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If you don't get rid of him early, he can pose a threat when you go after the crystals. Once you clear the area, destroy the crystal in the southern part of the map. Cross the bridge on the right to enter the second part of the stage. Destroy the crystal and the snail at the beginning. Now, make your way toward the big enemy carrying the second crystal. Defeat him to make him drop the crystal. Blow it up and collect the piece to complete the level. Firstly, focus on the crystal that is on the left.

Defeat any enemies around it and destroy the crystal when you think it's clear.

NGBDD – Cities: Skylines, Super Bomberman R DLC and Games with Gold

Once the first crystal is toast, aim for the second one. Again, defeat the enemies around it, and destroy it when the area is clear. When you destroy the second crystal, the wooden door in the upper right hand corner will open, allowing you to enter the next area. In this area, you have two more crystals to destroy. You can easily destroy the first at the bottom of the screen. Defeat some enemies and make your way across the bridge. The other crystal is held by an enemy at the top. Destroy the last crystal, collect the piece, and complete the level. Upon completing the third level, you'll now face the boss of the Jammin' Jungle.

The yellow object turns out to be a giant banana! Mmm, tasty! This battle is very easy. Just avoid the jumping banana while placing a bomb near the monkey. If you get too close to the monkey, he'll move away from you. Hit him with the bomb four times to catch his arse on fire. Hehe, serves him right! You have completed your first area. Now, we have to head on to Vexin' Volcano. You'll notice that there are four crystals in this area, one in each corner.

They are also guarded by an enemy or two. Start by heading left toward the first crystal. Defeat the bird guarding it and destroy the crystal with relative ease. Once you're finished with that crystal, head right toward the next one.

Track it down!

There is a more difficult enemy guarding this one. Every once in a while he stops and shoots fire, allowing you to place a bomb near him to eliminate him. Watch out! If his fire attack hits your bomb, the bomb will blow up immediately Use the procedure above to complete the bottom half of the level. Once all the crystals are destroyed, claim the first piece of the new area to complete the level. Instead, head up and left to the first crystal. The little red guy is attracted to the bombs, so he's an easy kill. Once he's done for, eliminate the bigger enemy along with the crystal.

Now, head to the opposite side of the tracks and do the same thing. Finally, you get to ride the mine cart. Once you reach the top, defeat the enemy beside the crystal and destroy the crystal to lift the wall, leading to the next area. In this area, you'll notice a volcano who launches fireballs in the air, landing all over the level. These fireballs will destroy any blocks they hit. If you are hit by one, you'll only become dizzy for a few seconds. You can see the shadow before they hit, so avoiding them is easy. Now, back to the level. Defeat any enemies that are close to you, allowing you to destroy the first crystal.

Now, head to the southern part of the area where you'll find an enemy carrying the last crystal. Defeat the enemy along with the crystal. Grab the piece and complete the level. You'll notice that there are a total of six enemies in this small part of the level, two of them carrying crystals.

Head south, defeating the easy enemies as you go. The two enemies with crystals shoot fire out in front of them. Avoid the fire and try to trap them with a bomb. Once you defeat the crystals held by the enemies, blow up the crystal on the groud to open the door. Go through the door to enter the second part of the level. In the second area, ignore the mine cart at the top of the stairs, and head right, past the bird. Once you defeat the bird, you'll be in an area with three crystals and an easy enemy.

The enemy is attracted to your bomb, making him an easy kill. Destroy the three crystals and head back to the start. This time, take the mine cart over the lava to the last little section. Defeat the enemy holding the last crystal to release the piece. Now, only one enemy stands in your way.

Defeat him easily and grab the piece. Try to avoid the fireballs if possible to make this level much easier. Start this level by heading south and defeating the first enemy along with the crystal he drops. Now, take the mine cart, and you'll end up in the middle area with the volcano. Defeat any enemies around along with the two crystals in the area.

