and defenders. Exercises Securing Web Applications: In this lab, students will identify the prevention and detection capabilities that web application firewalls provide, and also learn where they can be evaded. PaaS vs. Exercises Network Isolation and Mutual Authentication: Attackers cannot attack what they cannot see or interact with.

SIEM Analysis and Tactical Detection: Logging and inspecting is difficult without the right data and the proper ability to view those data. This lab shows how to use a SIEM system to find an attacker more than 10 different ways. The detection capabilities are important but the logic behind them is also important to implement variable trust conditional access across an enterprise.

Advanced Defense Strategies: Attackers do not play fair and neither should defenders.

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In this lab, students will configure services to identify attacks in a way that internal systems continue to function but attack tools do not. Also, specialized detection honeytokens will be implemented to identify attackers cloning a public site and using it against your staff or external clients. Laptop Required. Who Should Attend. Basic understanding of network protocols and devices Experience with Linux from the command line. Lab Details. The wide range of labs includes: Router hardening and configuration labs Endpoint and network logging and analysis labs Web proxy and web application firewall labs Container and virtualization focused labs Scripting labs The SEC Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to learning and applying hands-on techniques, but also provides a "challenge yourself" approach for those who want to stretch their skills and see how far they can get without following the guide.

What You Will Receive. I will warn you the first book ends in s Give it a go if the genre appeals to you.

SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering

It isn't epic in scope like some Post-Apocalyptic stories attempt, but rather is a much more personal story. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of The Ship Series on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. These are truly excellent and totally immersive books.

What else can I read now that will come anywhere close? Thanks Jerry, awesome series and I hope you release something else real soon.

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