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Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

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Introduction: the metropolitan and city-regional politics that are re-scaling nation-states While the world has continuously urbanised, it has also rapidly metropolitanised. Distinguishing diverse city-regional political responses: civic vs.

Metropolitan and city-regional politics in the urban age: why does “(smart) devolution” matter?

Table 1: Non-metropolitanised Ethnic vs metropolitanised Civic nationalisms applying the conceptual framework suggested by Keating, a Full size table. Figure 3 Glasgow as the metropolitan political hub and Scotland as the city-regional political response in reference to the United Kingdom. Full size image. Figure 1 Barcelona as the metropolitan political hub and Catalonia as the city-regional political response in reference to Spain. Figure 2 Bilbao as the metropolitan political hub and the Basque Country as the city-regional political response in reference to Spain.

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Google Scholar Calzada I The right to decide in democracy between recentralisation and independence: Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque country. Google Scholar Calzada I Benchmarking future city-regions beyond nation-states. Google Scholar Calzada I Political regionalism in the age of devolution in Europe: Metropolitanitasation and the right to decide. Google Scholar Centre for Cities.

Google Scholar Colino C The Spanish model of devolution and regional governance: evolution, motivations and effects on policy making. Google Scholar Conversi D Between the hammer of globalization and the anvil of nationalism: Is Europe's complex diversity under threat? This field is gaining importance in most cities today in planning, production and consumption, but to the extent that these changes have drawn academic attention it has focused on large, metropolitan areas and on creative clusters and flagship high culture projects. Smaller cities and their often substantively different cultural strategies have been largely ignored, thus leading to a huge gap in our knowledge on contemporary urban change.

By bringing together a number of case studies as well as theoretical reflections on the cultural political economy of small cities, this volume contributes to an emerging small cities research agenda and to the development of policy-relevant expertise that is sensitive to place-specific cultural dynamics. In taking this approach, the volume hopes to contribute to emerging research on culture and leisure economies by developing a differentiated spatial dimension to it, without which sustainable urban strategies cannot be developed.

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