Now, head right to another section. Defeat a couple of enemies here with the crystal. Once you destroy this crystal, a door will open in the middle section, allowing you to move on. When you first enter this area, ride the mine cart at the top to arrive in a small section in the middle of the screen containing a volcano.

Bomberman DS Game

Eliminate the enemy here and destroy the crystal afterwards. Now, take the mine cart back to the beginning of this area. This time, head right and make your way toward the piece. Follow this little passage defeating numerous enemies until you arrive at the last small section.

Easily defeat the enemies and destroy the two crystals at the bottom of the screen. Now, collect the last piece of Vexin' Volcano. Now, you know what happens when you collect the last piece, don't you? Yep, it's boss time! To start off, he'll shoot both of his arms at you, killing you if you're hit. He'll also shoot ice crystals up in the air landing on the battlefield.

When you place a bomb, he'll jump, stopping you for a couple of seconds. Usually the bomb will hit him if you placed it right. Hit him with four or five bombs to make him crumple. Now, it's time to move on to the Slammin' Sea. Head down, defeating the starfish and maybe a squid or two. Watch out though, as the squid can send out lightning bolts, extending his attack radius. Once they're gone, destroy the nearby crystal. Head right, and you should encounter a big blue enemy. This enemy takes two hits to destroy, making him very annoying. Defeat him along with the crystal in the area.

Keep heading right, and you should see another new enemy, an orange submarine. When it is submerged, you cannot hit it, and it cannot hit you. When it pops back up to the surface, it becomes vulnerable to your attacks. Defeat him along with the starfish in this area.

Now, you'll notice that the last crystal is held by one of the blue enemies. Defeat him with two hits along with the crystal he drops. Grab the piece to complete the level. This fish can float over any block, making him a huge threat if you don't take him out quickly. Now, head down and defeat the crab at the bottom of the screen. After you defeat him, head up and to the far right. You'll notice a submarine and a blue enemy carrying a crystal. Defeat them both with the crystal and move on.

Keep heading north, and you'll run into another enemy carrying a crystal. Easily defeat him and head to the far left of the screen. Wait for the submarine to pop up to the surface and hit him twice to defeat him. Next, take care of the crystals to shatter the coral door, allowing you to move on. In the second area, work your way south and destroy the blue enemy carrying the first crystal. The second crystal is directly right of the first one. Destroy any enemies nearby and shatter the crystal. The final crystal is held by another blue enemy just to the north of the second one.

Destroy them both to collect the piece. When they're gone, focus on the two crystals at the bottom. Defeat the starfish and another big fish around the crystals. Destroy the crystals and move on. Now, head toward the top and defeat the enemy and the crystal up here. You can now enter the next area. In here, the little fish swimming around can swim over the blocks, so be very cautious.

Fortunately, they only need one hit to defeat them. The first two crystals are pretty easy to destroy. Just avoid the submarine on the right side and destroy them with ease. When you reach the very top of the screen, take out the two subs along with the two crystals up here. This opens yet another passage leading to yet another new area. The last area is really easy. Head to the upper right hand corner of the level and destroy the enemy holding a crystal.

Do this for the enemy in the lower left hand corner as well. Now, just make your way to the piece, defeating the numerous enemies who get in your path. Head southeast a little ways to spot the first of the blue enemies. Two well-placed bombs will take care of him. Destroy the crystal thereafter. The second of these enemies is located in the southwest corner of the map. He, like the others, won't put up a very challenging fight. Destroy the crystal that he drops as well. While you're doing this, watch out for the small fish swimming about.

Since he can swim over blocks, he can become very annoying. The third blue enemy is located on the far right side of the map. He has some smaller enemies by him as well, including a starfish and a jellyfish. They shouldn't be too hard to defeat. Once you destroy the crystal he held, the coral barrier will disappear, allowing you to move on. This next area contains three more crystals to destroy. Start defeating as many enemies as you can until you come to a point where you can choose two different paths.

