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Economic and Trade Co-operation Between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

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Eles usam flores, fruteiras e janelas abertas para "arejar" e iluminar o ambiente. Quartos podem ser melhores retratados com luz natural do sol.

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Dias nublados e escuros podem prejudicar muito a qualidade de seu trabalho. Nas fotos externas, valorize a fachada, evite mostrar muito ruas, e propriedades vizinhas. We have prepared some tips that will give a up in your photos, which ends up valuing the property Tag your friend realtor : 1-freshness You have certainly seen photos of Real Estate Magazine, one thing they have in common are the elements that present freshness to the environment.

They use flowers, fruit plants and open windows to "Air" and illuminate the environment.

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Mr Chang said during the welcome dinner for the Macao business delegation that there is a history of several hundred years of exchanges and communication between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, in which Macao has always played the role of bridge and agent. Macao is playing an increasingly important role in economic and trade co-operation and communication between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Fully utilising its advantages, acting as a service platform for commercial and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries and promoting economic and trade co-operation and communication between China and Portuguese-speaking countries are key policies and historical mission of Macao SAR. Bilateral trade and investment between China and PSCs have grown. Facing a consumer PSC market with a population of more than million on five continents, people from the local commercial and industrial communities and other walks of life, are hopefully making their own efforts to build a platform for economic and trade co-operation between China and PSCs.

Bright Future for Co-operation Between Macao and Portuguesespeaking Countries Companies Over four centuries, thanks to the historical and cultural links, Macao enterprises have been keeping close relations with PSCs in economic and trade areas. Meanwhile, Macao should make even better use of its historical relations with PSCs and carry out the role as a platform. Local companies can take advantage of their favoured position to gather information on economic and trade co-operation between China and PSCs, while being closely linked to economic and trade representatives of PSCs and to directly or indirectly gather information on investment, economic and investment projects plus investment information.

In recent years, Mainland companies have used the service platform provided by Macao to promote two-way economic and trade co-operation and have achieved good initial results. Some of them have found investment opportunities in PSCs, starting work in industries with potential, such as infrastructure investment, mining, tourism.

The two companies have a good co-operation relationship and the project has brought in good returns. This has further consolidated the confidence of the company, so it is now planning to explore new investment projects with companies from other Portuguese-speaking countries. Mr Ma said that Macao companies have a lot of advantages in investment co-operation with companies from PSCs, firstly, the legal systems are similar; secondly, many local law firms have co-operation agreements with their counterparts in PSCs.

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Therefore, Macao companies, when dealing with companies from PSCs are able to communicate very easily and have no problems in addressing legal investment areas. In the end, Mr Ma said that the company is very optimistic about the future development of its economic and trade co-operation with PSCs, so much so that its next investment will be in Mozambique.

Professor Lei believes that the idea to build Macao into a service platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and PSCs is a well thought out plan. Macao has a history going back years with PSCs as well as cultural, linguistic and personal relations, giving Macao a natural advantage, which Professor Lei believes Macao should make good use of.

He explained that in the last 10 years local universities and colleges jointly started running courses in Chinese and Portuguese with the University of Lisbon of Portugal, Instituto Politecnico De Leiria. Graduates of different nationalities are now working in multi-national corporations in the Mainland or working as teachers in areas of transportation, agriculture and others in higher educational institutions in the Mainland.

In order to enhance communication and co-operation between China and PSCs in all areas, in recent years both Macao and the Mainland are working hard to train bilingual professionals. The University of Macau and Macau Polytechnic Institute each produces graduates majoring as Chinese and Portuguese translators every year.

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The total number of Mainland universities with students majoring in Portuguese has increased to nearly Besides linguistic professionals, there is an even stronger demand for bilingual teachers and bilingual textbooks for majors such as law and accounting. In fact, Macao is facing increasingly greater challenges to provide bilingual professionals.

Even places as far away as Xinjiang Autonomous Region request assistance from Macao for teachers of Portuguese as it hopes to start co-operation relations with PSCs in the area of agriculture.