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Thank you for listening to our Father, and for sharing this with us. I listened the the invitation in my email before I read the blog post. The timing is important as I was tearing up just listening, then I read in your blog about your own teary experiences.

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It has been a rough year of our five kids, two weddings, two graduations, a cancer diagnosis and death of our dear first granddaughter, the announcement that another granddaughter is on the way, and a forced early retirement… I think your words of rest are going to be a blessing to me. Thank you. This was perfect in so many ways, but especially the timing.

Looking forward to each of the 7 days! Thank you so much Emily! Just listening to your voice and beautiful words calms my soul like a soothing, healing balm. I am an auditory learner and processor. I love to read but hearing the words just settles me. Blessings to you and thank you for all you do to help our tired souls recover and refresh.

The timing of receiving this and the fact that I took a minute to even open the email, just being real, is incredible and quite surely only the work of the Holy Spirit. But my soul is weary. This already had been a healing balm. The breath of life into us. Thank you does not quite seem enough. This is Gods perfect timing and a precious gift. Everything about this sings to my soul. Emily, thank you so much for this gift.

I had already planned to make some changes beginning today, but I came home from work unusually tired and simply wanted to rest. When I finally checked my email, there you were, offering just what I needed. Thank you so very much! Perfect timing. A couple of days ago I said.. So glad you are so creative with your precious gifts mixed with love and care. Thank you so much, Emily. This is just so lovely and perfect. You have such a sweet, gentle voice — and I always love your words.

Combined with scripture and music — well …. Thank you for your gift of rest and truth. Perfect timing as my husband and I leave to move cross country tomorrow. Transitions are hard, but God is good. As I was reading, my mind raced ahead and I was imagining a cruise, with lots of quiet, pondering moments built in. I love when I meditate in silence, being intentional to be aware of God. I consent and invite his movement within me and through me. As a result I may or may not come away with new insight. Often it is later that I get a glimpse of something that God began stirring while I was silent.

It re-aligns me and puts my number 1, first thing, first and everything else moves accordingly.

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Thank you for reaching out. Emily … what a delightful idea. I so enjoy listening to your voice. Thank you so much for this. It sounds so sweet in a good way … less candy floss and more fresh flowers after rain.

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This is such a blessed gift. The music, the sound of your voice, His word, your words, the timing. Thank you so much. Thank you Emily.

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This is me… what you have soeaking about. There are many things that have happened to me, many losses and changes and transitions in the last 3 years and the stresses have all manifested themselves in my otherwise very healthy body. God bless you for what you do for others, Emily. I so look forward to the 7 Days of Still Moments. Thank you for this xx. I immediately signed up… that intro… girl, by the end I was slightly weepy and also, feeling like a healthy sleep was in order… is that weird?

I have been in a transition period for a while now. I had to quit a job to care for aging dad and his multiple medical issues. He is doing much better now and settled down some. For me I love the spoken word. In my transition time I have tried to soak up as much scripture and Godly teaching as possible. I work in a school and today was out last day of school.

What a great way to transition to summer for me. Thank you for thinking of us and sharing.

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I just wrapped up a month, chapter by chapter study of Simply Tuesday with a class of young adult women at our church so your timing is perfect. I will definitely be passing this along to them and others as well. From one pianist to another, thank you for adding those simple chords and notes … so beautiful! Praying blessings on your own time of transition. Thank you again! I have thoroughly loved every day of this. Your voice is clear and serene, lending the perfect mood to this series.

The simple piano provides a beautiful background. There is something very precious about hearing His word spoken aloud. Thank you so much for doing this. It has been a lovely blessing. Thank you for this wonderful gift! I love your tender piano playing and you really have a lovely voice, but I enjoy reading the transcripts more than listening — just a personal preference. So: thank you for offering the written words also! Your thoughtprovoking words work as great journaling prompts for me also.

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This email arrived in my inbox 2 months ago and I never even opened it. You see, I am a teacher and lead a summer program and I am a mother so there are no breaks. This morning, 2 months after you sent this invitation, I am awake and full of anxiety and stress and decided to try to get rid of the thousands of emails I have in my inbox and started with June 1.

I opened your email and listened to the invitation…and I am so gracious to be touched by your words and your music. It brought tears to my eyes to feel so close to God! Thank you for creating this! Hope you will do more someday…or maybe you already have! Your email address will not be published. Sign up here to receive my weekly Saturday morning email, a mercifully short list of good things to read, watch, and listen to. I tear up even now as it comes to mind.

So I made something for you who want a little nudge in the direction of hope. Here, you can listen to me explain it more and get a taste of what to expect. Comments What a sweet and sacred offering, Emily. And your timing? Hugs …. Oh yay! Just what I needed! What a wonderful surprise to find this invitation in my inbox: thanks.

Take a Moment for Your Soul to Catch up with You: a Beautiful African Story

What a beautiful gift, Emily. I am so grateful. Here are 10 ways to get more in touch with your soul. Making time for one or two of them each week can have a profound impact on your happiness, well-being and life. Nature can have a calming effect and reminds us to slow down, take deep breaths and soak up the present moment. Go for a bushwalk, run on the beach, lay in the grass at the park, or do stretches by the water.

It's a bit like writing a traditional diary, only you're going to go deeper. You pose questions to your soul, such as "Where am I stuck? We can become so busy ticking off to-do lists and catching up with others that we forget to check in with ourselves. So schedule in a weekly solo expedition to get to know yourself a bit better. Take yourself for a coffee, visit a gallery exhibition, read a book, take a creative class or visit a new part of town.

Yoga is a beautiful way to align your mind with your body.

How's Your Soul?: Why Everything that Matters Starts with the Inside You

As you focus your attention on your breathing and positioning, you get a chance to silence your mind and cultivate a lasting sense of inner peace to carry with you for the rest of the day. When you tune out from the noise of the world and your own internal worries and circling thoughts, your inner guide has a moment to speak to you.

Try spending five minutes meditating with a soul-soothing mantra such as "I've got nowhere to go, nothing to do. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. It could be as simple as taking a new route to work, or as magnificent as booking a trip around the world. Either way, when you mix up your routine and experience new places, you shake yourself free from your comfort zone and old habits.

This gives you a chance to lean on your intuition and inner guide more. This is one of the simplest ways to clear your mind. Pay attention to what's around you and see everything through new eyes of awe and appreciation. When you're giving your time, energy and love to other people, you momentarily forget all of your ego-based worries and problems, and align with your true spirit, which is generous and open-hearted. Sit and do nothing for a few moments. Listen to the sounds going on around you, scan your body for sensations, and enjoy a few deep breaths from your diaphragm.

As Eckhart Tolle points out, "One conscious breath in and out is a meditation.