Choose the upper path to find the first crystal guarded by a lobster. Destroy the first crystal and keep heading straight. The second crystal is just a little bit farthur from the first. Defeat any enemies around it then destroy the crystal itself. Now, the last crystal is in the lower path, the one we didn't take, right? So, just make your way down to the lower path and destroy the crystal and possibly any enemies around it.

Once you destroy the crystal, go and collect the final piece of the Slammin' Sea. It'll reveal itself as a giant lobster, and this lobster has a very bad attitude! This is your first challenging boss fight. Throughout the battle, he'll shoot a bunch of bubbles at you. If you manage to get hit by one of these, you'll spin around a couple of times, leaving you open for attack. Your bomb may also end up in a bubble, thus reducing it's explosion radius.

This boss fight is definately going to test your patience, as this can get very tedious at times. Keep attacking him and try not to get squished. Now, you're thinking "It can't get any worse than this! Oh, yes it can. Once you defeat the crab, you'll have to face his second form, which is a lot harder as I might add.

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He shoots bubbles in all directions every 3 seconds or so. He also is a lot faster this time around as well. To defeat him, you'll have to get very lucky. He's that difficult. Well, good luck! Just defeat the enemies in the lower part of the level. Once they are all gone, head up the stairs to the upper part of the level. Destroy any enemies and crystals up here and head through the doorway at the end. In the second area of this stage, all you need to do is defeat the rest of the enemies which only take one hit , and the rest of the crystals. With that done, you can collect your first piece of the Crankin' Castle.

In the first area, you'll see two new enemies. A green goblin guy who can fly. When he is in the air, you can not hit him. And a ghost, which is just like the bat. Defeat the first goblin and the wheeled enemy to find the first crystal. Destroy it and make your way to the right destroying the enemies and crystals, opening the door when finished. In the next area, head to the bottom left hand corner to destroy the first crystal. The second crystal is held by a green jumping enemy.

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Defeat him and the crystal. The last one is in the bottom right hand corner, guarded by a big eyed enemy. Defeat them both to open the door. This last area contains four crystals, each carried by a green jumping enemy. Defeat each enemy with two hits to make them drop the bomb. Destroy all four bombs to collect the second piece of the area. Now, make your way up the level, defeating the two big enemies up here. Now, when you see two separate paths, take the one on the right.

Mega Man - Bomb Man

Now make your way to the top, defeating the green enemy and two more crystals on the way. Now, you only have one crystal left in this area, which is just to your right. Destroy it to open the door. Now, make your way toward the set of stairs on the right. You'll encounter numerous enemies on the way, so be patient. You'll also discover a crystal hidden between the trees. Destroy it and move on. Once you make it to the stairs, go up them, and defeat the two enemies carrying crystals.

Destroy the crystals as well. Now, just make your way to the end and retreive the piece. This will clear the path to let you travel down the stairs, where the first crystal awaits. After destroying the first crystal, head back up the stairs and head right. As you continue going right, keep destroying enemies, including the green jumper, who holds the second crystal. Now, head down the stairs and continue going right, where you'll find three more enemies and the last two crystals.

Destroy these two crystals to open the door. In the next area, travel down to the bottom of the screen to find the first crystal. After destroying that, head to the right, to an area with about three enemies and a crystal.

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Destroy them all and continue heading right. You'll eventually find the final crystal and the last piece of the Crankin' Castle. Defeat the wheeled enemy, then destroy the crystal. Collect the piece and prepare for a boss fight. This large bat will split into four miniature bats, ones you've seen before.

You must defeat all four bats to make him reappear. He can also shoot a bunch a blue shots at you.

Mega Bomberman - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Luckily, he only shoots at one side of the battlefield. So, just stay on the opposite side to stay safe. JP : March 8, NA : January 29, [1]. EU : March 14, Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: Archived copy as title link. Bomberman video games. Land Kart 64 2 3 Hardball Touch!

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