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Write a Review Reviews 6 reviews. Oct 31, I used this as a demonstration with the suggestions on the included sheet. The kids loved it and enjoyed "eating brain".

Mar 14, Apr 16, What a great teaching tool We use it for safety demos for using helmets! Use Cooking spray before adding jello so the brain comes out easier.

Brain Molds

Jan 11, Although we have not used this specific mold, we use a similar product and find that if you wipe the mold lightly with cooking oil prior to filling it with jello that it is very easy to remove the form. Also, you can add some unflavored gelatin to the mixture to increase the stiffness of the form without effecting the flavor. In terms of lesson ideas, we fill the mold half way with jello and let it gel,then put in jelly beans in various brain regions and fill the rest of the way with jello.

Mary Ackerley: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms

Be sure the second batch of jello is not too hot or it will dissolve the jelly beans. Students then do brain surgery to remove slices of brains containing the jelly bean tumors and must say what types of problems might occur if there was a tumor in that particular brain region. May 22, Log In Sign up Cart. Login Login If you have an account with us, please log in. Shopping Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. Brain Chocolate Mold. Availability: In stock.

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This mold is a "No Brainer". Perfect for oozy halloween brain cupcakes or a mad science project. This brain chocolate mold is easy to release and has 4 cavities. FDA approved. Not used for hard candy.

There's always room for brrraaaaiiinnnnsssss!

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Learn about Extra Credit Points. Description Great for students of any age!

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The Brain Mold is useful in anatomy, biology, and injury prevention classes -- even just for fun on Halloween! It can be made to have the same color, size, mass, and consistency of a human brain. For a super-realistic look, paint inside the ridges with red food coloring.

Instructions included. Gelatin not included.

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Place the gelatin brain mold in a bike helmet and let it drop to the floor. Do it again without the helmet. This is your brain with a helmet and this is your brain without one!

Any questions? Lesson Ideas Download the pdf of this lesson! Write a Review Reviews 6 reviews. Oct 31,